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Brother, forgive me.

Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Mlky


He broadcasted live until one o’clock in the morning. Without Qi Huai’s interruption, Qi Yi felt much more relieved.

Feeling that his stomach was already hungry, he was about to go downstairs to see if there were any leftovers. When he opened the door of the room, he found QI Huai waiting.

“All this time you were in your room?” Qi Huai asked.

Qi Yi glanced at the tool in Qi Huai’s hand and reached for it. “Yes, I’ve been in the room. Give that to me quickly. If you break the door, you have to reinstall it; it’s a waste of money.”

“You still know it’s a waste of money. How much money have you given to Bai Jingnian?” Qi Huai sprinkled salt on Qi Yi’s wound as soon as he spoke.

Putting the cumbersome tool aside, Qi Yi looked sad, “He will return it to me, even if he doesn’t, I can earn it back.”

Qi Huai was angry again, “You… when you were talking about business. Why are you wise? Now I feel like you are mentally retarded!”

“But, I like him very much, he also likes me very much, he can’t leave me.” Qi Yi seemed to be deeply influenced by Bai Jingnian.

“He said it wouldn’t work without you? You know him…”

“I know, he actually likes someone else, but Bai Jingnian gives me a different feeling.” Qi Yi interrupted Qi Huai and retorted.

Qi Huai wanted to say something, but a gurgling sound suddenly sounded in the empty room.

Qi Yi was embarrassed and rubbed his nose, “Brother, I haven’t eaten until this afternoon, I’ll go eat something first.”

Qi Huai coldly watched him go to the kitchen, and could only go back to his room to sulk.

He ate and drank enough, and returned to the bedroom without sleep.

He was lying on the bed at two o’clock in the morning with his eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling in the dark night, and fell asleep without knowing it.

Fortunately, he set the alarm clock and it rang on time at 8 o’clock in the morning.

After going downstairs, Qi Yi did not see Qi Huai, so he went to the garage to see that the car belonging to Qi Huai had been driven away.

Qi Yi knew that he must be mad at him, so he drove a car. When he passed a dessert shop, he even went in and bought a small piece of cake.

After entering the company, Qi Yi quickly went to Qi Huai.

He hid the dessert behind his back and opened the door to enter. Qi Huai immediately told him to get out.

He moved to avoid the book that Qi Huai threw over. Qi Yi couldn’t help but laugh, “Are you really angry?”

“Get out!” Qi Huai did not lift his head, his tone decisive.

“Don’t be angry, I brought you some good things.” Qi Yi put the cake on his table and pushed it to Qi Huai.

Qi Huai only glanced at it, then immediately looked away.

Qi Yi said: “So brother, please forgive me. I have troubles and can’t tell you. If I have the opportunity, I will tell you the truth.”

“Fart, you are making an excuse for your mentally retarded love brain.” Qi Huai cursed.

Qi Yi smiled, and did not find any other excuses for himself, “Brother, if you know, don’t worry about me too much.”

Qi Huai took the cake, opened it and ate it, “Okay, I won’t care about you. Anyway you don’t listen to me.”

“Thank you brother.” Qi Yi knew that Qi Huai was just talking angry now, which brother would ignore his brother?

“Hurry up and get out, I get angry when I see you.”

Qi Yi replied, leaving Qi Huai’s office and returning to his own office.

After sitting for a while, Qi Yi received another call from Bai Jingnian.

Bai Jingnian cried on the phone. “Qi Yi, are you at work?”

Rubbing his forehead, Qi Yi took a deep breath, he anxiously asked: “What happened? Did Zou Shi Li hit you again? ”

“It’s okay, I… I want to ask you to do me a favor. My sister is awake now. I want to ask you to help me to see her. I can’t walk away now.”

Hearing Bai Jingnian’s almost pleading voice, Qi Yi had to respond, “Where are you now? I’ll pick you up.”

“No, please go and see my sister, I really can’t walk away now.” Bai Jingnian didn’t say much, and hung up the phone in a hurry.

Staring at the black screen of the mobile phone for half a minute, Qi Yi left the company helplessly and went to the hospital.

After hanging up the phone, Bai Jingnian exhaled lightly. He calmed down his breathing, looked in front of the mirror at his red eyes, and left the bathroom.

In fact, he is not in a hurry right now, and he was indeed beaten by Zou Shi Li, but it was mainly because he took the initiative to provoke Zou Shi Li.

Although there is still a bit of bruise on his body now, this is the result he wants.

When he walked out of the bathroom, he went to the hall, and at a glance he saw Xie Qing’An sitting in the seat waiting for him.

Sniffling, Bai Jingnian walked over quickly. When he went to Xie Qing’An and sat down, he pretended to accidentally touch the wound, causing him to take a deep breath.

“Are you okay?” Xie Qing’An asked, frowning.

“Fortunately, thank you for being able to come out with me today.” Bai Jingnian kept his head down, holding the cup in front of him in both hands, gently rubbing it.

Xie Qing’An has always been indifferent, “You are welcome.”

