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Or a Blind date

Translator: Nacchi

Editor:  mlky

Qi Yi’s movements are very smooth. After he adapted well playing a few times in the matching round, he officially began his qualifying journey.

In the first qualifying round, he competed against a boss and a kid who didn’t know how to play.

It was not the boss who attracted Qi Yi’s eyes, but the little friend.

His technology is absolutely amazing. Qi Yi watched him repeatedly send his head, and commented a bit.
(TL: Qi Yi calling the kid’s skills amazing is actually sarcasm because he keeps on feeding the enemy with his head.)
“This must be a kid.”

“The reaction was a little bad, and the hand speed is not good. He doesn’t know anything about character skills.”

After only saying a few words, he noticed the kid he was talking about stand still at the resurrection point.

Suddenly there was a guess in his mind, and he quickly said: “In fact, he still has some merits, at least he has a good heart, and he will fight the enemy with his teammates in time. It’s good! It’s commendable!”

Qi Yi watched the audience laugh. But he felt bitter in his heart. He knew that the kid must be watching his live broadcast just now, but he hasn’t moved yet, and he hasn’t retired. He can only be shocked by what he said just now.

After sending a message on the chat channel to ask the person to follow him, the character finally moved.

With a big sigh, Qi Yi felt that he almost lost his potential big boss in the future.

He sent a gentle voice, which everyone heard and came to tease him. Qi Yi hummed, ignored, and continued to coax his big boss.

Xie Qing’an was fortunate that he matched with the anchor, but he hasn’t revealed his identity, and yet he is actually called a child.

He felt wronged in his heart, put down his mobile phone and set it aside. Qi Yi’s sarcastic voice sounded on the tablet again. Then he picked up the phone and took a look. Qi Yi sent a message in the game to apologize.

Following Qi Yi, when facing the enemy, Qi Yi directly instructed him how to play in the live broadcast.

Basically, after ranking in a round, Qi Yi blocked all damage for him, and his own strength was not displayed at all.

Xie Qing’an felt very sorry for him.

After quitting, he added Qi Yi as a friend to the game and sent an apology.

Qi Yi is also very generous:”Don’t be sorry, you are watching my live broadcast, do you want to send me gifts and wear my brand?”

After waiting for a long time, the other side sent an “Oh” over.

Qi Yi: … Did he agree or not?

While waiting for the match, Qi Yi was chatting happily with the audience, and suddenly another planet was smashed.

Qi Yi exclaimed, and then looked at the list of senders.

“Thank you, big brother. You’ve shown that you have a good heart!”

Just when he thought that the big boss would not speak, the big boss said: “You asked me to send it.”

Qi Yi paused for a while, not knowing what to do or say. A lot of barrage messages passed by hahaha.

He was a little angry from embarrassment: “Stop laughing at me.”

He smiled and explained: “I’m sorry, Bigboss father, I shouldn’t have said that just now, let me take you to the top! Please! Give me another chance.”

Xie: “Okay, I invited you.”

Qi Yi immediately withdrew from the match and agreed to the invite, and took Xie Qing’an to play until twelve o’clock. When Xie Qing’an was about to go to bed, Qi Yi said goodnight to him sweetly.

The pop-up screen and a bunch of comments saying ‘disgusting’ appeared on the screen. Qi Yi replied back, “you like me right? If you like me, you can’t say I’m disgusting.”

However, the audience liked to go against him and said, “We don’t like you anymore.”

After crying a few times, Qi Yi straightened his body. “You are jealous that I have a good list, and I don’t need the classic skills to conquer you.”
[tl: It meant that he have good sponsors and even if he is not a good/expert gamer he can still get fans]

At one o’clock in the morning, Qi Yi stretched himself and said lazily, “It’s time. See you at seven tomorrow evening.”

After speaking, he ended the broadcasted without hesitation.

He opened the door and took a quiet look, his brother was not there.

Qi Yi slowly went to wash, and it was two o’clock when he climbed into bed.

He hadn’t awakened his consciousness yet. He dreamed that he was about to clear a game, but his brother hit him with a stick and called in a loud voice, which awakened him.

“Get up quickly.”

”You’ll be late for work later.”

“Brother, I’m sick and can’t go.” Qi Yi said with his head buried in the quilt.

Qi Huai laughed angrily. “You have used this excuse many times.”

“I don’t want to go.” Qi Yi deliberately spoke in a weak voice.

Qi Huai stopped talking to him, opened his quilt, found the clothes in the closet and threw it next to him, “Put it on. I’ll give you half an hour, if you don’t come, I will wake you again.”

Qi Yi closed his eyes and nodded. He put it on quickly, and walked to the bathroom. He opened his eyes after washing.

The moment he opened his eyes, he immediately became energetic. It is impossible for him not to go to the company, or else he will be retaliated against by the system.

Looking at himself in the mirror again, Qi Yi sighed: I’m so handsome!

In his previous life, he was still good-looking. At first, he was a little sloppy. After he had fixed fans and fixed income, he started to show his face and dress himself seriously.

He pulled his hair twice and confirmed his hairstyle before he dragged his feet downstairs.

“Brother, how about breakfast?” Qi Yi started shouting, as he was still upstairs.

“Get down quickly and eat in the car.” Qi Huai looked at his watch again. Only half an hour before work.

When Qi Yi heard this, his pace quickened immediately.

“Thank you brother.” Qi Yi said to Qi Huai after getting in the car.

