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TRTN Chapter 23.4

The lost portrait (final 4/4)

Chapter 23… The lost portrait (Final)

(Part 4/4)


*The real world*.


“Ah,” a woman lying on the table, as if she was taking a nap, suddenly woke up, she sat up suddenly, with cold sweat on her forehead.


Zhang Keke was holding her heart, staring blankly at the window in front of her, with an open mouth and breathing heavily.


She-she’s alive, she survived… still have the hands and feet, eyes not blind… she does not have dog’s skin sticking…


The story, those wounds and pain, were so fresh in her mind. Like in a frenzy state, she touched all over herself, feeling her limbs and face all oven, then she finally covered her face and let out a cry as if venting.


This is the purest joy she ever felt in her life. For a moment, she really thought that she would be turned into a black dog and stay in the story forever there, until she was tortured to death. But luckily after the misfortune, she came back alive.


“Dididi!” The harsh cell phone rang.


There was only one person who would call her at this time.


Zhang Keke’s complexion condensed and did not dare to neglect, she hurriedly wiped away the tears on her face, picked up the phone, and said in the calmest tone as much as possible, “President!” The processed voice came from the other end, with an inorganic tone like a robot, “Have you entered the novel?”


Zhang Keke cautiously replied, “Yes.”


“Where is Xie Junfei?”


“He died in the story.” Mentioning her partner, Zhang Keke only felt that her heart was not feeling good. Luckily, she came back alive.


But the person on the other end didn’t seem to care about their life or death, and just continued to ask, “Have you ever seen this person in the story?” The phone buzzed and an image was passed over.


The man in the photo is young and handsome, like the refreshing sun, and his black eyes are like the sparkling lake in the warm day, smiling.


As soon as Zhang Keke’s eyes touched the photo, her pupils suddenly shook.


The person in the photo is one of the people who rescued her in the story. His pen name is “Mint”.


“This person is an extremely important sacrifice of our Black Dragon Society. Any believer in the meeting who meets this person in the story must report as soon as possible.” The president’s voice continued to sound, “Have you met this person?”


Zhang Keke trembled more severely. She knew those who were targeted by the organization in the past, and how they would end up.


But this person, this person in the photo… just saved her in the story and rescued her from the incomparable torture…


The belief in the Black Dragon Society and personal conscience collided fiercely in her mind, Zhang Keke’s palms holding the phone were shaking constantly.


Finally, before she stagnated until the president became suspicious, Zhang Keke cleared her throat and said in a deep voice to the phone, “I haven’t seen him before.”


“Got it.” There was no hope, the president just said routinely, “From this time on, no matter in the real world or in the story, any clues about this person must be reported in time.”


The president hung up the call, leaving Zhang Keke sitting on the spot, silently staring at the phone in a daze.


After a long while, she clutched her head, painfully screaming loudly. She was unable to raise her hands, facing the illusory god, and confessed, “The Great Black Dragon God…”


“Please forgive my deception.”




In front of his eyes, a hazy face appeared.


Zhang Cuihua held a cigarette in her mouth, spitted out a smoke ring, and greeted him, “You’re back?” Shen Yu rubbed his eyebrows weakly, and sat up from the bed, “Don’t enter my dormitory at will…and I must report to the chief that you smoke secretly.”


Zhang Cuihua’s mouth froze, frightened, “So unsympathetic? I just saw you on the mission board, so I dared to hide and come to your house quietly. Tell me… why are you back so fast?”


“It’s hard to say a word. The big wave in this horror novel is too cruel and perverted, so the storyline goes on very quickly.” Shen Yu had just left the horror story and was in a bad mood. He scratches his hair irritably.


He picked up his black book and flipped through it.


“The Lost Portrait”


[Congratulations to the novelist Mint, who completed his second horror novel.]


[Props: Plain Engineer Shovel]


[The girls are very grateful to you for bringing them the opportunity to revenge, so they give you a truncated Engineer Shovel.] [Prop use, the engineer shovel can be used unlimited times, it can be used to chop people, dig soil, chop wood, open beer bottles and you can even use it to fry eggs!] [Ps: An engineer shovel that was repaired after being sawed off, tut!]


