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TRTN Chapter 1

The bloody apartment (1)


Chapter 1 The Bloody Apartment (1)


In the middle of the night, Shen Yu suddenly woke up.


He was awakened by a pair of hands in his sleep.


The hands that appeared inexplicably on his throat were cold and greasy, about the size of a child’s palm, but far more powerful than an adult.


Suddenly being attacked , Shen Yu’s eyes widened with great effort, but he only felt that he was breathing hard and his vision was blurred. He saw a group of scarlet things in a daze, staring at him viciously.


This group of scarlet monsters stretched out a pair of shriveled, blood-colored palms and pinched his neck tightly, as if they had a deep hatred with him, as if they were about to choke off his throat in the next moment.


Shen Yu got up and wanted to break those hands, but the hand was slippery, and the tip of his nose smelled a strong smell of blood.


The child’s sharp and smug laugh sounded in his ears, almost piercing his eardrums.


“Story, begin.”


Suddenly, a faint voice, as well as the sound of page turning, mixed with malicious laughter, was caught by Shen Yu keenly.


He touched in the direction of the sound, and he touched a thick book. The book was sealed with a heavy and cold shell, and it was heavy.


Before he could think about how this book appeared, Shen Yu instinctively held it tightly, tried his best, and slammed the scarlet monster in front of him.


The hard cover of the book was splashed with a little scarlet.


The smug laughter in the ear suddenly turned into a scream, and the hands that held the throat tightly couldn’t help letting go.


Shen Yu, who finally got a chance to breathe, did not stop, but took the book in his hand as his only weapon, and continued to smash it down one after another until he smashed the monster in front of him into blood . The scarlet liquid kept splashing on the clothes on his chest.


The group of monsters roared hoarse, forced to let go of their hands, turned over from the bed, and slipped under the bed.


Finally getting rid of the restraint, Shen Yu took a deep breath and shook his head slightly. After getting rid of the dizziness caused by the lack of oxygen, he also turned over and got out of the bed, still holding the blood-stained book tightly in his hands, and lifted the falling bedsheets and looked under the bed.


An inhuman thing is lying under the bed.


This monster is the size of a few years old, but it looks like a skinned monkey, showing scarlet muscles and constantly oozing sticky plasma. At this time, it is shrinking in the corner in a weird posture .


Shen Yu looked at the monster’s bloody body, then lowered his head to glance at his chest and the middle of his chest. After the fight just now, it was also covered with sticky blood.


Seeing him chasing after him reluctantly, the monster stared at him coldly, bared his teeth unwillingly, a sharp and twisted tooth gradually disappeared in the darkness, and disappeared under the bed like this.


Shen Yu didn’t dare to relax his vigilance and stared at him for a long time, making sure that the monster would not rush out from under the bed again. Then he quietly breathed a sigh of relief, dropped his strength to the ground, and raised his head to look around him in a daze.


He just noticed that the room he was in at this time was not the bedroom he usually sleeps in.


Although his parents died unexpectedly when he was three years old, they left him a big house with four bedrooms and two halls as a legacy. It is in the best district in the city center. Even if twenty years have passed, the housing prices here are Still high.


Last year, when Shen Yu just graduated from University, he deliberately redecorated this old house. The whole house should have been neat and modern.


But at this time, the room was dark and dilapidated, with yellow newspapers pasted on the old windowpanes, mildew 1 mildew : a thin whitish coating consisting of minute fungal hyphae, growing on plants or damp organic material such as paper. stains on the peeling walls, and the dim light bulbs flickering, so that the shadows under the lights were sometimes bright and sometimes dim and sometimes blurred or clear.


Even the layout of the room has changed, this is definitely not his house.


Shen Yu’s handsome eyebrows suddenly became gloomy.


Even if he slept hard last night, it is impossible to not even know that he changed the room! And where did that monster emerge from? How did he lurch silently beside him, why he wanted to strangle him…


This is definitely not a prank that can be explained.


Thinking of this, he had a cold face again, lowering his eyes to look at the book he was still holding tightly in his hands.


This book that saved his life at a critical moment has a dark cover, with gold inlaid on the four corners as decoration. One of the corners has just been used to smash the monster’s head, and the gold ornaments are still stained with blood stains.


There is no book title or author’s signature. There is only a dark red handprint in the middle of the cover, so gloomy that it can seep dripping blood at any time, revealing a strange and terrifying breath.


He opened the book with suspicion, and saw that the first page was written with a small line of red twisted handwriting:


Below the title of “Pink Apartment” , there is a simple introduction, the style is very similar to the fairy tales that Shen Yu had read when he was a child.


