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TWE Chapter 11

Everyone knew the crown prince was seriously injured nine years ago, and was stuck in bed all day, rarely appearing in front of the public. Besides some occasional mentions in the news, in the eyes of those concerned about him, he seemed to have completely vanished from the world, completely out of sight.

However, because of his past merits, he has always held a legendary status and was unsurpassed in the hearts of the people.

And now, because of the black material and recent attacks his future spouse Zhuo Yang suffered, the prince who has already faded out of people’s sight and lingered on the bed actually decided to speak out and openly clarify the matter for Zhuo Yang. How could people not be shocked?

Based on Moodys’ current physical condition, his willingness to appear in public again for Zhuo Yang, was likely because he either loved Zhuo Yang or was forced to by Queen Catherine.

Zhuo Yang’s mental power is very low among guides in the aristocratic circle, and there was so much black material from before his marriage, that even his younger brother accidentally came forward to prove the authenticity of such… so, how could someone like the crown prince love Zhuo Yang?

It must be the eccentric Queen Catherine who forced the crown prince to come forward and clarify for Zhuo Yang… All the people and supporters of the crown prince guessed like this in their hearts.

While resenting the crown prince’s fate and Queen Catherine’s injustice, they were grateful for the press conference since the prince himself would attend.

At last, he is finally willing to show up in public…

At last, those worried about his situation can also take a real look at the recent situation of their highness, even if its through the lens, to confirm whether he is still okay or not…

The original time for the royal family’s press conference was set the day after tomorrow.

But because the crown prince’s recent physical condition is not stable, and he is very concerned and anxious to publicly clarify Zhuo Yang’s reputation, the press conference was moved two days in advance, to today.

Everyone was caught off guard.

The place where the royal family held its press conference was a royal auditorium outside the palace.

When the time for the press conference came, under the expectant gazes of the reporters and lens of the filming equipment, Crown Prince Moodys Bricania was pushed out in a wheelchair with the help of his entourage.

The crown prince has golden hair and sapphire blue eyes. He has a standard European appearance, sharp, deep, and resolute. Even before he was disfigured, among the small white faces and noble sentinels of European descent, strictly speaking the crown prince is not very handsome. He can only be said to be average or above average, but his aura is very capable of suppressing people, giving people the sense of stability and pressure, making people unconsciously want to trust and follow him, and consider him very reliable.

But after the nightmare on the White Tiger Star nine years ago… his left face was mostly ruined. In order to avoid being unsightly and scary, he deliberately wore a mask on his left face. The disfigurement was blocked, and only the right face that could still be seen was exposed.

Even so, people could still see the hideous, scarlet and terrifying scar peeking out the edge of the skin on his left face that was not covered. They could infer how terrifying the left side of his face hidden under the mask was.

Nine years of lingering sickness made him look very tired, dispirited, and even a little depressed. At first glance, people could see his gloomy sick appearance.

Such a person is not very-well liked whenever they appear in front of people.

But everyone only needed to remember his past merits and that he suffered to protect the empire, protect the people, and rescue his own soldiers. Seeing him look like this now, their hearts are full of love, sympathy, and sorrow.

Before the crown prince appeared, the voices in the royal auditorium were still noisy.

But after he entered the arena, almost as if conspiring with each other, everyone fell silent with heartfelt respect, for fear that any sound or noise would affect the prince who dragged his sick body to the scene.

“I came here today for my spouse, Zhuo Yang. Recently, there have been many false rumors and slander against him online. I think it is necessary for me, as his partner, to clarify for him. Cough cough…” Moodys’s physical condition was very unstable, and he couldn’t help coughing after only a few words. The entire person was sickly.

Everyone on the scene sweated unconsciously, worrying about his physical condition.

Even the reporter who asked questions before did not dare to ask too pointed questions like before, and couldn’t help but relax his tone for fear of disturbing the crown prince. “So, Your Highness is here today, at this press conference, to clarify these rumors for Zhuo Yang?”

“Yes.” Moodys’s voice was not loud, but it was very firm.

“Your Royal Highness, it is said that you and Zhuo Yang have never met before. Your marriage contract was made by Her Majesty the Queen while you were ill and in a coma. Were you forced to accept it after waking up? Similarly, is it true that attending today’s press conference was also forced by Her Majesty the Queen?” The reporter didn’t want to persecute Moodys anymore. But when he thought that Zhuo Yang was really as bad as the rumors claimed, if they married, there will be no benefit for the crown prince, so he hardened his heart and asked the questions he had prepared and that everyone was very concerned about.

