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TRTN Chapter 31.2

Hide and Seek (Final)

Chapter 31… Hide and Seek (Final)


[Part (2/2)]


At this time, the ship’s plank was already rotten, and the surface of the water covered his neck. Shen Yu was in the cold water, his hands and feet were extremely stiff, and he could barely breathe.

Calm, calm…

He tried his best to restrain his panic. In the narrow and long corridor, he cut all the boat wood obstructing the road directly with a chainsaw, and walked straight into the water deeper.

At this time, the bottom cabin was flooded with festering meat and debris, and the sea water became more turbid and smelly, and there was hardly anyone in it.

It seems that there has been a fierce battle here.

Just as Shen Yu continued to approach, suddenly a shining blade flashed, breaking through the water, and reaching his throat dangerously.

Yue Ze, drenched all over, also emerged from the water.

He saw Shen Yu at first sight, his eyes trembled, as if he couldn’t believe it. After he was startled, his expression changed: “Why are you coming down?”

“Don’t you know you are afraid of water? You are crazy!”

Shen Yu looking at Yue Ze, who was also quite embarrassed, did not answer, but showed a pale but slightly triumphant smile, “I found you.” Yue Ze looked at him, and after a while, he let out a sigh of relief, “Well, you found me.”

His condition at this time is not very good.

No matter how powerful a person is, he will be injured even after dismembering two terrifying monsters at the same time.

His left arm can’t move now, and a young mother who has passed out of a coma is still dragged on his right arm. The little girl who was rescued by him is lying quietly on his back at this time, holding his neck tightly. .

Shen Yu took the girl, the little girl was very good, staring with two big eyes, not noisy, but was terribly frightened.

In order to prevent the two from getting separated in the water, Shen Yu clutched Yue Ze’s injured arm tightly with his other hand, and walked out of the cabin in the turbid sea.

In the cold water, feeling the temperature of another person in his palm, Yue Ze looked a little startled.

But the road for them to go out was not smooth.

The sea has completely flooded in, and under the turbid and smelly water, the two seem to see countless water ghosts shuttle through it.

Shen Yu even saw Chrissy again.

That beautiful blonde girl, the skin on top and bottom of her body was swollen and ulcerated, and she was soaked in water, a swollen, white face almost stuck in front of him, her rotten tongue vaguely shouted: “Sir, dear gentleman…”

“Are you here to join us?”

“Join us… Why don’t you join us? Don’t you like me anymore? Join me…”

A sound of temptation sounded back and forth in his mind.

In front of them, there are more water ghosts blocking the way.

It’s not far from the deck…

Shen Yu took a deep breath, stabilized his mind, stroked his palm on the black book, and used a new skill.

[Emily’s Music Box] The taunting skill can attract the attention of the characters in the book to the maximum, and the duration is more than five seconds.

In a corner where no one noticed, a small and old music box suddenly appeared there.

The music box began to rotate, and a burst of out-of-tune “To Alice” sounded from the box and spread erratically in the water for a long time.

As if seduced, all the water ghosts in front of them, after hearing the music, suddenly floated around the music box like sleepwalking, wandering around incessantly, refusing to stop, and having no time to take care of what is happening outside.

Five seconds, only five seconds.

Shen Yu seized this opportunity, and together with Yue Ze, took the rescued person and rushed out of the bottom cabin at the fastest speed, with waves of white water dripping under their feet.

Behind them, the water ghosts who were waking up from the dream suddenly let out a long and sharp howl, and chased them unwillingly.

At this time, “White Angel” almost turned over. In the sea not far away, Zhang Cuihua and Goodnight, each driving a small boat, are still waiting for them.

The sticky footsteps behind them were getting closer, and the two did not look back, and at the same time rushed onto the deck, jumping high into the sea.

All the smelly smell was forgotten, Shen Yu hugged the little girl and fell into the sea, and then was salvaged in the next second.

Goodnight appeared in front of him, a vigorous young man, his hair still messed up.

Goodnight dragged him and the little girl onto the lifeboat and laughed from the bottom of his heart, “Brother Mint! You are really back.”

On the other side, Zhang Cuihua had also pulled Yue Ze onto the boat, the comatose young mother was also lying on the boat and coughing, and was about to wake up soon.

The little girl has opened her little hand to wake up her mother.

Goodnight paddled the boat over and handed the little girl to her mother.

Everything was so beautiful, except for the sinking cruise ship behind him.

The wooden hull is cracking and disintegrating, and all the hatred, discrimination, blood, and corpses on the ship will sink to the bottom of the sea permanently with the water ghosts.

Everyone witnessed the end of “White Angel”.

Just as the sea regained calmness, suddenly a long sound of the ship’s whistle sounded.

In Shen Yu’s horrified gaze, another cruise ship came slowly on the sea in the distance.

The same wooden boat boards, the same luxury, the same class distinctions, the cruise ships come and go, sailors, staff, and dance partners.

