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He does not love you

“Don’t follow me anymore!” The person in front of him was pale. He looked at him with a fierce expression in his eyes.

“It’s still raining, and you didn’t bring your ID. You can’t get into the hotel. Go to my house for one night and don’t get yourself a cold.” Qi Yi fixed his eyes on him, with a firm but gentle tone.

Bai Jingnian lowered his eyes, and his eyes were full of calculations in places Qi Yi could not see. He said with a weeping sound: “Don’t worry about it, I have an agreement with him, I can’t get rid of it!”

“But he doesn’t love you at all. You two won’t have a good result together. I will help you.” Qi Yi said to him in a low voice..

Bai Jingnian blinked, but shook his head. He cannot be separated from Zou Shi Li. He still needs to act as his gentle partner. This is not a question of love, he just wants money.

“Send me back.” Bai Jingnian said.

Hearing him say this, Qi Yi’s eyes widened. He frowned, and looked anxious, “He drove you out! Yet you still want to go back.”

“Isn’t it good to go back with me?” When he said this, Qi Yi’s shoulders collapsed, and the whole person looked very lonely.

“Send me back! It’s impossible for us.” Bai Jingnian closed his eyes and said with a steady breath.

Sadness gradually grew in his heart. Qi Yi suddenly thought of something, “Did he force you? I know he is…”

“Enough, don’t talk about it, send me back. Otherwise it will be impossible for me and you anymore. “The more he said, the smaller his voice became.

Qi Yi looked up and saw Bai Jingnian’s tearful face, and started to panic. He hurriedly took out a tissue to wipe his tears, and coaxed: “I will send you back, stop crying.”

He stuffed the tissue into Bai Jingnian’s hand. He went to the basement and drove out.

As soon as he entered the basement, Qi Yi shook his hand with a smile on his face. His acting skills seemed better this time.

He drove out and stopped in front of Bai Jingnian.

“Get in the car, I’ll take you back.” Qi Yi got out of the car and opened the co-pilot door for him.

Bai Jingnian glanced at him, but instead opened the door of the back seat and sat in.

Gently closing the door, Qi Yi sat in the driver’s seat and said to Bai Jingnian, “If you ever need my help, you can always come to me.”

Bai Jingnian didn’t move and didn’t speak, he simply sat in the back seat and looked out the window.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly froze. It was so uncomfortable that he could hardly breathe.
Not long after they drove, a black car stopped in front of them. Qi Yi’s pupils suddenly shrank when he looked at the license plate and car logo.

This is the car in which the original book’s protagonist gong Zou Shi Li was in.

Subconsciously glancing back, Bai Jingnian had already opened the car door.

Qi Yi wanted to get out of the car, but was kicked back by the black bodyguard who got out of the opposite car.

“Shao Qi, our boss said if you don’t want to cause trouble to your brother, you’d better not be nosy. Besides, Shao Bai is our boss’s partner. You’d better stop hitting on him.”
[TL: Shao means young master.]

Qi Yi looked like he hadn’t heard him. His eyes kept moving with Bai Jingnian, and he saw Bai Jingnian glance at him.

That look is very meaningful.

Qi Yi wanted to open the door, but the bodyguard was not a vegetarian, so he directly resisted, “Don’t think about it, Shao Qi, if you are not obedient, we can only call Qi Huai.”
[tl: Vegetarian means a pushover/inexperience]

Even if the other party said so, Qi Yi was not afraid at all. He is not a soft persimmon that anyone can pinch.

Qi Yi roared: “Get out of the way!”

“Please, Shao Qi, respect yourself.”

Respect yourself! To hell with self-respect!

Qi Yi hugged his arms angrily and watched Zou Shi Li leave the car with Bai Jingnian.

The bodyguards did not leave until the shadow of the car was no longer visible.

As soon as the bodyguard left, Qi Yi’s angry expression disappeared immediately.

He whistled happily, turned around, and drove in the other direction.

Qi Yi came into a book and became a handsome and rich second-generation rich man. Despite this, he is not the protagonist. The protagonists are Bai Jingnian and Zou Shi Li who had just been in front of him.

Speaking of which, this book is pretty bloody. As a young man with a miserable life, Bai Jingnian has a seriously ill sister, but the cold-blooded Zou Shi Li has become his contract partner.

And he himself is a second male lead, although he is set by the author as a gentle male partner, it is inevitable to become a stepping stone to their emotions.

He has been in this world for a month. If it hadn’t been for a system to squeeze out the plot, he would have blended in a long time ago.

After stopping the car, Qi Yi happily opened the door and went in.

Seeing a dazzling figure, Qi Yi was taken aback. He fixed his eyes to see the person clearly. He shouted, “Brother, why are you here?”

“Are you looking for Bai Jingnian again?” Qi Huai gritted his teeth.

Hearing this name, Qi Yi spoke again and was very sad, “Zou Shi Li is not good to him. I will comfort him.”

Qi Huai really can’t figure out why his brother’s brain is so stupid. What’s so good about Bai Jingnian?

“You are not allowed to go next time, Mr. Zou’s phone number has already reached me.” Qi Huai warned him again, “If you return next time, I will freeze your card!”

“I know.” Qi Yi , wandered back to the bedroom like a drunk.

As soon as he entered the bedroom, Qi Yi locked the door from the inside.

Taking off the serious clothes on the outer layer, Qi Yi opened another door. Inside, there was a well-decorated wall background and some live broadcasting equipment, and a computer that seemed to be very valuable.

Looking at the time, it’s only seven o’clock in the evening.

He quickly turned on the computer and clicked on the live broadcast platform. Qi Yi cleared his throat and changed his voice.
[TL: I’m not sure if he has a voice changer but the raws said he just changed his voice to sound like a girl just like what Voice actors do.]

