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TRTN Chapter 30

Hide and Seek (7)

Chapter 30 Hide and Seek (7)

A tall figure walked into the hatch, with a neat uniform. It was the first officer of “White Angel”.


Jack silently stared at the two in front of him. After a long time of silence, he squeezed out a hoarse laughter from his throat, “You know?”

His gaze was fixed on the voyage diary in Yue Ze’s hand.

“The White Angel… ha, it shouldn’t exist in the first place! It’s neither pure, nor angelic, and never great…”

No one answered, Jack was in a daze and muttered to himself, “This ship is a long overdue vanishing mirage, with only those who are still immersed in the past in a false prosperity, but we would have that sank.” “We can’t get out of this sea, we will never be able to reach our destination.”

Looking at Jack, who seemed to be in a nightmare, Yue Ze was not too surprised, but opened his black book indifferently.

The cover is hot, and the plot begins to update.

【A group of travelers took a cruise and embarked on a wonderful journey.】

【A journey that never ends.】

【Where shall we go?】

【Where should we be buried?】

He was keenly aware that the next focus of the story, is certainly closely related to the officer, Jack.

“Mr. Jack, excuse me.”

Yue Ze closed the page and asked calmly, “Do you remember his name?”

Jack’s face changed slightly.

Yue Ze didn’t specify who this “he” was, but Jack knew very well in his heart.

“Samuel…” He confided the name of his former lover in pain, “My boy…he sank in the sea forever, he was buried in a rocky place, under a whirlpool…” As if immersed in unbearable grief, Jack’s complexion became paler, and he staggered away, ignoring that there were still two people in the cockpit.

Where are the rugged rocks, under the whirlpool?

After the first officer Jack left, Yue Ze frowned slightly, as if thinking of something, and continued to fumble in the cockpit.

“I think, are you looking for this thing?”

Suddenly, a graceful voice floated into the ears of the two of them.

Zhang Cuihua’s face suddenly changed after hearing this voice, and she suddenly turned her head to look at the cabin door.

Starscream was leaning against the door, held between her fingers was an old yellow map, “On every boat should have charts so I got it ahead in the hands yesterday, a step faster than you.”

Her eyes were graceful and silky, and she glanced proudly at Zhang Cuihua, “Envy? Little girl!” Zhang Cuihua suddenly saw her, her whole body was like a cat with whose tail had bee stepped on, she almost jumped up, gritted her teeth and shouted, “Red-Spider!”

All the novelists in the White Tower know that Zhang Cuihua and Starscream never had a good relationship!

On the ranking of the White Tower, both of them ranked in the top ten.

Zhang Cuihua ranked eighth and Starscream ranked ninth.

For Starscream, the other surpassed her in the rankings.

For Zhang Cuihua, the other surpassed her in height.

Obviously, both of them are very upset with each other!

When they met again in the story, the atmosphere between the two suddenly became tense.

But Yue Ze’s eyes moved slightly, and he looked at the person next to Starscream, “…are you here?”

A smile formed in his eyes, and Shen Yu slowly walked out from behind Starscream, “I’m here.”

“I’m here to find you.”

Yue Ze’s mouth turned upwards unconsciously, but he said, “You had some adventure.”

Shen Yu: “It’s worth it.”

The other three, “…”

Zhang Cuihua, “Tsk!”

Starscream, “Tsk! “

Goodnight, “Tsk tut!”

The few people on the sidelines suddenly felt a bit sour!

Ignoring the toothache, Yue Ze stepped forward and politely took away the nautical chart from Starscream’s hand, “We need to find the distribution of the reefs in the chart.”

“The vortex in the rocky ridge, it is very likely to be there. The burial place of Jack’s lover.”

“His lover was killed, so he is not in harmony with the other crew members on the boat. This is a very important clue.”

Shen Yu also walked up and added, “We saw the water ghost just now, these things are hidden in the crowd under the skin of human beings.”

“The story requires us to choose a camp. If someone chooses to join those luxurious noble people, it may mean that these people have essentially become a “water ghost” in human skin.”

“Standing on the bones of the bottom, maintaining a sense of superiority, and having fun in the upper class. It’s like the discrimination of white people against people of color, and the discrimination of upper class people against lower class people… ” “But on the ship,  such discrimination oppression, are openly displayed. “

After the two of them meet again, it seems as though they can tacitly understand each other’s thoughts without saying anything, and naturally begins to analyze the situation from the front.

And among the few, the youngest, goodnight was grabbing the life-saving tools in the cockpit and asked curiously, “Why are these things piled up here?”

Yue Ze glanced at him, and his brows wrinkled slightly, “He is…”

“His pen name is goodnight, and he happened to act with us this time. He has been actively following me all the time.” Shen Yu explained.

“Brother Mint!”

Goodnight enthusiastically shouted, “Your friends look so amazing!”

Looking at the young boy who looked like a little golden retriever and was spinning around Shen Yu, Yue Ze’s eyebrows frowned more unconsciously.

And Zhang Cuihua and Starscream were still facing each other like there’s no one else.

“It’s been a long time, the kid still doesn’t seem to grow taller?” Starscream covered her mouth with a chuckle, her eyes turned cresents, and she looked up and down at Zhang Cuihua’s short body.

Not to be outdone, Zhang Cuihua sneered, “Just like someone’s ranking, it doesn’t go up at all. Ninth place for ten thousand years!”

“Always pay attention to rankings… she is really just a little girl, like a primary school student caring about her own ranking.”

“Hey, at least it’s better than someone’s ranking. Why haven’t you been squeezed out of the top ten?” The two were talking tit-for-tat. After a few rounds, no one took a verbal advantage.

In the end, the two had to snort and turned their heads to stop looking at each other.

Under the dim sight, Yue Ze had adjusted the direction of the cruise ship appropriately according to the position on the chart.

“Do you know how to sail?” Shen Yu asked curiously.

“Understand a little bit.” Yue Ze said, “At this speed, maybe after dawn, this cruise ship will be able to reach the nearby reef shallows.”

“The living environment of the lower cabin is very harsh, and the safety of the upper cabin is not optimistic, we need to end this story as soon as possible…”

Before he could finish his words, the cabin suddenly trembled.

Yue Ze stopped his voice and looked at Shen Yu.

Under their feet, in the cabin on the lower level, there was a continuous sound of low water.

As if thinking of something, Yue Ze’s eyes suddenly trembled.

First officer Jack!

Just now he mentioned Jack’s long-dead inferior lover, maybe the other party was stimulated again, and now it has become the only variable on this ship.

But what did Jack do in the lower cabin?

Soon, the exclamation outside the cabin answered his doubts.

“Water…it’s leaking! The cabin is leaking, and it’s sinking—”

“Boat maggots! Ship maggots everywhere!!”

Noisy shouts, curses, and chaotic footsteps, intertwined, clearly from the bottom of the cabin.

The colors of the people in the cabin suddenly changed.

At this time, the bottom cabin had long been messed up into a pot of porridge, everyone shrank into a ball in panic, looking at a decadent white male with horror on their faces.

First officer Jack’s uniform has been taken off. He is tall and gloomy, kicking over the iron barrels in the cabin one by one.

What’s in the iron bucket are all boat maggots that have been cleaned up in the past two days.

The hungry boat maggots fell to the ground and immediately began to gnaw on the planks on the bottom of the boat.

The surrounding water leaks became more and more serious.

“It should have sunk long ago…”

Jack opened his arms, took a deep breath of the dirty and filthy air at the bottom, and said with a face full of intoxication, “This sinful ship, and the sinful people on it.”

“Noble white angel…no, sinful white angel!”


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