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TRTN Chapter 3

The bloody apartment (3)


Chapter 3 The Bloody Apartment (3)


The next day, a scream of horror broke the dead silence in the apartment.


Boss Qian’s body was first discovered by his driver Da Zhuang. No one would have thought that a man’s simple and powerful voice could scream like this.


Hearing the screams, Shen Yu led the little boy out of the room cautiously, and together with other people, gathered in Room 101 of the East Building one after another.


As soon as he entered the door, he saw Boss Qian’s body dangling from the window, his fat and greasy face was facing the door, and his bloodshot eyes seemed to be staring at the people who walked in.


In his hand, he was still holding the black book that belonged to him tightly.


Da Zhuang looked at the familiar face of his boss, and suddenly with a weak leg fell on the ground, pointing to the window tremblingly, almost speechless, and finally rushed out of the room, vomiting.


Shen Yu saw at a glance the book Boss Qian was still holding before his death.


Regardless of other people’s disgust, or horrified eyes, he stepped forward to untie the rope hanging from the corpse’s neck, put the deceased on the bed, and then took the black book in the other’s hand.


He turned the pages of the book and saw it read:


[Thirteen brave cleaners stayed in the pink apartment. ]


[On the first night, Fatty the cleaner heard movement outside the window, so he violated the rules of the apartment, opened the window and looked out…] [So, the story of Fatty is over.]


The bald man also came over, glanced at Boss Qian’s book page, and then smacked his lips disdainfully: “The newcomer is the newcomer. There really is nothing in the book. If you want to pick up a loophole, there is nowhere to pick it up. What do you see in his book? ?”


Loophole ?


Shen Yu didn’t speak, but just remembered the information contained in the words of the bald man in his mind, and then silently put the black book back to the deceased’s hand.


At this moment, the rest of the people have gathered.


The man with glasses came over, looked at the wide open window, and commented decently: “It seems that this novice, because he is alone in a room and still lives in the east building, so he was in danger last night.”


“No, he opened the window at night, not because he was ordered, nor because he lived in the East Building.” Shen Yu pondered for a long while, and suddenly asked everyone, “Did you hear the sound of scratching the glass last night? ”


The little couple who lived together said palely: “We heard it. First we heard someone scratching the glass outside the window, and then there was a knock on the door… We were too scared, so we hugged each other and didn’t open the door or window.”


And the man with a flower arm who lost a hand shook his head nonchalantly, grinning and said: “Don’t scare people, it was quiet last night, I didn’t hear anything anyway!”


He asked everyone and found out. Someone heard the movement last night, but some did not.


Anyone who hears a scratching outside the window will hear a knock on the door. The sound of a knock on the door stops the scratching of the window.


Shen Yu thoughtfully: “It seems that the one who knocked on the door has been chasing the things outside the window. When the knock on the door sounds, the things outside the window will be taken away.”


The little lovers who hugged each other before suddenly trembled again. Raised his hand and asked in a low voice: “Since one has died… Then tonight, is the number of people just right, no one will be alone?” The rest of the restless novices, after hearing these words, they immediately saw light, like taking a reassurance pill.


Yup! There were only twelve of them left, and they happened to be in one room, so there was no need to grab the keys from others.


But suddenly there was another scream: “Wait, where is my sister?” The screamer was the younger sister of the twins.


The sisters’ names are Xu Tingting and Xu Jiaojiao. Last night, the sister Xu Tingting teamed up with the man with glasses. The girl Xu Jiaojiao, who was left behind, was picked up by the short-haired girl.


But today, Xu Jiaojiao has come out well, but she can’t find her sister in the crowd.


So at this time, she finally couldn’t help asking the man with glasses: “Where is my sister? She… is still in the room?”


At the end of the question, Xu Jiaojiao’s voice trembled slightly, and an ominous premonition enveloped her heart.


“You mean Miss Xu…” The spectacle man pushed the gold glasses on the bridge of his nose, “I don’t know.” “I don’t know? She lives in the same room with you, why don’t you know?” Xu Jiaojiao Screamed out .


“Ms. Xu suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom after turning off the lights last night, so she opened the door and went to the public restroom alone in the dark.” The glasses man said politely, “But what happened to her afterwards… Then I don’t know. , Anyway, she didn’t return all night.”


In this dangerous and weird apartment, she went out alone after the lights were turned off, and ended up staying all night… as a lesson learned from the rich boss, , obviously Xu Tingting’s final end would not be ideal.


Xu Jiaojiao asked in disbelief, “How dare she go out knowing that its violation of the rules? Didn’t you stop her?”


Hearing her rhetorical question, the man in glasses couldn’t help sneering, his tone full of indifference: “As everyone knows, Miss Xu is a mature woman, with her own wishes and decisions, can I stop an adult from going to the bathroom by herself?”


Xu Jiaojiao’s eyes were red, sobbed, she stopped talking , just bit her teeth and turned and ran towards the west building.


The others looked at each other, so they rushed over.


The Pink Apartment is an old-fashioned apartment. Even in the newly painted West Building, there is no separate bathroom in the room. There is only a public toilet at the end of the corridor on each floor.


After everyone rushed to the floor where the glasses man lived last night, they saw Xu Tingting who was missing.


