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TWE Chapter 69.2

After the banquet, it was past nine o’clock when Gu Xia went home.

The third prince Leo was lying on the sofa waiting for him after a day of working as a horse1As in, doing a lot of work for the crown prince. Leo didn’t like living in a prince’s mansion with a lot of people and a huge space, so he bought a small house with three bedrooms and one living room in the best area of ​​Emperor Star as his home after their marriage.

Because he doesn’t like to be disturbed by outsiders after work, normally apart from the two of them, or holiday periods, no one else will come. Cleaning is all done by robots.

It’s very simple and warm.

Gu Xia doesn’t have any requirements for his environment. As someone with a social disorder2It doesn’t specify, and could be anything from phobia to anti-social. Basically, he doesn’t like being social, he also hopes to have fewer people, and naturally agreed.

As soon as Gu Xia entered the door, Leo’s Tibetan mastiff nodded and bowed, wagging its tail in excitement, wanting to pounce on him. As soon as Gu Xia entered the house, he removed his usual gentle, friendly, and sociable mask, gently kicked away the disgusting Tibetan mastiff, and asked Leo with a blank face: “Today, the crown princess called on all the guides at the banquet to make contributions to help the country by helping guide those mentally disordered sentinels who have no guide to relieve their spiritual seas.”

“What do you think about this, do I need to go?” He asked very formulaically.

“Whatever you want.” Leo lay motionless on the sofa. The Tibetan mastiff aggrievedly ran to him, trying to be cute, but was ignored. “Go, if you want. Don’t go, if you don’t want. Moodys can’t afford to offend me. There’s no need to cater to him. It all depends on your own wishes.”

Gu Xia gently rubbed his forehead. “I’m quite willing to go. After all, saving lives is better than erecting a statue. It’s also a good opportunity for improving one’s personal image. I just don’t know what you think.”

“What else can I think?” Leo didn’t care.

Gu Xia glanced at him. “What if you are a sentinel cancer, and my helping others channel spiritual power makes you think I’m dirty. Making me apologetic towards you, and owing you something. Wouldn’t I be disadvantaged then…”

“Unexpectedly, you still care about my opinion?” Leo’s mood suddenly improved a couple of points as he smirked. “I don’t have any objections. I also think that those sentinels who feels guides are not clean are mentally ill… You can go if you want, I have no problem. ”

Gu Xia didn’t even look at him. Taking off his coat, he asked the robot to prepare himself a glass of milk. “By the way, what do you think about the throne? Someone asked me recently and said if you want to fight, we may not have no chance…”

He asked in a very casual tone.

“What can I think? Your brother is in the crown prince’s party. Didn’t your Gu family decide to stand with Moodys long ago?” Leo’s faction didn’t care about anything.

Gu Xia took the milk from the robot. “My brother is my brother, and I am me. His position never represents me.”

“So, if I want to fight, will you become your brother’s enemy and stand on my side?” Leo stood up suddenly, walked over to him, and stared at him.

Gu Xia didn’t even think about it and replied, “Of course. Since I chose to marry you, then naturally you and I are grasshoppers tied to the same string.”

“Then what if I say I don’t want it? “Leo asked him.

Gu Xia didn’t care too much. “Then I respect your decision.”

“Do you want to be a queen?” Leo asked.

Gu Xia shook his head with a look of lack of interest. “It doesn’t matter. I’m neutral. It’s a rather boring job. Everything is up to you.”

“What about you? Do you want to be the emperor?” He said, turning to Leo, and asking.

“Coincidentally, I don’t care. This country is a mess right now. If no one can take care of it, and if my father insists on it, I can do it. But if Moodys can do it, I’ll stay behind. If no one pushes me, I don’t care…” Leo looked at him with a smile. “It’s a complete mess. Cleaning up will require a years of hard work, and failing will mean a stinky reputation for millennia. If Moodys fails, that’s his pot to carry. If he succeeds, that’s his talent. I’m not jealous.”

He took the opportunity to sit next to Gu Xia, grabbing his wrist, and hugging him in his arms. “Being a prince like this, not responsible for anything and following orders, and coming home to a beauty after work, I’m already very satisfied.”

“Don’t touch me!” After Leo sat over and took his hand, Gu Xia’s cold mask finally cracked. He struggled impatiently, asking Leo to let him go.

The Persian cat also blew up the cat suddenly, attacking the mastiff without warning.

Leo not only didn’t listen to him, but took Gu Xiao and kissed him: “I’m in a good mood tonight. Baby, I think we can…”

The hint in his words was very strong.

“I don’t have that interest…” Gu Xia understood all of a sudden, and struggled harder.

Leo disagreed, he took out an injection directly from his pocket and stuck it on the back of Gu Xia’s neck, and injected him with the medicine. “When have you been in the mood, baby? You have a cold personality.”

After Leo and Gu Xia got married and spiritually bonded, Gu Xia’s combination fever has never arrived.

After Leo’s medical team checked, it was discovered that Gu Xia lacks the biological function of estrus, which means that he can combine mentally, but has no physiologically response. Gu Xia asked for a divorce, but Leo refused on the grounds that he could no longer find a guide who was more suitable for him in all aspects. Without the combination fever, it is also very painful for guides during intercourse.

Therefore, the royal medical team specially developed this kind of aphrodisiac that does not harm the body and can mobilize sexual desire.

The effect of the aphrodisiac was quite quick. He, who was still resisting, suddenly became flushed when pierced with the needle, climbing on Leo’s body and asking for a kiss.

And his fierce Persian cat immediately changed its appearance, and began to rub against the mastiff, whom it had originally disliked so much.

Leo lifted the soft Gu Xia, carrying him directly into the bedroom, and closed the door.

There’s was a hot, spring night.

At this moment, the male guide held Xue Zhanting’s corpse in another house in the capital, extolling what Zhuo Yang had done tonight. “Your grandson is really not a fuel-efficient lamp. Actually coming up with a way to let guides willingly help those low-leveled sentinels with mental breakdown… Really worthy, really worthy of inheriting the blood of that bitch. The same shameful acts, the same ignorance towards a guide’s chastity, doing the same thing as those imprisoned guides to those untouchables. And not ashamed, but proud…”

“However, this is also good. This pair of husbands will become more incompatible, and Osphia will be more chaotic, haha.”




After the banquet and announcement to the aristocratic circle, Zhuo Yang and Moodys held a press conference with reporters, intending to announce their call to action with the entire population.

Before the press conference, many old-fashioned aristocrats found Emperor Winston, who was recuperating, asking him to restrain the crown prince and princess. They must not be allowed to do such ridiculous things or make such a ridiculous decision.

Guides don’t have self-worth? They want to seek freedom and realize the value of themselves…

This will affect a sentinel’s dominance and the privileges of the nobility. They don’t want Moodys to make such a change, but also can’t do anything to Moodys.

Starting with Emperor Winston was a vain attempt to restrain his apostate son and son-in-law.

“Moodys, do you really want to do this. There is no room for change?” Emperor Winston was also helpless. Although he had retired, so many nobles asked him to restrain his son. Several commanders of the ten major legions and a few respected family patriarchs were invited, and he asked Moodys in front of everyone.


Leo and Gu Xia… if the latter doesn’t have the biological function of desire normally, but is eager afterwards…? Don’t point fingers at me, I’m just the translator!

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  • 1
    As in, doing a lot of work
  • 2
    It doesn’t specify, and could be anything from phobia to anti-social. Basically, he doesn’t like being social
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    Being forcefully drugged for sex is definitely rape. Leo is straight into the bad books.

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