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TRTN Chapter 23. 1

The lost portrait (final 1/4)

Chapter 23… The Lost Portrait (Final) 

(Part 1/4)


At the moment when he saw the bite marks, Shen Yu couldn’t help but look at Yue Ze.


The two of them had a strong heart, and ran together to the cemetery next to the villa. Only the girls were left, and they stayed where they were with all doubts.


The soil in the cemetery was very damp.


Standing in a dirt pit, Shen Yu kept bending over to throw out the fresh dirt that was shoveled down.


Outside the tomb, a heavy cross tombstone fell askew on the ground.


[Here are all Bard’s love and dreams.]


Bard’s love is buried here… but also the burial place of those poor girls.


“He really buried all his ‘love’ in it.” Shen Yu dug into the depths and said with a complex expression.


In this damp muddy pit, he dug up a dozen corpses.


Most of them have already turned into bones. And only one corpse was fresh. Thin and small, it was without skin, and the bright red muscles on the body did not have time to rot, as if it had just been buried yesterday.


“In men’s skeletons, the pelvis is narrower, resembling an upside-down truncated cone, and the bones are denser. The pelvic bones of these corpses are wider, cylindrical, and lighter, with shorter upper and lower limb bones, which are obviously female bones.”


Through the identification of bones, Yue Ze said with certainty, “All the girls buried here are sure to be the victims.”


The only fresh corpse, whose skin had been stripped away, looked pitiful and terrifying. They can’t recognize the original appearance at all.


“Is she Zhang Keke who disappeared last night?” Shen Yu asked to himself, looking at the corpse that was obviously buried only last night.


But immediately, he shook his head and rejected his statement, “No, it shouldn’t be.”


According to the plot in the black book, there are only six of the seven, and Zhang Keke did not die last night.


Bard’s diary may be faked, but the novelist’s black book, although cheap, never deceives them.


Zhang Keke is still alive, and she is a tall, muscular woman.


But the skinned corpse in front of them was thin, small, shriveled and skinny, with many bruises on its muscles, which was more like an acquired hunger and abuse.


The most important thing is that the female corpse’s eyes are blind, the eyeballs have long been necrotic, and the pus from the eye sockets sticks all over her cheeks.


Even more bizarre, all the corpses here have no hand bones and foot bones.


Even the corpse that had just been buried last night had its palms and soles cut off. The limbs were bare, which was very strange and terrifying.


Yue Ze stepped forward, broke the jaw of the female corpse, and said with a gloomy face, “Evevn her tongue has been cut off.”


Shen Yu’s brows were deeply furrowed.


What happens after the hands and feet are chopped off, the eyes are burned blind, and the tongue is cut off?


Blind, the victims can’t see the way to escape and can’t judge the direction to leave.


Without the hands and feet, the victims also had no chance to escape, and could not even stand up anymore. They could only move their limbs on the ground like a dog.


After cutting their tongue, the victims couldn’t make a sound. Even if an outsider passed by, she couldn’t ask for help. She could only make a vague roar from her throat.


At this time, Bard peeled off the skins of these girls, glued the black dog skin on them, then tied them to his feet, raised them as real dogs, and kindly called them “Alice”…


Shen Yu suddenly felt a little urge to vomit.


No wonder that when they first entered this story, the “big black dog” looked sick and almost dying.


Because that is an innocent girl. After being mutilated for a long time, her body, dignity and spirit have long been destroyed, and she has been tortured by inhuman means to a single breath.


Bard called her “Dear Alice”, but he was very rude to the girl, either strangling her neck or kicking her foot. All of her actions were tame and which showed Bard’s authority.


No one can understand her vague cry for help. This poor girl, in front of everyone, walked towards death little by little, and swallowed her last breath.


Others didn’t even know that she was dead, and still suspected that the big black dog was the legendary ghoul.


Shen Yu lowered his head and covered his face. After a long silence, he raised his head and took a deep breath, and calmly continued, “The newest victim in the tomb should have died last night.”


“Last night, Xie Junfei died and Zhang Keke was missing.  And just this morning, the big black dog, who had been sluggish, suddenly became frantic and its body size increased.”


“And Zhang Keke is exactly a tall woman.”


This is another one frightening inference!


The book showed that Zhang Keke is not dead, but obviously not because she managed to escape the danger, but because Bard’s pervert nature likes to destroy women slowly.


The previous victim could no longer survive the torture and died, and just at this moment, a strong woman arrived in front of him.


