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TRTN Chapter 5

The bloody apartment (5)


Chapter 5 The bloody Apartment (5)


When other people heard Shen Yu’s words, they were startled at first, and then they all showed an expression of “Why are you acting like this?”


Xu Jiaojiao’s eyes widened in horror: “Are you crazy?”


Her expression at this time was as if she was about to jump up: “Why do you want to exchange with this kind of person? This person is a bastard, so bad that he is not worth saving! Don’t take your own life…”


At this time, the short-haired girl put her hand on Xu Jiaojiao’s shoulder, stopping her from talking.


The man with glasses, fearing that Shen Yu would repent, hurriedly grabbed the pink key, but smiled and said to his mouth: “Brother, whoever says that living in the East Building will definitely lead to death, you don’t have to be afraid at all. , It’s okay!”


He had been preaching that it would be dangerousin the East Building  before, but now he started talking nonsense as soon as he got the pink key .


He stretched out his hand to the anonymous  beside Shen Yu, as if he wanted to pull the little boy to his side: “Don’t worry, you can leave the child to me, I will take care of him and protect him…”


Anonymous’s eyes  flashed, a little disgusted, he avoided the glasses man’s hand.


“I will go to the East Building with him.” The little guy said blankly.


The man with glasses was stunned: “But you are two people and you haven’t placed an order. How can you go to the East Building according to the rules…”


“Which rule stipulates that only those who place an order are eligible to go to the East Building overnight?” Shen Yu Interrupted coldly, “Everyone before was misled by your initial conclusions.”


“The administrator of this apartment, let us allocate the rooms by ourselves. Although there is only one red key, he never said only those who are excluded can get the red key.”


“There is no indication that living in the East Building will constitute a mortal condition.”


He stared at the red key in his hand and said calmly: “After all, last night The two people who died, one in the East Building and the other in the West Building, encountered fatal danger because they opened the doors and windows at night.” After a word, the spectacle man’s previous theory was completely overturned, and he was startled at this time Standing in place, his face was red and green.


He was so embarrassed that he wanted to attack, but he didn’t dare to give up.


And the short-haired girl who has been listening carefully, clapped her hands and laughed: “Good discovery! Much smarter than some self-righteous idiots!” The glasses man’s face became more gloomy.


The short-haired girl glanced at him disdainfully, but only asked Shen Yu : “You are asking for it tonight, do you think that the next clue is in the East Building?”


Shen Yu gave her a slightly surprised look, and said in a deep voice: “I’m not sure for the time being. I’ll dig a little bit before making a conclusion.” If they want to get information in the West Building, they have to knock  and inquire from the apartment tenants. At the end of the day, not only is it dangerous, but also not much information is obtained.


But the administrator said that the red key can open all the doors of the East Building.


In this way, the efficiency of collecting information can be faster.


Therefore, Shen Yu and the anonymous both decided to search the East Building temporarily tonight, and the short-haired girl quickly guessed their intentions.


They have to say that the insight of this young girl is obviously much sharper than the other two veterans.


After seeing Shen Yu default, short hair sister do not speak more, but with vague eyes looked at the two men, the Anonymous pause two seconds, she was pushed to the eyes and calmly said:. “Nothing, I wish peace tonight,”


After that , she took Xu Jiaojiao who was bewildered and left.


The rest of the people also left one after another. Before leaving, the always-tempered man with arms made lazily loudly: “After a day of tossing, my bones are numb, and now I can go to sleep.”


Yellow haired sidekick was beside him, smiling carefully: “Brother, didn’t I do all your work today?”


“Yes, yes, after I go out, you will definitely benefit from me, you kid.” The man with flower arms walked perfunctorily.


Only the man with glasses is left standing alone, holding the pink key in his hand.


He gazed coldly at the direction where Shen Yu and Anonymous were leaving, his eyes were full of suppressed anger, his teeth clenched, and after enduring it, he gave a cold snort and clenched the key to leave.


Whether the East Building is in danger or not, let the two idiots explore the way first, anyway, he didn’t have any loss.