This public toilet is divided into two ,inside and outside, the inside is a toilet, and the outside is a row of rusty shower heads, which also serves as a public bathroom.


At this time, Xu Tingting was lying on her back under a shower head, with blood stains on her clothes, a clear pinch mark on her snow-white neck, and her chest had already stopped breathing.


Her bloodshot eyes were still open, filled with fear, as if she had seen something terrible before she died.


Xu Jiaojiao suddenly wailed in grief and lay on her sister’s body, crying in despair.


While Shen Yu looked at the pinch marks on the neck of the corpse, his heart jumped.


The small greenish-purple pinch marks were not like adult handprints. There were no obvious wounds on the corpse, but the clothes were stained with blood, as if they were stained by something.


It’s so familiar!


He looked down at the dry blood stains on his clothes, and then carefully touched his neck, the bruise that was about to disappear.


This girl, met the blood monkey that once attacked him last night?


He was once attacked by the monkey-like monster, and finally managed to kill successfully, but an unsuspecting girl may not be so lucky after being attacked by a sneak attack.


But if the girl was really killed by the blood monkey, then as far as he knows, there are at least three monsters in this apartment?


Unfortunately, Xu Tingting was not a novelist, and she did not have a black book to record the exact cause of her death, so Shen Yu had to temporarily suppress his doubts.


“Tsk tusk tusk!”


At this moment, the man with glasses who came along with him sighed pretendingly: “What a pity! Such a young and beautiful girl still couldn’t escape.”


And the short-haired girl who heard the fake condolences. ,immediately squinted at him, and said coldly: “The newcomers are always timid and dare not violate the rules. You coaxed her out last night on purpose?”


“Did you promise her that going out at night will not be too big Risk, so that silly girl believed your nonsense?”


Xu Jiaojiao, who was crying bitterly, was taken aback when she heard these words, and then glared at the man with glasses.


The smile on the corners of the man with glasses remained unchanged, and he said nonchalantly: “You must have evidence in everything, don’t slander others at will.” The short-haired girl sneered disdainfully: “Every time in the story, there will be veterans deliberately coaxing newcomers to go to death, find their way for themselves . “Do you want to use this girl’s life to test what will happen if you violate the rules of going out late at night? You are just one of those scumbags!” The glasses man’s smile finally disappeared completely.


He said with a dumb voice: “We are also veterans, why bother for a newcomer? This newcomer is not even a novelist, but an audience, and will not help you in the future.”


“Or say…you Must be a good person today?” The gentle and elegant skin was peeled off, and the man with glasses had only a bitter killing intent in his eyes at this time, and he held his black book with one hand.


The short-haired girl spat out the lollipop in her mouth with a “pooh” sound and faced the provocation of the man with the glasses, and pressed her hand against the black book with the same wariness: “You want to try one?”


The atmosphere between the two is tense, almost on the verge of breaking out.


Shen Yu didn’t know the strength of the two men, nor the purpose of the black book, so he guarded the little boy behind him vigilantly, stepped back and stayed away from the battlefield between the two.


The others were also quite wary, and all hurriedly quit the public bathroom.


Just when the atmosphere in the bathroom had been suppressed to the climax, a hoarse and weird voice interrupted the next movement of the two of them.


“So many of you gather together, do you want to be lazy and not work?”


The corridor manager who handed out the keys yesterday was standing behind everyone, his turbid eyes staring at everyone, his old face twitching.


The man with glasses and the girl with short hair paused and hesitated for a moment. After weighing their advantages and disadvantages, they both retracted their hands on the books .


The administrator bent down and coughed, stretched out a shriveled and old palm, and muttered in his mouth: “Hand over your keys, and quickly get the tools to work.”


Everyone looked at each other, and finally turned the keys obediently, and then The administrator distributed a bunch of cleaning utensils such as brooms, cloths, buckets and so on.


Only Xu Jiaojiao, who had just lost her relative, shouted to the administrator with tearful eyes: “My sister is dead, Two are already dead in your apartment !!”


Hearing her yelling like venting, the administrator’s  eyes rolled, split  his lips and smiled: “Oh, I forgot to tell you one thing.”


“Recently, in the apartment, there were three pets owned by someone who ran away, so if you go out to open the window at night, you will inevitably encounter those little pets.”


“The three pets are a bit fierce. If they kill someone, our apartment is not responsible.” After that, he waved his hand impatiently: “Okay, stop crying, now the apartment is dirty, go clean it up!”


Seeing he was about to leave, Shen Yu, who had been silent, suddenly uttered a voice. : “Wait!” The manager stopped, turned his head and stared at him with cold eyes.


Shen Yu turned a blind eye, but calmly asked: “I have one more question about the few pets that ran away.” The administrator smacked his mouth: “Say.”


“If, I found the three pets… And what are the consequences of killing them?” Shen Yu stared into the eyes of the administrator and asked in a deep voice.


The administrator seemed to be taken aback by his question. He was taken aback for a while, and suddenly opened his toothless mouth and smiled “Hoho”.


After smiling, he walked to Shen Yu: “Young man, if you kill those little pets that ran away…”


“Then you must give their bodies to us. We can give you whatever reward you want!” the administrator said almost gritting his teeth.




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