Qi Huai drove the car, his expression nervous. The speed was much faster than before.

Although the two of them did not live far from the company, Qi Huai has never been late in the past. He has always followed the rules and many people in the company use him as the standard.

Because of Qi Yi, he was almost late.

“Brother, drive slowly! It’s dangerous to drive so fast.” Qi Yi quickly shouted.

“Get up early next time. I can’t be late!” Qi Huai was very angry.

Qi Yi screamed again, seeing him slow down, leaning on the back of the chair to relax, and focused on digesting the breakfast he had just eaten on the way.

“You really…” Qi Huai glanced at him, but did not swear.

Qi Yi said: “Brother, I will get up early tomorrow.”

He hummed softly in his heart. Qi Huai didn’t believe Qi Yi’s words at all.

After arriving at the company and parking the car, Qi Huai and Qi Yi arrived at the company on time.

“Good Morning Mr Qi and Xiao Qi.”

Qi Yi returned the greeting gently, while Qi Huai nodded and walked past the employees with a cold expression on his face.

Qi Yi went to Qi Huai’s separate office. Qi Huai pulled out a bunch of documents, looked at them, and handed them to Qi Yi, “These are for you. My office has already arranged a place for you, so I will give you a holiday when these are finished.”

Qi Yi’s eyes lit up when he heard about the holiday, but on the surface he was restrained. He smiled and asked: “Really?”

“Of course it is true. As long as you finish and pass the quality test, I can give you a few days off. ”

Qi Yi took the document, glanced at it, full of confidence. “I will definitely finish it.”

He is not a person who didn’t know anything, on the contrary, after he had the memory of the original owner, he became quite proficient in this area.

Just looking at the file, a lot of solutions immediately came to mind, he can even cite the advantages and disadvantages.

Qi Huai looked at him amusedly, “You are so good?”

“Brother, you have to believe me, I will do it.” Qi Yi patted his chest, very confident.

“Of course I believe you, just stop pestering Bai Jingnian.”

When the topic was suddenly pulled up, the smile on Qi Yi’s face froze, and the atmosphere immediately changed. “He doesn’t like Zou Shi Li, and he is not happy.”

“Stupid, what is inside your brain?” Qi Huai gritted his teeth, wishing to cut open his brother’s brain to see if his head was filled with Bai Jingnian.

“Brother, don’t worry, I have discretion.”

“You have a sense of discretion! You have a sense of discretion to pester others, and have Zou Shi Li call me to complain in person?!”

After listening to Qi Huai’s rising tone, Qi Yi said, “Bai Jingnian is very good, and you will think he is good in the future.”

“Fart, I know what kind of person he is better than you!”

Qi Yi asked, “Brother, do you know Bai Jingnian?”

“… “Qi Huai opened his mouth, his anger went out for an instant, and he said dryly: “I don’t know.”

Qi Yi said: “If you don’t know, you don’t know. I will work hard now to keep our company growing.”

Qi Huai also wanted to say that he finally took responsibility. But, Qi Yi said, “I want to be Bai Jingnian’s biggest backing, even if I can’t get him. I also want to guard him silently. ”

“…” Qi Huai was sure his brother was completely hopeless.

After exhausting his strength, Qi Huai sat on his chair and pointed to the side, “You go there and do a good job. Don’t bother me if you have nothing to do.” Qi Yi quietly observed his face and saw that he seemed to be exhausted.

He silently apologized to Qi Huai, but he had no choice. Once his part of the plot was over, he didn’t need to act like this again.

Sitting silently at the office, Qi Huai would look up from time to time to see if he was there.

Qi Yi didn’t dare to leave.

“Brother, don’t look at me, I won’t run.” Qi Yi finally couldn’t help speaking.

“I want to take good care of you.”

Qi Yi raised his hands and surrendered, “I promise not to find Bai Jingnian during work hours. Now I just want to work hard.”

Qi Huai shook his head, “I don’t believe you even more when you say that.”

Qi Yi: “… ”

His documents were almost processed, pretending to face Qi Huai helplessly, Qi Yi quietly took out his mobile phone, boarded his live broadcast platform, and checked the number of his fans.

It’s 100,000 now!

Not bad!

After another glance, an administrator sent a message asking if he wanted to sign a contract.

Qi Yi immediately opened the dialog box. After reconfirming, he found that he was really asked to sign the contract. This is not the first time it was posted. It seemed that he had ignored it several times before.

Compared to being a general manager of a company, he still prefers to be an anchor. With so much effort and enthusiasm in his previous life, he does not want to give up easily in this life.

Remembering the contact information, Qi Yi was about to quit the interface to add the administrator, when Qi Yi suddenly noticed Qi Huai came along.

He hurriedly clicked on a live broadcast, which was a singing and dancing anchor.

Qi Huai glanced at the female anchor, “What do you think of this live broadcast?”

“She sings very well,” Qi Yi commented.

“You are still young. Look at her dress, it’s so revealing…”

Before Qi Huai finished speaking, Qi Yi said immediately: “There is nothing wrong with her dress. Brother, you are making a fuss. And I’m over twenty. I’m not young anymore.”

“You are indeed not young anymore. Would you like to go on a blind date?” Qi Huai reasoned very well. He thought that as long as Qi Yi could look at other girls or boys, he could let go of Bai Jingnian.

TL: Your brother doesn’t support Anchors, he is one. Happy reading everyone!

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