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TRTN Chapter 4

The bloody apartment (4)


Chapter 4 The Bloody Apartment (4)


Brooms, rags, buckets, and cold lunches.


When the guards left, the man with a flower tattoo kicked the bucket and vented and cursed: “Keep Lao Tzu in this broken place and eat this broken box of lunch. Only one hand is left and you have to work for them. Clean up his mother’s hygiene!” The rest of the people were not surprised at his violent temper. No one took care of him, only his yellow haired sidekick was still supporting him.


Helping a handicapped person who can’t walk up the stairs, the two went to the center of the hall and wanted to take the elevator.


However, the elevator with its doors tightly sealed, obviously no one was on board, but the number displayed was constantly changing. Obviously the elevator was moving between floors.


The man with a flower arm just remembered it. The administrator said yesterday that the elevator had broken down.


“Mother, if you have a bad luck, you really have to drink cold water!”


He cursed in his mouth, and finally sat in the hall. He was motionless like an uncle, just instructing his little brother: “Ahuang, you take my share of life.Let’s do it together!”


Yellow hair’s eyes flickered, but he thought that after he went out, he would have to continue to eat under the boss’s hands, and finally agreed.


The rest of the people, according to the previous team, went to different floors to clean.


After leaving the crowd, Shen Yu came to a hidden place, took out his black book, and looked through it.


He looked through Boss Qian’s book before and unexpectedly discovered that their every move in the apartment might turn into a new story on the pages of the book.


Sure enough, the analytic information he wrote by himself last night has changed and turned into a brand new story.


[Thirteen brave cleaners moved into the pink apartment. 】


[ Mint heard the movement outside the window, but did not open the window; he heard the knock on the door, but did not open the door to the visitor. So the visitors said that he is not a hospitable person! 】【Mint only questioned the rules of the apartment, so Anonymous lent him a pen, and he wrote the first part of his story. ] Shen Yu looked down slightly, rubbing his slender fingers on the text, and finally stopped on the two names that appeared.




It should be the pen name given to him by the story.


Then the “anonymous” lent to him refers to…


he lowered his head and stared at the little boy in front of him.


The little boy has been quietly following him, sensible and obedient, and has a very weak sense of presence.


At this moment, he raised his round face obediently, and his dark eyes met Shen Yu, as if asking silently: “What’s the matter?”


Anonymous refers to people who are unidentified and people who do not want to reveal their names. . In literary works whose author is unknown, they are also signed anonymously.


Shen Yu was silent for a long time, then suddenly shot and grabbed the little boy from behind.


The little boy was slightly startled, but his body jumped up lightly, like a dexterous cat, avoiding the palm of his hand.


But Shen Yu’s goal is not him.


The little boy leaned across the schoolbag, unable to dodge, was grabbed by him, his pockets turned down.


With a “click”, a book fell to the ground.


In a child’s schoolbag, there is no paper, pens, homework, textbooks as imagined, only a black book exactly like him.


And judging from the child’s always calm expression, he is definitely not the first time he has entered a horror novel.


Before Shen Yu looked away from the book, the side of his neck suddenly felt cold.


The child’s voice came from behind him: “Don’t move.”


His expression remained unchanged: “You lie to me.” The little boy was silent for a moment: “I didn’t lie to you, but you misunderstood.”


Shen Yu: “You lied to me that you were a primary school student.”


The little boy: “…I really lied to you.”


Shen Yu: “You are not only a novelist, but also a veteran.”


The little boy behind seemed to laugh. After a while: “Others think you are a veteran, but I can see that you are actually a newcomer.”


The newcomer means that the combat effectiveness is not high, and the real rules are not even clear.


Shen Yu also understood what he meant by allusion, and couldn’t help cursing inwardly.


The current situation is really a bit passive.


But soon, the cold touch on his neck disappeared.


The little boy put away the blade, turned around and came to him: “I don’t want to hurt you.”


“I’m sorry I misunderstood you before.”


Shen Yu touched his cold neck, looking inexplicable, and asked: “Your pen name called an anonymous name?”


The little boy said lightly: “Every novelist’s pen name is given by a novel.”


Shen Yu: “Tsk.” If you love mint, it’s called “mint”. If you’re obese, it’s called  “Fat”, “Anonymous” if you are too lazy to name it, this novel is really bad!


The little boy named Anonymous continued to ask: “I’ll ask again… You chose me, do you regret it now?”


Shen Yu looked down at him, and after a long time, he smiled and didn’t make any other expressions. Turned around and left.


“We still have a task to complete, don’t be stunned, let’s go!” He still held the cleaning tool in his hand, but greeted him in a very cool gesture.


Anonymous looked at his back, a smile appeared in his eyes, and followed.



Since the identities of the two have been confessed to each other, the anonymous name no longer hides themselves.


He directly made suggestions to Shen Yu: “Cleaning the apartment may not only be cleaning the corridors, but the rooms of the residents are also within the scope of the apartment.”


By cleaning the rooms of the residents, you can communicate with the residents and collect useful information from the residents.


This proposal was very good, so the two began to knock from door to door to provide free cleaning services.


Shen Yu looks sunny and refreshing, and has a cheerful personality, which makes people feel good at first sight. He used to eat well wherever he went.


It’s a pity that when he ran into the residents in the pink apartment, but it was an unprecedented culprit.


The residents here look very strange, just like the administrators they had seen before, and their turbid eyes were covered with a gray cloud.


In addition, the residents are either deaf or dumb, and there are almost no healthy people, and everyone is very vigilant and very unfriendly to outsiders.


Often after Shen Yu knocked on the door for a long time, the residents would slowly open a crack in the door and use their muddy eyes to see people from the crack in the door. Before the two of them could speak, they would bang the door again. Close it hard.