“Once upon a time, there was a dilapidated apartment. All residents lived in the apartment. No one could leave. Everyone was very unhappy.”


“Later, the dilapidated apartment was repainted by kind little craftsmen, and it was white and tender. How cute! The residents of the apartment were all happy and moved in happily, but unexpectedly found that the apartment was not cleaned, and often found dirty things.”


“So, thirteen brave cleaners accepted the residents’ advice, stepping into this pink apartment…” The fairy tale came to an abrupt end here.


Shen Yu was puzzled, but he went through the entire book, and apart from the text on the first page, he couldn’t find any other words, only a blank space.


He frowned and remained silent for a while, and finally sighed slowly, fumbled for a while, and found a box of mint candies.


Shen Yu loves mints and never leaves him. At this time, this box of candies is also the only thing brought in.


He threw a piece of candy into his mouth and bit it into pieces with a “Zizi”, and a cool and irritating sweetness spread in his mouth suddenly.


This candy seemed to give him great comfort, Shen Yu took a deep breath, took this weird book, opened the door of the room, and prepared to face the current strange situation.


When you go out, you will see a corridor that is narrower and shabby than the bedroom.


On both sides of the corridor are two rows of identical doors, with different house numbers written on the old doors, and the layout of the houses resembles a school dormitory. But there are no windows at the end of the corridor, so the whole corridor looks very dark and damp.


Finding the same dark and narrow stairs, Shen Yu fumbled down to the ground floor and the first floor.


Unexpectedly, there is a rather spacious rotunda 2 rotunda : .

a round building or room, especially one with a dome.
on the ground floor, with the lobby as the center. The apartment building has a narrow staircase on the east and west sides of the building. There is a narrow staircase in the east and west buildings. Only in the center of the hall is a closed elevator door.


He just got down from the East Building apartment.


In the rotunda at this time, there were about a dozen people scattered, including men and women, with different ages and dresses.


Most people have an anxious and uncertain look on their faces, and some people are holding mobile phones trying to contact the outside world, cursing in their mouths, as if they are about to jump up impatiently.


There are only a few people who are calm or sullen, but there are not many unexpected expressions on their faces. Obviously this is not the first time that they have encountered such a thing.


As soon as Shen Yu walked downstairs with blood on his clothes, he immediately caught the attention of everyone present.


A middle-aged bald man raised his head lazily, glanced at Shen Yu, who was covered in blood, and sneered: “Dude, this is the beginning of the game and you encountered an opening kill?”


He shook his hand and took out a cigarette to light himself. : “You met a monster at the beginning, it was really bad luck! But if you can survive the opening kill, you must be a master.”


“I have written a few horror stories, and I’m also a veteran. How about that? Do you consider forming a team for the test?” the bald man asked again, letting out a smoke ring.


Horror stories, plot killings, veterans, monsters, writing…


From the words of the bald man, Shen Yu quickly extracted a few key messages from it, and pondered it back and forth in his heart, but he did not take the olive branch thrown by the bald man for the time being.


He just glanced over it and found that including himself, there were 13 people in the hall at this time.


It coincides with the “13 cleaners” mentioned in the story.


There were about six of them, holding black books exactly like him. The remaining seven people were empty handed .


He doesn’t know if there is no book, or if they hid the book.


Seeing Shen Yu did not take his words seriously , bald man looked unhappy and stamped out the cigarette butts, cynical and said: “!! Well, it seems people are contemptuous ah. They really do not know what the greatness of God is, vision is so high”


The man with a black book in hand and a pair of gold glasses persuaded in a gentle manner: “Forget it, anyway, the personnel are all here, waiting for the following story to develop! You can figure out then…” He didn’t say anything. After finishing speaking, he glanced at Shen Yu intentionally.


Shen Yu knew in his heart that because his reaction just now was too calm, he made these two veterans misunderstand and thought he was not a newcomer.


Just without waiting for his defense, among the people present, there was a brawny bald man with a cross-face and a flower tattoo on his arms. He jumped up and slammed the black book in his hand to the ground, shouting violently. “What the hell are you fighting with?”


“What the hell is this! Why is there a broken book in my hands! Who kept Lao Tzu 3 Lao Tzu : an arrogant way of referring to himself. here?”


He seemed to have a bad temper, so he started yelling and cursing. . A young man with dyed yellow hair next to him, who looked like his sidekick , hurriedly stepped forward to persuade him, but the effect was not good.


Facing the yelling of the flower-armed man, who was obviously a novice, the spectacle man and the bald man were too lazy to glance at him, both of them were silent, but they were ready to watch the show.