As soon as the live broadcast was turned on, a large number of people flooded in.

“The anchor is only coming to the live broadcast now. When will it be closed?”

“My lovely young lady finally appeared!”

“What game will you play today?”

Qi Yi glanced at the comment and replied in a girly voice: “I will broadcast until one o’clock in the morning. Today I will play a game that has been very popular recently.”

The audience echoed, “Miss Sister is finally going to play!”

”Can’t wait.”

“Let’s experience your three hundred and sixty ways to die? [Dog head] ”

“Get started! Don’t dawdle.”

The last one was said by one of his bosses. Qi Yi glanced at it and said nothing, and immediately opened the game.

This recent very popular battle game can be played by a team or a single player, with various ways of playing, which is not much different from the games he played before. The only difference is that he doesn’t understand many role settings.

In order to play this game, he also checked a lot of information and clarified the skills and attributes of each character.

When logging in to the game, suddenly a brilliant word box appeared on the screen. Qi Yi quickly looked up and said with a grin: “Welcome to the top boss of the list, returning to the live broadcast room.”
[The top boss is the one who spent the most on the the broadcast channel]

He just opened his mouth and was immediately teased by other viewers. “Our anchor just likes the number one. I also want to be called boss sweetly by the anchor!”

“The one upstairs, you have no money.”

“The truth…”

“Where is the second big brother on the list? Hurry up and give a present. , Sprint to the top one.”

Qi Yi doesn’t have time to watch their noisy appearance now. He immediately turned on his mobile phone and asked, “Thank you, boss, do you want to play games together?”

Waiting for a while, Qi Yi put down his phone and glanced at the computer. Entering the computer on the game interface, he immediately put his heart on the live broadcast.

Seeing that they are still talking about the problem of being on the list, “Stop arguing, don’t you want to buy some food for yourself and buy some game equipment or something with the money you gave me?”

Between the matches, he watched the audience barrage praise him, and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

After entering the game, Qi Yi focused on the game.

Watching his various show operations, the audience opened their mouths, watching him control the character in a one-to-one posture, and they all praised his skill.

“Don’t praise me so much, I know I’m great. If you praise me so much, what should I do if I soar up to ninety thousand miles?” Qi Yi joked.

“Did the anchor participate in the recent event yet?” someone suddenly asked.

Qi Yi’s eyes lit up, “Really there is an event? Why didn’t I see it?”

“The anchor just wants to play games, how can she manage so much?”

“Hurry up and sign up! Although it doesn’t make a big difference, it’s also a hot topic anyway, it is an opportunity.”

“The one in front, our anchor is the treasure girl, and they would be on the hot topic without it!”

Qi Yi rolled his eyes, “Don’t praise me any more, the treasure girl is not what you said it is.”

Then a bunch of barrage brushed ‘treasure girl’.

“Hahaha, you guys are really going to make me laugh to death.” Qi Yi was accidentally killed by the enemy because he laughed so happily.

Taking advantage of the resurrection cooling time, Qi Yi picked a few comments from the barrage and replied: “Don’t just think my voice is sweet, I am actually sweeter.”

“Hahaha, didn’t I make the program effect on purpose?”

“If you scold me again, I will ask the administrator to mute you!”

Qi Yi chatted with them very happily, what else did he want to say, a beautiful firework exploded on the screen, and the big boss on the list came to give gifts again .

Qi Yi quickly thanked: “Thank you for the one hundred fireworks, the boss is magnificent!”

However, after he thanked him, the first one was still brushing, and he brushed a thousand!

Qi Yi silently settled in his heart. He hasn’t signed a contract yet, so he won’t need to deduct the share, and he will receive five thousand in one go!

In order to prevent the screen from flooding with the fireworks effect, Qi Yi has already turned off the special effects.

He sighed and thanked the boss, Qi Yi also deliberately said: “If the boss needs me to bring you along to the game, you can come to me at any time, of course other things are fine.” A bullet screen suddenly appeared: “You are so disgusting.”

“Boss didn’t even say I was sick, which green onion are you?!” Qi Yi snorted, a little angry.

Xie: “Ignore it, enjoy the game, and take me when you broadcast later.”

Qi Yi glanced at it, oh, and sniffed, listening to the sound as if he was about to cry.

Xie: “…I’ll give you some more gifts.”

Qi Yi hesitated, deliberately lowered his voice, and said in a simulated cry: “Oh…thank you boss.”

Boss Xie said he would send it, and he immediately sent a planet.

More than one thousand yuan went into his pocket.

Qi Yi’s eyes widened, and his tone was excited and sincere: “Thank you boss! Boss, I must have fun with the game!”

Xie: “Yeah.”

Someone behind him sent a lot of barrages to scold him.He knew that he was the first in the new anchor list, which would make some people jealous, but this was the result of his hard live broadcast for so many days.

He can only broadcast live at night secretly. Although he broadcasts live under his own platform, it is fair that he did not use his identity to seek convenience at all.
[TL: Qi Family is rich so I’m guessing this broadcasting platform is owned by them]

Qi Yi was in a good mood here, and quickly accelerated his hand speed, predicted the enemy’s position, and once again took down several enemy heads.

On the other side, the boss Xie, who is on the list of Qi Yi, is holding a tablet in his home and watching the live broadcast.

He is still eating but after seeing Qi Yi successfully take the enemy’s head, it was like he took the head himself and he couldn’t wait to jump up with excitement!


TL: DISCLAIMER! I am not a professional translator so there might be mistakes sometimes, if you notice it please just comment and I’ll edit it out so other readers won’t need to see the same mistake. Regular updates would start next week unless I can’t find an editor for this book.

Edit: Editor found! Expect Chapter next week

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