The two persevered in promoting themselves layer by layer, and finally met a family, willing to open the door to let them in.


The owner of this family is a middle-aged woman, not dumb, and her ears are not so strong, so she can hear the voices of both of them clearly.


Shen Yu worked hard to clean up, while chatting with each other one after another.


“Auntie, the decoration of your house is so beautiful, it is pink and tender, it matches your complexion!” he praised.


When the owner heard the praise, she covered his mouth and smiled: “Oh, you child, you’re really hardworking and sweet. The decoration of our apartment is the same, all made by Master Wu.”


“Oh? Master Wu’s craftsmanship is so good. “He captured the key information, but he still asked casually, “Then how much did this decoration cost? I want to ask Master Wu to decorate my house when I go back.”


The owner laughed even more openly: “This, don’t know! The decoration of our apartment is done for free by Master Wu, no money at all.”


Shen Yu pretended to be surprised and asked: “If you don’t need money, then Master Wu will lose money?”


Listening to him the owner laughed so much that her teeth leaked out.


The residents in the pink apartment, for some reason, all had sparse yellow rotten teeth in their mouths, as if all the good teeth had been plucked out of their mouths.


She proudly said: “Master Wu owns a construction site. He is the foreman on the construction site. He grew up in our apartment. He wanted to give back to the old neighbors in the apartment, so he renovated the whole apartment at his own expense.”


Shen Yu pretended to admire: “So, Master Wu is really a good person!”


“But I think, why did he only renovate the west building, why didn’t he renovate the east building of the apartment?”


This was originally just an unintentional sentence,  When the owner heard this, her face suddenly changed: “What East Building, who told you that our apartment has an East Building?”


“Our apartment obviously only has a West Building, how could you not know? What exactly are the two of you? People?” The more the owner said, the more embarrassed her face became. The aura of the whole body gradually became terrified, his figure skyrocketed, her muddy eyes began to convulse , and her mouth grinned with a split.


The sparse yellow teeth also began to grow longer and sharper, until finally they grew full of sharp teeth.


Anonymous stood up and stood in front of Shen Yu, pressing his palm on the black book and flipping it, coldly , and three sharp scalpels were sandwiched between his fingers.


Seeing the physical changes of the homeowner, Shen Yu suddenly remembered that the administrator once said that he must be very polite when speaking with apartment residents.


So he turned his mind sharply and said, “Auntie, did you hear me wrong? What is the East Building and West Building? I am talking about repairing the stairs. The stairs in the apartment can be made wider.”


“I got it wrong?” The owner soared. The momentum of the people, but the people here are more or less hard to hear, it is difficult to say whether it is a mistake.


She hesitated for a moment, then looked at the blade between the anonymous fingers, and finally reluctantly returned to her original figure.


However, after such an episode, she didn’t have any good looks for both of them , and directly drove them out of her home.


Once again, the two people who had been closed out of doors turned around and looked at the closed door.


Shen Yu smiled and touched the anonymous fluffy head: “It doesn’t matter, anyway, we have already inquired the key information.”


“Master Wu”, who renovated the entire apartment for free, matched the information given at the beginning of the black book. They can start from this breakthrough point.


Anonymous had an expressionless face, he tore the opponent’s hand from his head.


This person, after knowing his true identity, actually became presumptuous, and even started to move his head.




One day was quickly spent in the cleaning of everyone.


In the evening, everyone gathered in the lobby on the first floor again, looking at the administrator with complex expressions, waiting for the keys to be redistributed.


Two people died last night, and now there are eleven of them left.


Tonight, there will still be a single person.


Sure enough, the administrator looked at their number and smiled with wrinkled faces, fingers dipped in saliva, and counted six keys.


Five pink keys and one red key.


“Two people are in one room, and you assign it by yourself.” The manager still left this sentence behind.


With the previous experience, everyone present at the scene started with the pink key in unison.


In the chaos, the man with glasses who was holding the winning ticket suddenly suffered a pain in his wrist at the moment he was about to grab the key.


“Ah!” he yelled, seeing Xu Jiaojiao suddenly rushing up and biting him desperately on his wrist.


Looking at Xu Jiaojiao’s red eyes, he instantly understood that the other party was trying to avenge her sister.


The chaos is over, all the pink keys are gone, only a red key is left, which is thrown on the ground with disgust by everyone.


The man in glasses who didn’t grab the key, looked at the red key gloomily, suddenly violently slapped Xu Jiaojiao’s face with a severe slap: “You stinky girl! Crazy woman!!”


She was slapped in the face. Xu Jiaojiao’s originally beautiful face quickly swelled, and the corners of her mouth were beaten with bloodshot eyes.


But she looked at the glasses man’s eyes with delight and joy, and cursed fiercely: “Go to hell! You deserve to live alone in the East Building and pay for my sister’s life!”


He completely removed that layer of gentleness, the man with glasses was anxious and hated at this time, his face flushed, and he reached out to grab Xu Jiaojiao’s hair: “I will kill you crazy lady first!”


“Dare you!” Threatening, the short-haired girl suddenly shot up and confronted the man with glasses who had been displeased by her.


The two were about to fight again.


“I’ll change with you!” A voice suddenly shocked everyone present.


When everyone turned their heads and looked, they saw Shen Yu picking up the red key and threw the original pink key in his hand on the ground.


Facing everyone’s shocked eyes, he smiled slowly: “Suddenly, I want to move in to the East Building.”




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  1. Avatar Juju says:

    The owner of this family is a middle-aged woman, not dumb, and her ears are not so strong, so she can hear the voices of both of them clearly.

    I think it’s meant to be “she can’t hear”?
    Otherwise, it seems a bit contradictory-

    Also harboring some suspicion about Anonymous haha
    Thanks for the chapter!!

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