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I will compensate you

Translated: Nacchi

Edited :Mlky

His brother is so kind to him.

Qi Yi sighed and put the dishes and chopsticks down after eating. Soon after returning to the room, Bai Jingnian called.

“Where are you?” Qi Yi asked.

“I’ve been to the hospital.” Bai Jingnian leaned against the white wall, feebly, “Thank you, I will pay you back after I get the money from Zou Shi Li.”

“You…really don’t consider me. “Qi Yi chuckled smiled, covering his eyes, and said with a sad tone: “I know the answer, don’t tell me. Don’t worry about paying back the money.”

“Thank you, I really don’t know what to do without you. ”

Hearing these words, Qi Yi raised the corner of his mouth in a smile. Playing hard to get. He climbed up to Zou Shi Li and still wanted to continue fishing for him. He deserves to be the protagonist. When the supporting roles face him, they really follow along with what he says.

Qi Yi said: “You have to protect yourself, Zou Shi Li is cruel, you…”

“I know, thank you Qi Yi.” Bai Jingnian interrupted him.

“Well, stay with your sister so you can rest assured when she is well.” Qi Yi said softly.

The two talked for a few more minutes, but Bai Jingnian hung up the phone first.

Qi Yi went to turn on the computer again, but at this time he didn’t want to broadcast live. It happened that it was late at night, so he just practiced the game feel and then he was ready to go to sleep.

Qi Yi got up early the next day, and when Qi Huai pushed the door into his bedroom, he was already neatly dressed.

After staring at Qi Yi for a few seconds, Qi Huai said: “Go downstairs and have breakfast and go to the company.”

After arriving at the company, Qi Yi found that the employees of the company seem to be different today.

“Are there any inspections today?” Qi Yi asked.

Qi Huai replied: “No, it’s just that Mr. Xie has to come over and take a look. Now he is doing better, and cooperation should be easier after that.”

Qi Yi sighed and returned to his own office.

As he was immersed in office work, Qi Yi heard someone knock on the door.

His brother opened the door with Xie Qing’An behind him.

Wait, Xie Qing’An?

Is it the one the protagonist likes? The White moonlight?
[TL: White moonlight means first love]

Thinking of this, Qi Yi began to look at Xie Qing’An up and down, with good facial features and a cold face that seemed to be quite bluffing. Now he was air-conditioned all over, as if he was not easy to approach.
[TL: air-conditioned here means cold aura]

Qi Yi was touched by his brother, and he looked at his brother suspiciously.

Qi Huai just introduced: “Mr. Xie, this is my brother, Qi Yi, who is also the deputy general manager of our company.”

Xie Qing’An faced Qi Yi unnaturally, especially when Qi Yi looked at him with that kind of gaze just now. After that, he tightened even more instantaneously.

He stretched out his hand stiffly and shook Qi Yi’s hand. He found that Qi Yi’s hand was very hot. In fact, when he looked at his face, it was soft, and it looked very gentle.

“Hello, Mr. Xie, welcome to our company.” Qi Yi said.

This voice…reminded him suddenly of what he heard from the female anchor last night…No, the voice is exactly the same!

He raised his eyelids and glanced at Qi Yi,. Qi Yi immediately raised a brighter smile.

Xie Qing’An was stunned, but he didn’t tell his guess.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, or the sounds of the two are indeed somewhat similar.

Qi Yi followed them slowly to patrol the company, and Qi Huai had a good chat with Xie Qing’An.

He bowed his head and thought, how could he meet Xie Qing’An?

Obviously the two people shouldn’t meet each other.

At least in the plot he knew, they had never met before the original owner was killed by Zou Shi Li and his brother left the country.

Suddenly remembering something, Qi Yi stepped forward, turned a corner, and hid behind the wall to look at his phone.

Sure enough, Bai Jingnian had already called him several times.

Qi Yi didn’t have time to think, so he raised his foot and ran outside the company.

In a hurry, even Qi Huai couldn’t stop him.

Smiling at Xie Qing’An, Qi Huai explained: “Qi Yi should be in a hurry, I’m very sorry, next time I will ask Qi Yi to apologize to you.”

Xie Qing’An looked at the door where Qi Yi ran away and shook his head. “No, it’s justifiable to have an emergency.”

Qi Yi drove to the hospital quickly, and after inquiring about the ward, he opened the door and went in and saw Bai Jingnian sitting next to his sister’s bed and looking at her.

It seems that the whole world has been ignored by Bai Jingnian, his eyes are empty.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Qi Yi said.

Bai Jingnian just raised his head and glanced at him, tears streaming down immediately,

”Nothing will happen to Nian Nian, right?”

“Yes, nothing will happen to her.” Qi Yi comforted him.

Bai Jingnian stood up suddenly and threw himself into Qi Yi’s arms, “I only have you and Nian Nian. Can you help me transfer Nian Nian to another hospital?”

Seeing that Qi Yi didn’t answer, Bai Jingnian said, “I will pay you back together with the money I borrowed from you this time. Please help me. The doctor said that she would not be able to support her.”

“Ok, I’ll help you, but you have to promise me that you must leave Zou Shi Li as soon as the agreed time comes.” Qi Yi lowered his eyes to Bai Jingnian’s eyes.

Bai Jingnian was stunned by the sight. He felt that Qi Yi seemed to have already known… But after taking a closer look, Qi Yi’s eyes were full of tenderness towards him.

