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TRTN Chapter 31.1

Hide and Seek (Final)

Chapter 31… Hide and Seek (Final)


[Part (1/2)]


“White Angel” is about to sink.

“All the life-saving tools in the cockpit will be moved to the deck!” Yue Ze said immediately, “You go to the deck, I will go to the bottom cabin.”

The sound of the water under their feet became more turbulent, and the ship was shaking more and more violently.

Before leaving, Yue Ze squeezed Zhang Cuihua’s shoulder and whispered, “You help me watch out for that goodnight. He was unknown on the stone tablet, but he suddenly appeared. I don’t trust him.”

Zhang Cuihua looked up to the young man with bronze skin, then turned her head to look at Shen Yu beside the young man.

“Got it, head!” she replied.

Yue Ze then let go, glanced back at Shen Yu’s back, turned and walked towards the bottom cabin.

At this time, the condition of the bottom of the cabin was worse than he expected!

The bottom of the ship had leaked in many places, and the turbid sea almost submerged half a person. The first officer Jack was still standing at the bottom of the ship, enjoying the smell of damp and dirty sea.

After being soaked in seawater, the skin on his body became paler, showing a bloodless translucent shape, and was even falling off in large chunks with the beating of water waves.

His whole body was festering, revealing the sticky outer membrane and twisting tentacles under his skin.

The crowd gathered at the bottom level screamed and squeezed towards the spiral staircase leading to the upper level.

But with even more horrified screams, huge tentacles suddenly squeezed in from the entrance, and then an extremely large and fat water ghost stuffed himself into the small bottom cabin and crushed the wooden spiral ladder, blocking the hope of escape for the people at the bottom.

The water ghost was soaked, swollen and already festered, with a few traces of human appearance left on his body, only his torn white uniform showed his identity.

Captain Hans, who hadn’t been seen for a long time, finally appeared.

It moved its fat body, moved fast and strangely, and rushed straight to the half-monstered Jack, exposing its mouthparts full of fangs, and roared at this former subordinate who had betrayed itself.

The murderer who killed his lover is right in front of him. Jack is completely crazy, his mutated figure became even more distorted, his hideous limbs have completely broken away from the shackles of human skin, and escaped from the human body.

Two disgusting behemoths squirmed and fought in the cabin.

The inferior people with nowhere to escape stood there. Many people screamed and fled around, but they were caught by the monster’s tentacles, breaking their hands and feet under the desperate roar of the crowd, trampled into a ball of mashed meat.

Some people were blocked by two monsters in the corner of the cabin, and there was no room for escape, but some people were lucky enough to be separated from the monster beside the collapsed stairway.

The passage leading to the upper level collapsed, and the novelist who had been taught a lesson by Zhang Cuihua before, was ruthless in his heart. He activated his skills, and slammed the nearby crowd with a weapon in his hand.

An old man with limited mobility was hit by the heavy hammer, and his leg was suddenly broken. He wailed and fell to the ground, his face submerged in the dirty sea water.

Many capable novelists grabbed the white bracelet and headed to the top floor as early as the first day. Most of the people who are still staying in the bottom cabin are “audiences” with no force.

And novelist, at this time, is the existence with the highest force value in the crowd.

With a fierce complexion, his teeth creaked, weapons in his hand smashed into the crowd at will, and countless people who could not dodge fell to the ground, and then stacked their immobile bodies together, getting higher and higher.

Ignoring the wailing of the living people, the novelist stepped on the spiral ladder built of living people, his expression gradually excited, as if he could reach out his hand to reach the hope of escaping from the bottom.

The exit is right here.

But then, a shadow suddenly fell.

The novelist’s triumphant smile was still solidified at the corner of his mouth. Suddenly, he felt a pain at the door, and his eyes went dark. The whole person fell directly upside down, and his body was like the flesh on a hob, one end rolled down between the two monsters.

“Ah ah ah ah-!” Amidst the extremely miserable screams, he was in between the battle of two monsters, his body soon deformed into a mass of meat.

With a cold face, Yue Ze kicked down the novelist who took the opportunity to commit a crime. Instead of seeing his tragic situation, he rescued the victims who were built into “human ladders” one by one from the bottom cabin.

The two monsters were fighting , the narrow cabin was seriously damaged, and not many people survived intact.

Suddenly, in the corner of the cabin, there was a slight sob.

Yue Ze followed his senses and crossed the gap between the tentacles of the two monsters, and saw that the turbid and smelly sea had reached his neck. A thin mother was trying to stand up straight, her embarrassed head floating in the sea.

Although the sea water has almost filled her mouth and nose, the young mother stubbornly supported her arms, holding a young girl in her hands, desperately supporting her child above the water.

She is about to drown, and the hideous monster may break the mother and daughter to pieces at any time, but she still hopes that her child can live!

The girl who was desperately guarded by her mother had teardrops in her round eyes, she looked around at a loss, and looked at Yue Ze who was opposite the monster.

“Big brother…” the girl whispered.

It was the mother and daughter who had been rescued by him.

At this moment, two huge violent monsters were separating them, biting and fighting each other.

Yue Ze’s eyes sank slightly, he slowly got up, and walked to the corner of the cabin. The sharp scalpel slid silently between his fingers

The deck at this time was also in chaos.

The upper class people waiting to escape, as well as those who were lucky enough to escape from the lower cabin, were all crowded together, vying to get on the lifeboat.

Chaos, snatching, killing, oppression… These frightened crowds almost overturned all the lifeboats.

“Shut up all to my mother! Be quiet– ” Zhang Cuihua shouted sharply, kicking a novelist who was fighting for a lifeboat until he vomited blood.

“There are not many people still alive. Our lifeboat is enough to take everyone, but if you grab it again, no one can go!” Her voice was loud, overwhelming all the noise on the scene.

