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TRTN Chapter 6

The bloody apartment (6)


Chapter 6 The Bloody Apartment (6)


Late at night, West Building.


The flower-armed man fell into the room and fell asleep, snores  resounding throughout the room.


But his yellow haired sidekick looked a little frightened.


“Big brother, is it really okay for us to just fall asleep like this? I heard those people say that they often heard movement outside the window at night and heard knocks at the door!”


Yellow hair asked worriedly.


The half-asleep man with flower arms stretched out his hand to scratch his greasy bald head, and then hummed impatiently: “What do you worry about? Don’t do anything wrong in your life, and don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking at the door in the middle of the night.”


Yellow hair barely squeezed out one. Smiley: “But big brother… The two of us used to be thief, burglary, etc., and it’s not that we didn’t do anything wrong, just in case…”


Both of them are professional thieves, and sometimes they bully elementary school students and take some protection fees , this time them wanted to step on the spot in the community and find the next target for theft. Who would have thought that he was so unlucky that he would be involved in a game.


“Don’t be ashamed !” The man with arms showed his elder brother’s demeanor and cursed openly. “Those people are alarmed because they are timid and fearful, so they are startled and frighten themselves.”


“You and I are here, what are you afraid of? Go to sleep, I’ve been tired for a day!” He hummed, and the man with arms murmured and fell asleep again: “There’s nothing , why worry…”


Seeing his eldest brother fell asleep again, Yellow hair didn’t dare to yell any more, so he lay on the floor , and muttered to himself , “You are tired! I do all the work… I wiped the windows for a day, so tired that my back is sore and I didn’t say a word. What are you yelling at?” He didn’t dare to speak loudly, so he could only whisper a few words behind his back, and fell asleep as he cursed.


In the middle of the night, Yellow hairwas in his sleep, feeling a little noisy in his ears.


Long, long, like the sound of hair rubbing against the floor.


He murmured in his dream, turned around and continued to sleep, but he did not expect that his palm touched something cold.


Smooth and cold, the touch feels like a woman’s long hair.


Yellow hair was awakened suddenly.


The hazy moonlight shed lightly through the window.


With this faint moonlight, Huang Mao saw the original pink wall in the room, as if it was constantly changing and twisting.


Bloodshot like hair, as if there is life, continuously extended from the wall, slid past him coldly, and went straight to the bed.


As for the man with the flower arm who was sleeping on the bed and snoring all the time, there was no movement at this time.


There was a dead silence in the room, and even a needle could be heard.


The bloodshot hair quietly bypassed the bewildered yellow hair, and constantly penetrated into the body of the man with flower arms, entangled layer by layer.


Soon, a humanoid “cocoon” appeared on the bed.


Yellow hair was paralyzed on the ground, looking at everything in front of him tremblingly, feeling that his crotch pants were wet, and a smell of urine came from under him.


Although those bloodshot hair didn’t hurt him, it was the first time in his life that he saw such a strange sight in front of him.


Horror, bloody, but quietly swallowing a life.


Finally, as if the endurance had reached the limit, Yellow hair, who recovered his senses, shook his throat and screamed: “Help, help…Kill!”


“Kill, somebody died!” He screamed like crazy. After that, regardless of any rules, he opened the door directly, and left the room with a rolling crawl, trying his best to stay away from the humanoid “cocoon”.


He smelled of urine, his face was full of tears, his nose and tears, he hurriedly knocked on all the doors on this floor, screaming for help: “Help, there are ghosts! There are ghosts in my room, there are monsters…”


Most the residents who’s doors were knocked  ignored his cry for help. There was only one house and quietly opened the door.


The door opened a crack, and an eye leaked from the door, staring coldly at the embarrassed yellow hair.


Yellow hair didn’t care, pushed open the door, grabbed the apartment occupant behind the door, and yelled indiscriminately: “Monster, monster, dead…”


This resident is a white-haired, thin- shaped old man.


