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TWE Chapter 57

Rand choked for a long while and couldn’t speak. Zhuo Yang stared at him, then added: “If I were you, I would not only not come out at such occasions where Moodys is present, but I would even keep a distance… for fear of revenge.”

“I don’t know if you have overly high self-esteem or something else. In short, seeing you here today, coming to me on purpose, it really makes me laugh.” He said bluntly.

He understands the thoughts of a guide like Rand, because he has been cherished and praised by too many. But in fact, in the eyes of the family, he is merely a high-end tool for soothing a sentinel’s mental power.

The most terrifying thing is that even he has treated himself as a tool for a long time.

Because spiritual power is the most vital in the entire empire, he has set a boundary for himself. Only the most powerful sentinel in the entire empire can own him. Moodys lost power, so he can abandon him ruthlessly. But now that Moodys has regained power, he never imagined Moodys would not want him.

He is the most spiritual guide in Osphia. Which sentinel doesn’t want to live longer, have their spiritual sea calmed down… who wouldn’t want him?

Rand took everything too much for granted and materialized himself.

He ignores that people need feelings and dignity…will be hurt, moved, and sad…

And he is also a person, not the most expensive item that the strongest sentinel can possess.

Treating oneself as an object is a common problem with many so-called noble guides.

“I think you should remember that you are an individual, not an object, a luxury that the strongest sentinel must have. Even if you are a guide, you should be an independent self, not a sentinel’s accessory. You should not be a vassal to a sentinel, a handy medicine, and tool for a sentinel to live…” Zhuo Yang added: “Moodys treated you as a person, not the most expensive and effective tool.”

Zhuo Yang often wonders whether god giving guides to the ability to relieve the minds of sentinels is lucky or unlucky? Many sentinels cherish and care for their own guides. Is it out of love? Or do they feel that they need to be treated with care and are very expensive tools that can help them solve their physical needs, prolong their lifespan, and relieve their mental power?

He was deeply saddened by many guides like Rand. They may be able to find a sentinel who cares and cherishes them for the rest of their lives, but they will never have love.

Even if someone loves them, they don’t know how to give back, and will take it for granted. Because he is a guide and should be treated like this… after a long time, such emotions will only wear out.

Because even they themselves do not have the ability to love others.

Rand was so pale hearing Zhuo Yang’s words that he didn’t dare say anything. Fang Yunzhi looked at Zhuo Yang’s side face that was so delicate and didn’t look like a real person in disbelief. She didn’t expect Zhuo Yang to be such a person.

Because of his mother’s teachings from her civilian teacher background, Zhuo Yang always remembered that even if he was a guide, he was also an individual, not a sentinel accessory or tool.

Fang Yunzhi stared at Zhuo Yang for a while and couldn’t recover. At this moment, her best friend suddenly saw something, and shouted in the direction behind Zhuo Yang: “Your Royal Highness—”

Her voice, and the few people who were talking together suddenly all looked in the direction behind Zhuo Yang, and saw that Moodys heading towards them. The golden lion was following behind him imposingly.

He is not wearing a mask at the moment, and the scars on his face were not as terrifying as when he was just injured. With his military uniform, he looks extra heroic and courageous.

Although Rand had the courage to talk to Zhuo Yang, he thought Zhuo Yang was weak and easy to provoke. But now, with a guilty conscience, coupled with his previous actions to Zhuo Yang, he didn’t even dare to lift his head when he saw Moodys. He didn’t dare look at Moodys.

After Julian was shot by Zhuo Yang, he stood aside and lost his soul. He didn’t dare to speak out in front of Moodys.

“Hello, respected Crown Prince.” On the contrary, Fang Yunzhi was the first to recover and greet Moodys.

Moodys saw her and immediately nodded his head politely to her: “Hello, Miss Fang, it’s been a long time. When did you come back to Emperor Star?”

Although she didn’t mean anything, what Fang Yunzhi said during his downfall, about liking a person like him… it made him very grateful.

“I came back not too long ago.” Fang Yunzhi immediately smelled the marked pheromones of Zhuo Yang on Moodys, and immediately replied in a very self-controlled and polite manner.

She now knew that Moodys was really married to Zhuo Yang.

Starting today, she will forget him.

After Moodys traded a few polite sentences with her, he looked at Zhuo Yang with a gentle face, and asked in an affectionate tone: “What are you standing here for?”

His tone was only affectionate, while the big lion behind him went one step ahead and rubbed Zhuo Yang like a clingy and coquettish big cat.

Fang Yunzhi’s friend looked at the big lion with a look of disbelief. She couldn’t believe the quantum beast, who is ordinarily cold and proud, was like this in front of the crown princess.

Even if His Highness has always been approachable, his companion beast has always been a master who never gets close to anyone.