As a result, the dead girl was buried, Zhang Keke was imprisoned. She was cut off her hands and feet, her eyes were burnt, tongue was cut, skin was peeled, was glued the dog skin… and became Bard’s new “Alice.”


This morning they went to the cottage by the lake as a group. The “black dog” barked and fluttered at them, not because it wanted to attack, but it was Zhang Keke screaming for help after hearing their voices.


Bard said at that time, that Alice could understand human language.


So when Lin Miaomiao made the remarks of “kill the dog”, Zhang Keke, who realized that her life was seriously threatened, bit her wrist severely in the case of extreme fear.


They have always thought that the “black dog” is blind and it’s teeth were blunt because of old age, but in fact’ it is only because, those are, the teeth of a human being. Of course, they’re not sharp like those of a dog.


After inferring the above conclusions, Shen Yu said solemnly, “Zhang Keke is in a very…terrible situation now!”


No matter what kind of person she was before, and what kind of careful thinking she hid, she was a living person, a normal person. Women should not be treated like this!


Even death row prisoners can get a painless relief.


Looking at Shen Yu with a gloomy expression, Yue Ze sighed secretly, and stepped forward to pat his back comfortably.


“Now we and Bard have completely torn our faces. I will go to the lakeside cottage and look for a chance to save Zhang Keke. You take this opportunity to return to the villa and bring the three girls out.”


Yue Ze said, “The story is coming to an end, and now the villa is no longer safe.”


He is stronger and naturally more suitable to face Bard directly than Shen Yu.


At this moment, it is not time to be hypocritical, so Shen Yu did not refute, acquiescing to Yue Ze’s distribution, and the two immediately separated.


Yue Ze headed east all the way, while Shen Yu returned to the villa in front of him.


It was only when he stepped into the door of the villa that he suddenly realized something was wrong.


The girls who were still chatting before they went out were all sitting tight in the living room at this time, their faces were pale, and their lips were trembling. The big beads of sweat on their foreheads rolled down, and they didn’t dare to move or talk. They were all extremely nervous.


Shen Yu frowned and asked, “What’s the matter?”


Lin Miaomiao, the most courageous, had tears in her eyes, her bloodless lips opened and closed slightly, and a very small voice trembled.




Before her voice fell, there was a slow applause behind Shen Yu.


He looked back and saw Bard, who was well-dressed, slowly walking down the stairs, clapping his hands insincerely, with a false smile on his face, “Dear Mr. Detective, welcome back.”


Shen Yu’s face couldn’t help but sink.


He miscalculated, he didn’t expect Bard to move so fast that he rushed back to the villa in front of them.


At this time, Bard has gracefully walked to the living room, and his emotionless eyes turned to the three sitting girls, “These three detective ladies, they don’t seem to be in good shape.”


The girls who had been tight, were swept away by his gaze. They suddenly screamed in disintegration, jumped up and stumbled behind Shen Yu.


“That scared? Sure enough, young and beautiful girls are such cute and interesting creatures.” He stroked the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said in admiration, “Unfortunately, none of you are my perfect Alice.”


He said again. Then he turned his gaze back to Shen Yu, “Mr. Detective, have you found my lost Alice?”


Shen Yu stretched out an arm to protect the shivering girls behind him, but still politely said, “Mr. Bard, your Alice, Haven’t she been here with you all the time?”


Bard’s face froze, and his tone faded, “Mr. Detective, I hope you are not joking. After all, I am a person who can’t understand jokes.”


Shen Yu raised his chin, “Why don’t you look back?”


Bard’s face became stiffer, but he just stared at Shen Yu coldly, and didn’t look back.


Of course he knew what was behind him.


Whenever he took a portrait of a girl and then tortured the girl to death, the mold on the walls would show the face of the girl before her death.


The faces of more than a dozen people almost cover the entire wall.


His hand holding his glasses trembled slightly, but he still tried to maintain his false decency, “Mr. Detective, you do have a talent for telling jokes.”


Shen Yu quietly pushed back with his arm, hinting  the girls behind him to look for a right time to run and said, “Mr. Bard your nonsensical talent, is a must.”


“Just on the wall behind you, those suffering hideous faces, each one of them is your Alice ah!”




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    So.Much.Gore. omg.
    I think that this chap might’ve needed a gore tag or something, that was incredibly disturbing to read.
    Still, thanks for the chap!

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