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TRTN Chapter 23. 3

The lost portrait (final 3/4)

Chapter 23… The lost portrait (Final)

(Part 3/4)


Bard continued to rush towards Shen Yu, but he slammed into a glass wall, almost bleeding from his dog-like nose.


But he didn’t hesitate, and directly lifted the chainsaw in his hand and slashed it on the glass in front of him.


Just like cutting tofu, the saw blade smashed the glass, and fragments soon splashed around.


Both Shen Yu and Yue Ze were surprised.


After all, it’s bulletproof glass, and bullets can’t penetrate it!


After thinking about it, Yue Ze knew in an instant that the chainsaw in Bard’s hand was definitely a very useful prop.


He turned around again to avoid Bard’s angry attack and shouted to Shen Yu, “The chainsaw is a good prop. I will snatch it from the ghoul and give it to you?”


Shen Yu: “…Let’s think about it later. Save your life!”


This thing can’t be beaten, it’s too difficult!


The girls on the side were watching the battle nervously, while Zhang Keke, who was wrapped in dog skin, was dying, and it seemed that she could not live long.


Lin Miaomiao couldn’t help taking a step back again and again because she was afraid of the vicious ghoul, but accidentally stepped on something.


She looked back and saw a ghastly skull under her feet, and beside her feet, there were countless pale human bones.


Lin Miaomiao was startled, almost instinctively about to scream.


But she reacted quickly, she covered her mouth tightly and stopped the scream that almost blurted out.


Now other people are fighting ghouls, and she can’t let others be distracted.


She raised her foot cautiously, pushing she bones to the side.


She didn’t know if it’s her illusion, but these pale bones seem to… be shaking slightly?


On the other side, the ghoul’s attack became more fierce.


Shen Yu avoided the swinging chainsaw again, and had to activate the only skill he could use at this time again.


[Female ghost’s thank you gift]


The bloodshot threads spread again, temporarily trapping the crazy ghoul, along with the chainsaw.


This chainsaw seems to be able to cut through any physical defenses, but for supernatural skills, the effect is not very good, so Shen Yu managed to trap it.


Unfortunately, the restraint time is only three seconds.


Seeing that the short three seconds were about to pass, Shen Yu was determined to try to use willpower to manipulate the bloodshot thread to draw the blood of the ghoul, so as to extend the restraint time.


The pliable bloodshot threads slammed into the flesh and blood of the prey, and the color soon became darker.


But Bard was still barking and struggling as if he felt no pain at all.


Then, the capillary that was sucking blood suddenly trembled, and then quickly faded.


Shen Yu: ???


In his book, such a sentence emerged.


[Gift from the female ghost] It said : “I have never absorbed such a rotten blood!” “Bah!”


Shen Yu: “…”


Ancestor! Don’t be so picky, okay?!


Just before the bloodshot threads faded and the ghoul was about to gain the ability to move, Yue Ze suddenly rushed forward, holding a sharp scalpel between his fingers, and slashing at Bard’s wrist with the chainsaw!




A palm flew out, together with the chainsaw.


Shen Yu rushed forward to pick up the chainsaw, aimed at Bard’s sturdy neck, and it violently shake. Bard’s neck was suddenly bloody, his huge body was unsteady, he staggered and stumbled everywhere.


The girls ran away in a hurry, far away from the ghoul.


Only the half-dead Zhang Keke, at this time, finally accumulated a little energy, and was getting up from the ground. Although the scalded puss eyes were invisible, she listened to the movement around her.


Although her face was covered with fur, her expression was still full of spiteful revenge anger.


Bard, who was already struggling to death, stumbled to the vicinity of the tomb, his body low and his limbs on the ground, as if he wanted to flee desperately.


But what was even more surprising was that, at the moment Bard approached Zhang Keke, Zhang Keke, who was already blind, actually recognized the enemy’s footsteps with her hearing.


