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Translator: Nacchi

Editor : Mlky

“Brother, you don’t like anyone so you don’t understand.” Qi Yi lowered his head and said.

“Your brother doesn’t understand, only you understand.” Qi Huai said.

Qi Yi sat back in his original position, “Brother, don’t worry, I know what to do.”

“Okay, I can’t ask you too much, but Bai Jingnian is not for you. You have to listen to me.”

Qi Yi nodded, “I know.”

Qi Huai couldn’t persuade him, so he could only ask him to go back to his office. Out of sight, out of mind.

When it was time to get off work, Qi Yi ran away immediately.

When Qi Huai went to catch his brother so they could go home together, Qi Yi’s office was already empty.

Qi Yi should have gone to Bai Jingnian again.

His eyes darkened, and immediately called Qi Yi, but no one answered.

This prodigal brother!

Qi Huai returned home angrily, only to find that Qi Yi was already at home.

“When did you come back? Are you looking for Bai Jingnian again?” Qi Huai asked with a cold face.

“I came back after getting off work, I didn’t go to him.” When Qi Yi said this, his eyes were erratic, and he could tell at a glance that he was flustered.

Qi Huai rubbed his temples and went upstairs with a sigh.

Qi Yi sat there for a while, secretly observing for a while, and found that Qi Huai did not monitor him.

Relaxed, Qi Yi immediately took a trip to the sofa, like a salted fish, without any anger.

He was heartbroken about his money, it was a million! All of it went to Bai Jingnian.

After scratching his heart for half a minute, Qi Yi stood up and walked to his bedroom.

He wants to make this money back!

He remembered to contact the administrator when he saw the computer. He hasn’t considered signing a contract yet.

As soon as the administrator was added, the administrator replied immediately.

[Administrator’s reply: Hello, are you Qi Qi Fifty? 】

【Qi Qi Fifty: Yes, hello, I saw your invitation to sign the contract 】

[Administrator’s reply: Next are some very simple questions. Answer them, and if you pass, you can get the contract link. 】

Qi Yi clicked on it and found that these topics are the rules of the website and some common legal knowledge. He clicked on it, and he answered it immediately.

After filling out the questionnaire, the manager on the other side clicked on it. A sense of familiarity came upon him.

He has a female voice during the live broadcast, but now he files in the gender column as male?!

In order to make sure he is the right person, the administrator immediately sent a message.

Qi Yi looked at it and couldn’t help laughing.

He made a little voice in his girly voice, and the administrator kept apologizing to him after being shocked.

Randomly glancing at the contract again, Qi Yi found that there was nothing wrong before opening the live broadcast.

He just went online to apply for the game activity, and Qi Yi scanned it. He was already in the game.

It was only six o’clock in the afternoon, and most of the people hadn’t gotten off work yet. His live broadcast room was quite deserted.

Qi Yi said: “Hello everyone, isn’t it a pleasure to start broadcasting suddenly an hour earlier today?”

“Unhappy or happy.”

“What game are you playing now?”

Qi Yi replied: “It’s still yesterday’s game. Is there a big boss now?”

He took a look and found that no one was there.

“Well, there is no big boss, where is the water friend? Let’s rank, and I will take you to the top.”

“Your rank is too low.”

A barrage floated by, everyone else hahaha’d, and said he was disliked

Qi Yi said: “You don’t understand, this is called strategy. I still have a big boss to take care of.”

“yo yo yo~”

The speed of messages gradually increased.

Just when the audience finished saying that, Xie Qing An entered the live broadcast room.

The live broadcast room immediately boiled again, “Your big boss is here, hurry up!”

Qi Yi laughed a few times: “What kind of words are you talking about, don’t teach my boss bad words.”


Seeing that he sent a question mark, the enthusiastic netizens quickly answered Xie.

Qi Yi explained: “Don’t listen to their nonsense, I mean I want to take you up, and I can’t leave my dear boss behind.”

Xie: “Oh.”

“The boss is in the game. Let’s play together, and we promise to let you go to level three now!”

Xie: “Okay.”

After waiting for a while, Qiyi saw his head lit up and immediately sent an invitation.
[tl: his head lit up here means that he is online.]

“Boss, do we open our mics?” Qi Yi asked softly.

“No need.” The boss typed over.

It’s more troublesome to play games with the boss, especially his boss. It’s true that he loves to play games, but the technology is really not good.
[TL: Technology here means technique, it means he sucks at playing.]

After taking a few heads of the enemy, he saw Xie Qing’an with two people chasing him from behind.

Qi Yi went over, and because of the level difference, hitting the opponent is very easy. He didn’t lose much blood while the two opponents were already cold.

At this time, the chat channel suddenly popped up with a few words from the boss: “Thank you. You are great.”

Although they were only a few words, Qi Yi who was praised was in a good mood. For this reason, he made a package ticket: “I must take the boss to the sixth level and six stars!”

Xie: “Thank you.”

Qi Yi talked about his attributes, “The boss doesn’t need to be so polite.”

“Does the boss still play any other games? You spent so much money for me, do you need to get any pieces or skin? I’m lucky, let me try it for you.”