Of course, if those two guys died directly in the East Building, it would be even better.


The man in glasses comforted himself in his heart.



There are many rooms in the East Building, but there is not much time left for Shen Yu.


“There are still twenty minutes left before the lights are turned off. How many rooms do we have yet to open?”


Shen Yu opened a room again, entered it and searched it quickly, but still did not find much valuable things.


The East Building is not only dilapidated and dark, but there are no people living in those locked rooms.


The residents of the apartment seem to have all moved to the beautifully decorated West Building and abandoned the dilapidated East Building.


Anonymous came out from another room at this time, holding a yellowed newspaper in his hand, and said, “We have searched four floors, and there are two floors of buildings that have not been searched.” The two floors of the east and the west are the same, and both are six floors.


“Yeah.” Shen Yu responded, and suddenly there was a flash of light in his mind, “Wait!”


He turned his head solemnly and asked: “Do you remember the rules that the corridor manager told the night before?”


Anonymous: ” Do not open doors and windows at night, do not go out after turning off the lights, treat apartment occupants politely, do not take damaged elevators, do not be lazy in cleaning ?” Shen Yu: “Just behind cleaning work, what else did the administrator say?


” Don’t be lazy, you must clean up all seven floors of the apartment…” At this point, Anonymous suddenly stopped, frowning.


“The apartment is seven floors…” he muttered to himself.


But no matter the East Building or the West Building, there are only six floors!


Where is the seventh floor that disappeared?


Shen Yu was also thinking about this issue. While he was thinking about it, he opened the next door with inertia while holding the red key.


“Bang Da!” The key turned in the keyhole, but was blocked by the keyhole.


“Huh?” Shen Yu cried out in surprise and continued to turn the key, but the door in front of him, unlike other doors, was opened by the red key.


He pulled out the key and looked up at the house number in front of him.


Room 444.


It’s really an ominous number.


The red key can open all the rooms in the East Building, but the number 444 in front of them is the only door they can’t open at the moment.


Anonymous also walked over, stared at the house number 444 for a long time, and suddenly turned out the old newspaper he had just found.


He found an inconspicuous missing person notice in a gap in the newspaper.


“Looking for a wife who ran away from home”


[Lover Zhang Lili, after quarreling with me on October 3rd, she ran away in anger and has not returned. ]


[Zhang Lili is 24 years old, about 1.6 meters tall, thin body, medium-length hair, ordinary appearance, slightly accented when speaking, and wearing a white coat when she leaves home. ]


[Hope kind people find out and contact me in time. ]


[Contact: xxxxxxxxxx. ]


[Contact address: xx construction site, or Pink Apartment No.444. ]


[Contact: Wu Jianyi. ]


He stared at this missing person revelation, then looked up at house number 444.


“The clue has appeared,” he said, and then handed the newspaper to Shen Yu.


Shen Yu took it and glanced quickly.


Wu Jianyi, who was on the missing person notice, lives in this apartment at No. 444. The contact address also says xx construction site, obviously his occupation is related to the construction site.


The “Master Wu” who paints and renovates the pink apartment for free is the foreman of the construction site and the old occupant of the apartment.


The identity is right.


“Let me remind you, now it’s less than a minute before turning off the lights.” At this moment, Anonymous said from the side.


When thinking, time seems particularly short.


Shen Yu was thinking about the clues he had just received, and when he heard these words, he suddenly woke up, hurriedly opened a door of a room with a red key, and then hid in with Anonymous .


Just when the two of them locked the door of the room, the light in the room was suddenly extinguished, and the surrounding was plunged into the darkness of invisible.




Outside the window, there was another sound of scratching the glass.


Today, the sound outside the window came a little earlier, and the movement was noisier.


The monster outside the window seemed a little flustered and anxious.


Anonymous lowered his voice and leaned into Shen Yu’s ear and said, “The clues we just collected are correct.The closer to the truth of the matter, the more anxious the ghosts’ reactions tended to be. ”


Shen Yu glanced at the slightly vibrating window, and pursed his lips: “The reaction is too strong, I’m really afraid that it will scratch the glass directly.” ”


The monster outside the window continued to harass for a while, about to find that it didn’t work, and then quieted down, only making a slight rustling in the silent night.