She lost her tongue and let out a sharp howl. Although she could not stand without her hands and feet, she leaped forward like a real dog, biting the ghoul’s neck with one bite, and tore it fiercely.


Bard, who was already at the end of its life, was hit by her. Its huge body shook, and it fell straight into the tomb dug behind him.


At this time, the corpses of the victim were lying in the tomb.


What surprised everyone was that as Bard fell into the tomb, all the bones that had been motionless shivered slightly.


It was a trembling of excitement and hatred that was overwhelming, just like Zhang Keke who had just revenge.


In the horrifying eyes of everyone, these bones began to deform and twist, and the human skull among them became longer and the teeth became pointed, like a dog.


All the bones rushed up and slammed into Bard’s flesh and blood, enclosing the culprit in the middle, then the canine skulls rushed over, biting Bard’s body fiercely, as if to tear him into pieces.


Shen Yu looked at the scene in front of him, and once again remembered the record he had seen in the book before.


[Humans can transform into ghouls after a long period of time.] Bad, this filthy thing, turned into a ghoul and harmed countless girls.


The girls who were killed by him were buried in the cold and humid cemetery at will, the closest place to the ghoul, Bard. After an unknown period of time, the girl’s body was finally transformed into a new ghoul, driven by hatred.


A dozen ghouls with only bones left!


Under the siege of these skeletal remains, Bard, who was already seriously injured, had no resistance, and had to scream and be torn into pieces by the skulls.


Zhang Keke had just fallen into the tomb with Bard. At this time, under the siege of the corpse, she was inevitably injured by mistake and made a faint scream.


Shen Yu hurriedly came to the tomb and dragged Zhang Keke out of the chaotic and bloody revenge.


She was already tortured with only one breath. At this time, she was wounded, and she was already in a state of semi-coma, and she could die at any time!


Shen Yu looked at the woman who had been mutilated into a dog, and his eyebrows couldn’t help but frown, “Such a serious injury, can she still live after going out?”


Even if she can live, she has no hands, feet or eyes, she is destined to fall for life. Disability, I wonder if she can survive the rest of her life?


Yue Ze saw his worries and soothed, “No need to worry, as long as you return to the real world alive, the injuries suffered in the story will be healed naturally without leaving any disability.”


Shen Yu looked happy, “Really?”


Yue Ze: “Yes, but the premise is to get out alive.”


As the two talked, the original screams in the grave gradually ceased.


When Shen Yu looked curiously, he saw a canine-toothed white bone at the bottom of the pit. Bard was no longer visible, only the fleshy flesh oozing between the bones.


Bard was torn alive!


This revenge, which had been delayed for many years, was finally completed.


At this time, the tomb began to change, and the bottom of the pit continued to sink, eventually turning into a black hole of nothingness.


The outlet that links the real world has appeared.


Shen Yu touched the tip of the injured person’s nose, feeling that there was still one last breath left.


He and Yue Ze looked at each other and smiled, bringing the unconscious Zhang Keke and three anxious girls into the exit.


After a short while, the exit was sealed, and the tomb was restored to its original state.


More than a dozen female corpses interlaced, surrounded by a group of crushed male corpses, exposed in the open-air cemetery. Tthe scene was extremely frightening.


It seems that everything is dead still.


But at this time, footsteps came from a distance.


One after another, people came to this cemetery where the fierce battle had just happened.


They were all the residents of the town who had been invisible. They finally showed up at this time, all expressionless, with an extremely indifferent look on their faces, turning a blind eye to the horror before them.


A priest walked out of the church, tall and thin, standing in the forefront of the crowd.


With a shovel in their hands, everyone indifferently scooped up the excavated soil and refilled it in the tomb, burying the bones of these ghouls.


After the tomb was filled, everyone left without a word.


Before leaving, only the priest sighed, “There is one less person in the town.” The tone was flat, as if talking about the weather today.


The crowd dispersed, the tombstone then fell to the ground, and no one lifted it up again.


The Town of Lies returned to calm again.




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