“I actually don’t know how I can leave Zou Shi Li. You know that we are actually in an arranged marriage. Love is in name only, but my sister is still sick. I have no money to compensate him. He is a devil .” Bai Jingnian babbled.

The more Xie Qing’An heard, the deeper his brows frowned. He didn’t want to listen to Bai Jingnian’s nonsense, however since they knew each other he still sympathized with Bai Jingnian a little bit and did not interrupt Bai Jingnian’s rant.

“Thank you for listening to me, and I’m sorry for spreading a little negative energy to you.”

Xie Qing’An’s brows no longer frowned. He felt a little relaxed in his heart. He thought he could go now. Who wants to be called Bai Jingnian? He was asked if he wanted to go on a stroll.

Xie Qing’An was impatient and refused, “I have something to do with my company, so I will leave first.”

Xie Qing’An who had already stood up, settled down for a while and then turned around and said, “Since you don’t like Zou Shi Li, you should separate from him sooner. If you really don’t have any money, I can lend you, and you don’t need to pay the interest. Take care of yourself.”

Hearing Xie Qing’An’s words, Bai Jingnian nodded.

When Qi Yi went to the supermarket next to the hospital, he bought a bag of fruits and picked some toys that the little girl might like.

Going to the ward, Bai Nian Nian really woke up, but her face was still pale, her head was still wrapped in gauze.

She saw that it was neither her brother nor the doctor who came in. She raised her vigilance in an instant, and asked in an unstable voice, “Who are you?”

“I am your brother’s friend. I’ll accompany you first.” Qi Yi placed the things very close to Bai Nian Nian, and explained to her: “I don’t know what fruits you like to eat, but I bought a little of everything and toys that people your age might like.”

Bai Nian Nian looked at the Barbie doll that Qi Yi took out, her face turned black, “I don’t like Barbie dolls, I am already eighteen, and I don’t need these things at all.”

Qi Yi smiled and took the Barbie doll, “You see, isn’t she good-looking? I’ll buy you a plush toy next time I come to see you. ”

Bai Nian Nian snorted, turning her head to the other side, without looking at the doll Qi Yi held in his hand.

Suddenly, he felt that this child was quite cute, Qi Yi couldn’t help but want to tease her, “Then if you don’t want it, I’ll take it away.”

Bai Nian Nian is still unmoved.

Qi Yi raised his eyebrows, “You see it is so beautiful. I bought you a luxury version. There are many beautiful clothes, are you sure you don’t want to look at it?”

This time Bai Nian Nian finally turned her head, Qi Yi hurriedly held the doll and dangled it in front of her. Bai Nian Nian’s eyes showed longing, but her mouth was very stubborn.

“Forget it, since you don’t want it, I have to throw it away.” Qi Yi stuffed the doll back with pity.

“Wait … It’s such a waste to have money. You can give it to me if you don’t want it.”

Qi Yi glanced at her, “You really want it?”

Bai Nian Nian’s cheeks were reddened, “Why do you car? Just leave it to me.”

Qi Yi smiled slightly and handed the doll to her, ” I wish you liked it. I will bring toys again when I see you again.”

Bai Nian Nian asked with a stiff expression while holding the doll: “Are you really my brother’s friend? I seem to have slept for a long time, and you also help me with my medical expenses.”

“Your brother is also working hard to make money to treat your illness.”

Qi Yi did not forget to mention her brother, Bai Nian Nian’s expression became even stranger, “Do you like my brother?”

“Don’t worry about this, we adults will solve it by ourselves.” Qi Yi said.

Bai Nian Nian opened her mouth and wanted to say something.

“Okay, I can restrain myself. Your brother is all for you. You have to treat him well, he is doing his best to help cure you.” Qi Yi comforted her, watching the time was almost up, “I’ll go back first. You wait for your brother to come back.”

Bai Nian Nian looked at Qi Yi’s back and looked at the doll in her hand again, her expression unclear.

When Bai Jingnian came back, he saw the doll held in her hands. He frowned, walked and snatched it over, “Who gave it to you?”

“Your friend.” Bai Nian Nian replied with her head down.

Bai Jingnian didn’t even think about it, so he threw the doll into the trash can, “Don’t collect his things in the future, you will make it difficult for me to do it, you understand?”

Bai Nian Nian’s shoulders trembled, and her voice was faint: “I know.”

“It’s good to know. This is my card. There are half a million in it. Save it first.”

Bai Nian Nian lowered his head and didn’t reach out to pick it up, but Bai Jingnian stuffed it very hard. He took her hand and gave her a new mobile phone , “You can buy what you want online, and he just throws it away. He doesn’t need money.”


“I am doing it for the sake of us siblings. You may not understand everything I am doing now, but you will know when you grow up.” Bai Jingnian rubbed his wrist. His wrist was still a little sore because he was touched last night.

He stayed with Bai Nian Nian in a quiet room for a while and then left.

After Bai Jingnian left, only then Bai Nian Nian dared to wipe her tears quietly.

Her brother was still the same as she had remembered, and she couldn’t understand why the person just now liked her brother.

TL: Bai Nian Nian looks like a good child. Happy Reading Everyone! If you notice any mistakes just comment down below.

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