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Give You A Heart

Translator: Nacchi
Editor: Mlky

It was still early when he returned from the hospital visit, so Qi Yi could only go back to the company.

When he entered his office, he did not see Qi Huai.

A little lucky and a little disappointed.

His brother won’t really leave him alone.

Although this is just a guess, he still has a job now and needs to arrange other matters. There is no time to go to his brother anymore.

When he got off work, Qi Yi went to take a look at Qi Huai, and saw that he was still busy with work, so he went back quietly.
[TL: Qi Huai is working from home ]

He found something to bring with him(to eat) at random. Qi Yi was still chewing something in his mouth when the broadcast started.

“As soon as the broadcast started, I saw that the anchor was eating.”

”Why don’t you stop playing the game? Just make a show.”

“No way, the game is good!”

Qi Yi swallowed his last bite. “I’m here to broadcast the game. Don’t think about it. I won’t show my face until I get 1 million fans”

“It’s okay not to show your face, just show us your legs!”

Suddenly seeing this barrage, Qi Yi said: “I know everyone is an LSP, but I can’t show my legs. My live broadcast room forbids foul language.”

The broadcast started quite early this time. Qi Yi didn’t even see the big boss coming to the live broadcast room.

But there are a lot of other audiences who have been with him, so he thinks it’s still a bit good.

Qi Yi decided to broadcast in advance.

After leaving the room, there were some cold meals at his door.

After just taking a look, Qi Yi was almost moved to tears.

His brother is still very kind to him.

He took the food to the kitchen and heated it up again. When he ate it, he felt a stream of heat flowing in his heart.

After a peaceful night, he didn’t have Qi Huai to wake him up. He always felt that something was missing, making him a little uncomfortable.

When he went downstairs, he saw breakfast on the table, but Qi Huai still didn’t wait for him.

He thought that buying Qi Huai a dessert yesterday should calm him down, but he(QY) didn’t expect that he(QH) was still sulking.

On the way to the company, Bai Jingnian called again.

It still smells pathetic: “Qiyi, are you busy? If you are busy, I will hang up first. ”

“I’m fine, what happened?” Qi Yi replied.

“Nian Nian fainted again. The doctor told me to come, but now I am trapped by Zou Shi Li and can’t go. Can you help me go see her?” Bai Jingnian was afraid that Qi Yi would not believe him, and then said: “I can only trust you, please help me check on her.”

Qi Yi sighed, but did not refuse, “Don’t worry, I will check on her. I will call you if I need to sign anything.”

“Thank you. You are so kind.”

Qi Yi did not say anything.

He doesn’t want a good person card, he just has to go through the plot, otherwise he won’t listen to Bai Jingnian at all.

After turning around to the hospital, Qi Yi sent a message to Qi Huai, so that he wouldn’t worry.

Bai Nian Nian needed an operation, but Bai Jingnian was not there and couldn’t come, and no one could help him sign. Qi Yi and the doctors talked for a long time before finally coming to agreement.

After waiting outside the operating room for several hours, he saw the doctor come out.

“How is Bai Nian Nian?” Qi Yi asked quickly.

“She is still relatively optimistic. This disease is not common. She is half-assured that she will recover. If she continues treatment, her chances of recovery will be greater.”

Qi Yi listened to the doctor’s words, and after repeated thanks, he saw Bai Nian Nian being pushed out.

The doctor also asked him to accompany Bai Nian Nian more. Qi Yi recalled the plot again and found that he really had to stay in the hospital today.

Sending a message to Qi Huai, he asked for a leave. Qi Yi felt a little sorry for Qi Huai. He was fooling around outside, and all the affairs of the company were thrown to Qi Huai, which was hard to bear.

There was nothing to do in the ward, Qi Yi simply went out, thinking about what he had said to Bai Nian Nian to buy her a plush toy, and she would be very happy to see it when she woke up.

He was holding a big bag of things in his right hand, and a stuffed bear which was as tall as him in his left hand. He opened the door and saw Xie Qing’An was also in the ward.

The two were not familiar. After looking at each other, he immediately removed his eyes and asked politely, “Mr. Xie, why are you here?”

Xie Qing’An said, “Bai Jingnian asked me to check on his sister. I didn’t expect you to come.”

Qi Yi nodded, and his heart was already clear. Bai Jingnian was really busy; not only calling him but also Xie Qing’An.

“With me here watching Bai Nian Nian, it’s fine if you go back first Mr.Xie.” Qi Yi said.

Xie Qing’An looked at him, “I heard you fell in love with Bai Jingnian at first sight?”

Qi Yi chose not to answer this question.

Xie Qing’An didn’t get his answer and continued, “Then I’ll leave first. You can call him over so that you can return to the company yourself.”

“Thank you, Mr. Xie, for reminding me. I will. Please go quickly.”

Xie Qing’An left with an unsightly face after the guest was evicted out forcefully.

He felt that Qi Yi was aiming at him intentionally or unintentionally, and often avoided him.

Seeing Xie Qing’An left, Qi Yi just sat down and let out a sigh. He didn’t want to confront Xie Qing’An if he could avoid it.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, Bai Jingnian came.

