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TRTN Chapter 2

The bloody apartment (2)


Chapter 2 The Bloody Apartment (2)


After Shen Yu entered the West Building, he understood why the name of this apartment was called “Pink Apartment.”


Although the layout of the east building and the west building of the apartment is exactly the same, the east building is dark and dilapidated, and the west building is clean and tidy, especially the newly painted walls, with a delicate pink color, like a warm fairy tale house in the legend.


The twelve people who entered the West Building were divided into six groups and lived in rooms on different floors.


Room No. 404, Shen Yu sat at his desk, little boy sitting on the bed, bored shook two small short legs, staring at the back of Shen Yu, curiously asked : ” What are you doing? ”


At this time Shen Yu hadn’t changed his blood-stained clothes. He was staring at the black book in front of him intently, and replied without looking back: “I’m reading.”


At the beginning of the book, there are only a few sentences. The words have been silently read countless times by him over and over.


“The most important and fundamental thing to write a story is the ability to read and collect information. It is necessary to analyze the meaning word by word, and to extract and summarize important information concisely.” He added to the little boy again.


Since entering the story, a series of things have followed. Now he needs to analyze and summarize all the information one by one, and then list them out.


But at this time he only had a box of mints, and there was no pen to write with.


Shen Yu threw a candy into his mouth, feeling the refreshing sweetness of mint spreading on the tip of his tongue, gradually calming his anxious heart.


He shook the box, and heard the candy bottle “clanging”, obviously there was not many candies left in it.


So, he looked at the schoolbag beside the little boy again, and asked with great grief: “Have you brought a pen? I can use a candy for your pencil.” The little guy seems to be in elementary school. There should be pen and paper stationery in the schoolbag.


Seeing his reluctance to give away the  mint candy , the little boy was weirdly silent for a while, and finally nodded, reached into his bag, and drew out a pen.


“I don’t like candy.” He handed the pen to Shen Yu.


Shen Yu took the pen, paused for a while, and then asked as if nothing had happened, “Are you six years old? First grade?” The little boy looked at him and nodded, his dark eyes flashing with curiosity, the same. Asked: “What do you do outside of the story?”


Shen Yu replied casually: “Novelist, the uninfluenced kind.”


He had just quit his high-paying job and plunged into writing based on personal hobbies. The abyss of horror novels, the time to enter the industry is still short, and it has not had time to become famous.


After speaking, Shen Yu stopped speaking, just staring at the red text on the black book.


The ink of the boy’s pen is also red.


Why do the first grade pupils write with pens instead of pencils? And is red ink used?


He rubbed his finger on the pen for a long time, and finally he was still in the blank space of the book page, and began to write:


1. There is at least one monster in the apartment.


2. Apartment residents are forbidden to go out after 11 o’clock and must lock doors and windows.


3. Reasonably guessed that these two prohibitions are related to monsters. Perhaps at night, monsters will be more dangerous.


4. But the monster that has attacked me finally disappeared under the bed. Its way to enter the residents’ rooms is not the doors and windows. Why do the residents need to lock the doors and windows?


5. Maybe there is more than one monster wandering in the apartment? (For the time being in doubt)


6. will definitely die when he is alone? (For the time being in doubt)


After writing these six pieces of information in red handwriting, Shen Yu hadn’t put down the pen, and the light in the room suddenly went out without warning.


The room fell into darkness, and Shen Yu only heard the little boy’s voice from behind: “It’s eleven o’clock.” When the lights in the apartment were turned off, the lights in the room were off, but the lights in the corridor were still on for some reason.


The wisps of light leaked into the room from the gap in the door of the house. With this dim light, Shen Yu could see the little boy’s expression clearly at this time.


Still very calm, without a trace of panic or fear.




At this moment , a strange sound rang out in the silent darkness.


In an instant, the two looked towards the window together.


“Crack…crack…” It was like the sound of a fingernail scratching the glass, and the rustling accompanied by the rubbing of the clothes, it sounded like someone is standing outside the window, scratching the window with his fingers, trying to peek inside the house.


But their room is on the fourth floor.


In the darkness, the little boy came to Shen Yu silently and held his hand quietly.


About finally feeling a little scared, the little guy’s body temperature was abnormally low at this time, and his immature palms were cold, and Shen Yu felt like he was holding a piece of ice.


The scratching outside the window continued, and intensified, as if a little impatient.


Something outside the window wants to come in.


At this moment, the little boy suddenly gently pulled his palm, pointed to the door quietly, and whispered: “Outside the door.”


Shen Yu temporarily shifted his attention from the window, turning his head to listen to the movement outside the door.


There was a dull rubbing sound, like someone dragging a heavy wooden board, moving slowly and aimlessly in the corridor.


Moreover, the sound of footsteps is gradually approaching their room.


In the darkness, Shen Yu’s face changed slightly. He raised his hand to signal the little boy to keep quiet, then walked slowly to the door, leaning down and looking out through the gap under the door.


