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Who says the path to the Leader is not easy?  (Chapter 4)

Love at the first sight




Who says the path to the Leader is not easy? 

Chapter 4 :一见钟情 

[Love at the first sight ]

Author: LittleYen




Li Fan Yun was really in a good mood after he captured He Zheng Yu and put him in his hidden room. Exactly the same as what he had imagined about He Zheng Yu, indeed he had such a beautiful body beneath his clothes. Immediately he took advantage of that guy being unconscious. Take off all of his clothes so he could admire his naked body as soon as he was brought here. But unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything more exciting such as touching him, etc since his personal assistant, Su Bing Wen, was already urging him to do his jobs.




Today, he would execute one of the traitors in front of their leader. Of course, for the formality purpose, he had to attend although he would not need to dirty his hand personally this time. He was just there to make sure that the traitor was dead. Accompanied Leader Jiang watched the bloody scene and discussed some important issues.




As usual, everything just went smoothly the way he was thinking it would be. After getting his jobs done, he went back to his residence in a happy mood. Su Bing Wen looked at him suspiciously but Li Fan Yun didn’t say anything, only told him to not let anyone enter his room.




“This subordinate understands.”




“Okay! No matter what happens, don’t disturb me! Just do your job as usual!”








“What’s with that look? Do you have something you wanna say?”




“Hmm… nothing.”




“Okay, then I’m gonna rest. Don’t call me if it’s not really important.”





Li Fan Yun entered his room, locked it from inside. He pressed the mechanical button, going inside the hidden room. No one knew how to enter here except him and Su Bing Wen. He told this assistant of his because he needed someone to tidy up and clean up the place for him. No other reason.




“Oh…you are awake.”




“Release me!” He Zheng Yu glared at him angrily.




Right now, his feelings are very complicated. He never thought this person would capture him like this. He thought that since ‘Silver Wind’ had some basic rules that tied down his members from being too wild, at least he would be safe here as long as he obeyed the rules. Despite being a lawless organization, he originally thought that Lotus Manor was quite fair in treating every member and staff. Probably it was too naive of him to think that everyone would never break the rules.




Because of this, he subconsciously let his guard down and ended up being kidnapped like this. He felt so ashamed that he would like to hide himself somewhere else but at the same time his body was so hot.








“It stood up! Do you like it so much being tied up like this?”




“Like the hell, I would like it! “




Li Fan Yun amused by the seducing appearance in front of him. The color of his erected p*nis was pink in color. He could not help himself, so he reached out his hands to touch it.




“You drug me?” He Zheng Yu furrowed his brow as he tried to resist the temptation. He almost groaned in pleasure when Li Fan Yun touched the erected point.




Li Fan Yun didn’t bother to answer him at all, he kept playing with what was in his hand. Make it become even harder.




“You are cute.”




He Zheng Yu still gave him an angry stare. Although his body reacted to the pleasure,he still had a clear conscience. If Li Fan Yun gave him time for them to get to know each other and approached him normally, his heart would probably be moved by the good looking guy with overbearing aura like him, he might consider the other party but what the person in front of him wanted from him was just a temporary physical relationship.




“Be mine!” Li Fan Yun whispered the sweet word into his ear. His naughty hands dancing around, up and down, made the person being tied down biting his own lips,not allowing himself to make any sounds.




Before He Zheng Yu could reach the climax, suddenly someone’s voice shouted from outside. The person was calling Li Fan Yun respectfully. His tone of voice was neither too loud nor too fast. He talked in a very calm manner.




Su Bing Wen’s voice made He Zheng Yu able to hold out his climax. If he really came by the hand of Li Fan Yun, it would really embarrass him so much.




Su Bing Wen told Li Fan Yun about the short meeting that would be held soon. Everyone must attend it so he informed him to get ready. Su Bing Wen gave him the painting of He Zheng Yu to Li Fan Yun. Of course Su Bing Wen recognized the person in the painting at the first glance although he only met He Zheng Yu once. This painting made Su Bing Wen’s suspicion becoming no more a mere suspicion. He thought that the person in the painting and the matter of him being missing was related to Li Fan Yun’s weird behavior.