He came to the ward happily, thinking that he would be able to meet the person he liked, but who knew that after opening the door, he only saw Qi Yi.

The smile on his face immediately collapsed, and he unnaturally raised a smile, “Why are you still here?”

“The doctor asked me to accompany her more. Don’t you want me to be here?” Qi Yi asked.

Bai Jingnian realized that there was something wrong with him, “I didn’t. I just thought it was too hard for you. Why don’t you go back first? I’ll just watch Nian Nian.”

Qi Yi still said, “You want me to leave so badly? Have you ever liked me? ”

Bai Jingnian frowned and hurriedly took his hand. “What are you thinking? I like you very much, I promised you. After being with you, how could I not like you? ”

Qi Yi also got a little temper when he said that, and continued to question him: “You don’t like Zou Shi Li, but you are with him. . .”

“I had to stay with him only for the annual medical expenses. I have explained it to you for so long. Why don’t you believe me?”

Seeing his tearful appearance Qi Yi Still softened, he stretched out his hand to press on Bai Jingnian’s shoulder, “I believe you, don’t cry.”

Although he comforted Bai Jingnian, Qi Yi did not hug him. Bai Jingnian thought he was still angry and took the initiative to hold him.

Qi Yi’s body stiffened, a little uncomfortable.

He was hugged again …

“I will accompany you in the hospital until six o’clock in the evening, and will not let other people see me with you.”

Bai Jingnian couldn’t wait for Qi Yi to say so. After Qi Yi spoke, he immediately agreed.

By six o’clock, Qi Yi left on time.

Bai Jingnian looked at his back, full of thoughts.

He felt something was wrong. Shouldn’t Qi Yii be pursuing him? Why is he the one coaxing people?

Not long after, Bai Jingnian also left.

After Qi Yi went back home and found that his brother hadn’t got off work yet, it was estimated that Qi Huai was still working overtime.

On the live broadcast, it didn’t take long for Qi Yi to see the prompt of Xie entering his live broadcast room.

After a warm welcome, Qi Yi once again pulled Xie and started qualifying.

“The boss must follow me obediently. The opposite side of this game seems to be very powerful.”

Xie: “Yeah.”

Still so indifferent, but Qi Yi didn’t think anything was wrong. The boss is right no matter what!

More than ten minutes into the game, many of them had already been killed on the other side, and even Qi Yi inevitably died twice.

These two deaths were unavoidably kindly ridiculed by others.

There is a level gap between them. Fortunately, this game not only has advantages in level, but also requires teamwork and a little strategy.

Qi Yi is very confident in himself, and he also deliberately asked other people to open the microphone and commanded them together.

The two sides have been entangled for more than half an hour, and they are almost breaking through the opponent’s line of defense. The next step is to see how everyone cooperates.

Qi Yi held the last trace of blood and won the victory in a second in front of the opponent.

The barrage of the live broadcast room started going wild.

Qi Yi smiled embarrassedly, but what he said was: “Looking at how good I am, shouldn’t it be better to give gifts to support me?”

Gifts large and small were given to him, and Xie even gave him several planets. .

Qi Yi was so excited on the spot that he wanted to thank him.

“Thank you boss for the planet, for showing your heart!”

Xie: “Thank you.”

His live broadcast was recorded.

In fact, Qi Yi also recorded screens, but he forgot to edit and send out what he recorded before.

And he hasn’t used the editing software in this world.

Seeing someone posting his video, Qi Yi remembered that he should also post some funny or very technical videos.

Not every game is exciting, but his live broadcast room suddenly flooded with many people, and the number of fans increased a little.

Qi Yi was so happy that he broadcast directly until two o’clock in the morning.

This made him unable to get up the next day.

When the alarm clock rang, his eyelids were still heavy, and he couldn’t open them after working hard for a long time.

Pulling open his eyelids with his hands, after a little adjustment, he was finally able to open it.

But his eyes were still a little sour. When he went to wash, he looked in the mirror and found that he had dark circles and red bloodshot eyes.

It should be all right today. Bai Jingnian will go and pester Xie Qing’An today because he ruined his good deeds yesterday.

Qi Yi was so sleepy that he slept directly on his stomach in the office.

When the assistant knocked on the door, no one opened the door. Qi Yi was already asleep.

The assistant quietly put down the file and went to Qi Huai.

When Qi Yi was sleeping soundly, Qi Huai woke him up.

“Brother, what are you doing?” Qi Yi was very helpless.

“You actually sleep during working hours. Can you set an example for the people in the company!”

Qi Yi smiled lightly, “Aren’t you still here? It is enough to have you.”

“Hurry up and work.” Qi Huai asked him to raise his head .

Qi Yi looked up and frightened Qi Huai, “You stayed up late?”


“Forget it, go to sleep in the inner room, don’t embarrass yourself here. Cheer up in the afternoon, and don’t embarrass yourself again.” Qi Huai had to compromise.

Qi Yi subconsciously stretched out his hand to give Qi Huai a heart, and said, “Thank you, brother, for showing your heart!”

TL: I’m guessing “ for showing your heart” is his tagline after someone gave him gifts plus am I the only one who thinks Qi Huai has a brother complex???


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