Is this really His Royal Highness’s Simba?

Acting like a baby?

One can see their master’s heart from a quantum beast’s actions. They all thought that His Royal Highness only married to Zhuo Yang in a time of crisis because of a marriage contract. His Highness should be grateful to the crown prince… but never imagined their feelings to be so deep.

Now it seems that Simba’s attitude is not the same.

Zhuo Yang turned around and pushed the big lion away. He looked at Moodys and Fang Yunzhi with interest. Finally, he glanced at Rand and set his eyes on Moodys: “Just now your old Valentine came to me and talked for a while. I chatted with him for a moment, talked about life, the way to educate children, and then Miss Fang came by to try and help me deal with a bully.”

He was very straightforward.

Fang Yunzhi didn’t expect him to say this, and stepped back, looking embarrassed.

“…I don’t have an old lover.” Moodys’ eyes swept across Rand whose head was lowered, without hesitation as he replied to Zhuo Yang.

It would be too wrong to say that Rand was his old lover.

“Oh, really?” Zhuo Yang turned his gaze from Rand to Moodys, smiling but not smiling. After a long pause, he deliberately asked, “So, I am your first love?”

Moodys glanced at Fang Yunzhi, then at Rand. How could he not know what Zhuo Yang meant, and immediately replied: “Yes, you are.”

“Then am I your little ancestor?” Zhuo Yang asked again.

Although Moodys admires Fang Yunzhi very much and is very grateful, his attitude as a married sentinel must be straightened out. He must clarify those people with other ideas and state his position clearly.

“Yes, you are.” Even if he knew that Zhuo Yang was deliberate, he could only answer like this.

Zhuo Yang said: “At home, whose in charge? If I say I don’t like you to listen to concerts or watch opera, will you not watch it in your life?”

“Yes, you have the final say in our house. If you say not to watch it, I will never watch it again.” At this time, what else could he say besides keeping smiling and saying yes.

The two sang and made peace, and the image of Moodys’ being strictly managed was portrayed to the extreme.

Fang Yunzhi, who stood by and listened, wore a shocked look on her faces. She did not expect that crown prince and princess would get along with each other in such a style.

Seeing them show off their love, the rest of the people’s faces changed slightly. In the end, and they couldn’t listen anymore.

Fang Yunzhi and her best friend found a reason to greet Zhuo Yang and Moodys and left, refusing to suffer being stuffed with more dog food.

Rand and Julian also wanted to take the opportunity to leave, but Zhuo Yang said: “Hasn’t anyone taught you the rules? You don’t know how to say hello to the host, or say goodbye when you leave?”

Being called out like this, they were forced to find a reason to say goodbye in an embarrassing manner, as if giving a report, and released.

Seeing that everyone else was gone, Moodys hugged Zhuo Yang in the corner, and asked with a smile: “Satisfied? Little madman?”

“Not satisfied.” Zhuo Yang let himself be held, smiling, and shook his head.

Moodys sighed softly in his ear: “You are a narrow minded ghost, do you know?”

“I am. I will drive away all those who are thinking about you.” Zhuo Yang admitted very calmly.

The two embraced and smiled at each other.

Taking advantage of the lull in the busy schedule, they kissed again.

Fang Yunzhi’s brother saw Fang Yunzhi and Moodys in the distance. After they had spoke, he immediately rushed to Fang Yunzhi and asked: “Yunzhi, what is the attitude of the crown prince? Do you still want to fight?”

The Fang family deliberately asked Fang Yunzhi to attend the banquet after the crown prince recovered this time. When the crown prince was in the most distress, Fang Yunzhi said that she would marry him no matter what. The Fang family also knew he greatly appreciates and is grateful to Fang Yunzhi.

Zhuo Yang, the crown princess, is not comparable in both family background or mental strength. The marriage is only because of an old marriage contract that has been put on hold for many years. If they are not deeply emotional, and prince’s attitude towards Yunzhi is improves, after his recovery, the Fang family is willing to their best to fight for Fang Yunzhi.

Fang Yunzhi looked at Zhuo Yang and Moodys in the distance, and shook her head, saying in a firm tone: “No, brother, I won’t fight. His Highness is a very good guide, worthy of being His Royal Highness’s guide.”

“I can’t compare to him. The most important thing is that they are in love.” She added.

Brother Fang frowned when he saw her saying this, and didn’t force her.


Scattering dog food and slapping those over confident scum.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! 🤣

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    So gooooood 😌.

  3. Aoi says:

    I am stuffed with so much dog food. My heart and soul aches for being lonely for too long. If yangyang already has a person which can be considered as the love of his life at that age, why can’t I? Cries.

    1. komorebi says:

      Well, ZY had to put lots of effort, planning, and thought into it. Have you? 😉

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