His footsteps were as light as a cat, and there was no sound.


The little boy also followed, lowered and squatted beside him, his dark eyes were round and thin, and his body was thin and small, like a squatting kitten.


Shen Yu knew that his actions at this time were very risky, but there were not many opportunities to observe and collect information up close, so he didn’t want to be passive all the time.


The dull footsteps outside the door were getting closer and closer, close to their room, his heart couldn’t help beating wildly, but the ink-stained eyes became brighter in the darkness.


From the narrow gap at the bottom of the door, there is only a limited number of things that can be seen. The first thing that catches his eye is a pair of soles without shoes.


The soles of human feet do not have the warm complexion of a normal human. A pair of bare feet stepped on the floor, black and white from the cold, covered with blood-red cracks, clogged blood scabs and dirty dust.


Behind these feet, he dragged a square piece of wood. The wood was painted with red paint and some patterns were painted on the bottom.


Seeing these lines, Shen Yu narrowed his eyes and recognized that they were lines that could only be drawn on the coffin.


A bare-footed weird man, dragging a coffin in an unmanned corridor, passing by the door of every room in the silent night.


The barefooted stranger outside the door walked very stiffly, as if being pulled step by step by a wire. When he walked to the door of Room 404, he suddenly stood upright.


Shen Yu’s heart sank. He instinctively got up and stood in front of the little boy, staring at the door with a pair of eyes, even the “thing” outside the window that had been scratching the glass with perseverance was temporarily forgotten by him.


“Tuk tuk!” A knock on the door suddenly sounded in the dark and silent room.


The people outside, standing in front of door 404, knocked on the door again and again, and wanted to come in as well.


Shen Yu felt the little boy grasping his hand, holding it harder and harder.


The people outside knocked on the door for three minutes before quieting down.


Shen Yu leaned down and looked at the crack of the door again, and found that his feet were still standing outside the door and did not leave at all, as if waiting for the person in the door to lose their vigilance and open the door by himself.


The two waited for a while, holding their breath, and then he seemed to have finally given up. He continued to move with heavy steps, dragging the coffin to the next goal.


Only then did Shen Yu lightly breathe a sigh of relief.


At this moment , the little boy suddenly pulled his sleeves gently, pointed to the window, and whispered: “There is no sound outside the window.” Only then did Shen Yu realize that at the moment when the knock on the door sounded. The sound of scratching of the window glass suddenly disappeared.


In other words, the “things” outside the window are afraid of the weird man dragging the coffin outside the door?


In the darkness, he opened his eyes slightly and pondered for a long while, before he said: “That weird guy outside…went to  the east building?”



Pink apartment east building, room 101.


Boss Qian, who was placed alone, was lying on the bed alone, shaking his head under the quilt.


The red key can open all the rooms in the East Building, but Boss Qian was timid and didn’t dare to live too far by himself, so he found a room closest to the hall on the first floor and checked in.


“Fuck his mother’s horror novel! Fuck his mother! Fuck his son…” For courage and to vent his anger, Boss Qian scolded all those who had abandoned him in his heart.


At this moment, the sound of “creaking” scratching the glass came from outside the window.


Boss Qian didn’t dare to look, but buried his head deeper in the quilt, and muttered silently: “Isn’t it just a broken apartment? What’s the big deal? How many big winds and waves I have experienced, and what is there to fear…” The  sound of scratching the window glass became louder and louder, slowly turning into a smashing window. At the same time, he heard the driver Da Zhuang shouting outside the window: “Boss, I am here!”


“We studied for half a night and finally found a way out, so we rushed to rescue you.”


The original  Qian boss was overjoyed, and crawled out of his bed: “Da Zhuang, is it you?”


The voice outside the window replied, “It’s me, hurry up and leave this ghost place with me!” Da Zhuang’s voice, The simple and honest tone is indeed a familiar voice.


“Da Zhuang , you little bastard! I thought you really didn’t care about Lao Tzu, you little…” Boss Qian ran to the window crying and cursing, before he had time to think about it, and opened the window.


Outside the window was pitch black, there was no  shadow of Da Zhuang, only half of the body hung in front of the window, and a pair of woman’s toes dangling in front of Boss Qian’s eyes.


Boss Qian was immediately stunned, raised his head in a daze, and looked up along her toes.


A hanged woman, with a rope around her neck, was blown to and fro in the night breeze, her pale and swollen face drooped softly, her scarlet lips licked by her long tongue, a pair of blood red eyes stared at him maliciously.


The woman took off the rope loop around her neck, and through the open window, she jerked towards Boss Qian’s neck … Not knowing how long it took, the same dull footsteps sounded in the east building.


The weird man dragging the coffin stopped in front of door 101, knocking on the door again and again.


This time too, after waiting for a long time, no one opened the door for it, and the barefoot man dragged his heavy steps and left again.


In the silent room number 101, the window in the room was wide open, and a fat figure was hung out of the window, his toes in leather shoes swaying in the wind.




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