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VSW Chapter 27 – The Gentleman’s Determination

The Gentleman's Determination

Chapter 27 – The Gentleman’s Determination.

TL: Nakki

“By the way, are your plans for the day going to be fine? I asked for the unreasonable and forced you to come here with me after all…”

“A-ah, it’s fine. I still have time to spare..”

Naoya said with a wry smile.

Naoya did, in fact, still have time. It would be about an hour from now, though, but Koyuki would come and pick him up at the station later.

For one, he’d made sure to put plenty of cold packs inside the thermal bag for the chikuzenni and the other dish, so he had no worries about them getting spoiled.

Eh, wait… Judging from the flow of conversation we’re having right now, isn’t this the right chance to tell him..?

At that moment, a good idea suddenly popped up inside Naoya’s mind.

It was a very brilliant plan: he would indirectly reveal his identity to the gentleman in front of him.

“Actually, uhm… I was also invited to come over to the house of the girl I like today…”


Hearing this, the gentleman raised an eyebrow before stabbing his fork into the cheesecake.

“That’s a very strange coincidence..”


The elegant manner in which the gentleman brought the cake into his mouth was completely flawless.

Apparently, he didn’t seem to notice anything at all.

The gentleman, who appeared to look a little downcast a few moments later, asked in a mutter.

“I presume… that you’re nervous?”

“Well, of course. I feel really really nervous, even right now.”

Naoya replied, revealing his true feelings.

That was why Naoya could understand the gentleman’s feelings very well.

“But if I ran away now, our relationship wouldn’t progress… I don’t have any shady intentions towards her either, that’s why I’m going to properly meet her parents.”

“Still, that girl’s parents… especially her father.. might not look favorably towards your relationship with his daughter, you know?”

“I’ll cross that bridge when I get there; I just have to meet him everyday, slowly get along with him and let him know that I’m really serious about his daughter.”

“Oh wow.. you’ve got a lot of guts, young man.”

The gentleman said and let out a strained laugh before finishing his coffee.

He looked down at his now empty cup… along with it, a sigh.

“Yeah, it is definitely as you say.. I also have to strengthen my resolve..”


“Aah, yeah. I think I’m going to try and meet… my daughter’s boyfriend or whatever he’s called..”

The gentleman said with a solemn nod, his face looking serious.

Although he looked somewhat nervous, he seemed to have gotten over it.

He even threw some joke-like wink at Naoya.

“At any rate, you are my benefactor. And knowing that my benefactor is about to play a do-or-die game, I just can’t stay like this and keep on running away; I also have to strengthen my resolve.”

“Haha, you’re overexaggerating it..”

Naoya replied with a wry smile before straightening up his posture.

Naoya reasoned that if he was going to tell him the truth, it was now or never.

“Well, uhm.. I have something I need to tell Oji-san right now..”

“Hm? What is it? You want more cake?”

“No… it’s more of like, uh.. a serious problem..”

Naoya took a deep breath and was about to finally reveal the truth.

“Actually…! I am your dau—”

But, before he could finish his sentence—.

“I knew you were here!”


An angry voice came out of nowhere and cut through the calm atmosphere flowing inside the coffee shop.

Because of this sudden occurrence, Naoya accidentally bit his tongue.

While writhing from pain, a figure emerged from the entrance and was quickly drawing near them.

It was Koyuki dressed in casual clothing.

She was wearing a white blouse and a blue knee-length skirt. It was overall a simple outfit, but it looked really great on her. Her hair was tied in a ribbon, and she wore small glittering earrings in her ears.

Naoya could tell at a glance that Koyuki was dressed up more than usual.

Eh… She’s looks so freaking cute!

What’s more is that it was Naoya’s first time seeing Koyuki in such casual clothes.

Naoya was completely out of words, both from Koyuki’s cuteness and the pain from biting his tongue.

On the other hand, the gentleman was so surprised that his soul was about to jump out of his skin.

“Guh… Koyuki!? Why are you here!?”

“Mama asked me to come and get papa ‘who’d probably chickened out by now.'”

“M-Misora-san, huh… But, uh.. can you please wait for a moment?”

The gentleman’s face formed an awkward frown before pointing at Naoya.

“Right now, I’m having a very important conversation with this young man right here.”


“I’ll leave out the details, but this young man helped me from a troublesome situation. That boyfriend of yours whatsoever could learn a thing or two from him, you know?”

“What are you even talking about, Papa…?”

Koyuki tilted her head sideways at his smiling father.

“That boyfriend you’re talking about is Sasahara-kun right there, though?”


“…Pleased to meet you..”

Naoya bowed his head down towards the gentleman in front of him, the latter stared back, looking dumbfounded.

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  1. Avatar Waka says:

    That’s so funny and I hope he can get the approvement of Papa-san. Good Luck Naoya.

    Thanks For the Chapter.

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