After a while, suddenly a female voice begging came from outside the window: “Please, save me! ”


The bald man and the man with glasses, the two of them secretly joined forces and suddenly attacked us in the middle of the night. My companion is dead. Now they are going to kill me, but I escaped by luck. “It turned out to be the voice of a short-haired girl!


The pleading outside the window continued: “They will be chasing over soon. I only know you two kind people in the whole apartment. Please let me go in and hide and save me ! I don’t want to die! ! “In the darkness, Shen Yu and Anonymous looked at each other in surprise.


“That thing…does it really not know how clumsy his acting skills are?” “Shen Yu vomited blankly.


“If that girl knows that she was acted like this by a monster during the day, according to her violent temper, I am afraid that the monster will be torn off on the spot!” Anonymous continued without emotion.


“Please, let me in! Let me in, let me in… let me in…”


The noise outside the window remained the same. In the end, the monster looked like a torn skin, and even the voice changed, hoarse and low. It screamed and smashed the window glass “boom boom boom”.


But no matter how hard it tossed, it still stayed firmly outside the window, never daring to step into the apartment.


“That blood monkey-like monster can run around in the apartment, sneak attack and kill people at will. But why the monster outside the window dare not enter the apartment and only dare to open the window?”


Shen Yu thought to himself.


“Is it really that scared of the weird guy who knocked on the door in the middle of the night?”


Before Shen Yu could think about it, a dull dragging sound finally rang out in the silent corridor outside.


Shen Yu refreshed their spirits.




The weird man dragging the coffin came to their door as usual and began to knock on the door persistently.


Once the door knocked, the sound outside the window stopped abruptly.


Shen Yu still leaned over the door as before, observing the scene outside the door from the crack of the door.


The soles of the feet that appeared outside the door this time were still blue from the cold, but there were no open wounds. Instead, they were fat and bloated. The toenails were even painted with red inferior nail polish.


Shen Yu, who was spying, opened his eyes slightly in shock.


No, it’s not right!


What appeared now was a pair of women’s feet. But last night, the one who appeared in front of the door was obviously the soles of men’s feet.


Two different weirdos appeared twice?


But no matter which weird person is, there is a small coffin behind him.


Anonymous who was also observing on the side, after a short period of thought, suddenly pulled out a blade.


The sharp and sharp scalpel is just suitable for being held by a child, and the shiny blade is like a narrow mirror.


He put the scalpel under the door, and took a look at the panorama outside the door by the reflection of the blade.


A fat middle-aged woman with her eyes closed slightly, like a puppet, standing sluggishly, with a twine on her shoulders, dragging the coffin behind her.


This woman, Shen Yu and the two had just met not long ago.


It was the apartment tenants who let them in during the day to clean.


But why is she here?


Anonymous turned the blade carefully, and from another angle, he peered into the coffin behind the woman.


The coffin is very small, and it is impossible to squeeze it in with the size of an adult. The pattern on it is very gorgeous. There is no coffin lid, and a small baby sits inside.


The baby showed a head from the coffin. His whole body was flushed with wrinkled facial features. It looked uglier than a newborn baby, and his body was smaller than an ordinary baby. There was blood stains and amniotic fluid on his body, and there was no umbilical cord on his belly.


The baby looked around, as if looking for something, then gently tapped the coffin.


Then, the sluggish apartment occupant stopped knocking on the door, like a walking dead, barefoot, dragging the heavy coffin, moving with difficulty, and gradually disappearing.


After one person and one baby left, Shen Yu and Anonymous let out a sigh of relief.


“We had a little wrong inference before.” Anonymous said suddenly.


“The weird guy who knocks on the door every night outside is just a tool man who drags the coffin. Even if it is changed every night, it is no different.” He frowned and said.


“But the baby sitting in the coffin is the dominant player and the reason why the monster outside the window is afraid.”




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