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Who says the path to the Leader is not easy? (Chapter 5)

Lotus Palace


Who says the path to the Leader is not easy? 

Chapter 5 : Lotus Palace

Zhao Ye Chen tried to restrain his power when he was fighting with Li Fan Yun. He only used around 70% of his internal force. Of course, he should not take his opponent too lightly although the other party did not seriously want to kill him but he still could sense that Li Fan Yun seriously intended to injure him.


Indeed, Li Fan Yun did not have the murderous aura at all. He kept attacking Zhao Ye Chen ruthlessly while Zhao Ye Chen tried his best to avoid his attack.


Chen Zi hao managed to come and stop them at the right moment before they ended up destroying the residence. He also told them that Leader Jiang summoned Li Fan Yun over, together with He Zheng Yu and the rest of other people who were related with this matter.


He Zheng Yu was stunned by this since he didn’t expect he would meet the number one person in Lotus Manor so soon. Did the Leader even care about this case of his?


Zhao Ye Chen caught a glimpse of hesitation in his eyes but did not understand the meaning behind it. Although he could read people from their slightly apparent emotions, he couldn’t understand all of the emotions.


Yan Qing brought his diciple’s clothes after he got the information from Li Ran as he ran over here with Chen Zihao. He Zheng Yu changed into his own clothes immediately on the spot before he followed them to the Lotus Palace.


The most luxurious place in Lotus Manor was none other than the Lotus Palace. As soon as you entered the residence, you were greeted by many different shapes and colors of lanterns. Everything looked extremely pleasing to the eyes.


He Zheng Yu calculated in his heart, the furniture inside was of the highest quality and the price of it was extraordinarily expensive. The table, the chair, the stool, the paintings inside were all valuable items.


Many beautiful maids dressed in beautiful clothes were also spotted in the spot by He Zheng Yu. They were merely maids but the level was definitely different from the maids in other residences. Not only beautiful but also very intelligent and highly skilled in doing their tasks. Not a single dust could be found here.


Xu Yong Jun acted as usual although He Zheng Yu knew that he must be feeling uncomfortable at the moment, surrounded by beautiful ladies.


Chen Zihao was different from the rest, he was on flirting mode with lady A, B, C, D and so on. While looking at this, Li Ran could only sighed helplessly but couldn’t do anything about this.


After the main maid informed the Leader Jiang about their coming, then they were allowed to enter the main hall. All of them cupped their fist and greeted Jiang Feng Xing, the charismatic leader who was leisurely chatting with the vice leader right now.


As soon as He Zheng Yu looked at Jiang Feng Xing’s real person, he was really dumbfounded by the fact that his hair was really amazingly silver. He knew about it already but seeing with his own eyes was really different from hearing it from the others. Stunning beauty silver-haired dude in his forties looked so different from his black-haired and ordinary appearance. He Zheng Yu only felt complicated at the moment. How could such a person exist? Moreover, he was…


Not long after the greeting, Jiang Feng Xing asked all of them to sit down on the chairs prepared by the beautiful maids. Everyone sat down as soon as they were allowed to do so, except for Zhao Ye Chen who immediately walked forward and greeted his adoptive father, Feng Delun who sat next to the Leader Jiang.


Feng Delun took pity on the pitiful orphan Zhao Ye Chen when he was still a little boy so he decided to adopt him as his son. Not only that, Feng Delun was also Zhao Ye Chen’s Shifu who teached him both literature and martial arts.


As the vice leader, Feng Delun was Jiang Feng Xíng’s best friend. Feng Delun had been his companion since Jiang Feng Xing founded the organization. His sickly handsome appearance but gentleman scholarly like temperament was such a contradiction with his big name in Jiang Hu.


However, their personalities were completely opposite to each other. Jiang Feng Xing was a man with a lot of lovers without commitment, on the other side Feng Delun was almost never seen with any lover but some rumor said he was a faithful guy. Jiang Feng Xing was a unique and unpredictable man, Feng Delun was a man with the personality like a monk, upright and basically a good person.


“So…the one named He Zheng Yu is?” Feng Delun asked. Zhao Ye Chen was standing beside him so he immediately told him which one was He Zheng Yu.


Feng Delun looked at him, a little bit curious. He Zheng Yu felt uncomfortable being looked at but said nothing.


Feng De lun said in his heart, ‘Where exactly did I ever see this face?’ But he couldn’t remember it at all, although he tried to.




Zhao Ye Chen couldn’t understand the complicated expression his adoptive father had in his face.


Jiang Feng Xing only said something unexpectedly bland such as he would give He Zheng Yu some apology rewards, skipping the detail, particularly indifferent but he promised he would give a bit of punishment to Li Fan Yun.


Li Fan Yun was completely calm. He knew his uncle would not take this matter seriously since for his uncle, his position and his values were more important. He was also aware that the punishment would hurt a little. But not in the term where he couldn’t bear it.


That’s right! Li Fan Yun was still related to Jiang Feng Xing. In private, he called him Uncle. Hearing this from Li Ran, He Zheng Yu just nodded, understand the situation more.


Author’s Notes:


What did Li Fan Yun get as punishment for abducting He Zheng Yu?


Li Fan Yun got these 10 lashes of whip punishment from the Leader Jiang, although he said it would only hurt a little but the actual fact was it hurt a lot, though it was true that he was able to stand the pain. However, he did not recover for a while and had to stay in bed for 3 days before he was able to go back to work.


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