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TRTN Chapter 23. 2

The lost portrait (final 2/4)

Chapter 23… The lost portrait (Final)

(Part 2/4)


There is no “Alice”, and there is no “Portrait of Alice”, because truly perfect things do not exist in this world.


The “Alice” Bard pursues is nothing but a madman’s babbling when he is mad, created to satisfy his perverted fantasy needs.


But revealing the truth so nakedly, obviously some people who pretend to be affectionate can’t accept it.


As if provoked by these words, Bard’s expression suddenly became agitated, blue veins violently jumped on his forehead, his complexion flushed, and his mouth almost sharply roared, “These imperfect women are not worthy of my Alice–”


The girls who were so frightened that their hands and feet were weak, finally took a sigh of relief and desperately fled out of the villa.


Before Shen Yu could leave, a gust of wind approached behind his head.


He hurriedly rolled on the spot, avoiding a sharp claw dangerously.


Just where he was standing, a monster was crawling on the ground, his complexion flushed, and he was breathing heavily.


Bard’s appearance at this time has completely changed. His body shape has skyrocketed, his thick and bulging muscles broke the well-made clothes, fangs are growing in his mouth, claws are sticking out of his hands, and his face has become like a canine.


He staggered to his feet, standing like a human being, but leaning forward, his eyes was full of filthy evil, and a sharp bark in his mouth could be heard.


Barking like a dog.


The exit of the villa was blocked, and Shen Yu, trapped in the house, had to look at him up and down, “So you are the legendary ghoul!”


He still remembered the book.


[In the taboo legend, humans can transform into ghouls over a long period of time.] It’s no wonder that every time Bard mutilated those girls to death, he would write in his diary, “The ghoul is here!”


It was the evil itself!


The ghoul after Bard transformed, staring at the human in front of him maliciously, and pus oozing from his mouth, drooping from the corner of his mouth.


Shen Yu turned to the second floor without changing his expression.


Bard couldn’t wait, then barked like a dog, and rushed at him suddenly.


It’s just that when its figure jumped into the air, it stopped strangely.


Strands of blood-red hair, like a spider web, entangled it tightly.


Shen Yu closed the page of the [female ghost’s thank you gift], and then ran to the second floor without looking back.


Three seconds, this skill can only last for three seconds!


But it was enough for him to avoid the immediate danger.


Time flew quickly, but Bard, who was dragged for a short time, quickly broke free from the restraint, and then chased him to the second floor with red eyes.


Shen Yu’s figure has disappeared in multiple rooms.


Where is he hiding?


As if hide-and-seek, Bard moved his nose unkindly and smashed the doors of the rooms maliciously.


When it finds the damn detective, it must tear out his internal organs alive…


Wait, he’s found!


It suddenly raised its ears, listening to the subtle movements around it.


A very faint sound of music was looming.


It is his favorite “To Alice”.


The sound of music floated from the direction of its bedroom.


Bard chased after him with great excitement, and he saw the bed that had long been torn apart and the open iron door under the bed.


Behind the iron gate, the music of “To Alice” became clearer and clearer, and it was obvious that the source of the sound was in the cellar.


That stupid detective was crazy, he was looking for a dead end in order to escape!


Bard hardly thought about it, then he rushed in ecstatically, and plunged into the deep ground.


In the center of the dark cellar, on the iron workbench, a small music box was placed on it. The lid was opened, and the wood carving figure slowly turned, making out-of-tune notes.


But there is no one!


Bard’s pupils shrank sharply, and just when he wanted to turn his head, the heavy iron door above his head suddenly closed with a thud.


Outside the door, Shen Yu inserted an engineer shovel into the door handle to completely lock the door.


There was an angry and sharp bark from the cellar, and the sound of “banging” against the iron door.


This iron door made by Bard himself is very strong, even if it is knocked out of shape, it still stands.


Shen Yu only breathed a sigh of relief at this time.


It’s just that his breath was too early…


Under the continuous violent impact, Bard behind the door probably knew that this was useless at all, so he was strangely quiet for a few seconds.


Before Shen Yu’s doubts rose in his heart, a piercing electric saw suddenly sounded behind the door.


He almost forgot, among the mess of tools in the cellar, there was a dangerous chainsaw.


At this time, the chainsaw protruded from the gap in the iron door and saw it fiercely on the engineer shovel acting as the door bolt. The sound was harsh and noisy, metal and metal collided with sparks everywhere.


The engineer shovel is about to be sawn off!


Time was too late, Shen Yu’s eyes trembled, and then he jumped out of the window from the second floor without hesitation, the roofs lessen the force of falling from the second floor.


The moment he jumped out of the window, the engineer shovel was sawed, and the iron door was overturned with a “boom”. Bard, holding a chainsaw, suddenly rushed out from behind the iron door, staring at the window with red eyes.


Shen Yu did not stand still, jumped down and ran to the cemetery without looking back.


Behind him, the ghoul also jumped from the window and chased after him.


The cemetery was near, and Shen Yu could even smell the fresh soil.


The ghoul, who was chasing him closely behind him, was only a stone’s throw away. The sharp canine teeth got closer, and the fishy smell in the monster’s mouth was spreading to him.


“Get down!” He suddenly heard a clear voice in the ear!


Hearing this familiar voice, Shen Yu didn’t even think about it, and instinctively chose to believe the voice. His body didn’t hesitate to crawl on the ground.


A few sharp cold lights passed over his head.


The ghoul behind him suddenly wailed, and its huge body fell to the ground.


Shen Yu took the opportunity to climb up and meet the person in front of him.


Yue Ze, who drove back from the cottage by the lake, looked solemn at this time, with a big dirty dog ​​on his shoulders, sickly and lifeless.


Behind him, the three girls who had escaped from the villa were also huddled together tremblingly, looking at the ghoul in front of them with a shiver.


Yue Ze went to the cottage by the lake just now, only to find that Bard was not there, there was only Zhang Keke who was about to be tortured to death. He felt ominous at that time, and immediately rushed back with the rescued target. He also picked up three girls on the way.


Fortunately, he was not late.


Three sharp scalpels were sharply inserted into the body of the ghoul. Bard wailed and wailed on the ground for a long time, then stumbled to his feet. His dog-like cheeks twitched, and he gouged out the blade, with its flesh together.


The bloody flesh was thrown on the ground, and Bard continued to sway towards the crowd, his clawed palms clenched the chainsaw, his eyes were getting fiercer and fiercer, with a twisted look of death.


Yue Ze took a step forward, stretched out his arm to protect Shen Yu behind him, and pressed his other hand on the black book again.


The familiar bass vibration sounded again.


Bard was shocked by the sounds and it took three steps backwards, bleeding from his mouth and nose, obviously painful.


But this aroused its fierceness even more!


A sharp dog’s bark sounded, and Bard’s facial features were bloodshot, holding a chainsaw in his hand, and rushing over against the impact of the sound, the chainsaw slashed at the heads of the two men.


Shen Yu and Yue Ze dodged in time, and the “buzzing” saw blade turned at a high speed, brushing a strand of Shen Yu’s hair.


The hair fell in response, fluttering to the ground.


Yue Ze held the black book horizontally in front of him again, flipping the pages in his hand quickly, and stopped his fingers on one of the pages.


[Cure, Block] The skill was activated, and he forcibly solidified the air around the ghoul into bulletproof glass.




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