The old man opened his turbid white eyes, and looked up and down the yellow hair with tears and snot. After a while, he cracked his mouth full of sparse yellow teeth, and smiled and asked, “Why did you come here alone?” The yellow hair was limp on the ground. Trembled and said: “My elder brother is dead, killed by a monster, a bloodshot monster…”


Unexpectedly, the old man who was asked for help suddenly stretched his face: “He was lazy and didn’t work during the day?”


Huang Mao was stunned. Nodded.


The old man’s eyes gradually became greedy: “Are you lazy during the day?”


“No, no! I don’t, I’ve been working all the time, so the monster let me go…” He noticed something wrong, yellow hair  hurriedly said again and again. Shaking his head, he backed tentatively.


Seeing that he wanted to leave the room, the old man grabbed his wrist, his greedy gaze was revealed, and a sharp tooth gradually grew in his mouth: “You didn’t work lazily, but you disturbed me to sleep in the middle of the night.”


An ominous premonition drove away the previous fear, and reoccupied Yellow hair’s heart.


With a fierce blow, he kicked the old man abruptly, and shouted: “Dead old man! What are you doing with my arm, let me go quickly!”


It’s a pity that the old man looks thin, but  stood tall like an iron tower , and Yellow hair kicked it up, only to feel that he had kicked an iron plate.


The old man’s hand, still like a vise, firmly clamped Yellow hair’s arm, getting stronger and stronger, dragging him into the depths of his room little by little.


“Young man, your tone is impolite!” The old man said with a smile, but his fangs grew longer and longer, aimed at Yellow hair’s neck…


“Bang!” The door closed.


Yellow hair ‘s screams came from the house one after another, but they became weaker and weaker, and after a short time, they were completely silent.


The floor returned to silence again, but a puddle of blood leaked from the crack in the old man’s door.


The smell of blood began to permeate.


The next day, everyone came out of the room.


When other people saw Shen Yu coming out of the East Building intact, they were all bright.


Only the man with glasses when he saw the two of them, his originally contented smile on his face suddenly stiffened, and then calmly squeezed the key in his hand.


Living in the East Building does not cause death, and living alone in the room does not constitute a death condition.


His previous theory has indeed been completely overturned.


But soon, others discovered that the man with the flower arm and the yellow hair who complained the most had disappeared.


With an ominous premonition, everyone once again went to the room where the two of them stayed last night.


When the door was opened, everyone was shocked.


In the flower arm man’s room, layers of blood red silk threads stretched out from the walls and ceiling, almost filling the whole room.


These bloodshot threads are thinner than hair, and the red color is filled with resentment.


There were no two people in the house, but people found a “cocoon” wrapped in layers on the single bed, which barely maintained a little human shape.


Judging from the body shape, it looks like the sturdy man with flower tattoo .


Everyone dared not touch the bloodshot threads easily, but Shen Yu walked around gently, picking up the black book that the man with arms fell on the ground.


He turned the pages of the book.


[Thirteen brave cleaners stepped into the pink apartment. 】


【Light head is the laziest, he doesn’t want to do anything. So he pushed all his work to his companion Ahuang. ] [How can such a lazy person survive in an apartment? 】


【The pink apartment was furious. She felt that she hadn’t been cleaned and her body was very dirty, so she sneaked into the room at night and wrapped his bare head. 】【She wants to punish the soul of the light head and clean herself forever . 】 【So, the story of the light head is over here. ]


Shen Yu closed the book with a complex expression.


“Light head” refers to the man with flowers arms, and “A Huang” is the sidekick with yellow hair.


The reason for the death of the flower armed man should be that he was lazy yesterday and pushed all the cleaning work to his sidekick , so he violated the rules of the apartment.


But what makes Shen Yu care about is, why use “she” to refer to the “pink apartment” mentioned in the black paper?


And the ones who killed Boss Qian and Xu Tingting the night before were all monsters in the apartment, but it was the pink apartment itself that killed the people last night?


The pink apartment has a personality, and this personality is a woman?