The painting made by Li Ran was distributed to the entire Lotus Manor, He Zheng Yu became a famous person in one night. Of course the person himself didn’t know about this yet.




Li Fan Yun was silent at the moment. He looked at Su Bing Wen’s awkward attitude toward him. Looks like he already realized that this was his doing.




“Chief, this… “




“Let’s go! Just pretend that you know nothing.”




Before he attended the meeting, Li Fan Yun made He Zheng Yu wear a transparent robe. Caressing his cheek, he said proudly to him to wait for him.




“You’ll regret this in the future!”




“Be Good!”




Li Fan Yun patted on his head as he said good bye to He Zheng Yu.






Jiang Feng Xing looked so relaxed wearing an oversized white robe, with some pattern of cyclone in the sleeve. His silver long hair tied with green hair ribbon fluttered in the breeze. He smiled seeing that almost everyone was already here. The Lotus Hall was packed with groups of people, everyone seemed to pay attention to what Jiang Feng Xing was going to say.




“Zhao Ye Chen!”




“!” Zhao Ye Chen was surprised as soon as his name was mentioned. He was talking with Xu Yong Jun at the moment. Xu Yong Jun just gave him the painting of He Zheng Yu to him to look at. He never met this newcomer because he had been out for a mission and just came back.




“Yes,this subordinate is here.”




“Ye Chen ah, I will give you the authorities to investigate this case. Since we don’t have many clues in hand, it would be a little troublesome for some people but I believe you will not disappoint me.”




Indeed, like Jiang Feng Xing had said, it would be difficult for others to find a clue. The reasons he put this task into his shoulder were because Zhao Ye Chen was a very practical guy, he only did what he should have done, never offend people, great in reading other people’s minds, it just clicked like that, he would immediately know from the slightest facial expression.




Zhao Ye Chen’s appearance was a little worn out at the moment, he just came back from a long journey and suddenly was given such a troublesome job. The guy in the painting was indeed young and good looking, it was the type that looked pure yet alluring but without any clue, knowing nothing about the actual person, gave him disadvantage.




Xu Yong Jun poured him a cup of tea while his other underlings searched all over his place. Of course Zhao Ye Chen knew Xu Yong Jun was definitely innocent but for the formality purpose only, they had to rummage his residence. One of his subordinates reported to him that they found nothing here. Zhao Ye Chen dismissed him then he nodded to Xu Yong Jun.




“Next place!” Zhao Ye Chen drank the tea in one gulp. Soon after, Xu Yong Jun and Li Ran followed him from behind because they were curious, also at the same time worried about He Zheng Yu.




“Next is Li Fan Yun’s place.” Li Ran helped him checklist the map.




Having Li Ran’s help was so much faster and efficient for Zhao Ye Chen to investigate. Li Ran always handled things inside the base, he rarely went outside for missions so basically he was familiar with Lotus Manor’s map like the back of his hand.




“Senior Yan said this morning Li Fan Yun came to his office.” Li Ran said while Zhao Ye Chen listened to him attentively.




“Do you imply that he is suspicious?” Xu Yong Jun asked.




“Probably.” Li Ran answered in a neutral tone.




Finally, they arrived at Li Fan Yun’s private residence hall, normally it would take a lot of time if they walked at the usual pace (as you know Lotus Manor was a very big place) but since they were walking very fast, they only spent such a short time. Su Bing Wen immediately welcomed them respectfully.




“Sorry for the inconvenience.” Zhao Ye Chen responded to him politely.




“Do you inform Li Fan Yun that we are already here?”




Zhao Ye Chen needed to ask him this since they were not familiar and rarely in contact with the Chief executor Li.








Li Ran and Xu Yong Jun might not see anything weird about his behavior but Zhao Ye Chen immediately saw that there was a hint of hesitation in his eyes and his tone. When he answered Zhao Ye Chen’s question, he looked particularly uneasy. It was not obvious, just a few seconds but Zhao Ye Chen thought deeply about this.