He nodded fiercely, “I will compensate you after Nian Nian healed it.”

Qiyi’s face changed slightly. He naturally knows what this compensation is, but he just wants to be a single rich second generation.

He gently rubbed Bai Jingnian’s hair with his hands, and said softly: “What are you thinking in your head, I don’t need any compensation from you, I just want you to fall in love with me, you understand?”

Bai Jingnian was buried in his arms. He nodded, and said: “I will work hard.”

When Bai Jingnian’s mood recovered , Qi Yi let go of Bai Jingnian and contacted the hospital that Bai Jingnian said. He went to the payment window and directly paid the medical expenses for several months, which was hundreds of thousands.

Although his face was full of dismay, he still had to pay the bill.

It was all because of that system. In the previous month, because he didn’t follow the plot, the pain gradually spread from the heart to the whole body. The moment he lost consciousness, he thought he had seen heaven.

Looking back now, he still feels terrified.

Shaking his head, Qi Yi went through the formalities and went directly to the ward to find Bai Jingnian.

Bai Jingnian looked at him with a look of guilt: “Thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me. Call me if you need it. I need to do something at the company so I’ll leave.” Qi Yi said.

Back at the company, he must face Qi Huai’s endless questioning. QiYi just wants to go home directly.

As soon as he stepped out of the hospital door, he glanced at Xie Qing’An who had entered the hospital through another door.

Sure enough, Bai Jingnian didn’t just call him alone.

He slightly snorted. Qi Yi took out the car key and threw it in his hand. He will still continue to be his male partner, and when the plot is over, he can go abroad.

Regarding these messy things, he didn’t care at all.

When he got home and hid in his room, this time he took a lot of snacks and went to his room. In order to prevent his brother from breaking in again, Qi Yi also specially locked the door from the inside.

Qi Yi still plays that game, because there are some regular fans who like to watch him play this game. If he suddenly changes to other games, his efforts in the past few days will fall short.

Qi Yi’s technique is recognized by many fans as being great, but he is only considered to be great among his fans.

Ten days after the new promotion period, his fans have risen slowly now. It is normal for him to rise and fall. Qi Yi is not too concerned. He still has several big bosses, and he has no worries about not getting gifts.

Because the Big Boss was not there, Qi Yi played several games with others.

At the end of the qualifying round, he saw the reminder that Xie had entered the live broadcast room.

A few big words floated across the screen, Qi Yi shouted: “Welcome and thank you to the big boss who entered the live broadcast room!”
[TL: I’ll use Big boss for Xie and Boss for the other people who give him gifts that is included on the list]

Xie: “Enjoy the game, I’ll just watch today.”

Qi Yi nodded, said yes, and continued to take the other bosses to play the game.

At this time, on the other side, Xie Qing’An was entangled by Bai Jingnian and couldn’t leave the hospital. He could only sit aside and take out his mobile phone to watch Qi Yi’s live broadcast.

Bai Jingnian just came back from buying things from outside. Seeing what he was looking at, he ran over and asked, “What are you watching?”

Xie Qing’An answered calmly, “Anchor live games.”

Bai Jingnian seemed to be interested, “Yes. Which anchor, I want to see.”

“Well, her name is Qi Qi Fifty.”

Knowing the name, Bai Jingnian put the bought items on the table, took a fruit from the fruit bowl and asked Xie Qing’An, “Do you want to eat fruit?”

“No.” Xie Qing’An turned off the live broadcast and stood up, “Since you have returned, I will leave first.”

No matter what Bai Jingnian said, Xie Qing’An went out of the ward without looking back.

Even if Xie Qing’An treats him this way, Bai Jingnian still thinks Xie Qing’An is very good. He already knows that Xie Qing’An likes men. As long as he works hard to reach the same height as Xie Qing’An, then dumps Zou Shi Li, Xie Qing’An will definitely accept him.

As for Qi Yi, he can only blame himself because he did not like him.

Qi Yi sneezed before the live broadcast. He laughed a few times and then asked, “Are you thinking of me?”

“We don’t miss you, we want you.”

Qi Yi disgusted, “You can pay for it. No, I also want at least 22 dollars.”

“Reported! The anchor speaks in a yellow voice! [Dog head]”
[TL: Yellow voice means talking perverted things]

Qi Yi smiled, and while operating the character, he said: “Isn’t it because you started to speak in a yellowish voice first, remember not to talk like this in front of the female anchor in the future, we are going to seriously live broadcast!”

“Also, as a man, we must be responsible. Don’t be scumbags and sea kings. To be honest, I despise them.” Qi Yi said a lot, and then looked at it, there were not many bullet screens.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Xie: “I mute them all.”

Qi Yi slapped his hands and said: “Sure enough, we thank the big boss for being domineering. Let’s see if you still dare to talk nonsense to me!”

With the words of thanks, Qi Yi seemed to be full of confidence. “If you are muted please reflect. Everyone must learn from our boss. To be a good young man in the new century, don’t think about perverted things all day long. Boss Xie, do you think I am right?”

Xie: “…Right.”

TL: The original protagonist is such a scumbag. If you notice any mistake just comment down below. Happy Reading Everyone!

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    Indeed,such disgusting scum.

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    What a…. that guy is disgusting >.<
    Poor Qi Yi he still needs to follow the plot.

    Gracias querido traductor!!!

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