He thought to himself, and handed the black book in his hand to Anonymous aside.


After seeing the above story, Anonymous frowned as expected.


The man with glasses and the bald man on the side were still not interested in the novice book. They just looked around and shouted: “One person died, but the other person?”


Where did Yellow hair go?


Shen Yu scanned for a while, then walked towards the door: “The deceased’s little brother has undertaken all the cleaning work, so he should not be killed by these bloodshot threads , but he will inevitably  be scared. So last night he should have been agitated for a while and ran out of the room.”


“Running out? Violating the rules, I’m afraid that something will happen.” The bald man “tsk” and said as if watching a joke, “After all, he is not a novelist, but an’audience’. This is too timid like a mouse. !”


“Some people are novelists or veterans, and they don’t necessarily have any use. What clues have been found so far?” The short-haired girl sneered at the side.


The bald man was instantly ignited: “Little lady, what do you mean?” The short-haired girl smiled coldly: “Literally.”


“Are you special… You…” The bald man flushed with anger.


He seems to want to be tough, but his strength does not seem to be high.


He usually taunts the audience and pretends to be good in front of the newcomers, but the short-haired girl is also a veteran with naked eyes. The bald man is afraid that she can’t be stunned. In the end, he chooses to swallow his breath and silently counsels.


The short-haired girl squinted at him again, and then looked at Da Zhuang who was next to him: “Some people seem to be good people, but  is a scum. Some people seem to be very strong, but they may also treat you as cannon fodder in their hearts. Anyway. It is better to fend for yourself than  to beg others, and be careful in everything.”


She said, at the same time, the man with glasses and the bald man scolded her in their hearts together.


The faces of the two of them all changed suddenly.


On the contrary, Da Zhuang, who was secretly reminded by her, showed a puzzled look on his face, they don’t know if he didn’t understand, or he understood but didn’t believe it.


The girl with short hair is amazing in combat power, and obviously has the meaning of protecting the newcomer. In the apartment, two of the three veterans have been scolded by her, but the two of them can’t help her.


On the contrary, Shen Yu is also an “veteran” in the eyes of other people. There is a weak-looking child by his side, but he has never been scolded by a short-haired girl.


Did she see through his novice identity, or…


Shen Yu looked down at Anonymous name beside his, and frowned his brows lightly.


Last night, the eyes of the short-haired girl stayed on Anonymous’ body for longer than the time spent looking at himself.


When he was thinking about it in secret, Anonymous seemed to feel something, so he raised his head and glanced at him.


The eyes of the two met again in the air.


This time, it was Shen Yu who took the lead to look away.




At this moment, the crowd looking for the yellow hair in front, suddenly someone screamed.


Shen Yu and Anonymous leaned forward, and saw a pool of blood that had not completely dried out in front of a tightly closed room door.


Shen Yu looked up at the closed door of the apartment occupant, then looked at the blood stains under his feet, and sighed silently in his heart.


It seems that yellow hair also had ill-fortune.


There were originally thirteen people entering the apartment, but now it’s only the third day, only nine people are left.


Four of them are “audiences” and five are “novelists”.


Among the novelists, only himself is the real novice.


Approximately perceiving Shen Yu’s momentary depression, the Anonymous glanced at him thoughtfully, and stepped forward and gently shook his palm.


At this time, the administrator in the apartment building, pacing slowly again, found them immobile, and began a new round of key recovery.


But this time, after he retrieved the key, he stared directly at Shen Yu with his muddy eyes covered with white shadows.


“It’s been the third day.” he said hoarsely, “You said you would kill the few escaping…pets and bring back their bodies.”


Shen Yu spread his hands at her and smiled and said, “It will be next time.”


Administrator: “…”


Seeing the old man’s expression, it seemed that he was almost drawn away by anger.


After a long while, the administrator regained his demeanor, scanned the people sullenly, and said, “The whole apartment must be cleaned up in five days.”


“Your time is running out.”




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