Moodys answered without hesitation: “No, it’s not like this…”

“The rumors and the facts are inconsistent. It is my own choice and decision to marry Zhuo Yang. It has nothing to do with my mother, cough cough cough…” He replied.

The audience was silent.

They were afraid he would suddenly stop breathing.

After a while, someone else mustered up the courage and continued to ask: “Your Highness, are you protecting Zhuo Yang out of kindness? It is said that Zhuo Yang suffers from a mental illness, which is hereditary. His brother also proved this from his side…Did you choose to protect him and marry because of kindness and sympathy?”

“Zhuo Yang’s mental condition is normal, and has no mental problems. He is not like what they say in rumors. The wise do not buy such rumors. I hope people will be smart and will not mistakenly trust such unsubstantiated rumors on the star network.” Whatever the reporters asked, Moodys answered, even if he was in poor health. He also respected everyone present and spoke eloquently, which made everyone respect and sympathize with him unconsciously.

Why would such a good person suffer such a fate?

The reporter couldn’t bear to push the weakened prince anymore, so he turned his finger at Zhuo Yang: “Where is Zhuo Yang? Where is the future crown princess? Since the rumors are not true, and he has no mental problems, in the face of these black materials against him, why he did not come forward to clarify, but asked you to clarify on his behalf?”

Because the news that Zhuo Yang’s mother was suffering from mental illness was confirmed.

Almost everyone questioned whether Zhuo Yang’s mind is normal, and whether the crown prince chose to bear it together and chose this marriage out of sympathy.

“He—” Moodys was about to say something in the face of reporter’s question.

At this time, the captain of Moodys’s guard team suddenly ran in: “His Royal Highness, Your Highness! His Highness has arrived.”

Just from the title, as the captain of Moodys’s guard team, Zhuo Yang’s identity has been confirmed.

Everyone looked at the entrance of the auditorium in unison.

From a distance, they saw Zhuo Yang walking on the red carpet of the auditorium in a decent manner. Before seeing Zhuo Yang, they all felt that the previous photos of Zhuo Yang circulating online were either photoshopped or fake. How could there be such a good-looking person in the world? But after seeing Zhuo Yang, all of them held their breath and took a deep breath. Zhuo Yang’s photos were indeed inconsistent, but they weren’t good, but ugly…

The photos were not able to capture even one-tenth of Zhuo Yang’s beauty. The person himself is much better than the photos.

Lively and fragrant.

Soul-stirring, stunning beauty.

Before seeing Zhuo Yang, no one believed that such stunning beauty existed in the world. But after seeing Zhuo Yang, all of them believed.

It turns out that there are such beauties in the world.

Before they could see Zhuo Yang’s face clearly, they subconsciously felt that Zhuo Yang’s whole body was filled with a halo different from others.

They finally realized what it feels like to have someone shine in front of their eyes, brightening the room.

There was a little reporter who liked Rand very much and is very disdainful of the black material. But when he saw Zhuo Yang enter the door, he was unconsciously stunned. Even the camera equipment in his hand accidentally fell to the ground, and he looked at Zhuo Yang in a daze, and couldn’t recover for a long while.

He had photographed Rand countless times, and even he had to admit that his male god was indeed inferior to the demeanor of the future crown princess.

They no longer questioned whether the crown prince and Zhuo Yang were forced by the queen to marry. It is not surprising that the crown prince will love Zhuo Yang, and it is not strange at all.

No, it should be said that it is not surprising that any person, let alone any sentinel, would love Zhuo Yang.

The shocking beauty is a kind of capital in itself.

Even if he is a fool, just putting him at home like a vase to watch every day, it will be difficult to dislike such a beauty.

Everyone thought in unison.


Ah, the ML~~~ ❤️

This is a shorter chapter and I had some time, so it’s a double update. 😄

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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Here we see the benefit of stoking all those rumors pay off, all before Zhuo Yang even speaks! Such easily disprovable rumors so quickly turn public sentiment since they take advantage of the fact that now everyone is paying attention. Such a smart plan!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Yeah… I wish I had those brains.
      Thanks for reading and your continued support!

  2. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    You can really feel the care and respect the public has for Crown Prince Moodys. Making such a fuss about his marriage partner that he felt like he had to risk his health and do a press conference. I can see it now, an obituary detailing his accomplishments and heroism and then ending with, “and then he died because his fans wouldn’t shut the fuck up.”

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Hahahaha. I wonder if there’s an obituary out there with something similar.
      That said, as being a public figure, you either have to be dumb or have thick skin, otherwise the public support/reputation part would be hard. Let alone a nation’s hero.

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