Some of them didn’t believe it and wanted to sneak away on their own, but before they even touched the lifeboat, they were tied up with steel wire by Starscream and thrown directly into the sea.

Zhang Cuihua and Starscream, two people who never had a cooperation with each other, reached an unprecedented agreement at this time.

The chaotic crowd finally managed to restore order under the coercion of the two top ten bosses.

Shen Yu and goodnight are counting the number of people, and assigning the crowd to different lifeboats one by one at the fastest speed.

In the middle of the process, goodnight suddenly hesitated, and then leaned to Shen Yu’s ear uncertainly, and asked in a low voice, “Brother Mint, look at the person in the crowd… who just got on the lifeboat, isn’t that… ”

He didn’t go on, because Shen Yu had already seen it with his own eyes.

“Aolong” was sitting on the lifeboat, staying with ordinary people, looking around, with a weird smile on his face.

In other words, it was the water ghost in the skin of the proud human.

The water ghost turned his head to look at Shen Yu, his smile widened, revealing a black hole, and repeated the sentence, “Are you going to join us?”

Shen Yu’s face was cold, and he loudly shouted, “Get out of that lifeboat!”

The crowd who finally squeezed into the boat naturally did not want to listen to him. When they were full of doubts, they saw Aolong sitting in the middle of them, suddenly grinning at the corner of their ears.

Under everyone’s horrified gaze, a sticky palm was slowly stretched out from Aolong’s mouth.

The mouth was torn even more open, Aolong’s head shrank, a piece of loose human skin fell off, and a cold and slippery water ghost came out of Aolong’s mouth.

Without any warning, everyone on the lifeboat immediately screamed and fled in all directions.

Like Aolong, many water ghosts who had already mixed into the crowd finally tore off their glamorous human skin, revealing their hypocritical and disgusting true face, twisting their fat limbs, opening their mouths, and facing the surrounding people then rushed to them.

The order that finally stabilized was suddenly chaotic again.

“Do you want to join us? Do you want to join us? Do you want to join us…”

A hoarse voice that seemed like a reminder, squeezed from the water ghost’s throat.

The water ghost that emerged from Aolong’s body rushed towards Shen Yu abruptly.

Shen Yu held the ordnance shovel in his hand and shoveled it down fiercely, but the sharp and firm blade only left a shallow mark on the water ghost’s slippery skin.

He knows the strength of the water ghost in front of him. Even the top 100 novelists can’t survive a round with this water ghost. If he just keeps using ordinary skills, he is afraid he will end his life here today.

At this time, the water ghost who had been shoveled continued to rush over without any exception, and Shen Yu hurriedly used the skill [Gift of Female Ghost].

The bloodshot thread snaked up, tying the water ghost tightly in place, but it could only last for three seconds at most.

However, that was enough!

Shen Yu put away the shovel and used the skill [Murder Chainsaw] again.

A skill that can only be used five times, with an indestructible chainsaw, ignoring any physical defense.

The chainsaw with dried blood was still stuck, “buzzing” in Shen Yu’s hands.

Just a second before the water ghost was about to break free of its restraints, a sharp buzzing blade slid across its neck.

A pale, festering head rolled down to the ground.

After killing the water ghost in front of him, Shen Yu breathed a sigh of relief, but before he turned his head, he suddenly heard someone shouting out from behind, “Brother Mint, be careful!” There was a fishy smell of water ghosts. The breath, quietly pounced behind his head.


Then, Shen Yu heard a gunshot.

When he turned his head, he saw a huge water ghost, showing its fangs, fangs and claws stagnating behind him, with an obvious bullet hole on his body.

The water ghost fell down suddenly, revealing goodnight with the gun behind his back.

Goodnight put down the smoking muzzle in his hand, his face was pale and panting, and he said in a panic, “Brother Mint, this is my skill. My skill is to use a cold gun…”

He seemed to be unsure of himself, hardly believing that he actually killed a water ghost, and the explanation at this time is also incoherent.

Shen Yu breathed out lightly, stepped forward and rubbed the other’s hair comfortingly, “You did a good job, believe in yourself, you are really good.”

Goodnight’s eyes lit up, “Well, I am not better than others!”

“Now, we continue to solve these difficult monsters.” Shen Yu said in a deep voice, lifting the chainsaw that was turning crazily in his hand.

On the other side, Starscream was tired of it.

These water ghosts are very lethal, and the surrounding people are running around, almost overturning the lifeboat several times.

She is not a helpful character, and she is not a civil servant like Zhang Cuihua. It is impossible for her to sacrifice herself to save others. Before, she was able to help maintain order, and she had done her utmost benevolence.

So Starscream jumped into a lifeboat, took the few living people left on the boat, and detached from the deck like an arrow from the string.

She turned her head and yelled to Zhang Cuihua in the crowd, “Don’t save, you can’t save a few. Get out while you can still go!”

Zhang Cuihua looked back at the chaos behind her, her face a little pale, but in the end her eyes are almost red. She abruptly snatched out two lifeboats from the chaos, and drove the survivors to the lifeboats, “Go all up, let’s go!”

Shen Yu took a pause and suddenly realized that…Yue Ze has not yet come out.

He was still in the bottom cabin!

He grabbed goodnight and quickly confessed, “You go to the lifeboat first, with Cuihua and others then wait for me in the distance, and I will be back soon.”

Goodnight realized what he was going to do, and immediately grabbed his wrist, “Brother Mint?”

“Don’t worry, I will come back…”

Shen Yu broke free of his hand and came to the entrance to the bottom cabin, watching the higher and higher seawater under his feet, he couldn’t help taking a deep breath, almost muttering, “I will be coming back…”

Bringing Yue Ze back together.

He gritted his teeth fiercely and jumped into the water in the bottom cabin.



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