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WSPLNE Chapter 6


[Serious Mode: from Author]


Who says the path to the Leader is not easy? 

Chapter 6 : Poison

He Zheng Yu didn’t have an opportunity to confirm his own feelings toward Zhao Ye Chen. Besides that, he was busy with his studies and work. He had no time to think about other insignificant things such as romance.


He Zheng Yu was considered as a medium level Medical Assistant where he could diagnose a patient without the need to consult it with his Shifu. Now, he was able to refine a medicine and prescribed some medicine according to his level. At least if there was nothing too difficult to handle, he would still be able to rely on his own ability.


His daily life was repeated between working, refining pills, treating injured assassins, and preparing herbs and medicine. He was having sleepless nights because of the need to study and write a report. He also did some research regarding some poison he found on the injured assassin.


Nothing unusual happened until suddenly…


Supposedly, the Lotus Manor should be the place where the level of security was very high but recently they found more and more people working there were poisoned. At first, it was only the maids and servants outside the Lotus Palace. However, the Lotus Palace was now in danger of encountering this weird poison.


The victims showed nothing unusual at first before suddenly they were having a headache and a high fever. If the state of poison already reached the dangerous level,the lips of the victims would appear to be black and the health condition would worsen day by day that they could not even walk anymore. It would cause death if it was not being treated earlier.


It could be cured for some people but for some others, it was taking so long for them to be cured that it gave the doctors there an unanswered question, how to solve this as soon as possible?


Leader Jiang and many other high level martial artists were unaffected but that didn’t make them to be careless and took this matter lightly. Jiang Feng Xing immediately ask Li Fan Yun to investigate this matter.


“What do you think about this?” Lin Ran asked.


“Maybe the poison being used is different for each person. ”


“Are you okay? You look pale.. Don’t tell me that you get affected too?” Lin Ran suddenly realized that He Zheng Yu indeed looked so damn tired.


“No. I’m fine. Just lack of sleep.”


“You have to take care of yourself. If you also get affected then… ”

Xu Yong Jun didn’t forget to remind him which was very considerate of him since he is usually very indifferent.


“Yo… you three! ”


Chen Zi hao greeted three of them as soon as he saw them.


“How is it?” Li Ran looked worried and asked him.


“Shifu.” He Zheng Yu greeted Yan Qing who just came back with Chen Zihao from Lotus Palace. Yan Qing found that this disciple of hers looked so obedient so she was happy by his way of greeting her.


“It’s not good.” Chen Zi hao answered Li Ran Question.


“Vice leader is affected, ” He explained more, ” So now everyone is in danger of getting affected by this poison.”


The first source of the poison was found in the well where they all were drinking the water from, but although everyone was drinking from the same source, not all was poisoned by it. From the investigation, it looked like someone was really pouring the poison inside the well almost everyday but no one could find out who was the one who did this and for what purpose.


Later, the investigation team also found out that there was this mysterious mist that brought the poison in. But again, they couldn’t find out who the culprit was.


The poison was supposed to be easy to cure, but if it came from someone who was being affected, the poison changed,as if it was leveling up so the more people being affected and the stronger the person who was affected, the stronger the poison mutated.


“Doctor Yan!” All of sudden Zhao Ye Chen shouted in panic, calling her. He looked somehow impatient. His usual tidy appearance was a little messy, he sounded so tired that He Zheng Yu couldn’t help not paying attention to him and feeling worry in his heart.


“What’s this feeling? Why should I care?” He said in his heart, protested to himself.


“Leader Jiang is calling you to come.”


“But we just came back… ” Chen Zihao was speechless.


“Now, he is also affected and he doesn’t look so good… that’s why… ”


“!!!! ”


“What? ”


“??? ”




” Are you sure?” Yan Qing asked since he was just fine earlier.


“Is that even possible? So fast?” Yan Qing only questioned this in her heart but she remained silent.


Zhao Ye Chen didn’t wait for her to ask, he immediately explained to her what had happened earlier after both of her and Chen Zihao went back. He urged them to go back to Lotus Palace soon.


He Zheng Yu, again, witnessed the appearance of Jiang Feng Xing who looked so much in pain. He was left stunned by this fact.


However,the Vice Leader Feng Delun’s complexion was much better, as if the poison in his body had already vanished. Indeed, he was already cured from the poison.


He didn’t know how that person was able to make the great and the extraordinarily strong Leader Jiang Feng Xing scream in pain and throw out a mouthful of blood by the supposedly simple poison. But no matter what the result was, this kind of expression was something that he wanted to see.


He couldn’t restrain the smile on his face as he saw his suffering face.


If he allowed himself to say it out loud, then he would be saying, ‘Jiang Feng Xing, you deserved this!’


‘Please suffer more!’






Author’s Notes:

The Main Character is suddenly blackened?


I made summary for the characters to be easier to remember who and who:


The blackened MC although he first impression is white rabbit : He Zheng Yu


The Leader of Lotus Manor, silver haired dude: Jiang Feng Xing


The mysterious and super practical guy, special forces chief : Zhao Ye Chen


The Vice Leader, Zhao Ye Chen’s adoptive father: Feng Delun


He Zheng Yu’s Shifu/ Capable Doctor, so far the only woman character : Yan Qing


The young and skillful member, one of trio: Li Ran


The awkward guy who afraid of woman, one of trio: Xu Yong Jun


The playboy, Li Ran’s Shi xiong : Chen Zihao


Chief Executor, the sadistic guy: Li Fan Yun


Li Fan Yun’s left hand/ trusted assistant/ the panic ‘OS’ guy: Su Bing Wen


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