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VSW Chapter 26 – The Gentleman’s Distress and Favorability Level

The Gentleman's Distress and Favorability Level

Chapter 26 – The Gentleman’s Distress and Favorability Level.

TL: Nakki

It was a very rude thing to say, so Naoya just kept those thoughts to himself.

As Naoya gulped down the shortcake, he made a wry smile and throw in a statement of his own.

“The way Oji-san said it… I thought that you were brimming with the intention of turning him away..”

“Of course, that’s also one way to do it..! After all, I don’t want any undeserving bastards laying a hand on my cute daughter! But… turning him away.. that’s the only thing I definitely can’t do…”

The gentleman gained momentum for a brief moment before dropping his shoulders once more.

“My daughter seemed to be in good spirit and was really looking forward to her boyfriend’s arrival. She was already up early this morning cleaning her room and baking cookies with Saku—her younger sister—all while preparing to welcome him.”

“I-is that so…”

Hearing this, Naoya resisted his urge to grin.

Yesterday, on the way home from school, Koyuki said in a prim and clear tone, “Please don’t expect too much hospitality on our side, alright? You can go home as soon as you’ve finished eating the sweets.”

Of course, Naoya didn’t take her words for granted…but apparently, Koyuki intends to be more welcoming than he had expected.

Naoya’s heart was beating very fast at the adorable side of Koyuki.

However, the excitement he felt was negated by the distressed-looking gentleman in front of him.

“I don’t want to throw a wet blanket over their meeting at all costs; I don’t want to make her sad after all.”

The gentleman nods with a serious expression, covers his face with his hand once more, and squeezes his voice out.

“Besides, I have complete trust in my daughter. I already know deep inside that the boyfriend… she’d chosen is a very mature boy…”

“But, you don’t have the courage to meet such boy face-to-face…”


“Ahaha… you’re so honest, Oji-san.”

The gentleman agreed awfully honest at Naoya’s words, so the only response he could give was a vague one.

If he knew I was ‘that boyfriend’ he’s referring to… He’d definitely topple down out of shock, wouldn’t he?

Hereafter, they would be in constant contact with each other, so Naoya wanted to avoid that at all costs.

Therefore, Naoya had no choice but to keep his mouth shut. However, it was clear that telling him as soon as possible would be the best course of action.

Still, finding the right timing is difficult..

Strange sweat trickled down Naoya’s back. The gentleman on the other hand, had a more refreshed expression, most likely as a result of having spoken to Naoya about everything that had been weighing on his chest.

With a wry smile, the gentleman bowed his head slightly to Naoya.

“To be blunt, the reason why I invited you here was to, of course, thank you, and… to have you listen to what this old man had in his mind… I’m really sorry for dragging you here with me..”

“N-no, no! This is just a coincidence! If anything, I’d like to listen to anything you want to say, if you’re alright with me!”

“You… what a good-natured young man..”

The gentleman’s face broke into a big smile.

At that moment, his favorability level towards Naoya went up to 80 from 75.

If this had been one of those dating sims, a rhythmical sound effect like 『Pirorin♪』 would’ve definitely rung out now.

What in the world are you doing, me!? Why would you captivate the father of the girl you like!?

Naoya inwardly tsukkomi’d himself and forced a smile outwardly.

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