When Zhao Ye Chen arrived at Li Fan Yun’s room, the uneasiness in Su Bing Wen’s eyes was more obvious. He avoided Zhao Ye Chen’s eye contact. His awkward behavior made Zhao Ye Chen become sure that they were indeed suspicious.




Li Fan Yun was also there, differ from Su Bing Wen, he was really relaxed, as if he was not the culprit.




“Nothing weird in my room, right?”


Showing his generous wide smile, Li Fan Yun asked Zhao Ye Chen as their eyes met with each other.




“Do you have any hidden rooms here?”




This question surprised both Li Ran and Xu Yong Jun, they were outside the room, waiting, since they were not allowed to enter together with Zhao Ye Chen but they could hear the conversation inside the room from the outside.




“Huh? If there is a hidden room here, why should I tell you?”




Su Bing Wen couldn’t stay calm anymore. By saying something like this, Li Fan Yun indicated that he has the hidden room.




“So there is one here.”




Even though Zhao Ye Chen was puzzled over Li Fan Yun’s confidence, he didn’t think much about it. Since the person was not afraid at all of being exposed, Zhao Ye Chen could only test him by walking slowly step by step while he was checking the room’s furniture.




Judging from their reactions, Zhao Ye Chen was sure the hidden room was indeed located here. Zhao Ye Chen could tell from even the smallest change in their facial expression where the mechanical button to access the hidden room was.




“Oh it’s here!” Zhao Ye Chen smiled triumphantly as he pressed down the button.




What he saw after that was something he didn’t expect it would be. Zhao Ye Chen was prepared to see some gruesome scene where the handsome young man was tortured,blood here, blood there. Any kinds of torture method you could think of if you predicted someone like Li Fan Yun that faced with prisoners everyday would do. But the fact was none of those cruel and horrible methods to torment a nobody medic boy. He was indeed speechless…




Zhao Ye Chen looked dumbfounded when he saw He Zheng Yu was being tied down in the bed. He didn’t expect this kind of development. As soon as He Zheng Yu’s naked body was exposed to the air, Li Fan Yun grunted “Tch!!” in irritation.




The attractive young man was only wearing a transparent robe. Although his skin was so smooth and white as snow, his body was not the delicate type, he got some little muscle here and there.




He Zheng Yu looked at his surroundings in disbelief. Because of the drug, he was somehow dazed at some moment, sometime high, sometime low in spirit.




“Then, who is this?” Zhao Ye Chen asked Li Fan Yun as he walked forward, he intended to release He Zheng Yu. Before he could do so, Li Fan Yun already dashed in front of He Zheng Yu to prevent Zhao Ye Chen from looking further.




“My lover.” Li Fan Yun answered confidently. He Zheng Yu looked at him in disagreement, wanting to say, ‘What bullshit are you talking about?’ But unfortunately he couldn’t do so because of the cloth that was stuffed in his mouth.




As He Zheng Yu struggled, Zhao Ye Chen already released him from the belt that bound him. Zhao Ye Chen was prepared to counterattack Li Fan Yun’s strike, so he dropped his black cloak to cover He Zheng Yu’s naked body.




Faced with such a serious expression Zhao Ye Chen was wearing on his face while he untied him, He Zheng Yu who looked at him deeply, couldn’t help but feel there was something stirring up inside. He never felt something like this before. His heart won’t stop from beating faster and faster. Maybe this was called love at the first sight.




But they just met? Moreover, in this kind of situation. He Zheng Yu looked at the black cloak on the floor while doubting his own feelings before he picked it up and used it to cover his cold body.




Both He Zheng Yu and Su Bing Wen watched Li Fan Yun and Zhao Ye Chen against each other in astonishment. He Zheng Yu couldn’t follow their speed but Su Bing Wen couldn’t blink even for a second.




“I’ll go inform my Shi xiong. You wait here.”


Li Ran said to Xu Yong Jun to pay attention to them. Even both of them combined together could not afford to come between them in strength so they needed someone on the same terms with them,just in case if none of them were willing to stop fighting.


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