There was only one short-haired girl in black and white sportswear with a lollipop in her mouth, who looked like a middle school student with short hair, and patiently explained: “You can’t get out for the time being.”


“We are trapped in a horror story. Only those who are alive are eligible to go out after writing this horror story.”


She shook the black book in her hand: “The person selected by the story is a novelist and has his own book in hand. Those who do not have a book are the audience selected by the story.”


“The novelist can write his own horror novel,  is more involved in the story , the danger is higher, and you need to enter the story again and again.”


“The audience is more of a bystander, and  is less involved in the story and less dangerous. They only need to experience the story once to return to real life… If they can live out of the story.”


After listening to her kind explanation not only did the flower-armed man not appreciate it, he was even more irritable, and kicked his black book fiercely: “What is messy, I don’t understand! I don’t want to write any novels, so hurry up and let me go out, otherwise you will not look good! ”


With the flower-armed man as a role model, the rest of the people also shouted: “Which TV station are you hosting the reality show? When will we be released? I have to rush out to discuss business!”


“I’m just a driver , I don’t know anything. I came here with my boss somehow. I don’t want to participate in any activities.”


“I fell asleep well at home, and suddenly got here. I need a lawyer to sue you… …”


Facing the exhilarating yelling of the crowd, the bald man took out another cigarette and looked at the eyes of these novices as if they were looking at a group of idiots.


But Shen Yu noticed that there was a quiet little boy in the crowd.


The boy looked only five or six years old, his face was pale, his eyes were jet-black, he was wearing a hood, and he was slung with a canvas school bag, avoiding everyone sitting alone in the corner, silent, and looked very introverted.


The boy was too young, and Shen Yu couldn’t help but look at it twice, thinking that the boy might be scared.


But he didn’t expect that the little guy’s feeling was quite sharp, he suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction where Shen Yu was. The two eyes met in the air.


Shen Yu didn’t dodge, but smiled gently at the child, trying to appease the lonely boy.


He has always been good-looking, like the sun, refreshing, like the  shining stars, and the warm smile at the corner of his mouth is like a beam of light spilling in from a dim apartment.


The little boy was slightly startled, and after facing him for a few seconds, he lowered his hood again, completely hiding his immature face in the shadow, and turned his head to stop looking at him.


On the other side, the grumpy man with flowers couldn’t help it, and rushed towards the door of the apartment: “I don’t believe it, a broken door can’t stop me!”


The entrance and exit of the apartment were locked by a rusty iron gate, and there was a thick white fog outside the door of the apartment, and nothing could be seen.


At this time, the flower-armed man kicked up violently, and the iron door was suddenly kicked. The sound of metal rubbing was hoarse and harsh, and the thick fog outside the door also surged.


Upon seeing this, the short-haired girl who explained to them kindly before, her face changed suddenly, and she shouted: “Stop, get away from that door!”


“What do you put in your little lady…” The flower-armed man removed the iron, yelling with an unclean mouth, but the next second, his yelling stopped abruptly.


An ape-like palm with sharp nails and thick black hair, as if attracted by the sound, suddenly stretched out from the thick fog, passed through the cracks in the rusty iron door, and grabbed the flower-armed man nearest to the door and yanked him outwards abruptly.


“Mother! What the hell…” The flower-armed man suddenly let out a sorrowful scream, and the wrist held by the black claw turned into blue-purple in the blink of an eye.


He wailed and wanted to flee back, but the black claw’s arm seemed to extend infinitely. It had been pulled for more than two meters, but he still dragged his prey, seemingly waiting for the prey to be exhausted. .


Seeing this scene, the people who were still yelling indiscriminately before, suddenly screamed and retreated.


The yellow-haired boy following the Flower Arm Man originally wanted to go up and help, but when he saw that there were also a few looming black hands hovering outside the iron gate, he couldn’t help but back down silently.




At this time, the man with a flower arm was weak, and he staggered and fell to the ground. He was immediately dragged by the black claws and quickly dragged out the door.


Shen Yu, the nearest to him, couldn’t bear it, stretched out his hand and tried his best to prevent him from being dragged away.


“Hold him well.” The short-haired girl who had just given the warning gave a low voice, and then came to the two of them, only to see the bright light of the knife flashing, and blood gushing out.


Holding a knife that she didn’t know where it came from in her hand, it was like cutting tofu, and she cut off the wrist of the man with a flower arm.


The black hairy claws dragged the bloody palms and quickly retracted outside the door. Then, in the thick fog outside, there was a creepy and clear chewing sound.


The man with a flower arm who had lost a hand screamed louder after he was taken aback for a moment, crying with tears and snot, and he didn’t have the previous prestige at all.