He even saw from a distance that the same Captain Hans and First officer Jack appeared on the cruise ship.

“The endless cycle of reincarnation.”

Yue Ze also looked at this new cruise ship, and said with emotion, “This is a cruise ship that has sunk long ago, like a ghost, it will never stop, never have a destination, repeating history over and over again, waiting for the arrival of the next group of people…”

Discrimination and oppression will never be eliminated, just like “White Angel” will be reborn over and over again.

Across the distant sea, officer Jack glanced at them, and then the cruise ship drove away slowly, away from them.

Shen Yu let out a sigh of relief, “At least for this moment, we are safe.”

Now all that is left is to find the reef beach in the nearby sea and wait for the hidden whirlpool to appear.

The sky was already bright, and the two people each drove two lifeboats and drove slowly. It didn’t take long before they met Starscream, who left first.

Starscream was holding the nautical chart in her hand and looked around, bored. After seeing the other two safe and sound boats, she raised her eyebrows.

Zhang Cuihua stood in front of the boat and laughed loudly, “Ninth place, what if you left early? It’s still waiting for us now!” (E/N: I think that’s referring to the whirlpool..?)

Starscream mocked lukewarmly, “You guys are also quite capable. You even survived after so much trouble. It seems that the little girl is not worthless!”

“Why, you are not happy to see me alive? Your ranking can’t move forward, it’s still the old nine.”

”Tsk! The rankings always change, unlike someone’s height, which is always fixed.”

“…Dead spider, you wait for it!” As soon as the two met, they immediately started bickering.

On the blue sea, showed a messy reef, then a large whirlpool gradually appeared under the water, as if to suck in these three small boats.

But everyone didn’t panic. Everyone knew that at this point in the plot, they should be able to leave the story.

The current atmosphere can’t help being relaxed.

Goodnight, this lively and active teenager held Shen Yu by the shoulder and said: “Brother Mint, how did I perform today? Wasn’t it handsome when I shot with my skills?”

“Brother Mint, After returning to reality, can we still meet again? Can I invite you to my house as a guest?” The whirlpool has swallowed Starscream’s lifeboat, and their two small boats are also approaching the whirlpool.

Shen Yu was physically and mentally exhausted at this time, but didn’t want to reply to the young man’s enthusiasm. He had to look at the whirlpool while nodding in response, “Your skills are great, but in reality we should not be able to meet…”

“Bang! ”

Suddenly a gunshot broke all the silence.

There was a burst of pain like burning fire from his back, and Shen Yu looked startled and looked down at his chest.

A sudden bullet penetrated his chest.

Turning his head in disbelief, he saw the enthusiastic and cheerful boy behind him, with a smoking muzzle in his hand, still with a shy smile on his face.

“Brother Mint, is my gun good?” He asked with a smile.

Shen Yu did not answer, his body was already weakened, and his eyes were dizzy. He overturned from the boat and fell silently into the cold water.

A second before he fell, he seemed to hear Yue Ze’s roar.

The incident happened suddenly, almost no one expected that just before they were about to leave the story, the boy who seemed to have been friendly and cheerful would suddenly take action.

At the moment when Shen Yu fell into the sea, Yue Ze on the other lifeboat trembled, and without the slightest hesitation, he jumped into the sea.

All this happened between the lightning and the fire, almost in the next instant, the originally calm sea suddenly became rough, like a sudden shock.

Goodnight originally wanted to catch Shen Yu who had fallen into the sea, but he moved a little slower, and countless waves had already rolled up the stormy waves, almost swallowing the small boat under him.

He staggered, fell back on the boat, and looked at the raging waves in front of him, and his heart trembled slightly.

As if the sea god is angry!

“It is indeed Anonymous in the legend, even if it is already injured…”

He muttered blankly, “Brother Mint, it seems that I can’t take you away this time.”

“I will find another chance to visit your house in the future!”

Before the real storm came, his lifeboat disappeared into the whirlpool in the next second, leaving the story.

Only Zhang Cuihua was left, staring at the sea in shock and anger, trying to find the two missing companions.

‘I’m falling.’

Shen Yu fell into the icy water, thinking vaguely with the only remaining spiritual consciousness.

‘I seemed to be falling endlessly.’

It was like that old river when he was young, cold, dark, and silent, with only death surrounding him.

How did he survive at the time? …why can’t he remember?

The cold sea water poured into his lungs, the bleeding wounds, and the gradually cold limbs, almost taking away his last bit of consciousness.

Maybe he really is dying.

‘Just like when I was three years old.’

But when he was three years old, he actually survived, just because, because…the vague memories of his childhood flooded and gradually became clear in his mind.

Because someone grabbed him…

A warm hand, suddenly reached out, and firmly grasped his falling palm.

Just like then.

Almost in the next second, Shen Yu felt the surroundings shine, he had been rescued from the water by someone, and he was in the other’s arms.

“Let’s go!”

He heard Yue Ze’s voice.


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