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TWE Chapter 33

Moodys didn’t answer, sitting in a wheelchair and holding the wine glass in his hand motionless as if he hadn’t heard Zhuo Yang speak.

Zhuo Yang couldn’t figure out what the situation was. He was so nervous that his palms sweated a little, and he didn’t dare to step forward. Thinking about it, he summoned his nine-tailed fox quantum beast, and wanted it to replace himself to go and test the current waters.

As soon as the snow-white nine-tailed fox was released, it was elated. A companion beast and their owner’s mind were connected. Zhuo Yang liked Moodys and regarded the other party as the most special existence. The same is true of the nine-tailed fox. As soon as it was released, it jumped on to Moodys’s knee, acting coquettish as usual, asking Moodys to touch itself, and spread into a blanket on Moodys’s knee…

But this time, Moodys, who has always been very indulgent towards it, refused to let the nine-tailed fox near his knees or get close.

It tried getting  to get up to Moodys’ knee, but finally got up and was pushed down gently by Moodys, refusing his intimacy.

The nine-tailed fox who thought it had become familiar with Moodys during this period of time, and could do whatever it wanted without refusal, felt extremely wronged.

“Ao~ ao~ ao~” It stood at Moodys’s feet and wailed dissatisfiedly, as if accusing Moodys for not letting it on his knees. Its dark eyes were full of grievance, making onlookers feel distressed.

Moodys frowned, but finally refused the nine-tailed fox’s request to get on his legs.

The nine-tailed fox suddenly became more aggrieved. Unwilling to give in, it tentatively rubbed Moodys’ trouser legs with its head, and licked Moodys’ hanging hand with its tongue, not knowing what it had done wrong. It was very dissatisfied with Moodys’ neglectful treatment.

In the end, Moodys could not be cruel, and raised his hand to touch the head of the nine-tailed fox covered with soft fur.

The fox became cheerful all of a sudden. Very coquettishly licking Moodys’ hand it very tactfully hinted at being allowed on Moodys’ legs.

Moodys sighed, letting go of the hand that blocked the nine-tailed fox from his knee.

The nine-tailed fox immediately jumped onto Moodys’ warm thighs of with joy, happily curling into a ball, and nestled in place.

Seeing his quantum beast jump into Moodys’ arms, Zhuo Yang was immediately relieved. After smelling the rum in the air, he asked again: “Your Highness, are you drinking? I seem to smell the scent of alcohol… I think, having just recovered from a serious illness, your current condition is probably not suitable for drinking.”

He tried to start the topic with concern.

“Is the banquet at my uncle’s house over?” But Moodys didn’t pick the line of conversation up, and instead began another one. He lowered his head and touched the nine-tailed fox in his arms, and asked without raising his head.

Zhuo Yang replied: “It’s over. Tonight, the dinner at His Highness Changdi Qing’s mansion was very successful and very lively… His Highness Changdi Qing also introduced many people to me.”

“The little ’emperor’s’ social circle in Emperor Star has always been very wide.” Moodys stroked the fox in his arms back and forth.

His hands are big and warm. The fiery heat made the nine-tailed fox in feel unusually warm, comfortable, and safe…

The nine-tailed fox that was originally nestled in his arms stretched out comfortably, spreading itself into a soft pool, as if melting into a flat carpet on his lap, and yawning delicately.

Zhuo Yang didn’t know why he suddenly asked the question about the dinner. Worried that he felt lonely due to his inconvenient physical condition, he immediately said: “Your Highness, are you lonely?”

Although Zhuo Yang himself is not a person who likes to be social, most people in the world like to be with others and are afraid of loneliness…

Because of his physical condition, Moodys has not attended a major social event aside from their recent wedding for nine years.

It is normal to yearn for such occasions.

“Lonely?” Moodys chuckled lightly. He didn’t expect him to ask like this: “Ah~ perhaps.”

Maybe he is indeed lonely, so he yearns and cares for the company of others so much. In the past… he was not such a person.

“If you like, we can also hold a banquet, dance party, or something at home and have a good time.” Zhuo Yang saw Moodys’s response, even beginning to plan. “I think, if you hold a banquet, many big figures in the circle will give you face, and receiving an invitation will be seen as a glory…”

Although his current physical condition is not very good, and organizing events such as banquets or dances are very exhausting and troublesome, as long as Moodys is happy, he is willing to let him do anything.

Moodys has been lonely for so long, and treated coldly for so long, it was time for him to have a good time and be happy.

Moodys listened to his advice, but shook his head: “No, I don’t have the same interest as my little uncle or mother, nor do I like such noisy activities. I say I’m lonely… because.”

His gaze fell on Zhuo Yang, but he closed his mouth… his reason went unsaid.

“Because, what? Your Highness.” Zhuo Yang looked at him puzzled.

Moodys pressed his forehead, which was a little painful from drinking, and tried to change the subject. “It’s nothing, did you seen anyone tonight?”

“His Royal Highness, Mrs. Anne, Duke Andrew… Major General Wang, Lieutenant Yang…I saw many, many people.” Zhuo Yang desperately recalled how many people he had met tonight as if reporting to work like Moodys’ subordinate.