The rest of the people all stared in shock at the short-haired girl who had cut off the wrist of a living person at random.


“Looking for trouble!” The short-haired girl didn’t care about other people’s strange gaze at all, just cursed in a low voice, then took out some first-aid supplies, leaned over and neatly bandaged the wound for the man with the flower arm to stop the bleeding.


She said with a cold face: “If you want to leave here it’s a violation of the rules, it is fortunate to be able to take a life back. If you don’t give up a bit of flesh and blood to the outside, those things in the thick fog will not be satisfied.”


“In the story, there are some rules. It must not be violated, remember?” After saving the man with the flower arm’s life, the short-haired girl turned her head and glanced at the newcomer behind her solemnly.


Frightened by the bloody scene that happened just now, the newcomers did not dare to have any more opinions at this time, and they all shrank to the side as if scared , and did not dare to shout again.


Only Shen Yu, who had just stepped forward to help, noticed that the girl with short hair seemed to touch the cover of the black book with her hand before taking out the knife and first aid supplies.


“Interesting.” He thought, and slowly stroked his book with his palm.


The touch is delicate, almost like touching a piece of human skin.


“Ahem…Welcome to the pink apartment.”


Just as the tragic farce just came to an end, many newcomers were still immersed in horror and failed to recover, and a cough sounded behind everyone, followed by a welcome speech with a weird tone.


When everyone turned their heads, they saw an old man with a short stature, crouching and coughing towards them.


The old man’s complexion was withered, and his eyes were covered with a grayish-white cloud, which made people wonder whether he could see clearly.


There is a large bunch of keys hanging around his waist, and it rattles every time he takes a step. He wears a red armband on his left arm with the words “corridor management” written on it.


The short old man stopped and looked at the crowd with his cloudy eyes. He said solemnly, her voice hoarse and unpleasant: “I am the corridor manager of the pink apartment. How come you these thirteen hired cleaners come here? ? ”


These thirteen people’s identity in the story really is cleaner, and text written in the book is consistent.


Shen Yu’s eyes moved, his fingers rested on the bloody palm prints of the black book, thoughtful in his heart.


The corridor manager is still talking about: “You are too slow. Starting from today, you only have five days to clean the apartment. If the cleaning is not good, we don’t need to pay for the apartment!”


He said, took a few keys from his waist : “The pink apartment is responsible for your board and lodging issues. There are seven keys that can open seven rooms for people to rest, one room for two.”


“These six pink keys can only  open the door corresponding to the west building apartment, this red key, can open all the doors of the east building and move in at will.”


“Every morning, before you go to work, remember to return the key to me. I will redistribute the keys to you.”


He spread out all the seven keys in front of everyone. As expected, six of them were pink with the house number engraved on them. Only on  red key, there was nothing on it.


Upon seeing this, a newcomer had the courage and asked tremblingly: “We have a room for two, but we have thirteen, and the other person…” The administrator stared at her with muddy eyes and grinned.


He showed the sparse yellow teeth in his mouth: “You assign it by yourself, I won’t interfere.” After that, he scanned the people again and said gloomily: “Recently, the law and order is not very good. Be careful at night, and remember to lock the doors and windows. ”


“The lights in the apartment are turned off at 11 o’clock every night, and you are not allowed to go out after the lights are turned off. The seven floors of the pink apartment must be cleaned up during the day, and no one is allowed to be lazy. When you meet the residents in our apartment, you should be polite. ”


After completion of apartment buildings regulatory , he glanced at the central hall of the elevator tightly closed, seemed like saying without any intention:. “In addition,  recently our apartment elevator is broken, you take the stairs to go up and down ”


After finishing, the administrator crouched his back and left.


Everyone was left, facing the seven keys, looking at each other.


Suddenly, the man with glasses thoughtfully, first shot and grabbed a pink key in his hand.


Everyone looked at him, he stroked his forehead and eyes on the bridge of his nose, and explained: “Thirteen people, seven keys, one room for two, there must be one person left, and one person lives in one room.”


“Six pink  keys, a red key, the administrator asked us to allocate it by ourselves. The meaning is very clear. The remaining person lives in the room with the red key.”


He looked around at the solemn expressions of the people, and a smug smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Obviously, the person who was alone will be in danger at night.” As soon as his voice fell, someone with a quick response had already snatched the pink key in an instant.


The rest of them took a slack, crying without tears facing the only remaining red key, so they could only turn their pitiful gaze on the person who got the key.


No one wants to be alone in their lives.


Among them, there was a young couple who came in together. The man grabbed a pink key and naturally shared a room with his girlfriend, and others couldn’t get in at all.