Xie Qing’an thought for a while, but finally refused, “I don’t need it for now.”

“Okay.” After Qi Yi finished speaking, he said to the audience in the live broadcast room: “If you need me to draw, you can send me a spaceship, and I can draw for you when you become my star leader.”

However, a bunch of people in the barrage did not believe him.

Qi Yi: “You don’t believe me, do you? I will make a star-master lottery moment later. I won’t help you draw when you are on the star-master, don’t regret it.”

“Believe it or not, you are a big liar!”

Qi Yi frowned slightly, “Why am I a big liar?”

“Your fans are all bought, and you get the number one new anchor because you have a relationship with them.”

Qi Yi sneered: “I don’t know where you got the news. I have reason to suspect that you are the anchor behind me, because you are jealous you are deliberately slandering me.”

“It’s not easy to smear people in this era. If you don’t want to receive a lawyer’s letter, just shut up for me.”

The audience, who was successively disliked by Qi Yi, was silent at this time.

Xie Qing’An completely witnessed this farce. In order to appease the poor girl’s heart, he smashed another planet.

Xie: “Don’t worry about it, your live broadcast is very good.”

Qi Yi joked: “Thank you, boss, I can’t repay you for your kindness. Why don’t I commit myself to you.”

Xie replied: “I don’t like girls.”

Qi Yi: “…Boss, I can become a man, listen and see.”

He cleared his throat and changed back to his original voice, “Do you think this is okay?”

Listening to this round and jade-like voice, Xie Qing’An was able to imagine his face, and the tips of her ears became red.

He quickly typed: “Your original voice is pretty good.”

Qi Yi coughed a few times, then changed back, “It seems you still like this.”

Xie didn’t answer again, and Qiyi’s eyes returned to the live broadcast comments. Many people told him not to show his love to the boss.

Qi Yi said, “You don’t have such a good opportunity, are you angry?”

A series of ellipsis and gurgling bad language drifted past, but Qi Yi laughed louder.

“We don’t like men.” The second leader replied.

“The second boss said truth!”

Qi Yi rubbed the tip of his nose,”Do you like me? I’m old and small, and I’m particularly ugly! ”

Your second child: “I don’t mind.”

“…” Qi Yi was silent.

Is this his confession? Should he confess to the boss?

The barrage suddenly became livelier, “This shouldn’t be called a live game broadcast, it should be called a large-scale blind date scene, I’ll come first…”

“Isn’t it good to focus on games? Chatting here without playing games takes up resources!”

Qi Yi glanced at this comment, and quickly changed the subject: “Yes, let’s play the game first.”

He earnestly took Xie to play several rounds of qualifiers. He lost and won, getting a few stars.

Qi Yi panicked when he heard the noise outside the door: “I’ll go out for a while, my brother called me.”

Qi Yi left, and the live broadcast room was instantly deserted.

Fortunately, people entertained themselves and soon chatted with each other.

Qi Yi walked out. His brother was in his bedroom.

He was rather helpless: “Why did you enter my bedroom?”

“I’m afraid you can’t think about that person.” Although Qi Huai said so, his eyes kept looking at Qi Yi.

“You should believe me, I won’t easily miss him. Who do you think of me as?” Qi Yi said.

“If you don’t go out and embarrass yourself, I won’t worry about you.” Qi Huai still misses the Qi Yi who didn’t have a love-addled brain and only focused on work.

He smiled. “Don’t worry, brother. Everything I do is measured, and I will naturally grasp the scale.”

“What were you doing just now?” Qihuai changed the topic again.

Qi Yi said: “I’m trying to make money.”

“You are out of money?”

Qi Yi: “Yes, it’s a little thing to make more money. As for what method I use, please don’t ask me. Anyway, it’s not a violation of any laws or disciplines.”

“Okay, go down to eat.” Qi Huai revealed his real reason for coming.

Qi Huai originally went to his room to calm down, and then went to the office. When he came out, he found that Qi Yi had disappeared again. He went to the kitchen and took one look. The aunt’s cooking was untouched. Out of concern for Qi Yi’s health, he came to the room and took a look.

“I see.” Although Qi Yi replied, his body did not move.

He is still thinking about his live broadcast. This time he can’t leave the audience and run away.

“I’ll go down later. Thank you, brother.”

After Qi Yi finished speaking, he went into the room again, leaving Qi Huai alone in the bedroom.

The older brother was left behind, and his former soft and waxy younger brother was finally gone.

He went back to the seat and put on the headphones, Qi Yi quickly came to apologize.

He played a few more games, but his boss was no longer in his live broadcast room.

Qi Yi knocked on the door again, Qi Yi said that he would shut off the broadcast, and ran out quickly.

“Brother, why are you here again?”

Qi Huai pointed to the food he put on his table, “Hurry up and eat.”

Qi Yi smiled slightly: “Thank you brother.”

Qi Huai nodded and shook his head, without saying anything, leaving with a bitter face.

When Qi Yi ate, he ate and laughed thinking of Qi Huai’s appearance that he almost choked.

TL: I’m excited to meet Boss Xie. If you notice any mistakes please comment down below. Happy Reading everyone!

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