[Acquired Skill: Emily’s Music Box]


[The kind-hearted Emily is especially grateful to you for preventing the tragedy from spreading, so she gave you a music box.] [Use of skills, the music box that appears anytime and anywhere will attract the attention of all the characters in the book. The duration is more than five seconds. It has a great mocking effect and can be used unlimited times.] [Ps: Be careful, the sound of this music box is out of tune, it’s terribly ugly! ]


[Acquired Skill: Murderer Chainsaw]


[Mr. Bard hates what you did. He didn’t want to give you a chainsaw at all, but you snatched it away.] [Use of skills, the indestructible chainsaw, any physical defenses and barriers, is a piece of cake in front of this chainsaw, but it cannot destroy supernatural objects. It can be used five times for unlimited period of time.] [Ps: Ha ha! The least stingy gift this time comes from the villain? Although Mr. Bard is not voluntary, who cares! Anyway, he was broken into a pool of flesh.] After obtaining three skill items in a row, the expression on Shen Yu’s face finally relaxed a little.


At this time, the cigarette in Zhang Cuihua’s mouth was nothing but a cigarette butt.


She dangled her cigarette butt and continued, “I am waiting for you to come back this time. Actually, there is another important thing.”


“There was a tourist bus traveling to the province. When driving on the road, the whole vehicle of tourists suddenly disappeared, together with the driver and tour guide. The vehicle went out of control and rushed into the field on the side of the road to stall, and was only discovered the next day.”


“We suspect that this is another case of missing persons due to a horror novel, and we have locked down most of them who may enter the novel story.”


“Out of the province touring car?” Shen Yu suddenly remembered the three girls he met in the last story. Three of them were involved in the world of novels when riding on a tour car. “Among these tourists, are there  these names, Lin Miaomiao, Li Qingqing, and Wang Tongtong?” He asked.


Zhang Cuihua raised her eyebrows, “How do you know?” At present, only these three girls were found among the whole vehicle tourists. They suddenly appeared just now, and the police immediately called our department to inform. ”


At this time, a deep voice sounded from behind her, “We met them in the story. ”


Suddenly hearing this familiar sound, Zhang Cuihua was struck by lightning and froze, looking behind her, and then stammered, “Head…you, when did you come back?” As soon as the words were spoken, she immediately realized that she had asked a stupid question. When could he come back? He went with Mint, and naturally came back together!


Yue Ze looked at the nervous Zhang Cuihua, gave a rare and gentle smile, “Comrade Zhang Cuihua, how many did you smoke today? ”


Zhang Cuihua immediately jumped up, and threw the cigarette butt in her mouth to the ground and trampled it out, “If I said I just picked up the cigarette butt that was thrown on the ground. Do you believe it?”


“Believe, why won’t I believe it?” Yue Ze smiled even more meaningfully, “From tomorrow, you will also quit drinking.”


” No–”


Zhang Cuihua’s sorrowful scream came from the compound.


After the scream, even if she was reluctant to do so, Comrade Zhang was still in a state when she was talking about the business. She screamed and wrote out a note.


“Hide and Seek”


“What is this? “Shen Yu asked curiously.


Zhang Cuihua, “The information exchanged from the black market to outsider is most likely the name of the story that the tourists entered, and it is necessary for me and the first two to enter the rescue.”


“Especially, in this large-scale disappearance incident, from the above analysis, there may be the participation of the Black Dragon Society.” She added.


Black Dragon Society?


Speaking of the Black Dragon Society, Shen Yu’s expression slowly changed.


“Count me in,” He said, staring at the note.


Yue Ze frowned slightly, “This time the story is too dangerous, your qualifications are not good enough, so it is best not to venture into it. And you have just finished a novel, it takes a period of cultivation-”


Shen Yu raised his hand and grabbed his sleeves, he raised his head to look at him, and his dark eyes trembled slightly, “Count me.”


He softened his tone, almost pleading.


Yue Ze stared at him for a long time, and finally turned aside his gaze, sighed softly, and responded in a low voice, “Alright.”


Shen Yu suddenly raised the corner of his mouth in surprise, and his eyes seemed to be full of stars.


Zhang Cuihua on the sidelines: “…”


Chief, what about your previous principles?


Gee! Since when did you change your color?




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    Thanks for the chapter. It’s nice Zhang Keke repaid Shen Yu for saving her.

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