Although the flower arm man lost a palm, his yellow-haired sidekick is a pickpocket, with the fastest hand speed. He successfully grabbed a pink key in the chaos and helped his elder brother to the West Building apartment.


As a result, other people put their courteous eyes on the man with glasses who had obtained the key in the first place.


There is a pair of twins among the new people . Among them, the elder sister has a hot personality. She leaned directly next to the man in glasses, begged softly, and rubbed her chest against the back of the man in glasses, intentionally or unintentionally.


The younger sister has a shy personality, just dragging her elder sister by the corners of her clothes uncomfortably, and whispered: “Sister, it is not safe to live in the same room with a strange man…”


The impatient sister directly cursed back: “Now it’s this time. You may not be able to save your life. What are you going to care about? You want to die and don’t pull me!” The sister let go of her elder sister’s clothes.


There was a reserved smile on the face of the man in glasses, his critical eyes circled between the sisters, and finally he chose the sister who had come up on the initiative.


The left sister stayed where she was, staring at her toes nervously.


The short-haired girl who had taken action before, looked at this poor little girl and couldn’t help sighing, beckoning to call her over, sharing a room.


And the bald man who was also a veteran, for some unknown reason, he was a step slower this time, he didn’t grab the pink key, his face was gloomy and dripping.


On the contrary, there was a stout man with a simple face, and he successfully grabbed a pink key.


He is a driver. This time he accompanied his boss to talk about business and was accidentally involved in the story.


Seeing that he succeeded in grabbing the key, his boss was also overjoyed, holding the driver’s hand and saying repeatedly, “Da Zhuang, if the two of us can go out this time, the arrears of wages will be given to you! I will also give you Promotion and salary increase…”


The driver named Da Zhuang still smiled honestly, then turned his head and chose the gloomy bald male team.


The boss who was left behind was immediately stunned and shouted: “Da Zhuang, how many years have we known each other , you can’t do this kind of thing at this time! Do you think the salary is too low? After you go out, you, I’ll give you as much as you want!”


Da Zhuang scratched his head and said sincerely: “Boss Qian, if you want to live, I also want to. You are the same as me. You just came in and didn’t know anything, so I got a veteran hand to cover me, so that the chances of surviving will be greater.”


“Boss Qian, I’m sorry !” The rejected Boss Qian was anxious, and quickly shook the black book in his hand, stammering. He said, “Da Zhuang, I also have books, and I am what they said… Novelist, but he is not good enough.”


Da Zhuang shook his head, and followed the proud bald man.


“Da Zhuang, you a son of a bitch! You, you were fired, and after we go out, you just walk away…” he watched his driver go away with other men, and felt like a betrayed boss. He Couldn’t help but yell.


But his scolding and threats are of no use here.


At this time, there were only three people left in the hall, Shen Yu, Boss Qian, and the little boy still hiding in the corner.


Shen Yu held the last pink key in his hand.


Therefore, Boss Qian turned his gaze to Shen Yu again and begged: “This little brother, choose me to team up with you! I am rich, and I am especially rich. As long as we are alive, I will give you two hundred thousand…no, two million!”


“As long as I can go out, I will never cut corners to do constructions, do not default on the wages of migrant workers, do not deduct salaries, and do not carry my wife behind my back to raise a concubine … I will definitely donate to charity every day, and then Don’t lack morals…”


A big boss of the company was crying with his nose and tears at this moment, and he was completely free from all his face.


Shen Yu looked down at him, then turned to look at the little boy in the corner.


The little boy was still so silent and quiet, hiding himself in the shadow in the corner, as if forgotten by everyone.


The red key, which was despised by others, was rolling down at his feet, covered with a layer of dust, as if it were the same fate as the little boy.


Shen Yu pondered for a moment, then slightly shook his head apologizing to Boss Qian, then turned and walked towards the little boy.


Suddenly losing all hope, Boss Qian sat on the ground with a weak leg, and screamed with a trembling voice: “Don’t choose him, choose me, choose me! He has no money, I have…how much money do you want, I’ll give it to you!”


Leaving the desperate roar behind him, Shen Yu walked to the child and reached out to him.


The little boy raised his dark eyes and stared at the palm of his hand. He was silent for a long time, and suddenly a slight smile appeared.


He asked: “Are you sure you want to choose me?”




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  • 1
    mildew : a thin whitish coating consisting of minute fungal hyphae, growing on plants or damp organic material such as paper.
  • 2
    rotunda : .

    a round building or room, especially one with a dome.
  • 3
    Lao Tzu : an arrogant way of referring to himself.
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