In front of many people, he has a clever tongue and exquisite face. But in front of his favorite person, he is naive and stupid like a dumb piece of wood who can’t speak, can only ask and answer questions.

Moodys asked, and he answered, unable to twist or turn the conversation.

Moodys looked at him with this upright look, and didn’t know whether to cry or laugh… In fact, Zhuo Yang often gave him the illusion that the other party liked him very much.

Although, he didn’t know if this liking was true or false, but he still…

Moodys watched Zhuo Yang for a long time. After Zhuo Yang reported a long list, he suddenly asked: “What kind of person do you like?”

As soon as the voice fell, the whole room was silent. If a needle fell to the ground just now, it would be heard.

Zhuo Yang didn’t move for a while. However, the nine-tailed fox that Moodys had spread out in his arms suddenly stood up as if it had been greatly stimulated. The whole fox seemed to have blown up, showing the owner’s flustered heart.

“Your Highness… Why do you suddenly ask this question?” Zhuo Yang licked his lips, and the nine-tailed fox relaxed again, spreading back into a puddle.

When Moodys asked, it almost gave him the illusion that Moodys also liked him…

Moodys turned his head to look at the dim light in the room. “I suddenly felt a little curious. You might as well say.”

“He… he is a very, very good person.” Zhuo Yang looked at Moodys. He almost instantly blurted out the person he liked on impulse. But in the end he calmed down and gave a safer answer.

Moodys stared at Zhuo Yang, studying him for a long time, and suddenly smiled with a sneer: “Very good, a very good person? Huh—”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Zhuo Yang said.

Moodys looked at him fixedly, not knowing why he looked at Zhuo Yang’s eyes and listened to his answer when he described the kind of person he liked. There was an indescribably bitter feeling in his heart, stifling, and uncomfortable.

Is it jealous or envy?

Moodys didn’t know. He only knew that he shouldn’t have such narrow, obscure, dark thoughts. His reason told him it was not good.

However, maybe it was from drinking, maybe something else… but he couldn’t control himself… he couldn’t control the bad thoughts he shouldn’t have.

From the bottom of his heart, it seemed that because of drinking and long-term loneliness, a beast had grown up. The beast was clamoring: “He is your crown princess. He should belong to you, and should stay by your side forever. Whether it is him or his nine-tailed fox…  that’s what the law stipulates, isn’t it?”

“Do you know this guy Gordon Corey?” Calming his turbulent emotions, he asked casually.

Zhuo Yang panicked. The nine-tailed fox on Moodys’s knee also pricked up its ears unconsciously and entered a state of alertness.

But he still made himself seem very calm, pretending to be relaxed, and replied: “I know, his Excellency, the Secretary General. Loyal suitor of His Royal Highness Changdi Qing. Brother of the second prince’s boyfriend, Rant Corey.”

“Then… what kind of person do you think he is?” Moodys looked at him, and asked again.

Zhuo Yang considered it for a moment, and made a very pertinent evaluation: “He is a very good politician and…careerist.”

“So are you familiar with him?” Moodys asked him very frankly.

Zhuo Yang was stunned. His whole body immediately froze, instinct told him that something was wrong. Everything was wrong. Moodys probably knew something… about him and Gordon…

He wanted to panic and lose his mind, but in the end he calmed down and shouted: ” Your Highness…”

But nothing came out.

“You and him should have known each other a long time ago, since you were 13. You met him when you were thirteen years old, and he deliberately approached you. Since then, you have maintained a weird relationship. Few people know that you are familiar with each other, but in private you have always had a connection. You often meet but avoid people’s ears. He has done a lot for you, and you have used him to do a lot for you.”

Moodys didn’t press him for an answer and instead chose to speak everything he knew. “Even if your brother escaped from marriage, your family hopes you will marry me instead of him.You didn’t want to at first. There was his handwriting to persuade you to compromise and marry me, wasn’t there?”

Zhuo Yang’s hairs pointed up on ends, and his whole person was extremely nervous.

He had known that Moodys had a lot of power and could find out many things he wanted to find out. But he didn’t know that even those secretive things and meetings with Gordon he had carefully concealed were unearthed…

I can’t hide it from him…

Moodys said: “Today, taking advantage of the opportunity of my little uncle’s dinner, he met you privately again. You talked for a long time. What did you say, what did he say to you?”

“Let me guess, it’s probably related to me and our marriage.” He tapped his index finger on the handrail. “He advised you to seduce me with feelings. As the crown princess, my legal partner, to have a relationship and my child as soon as possible. Then use this child to seize power from my two younger brothers in the future and disrupt this country, right?”

Moodys was very uncomfortable when investigating these things. It was why he made an exception and drank a lot of wine.

He didn’t know how to continue to face Zhuo Yang, but now he can say these things calmly.

The hair of Zhuo Yang’s whole body exploded, as did the fox in Moodys’s arms.

Moodys saw him like this, and immediately said softly: “Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t eavesdrop on your conversations, and I don’t know a lot. I was guessing casually. But judging from your expression, I should be able to guess the truth nine of of ten times.”

Zhuo Yang’s back tightened, stiff to the extreme, his hands clenched into fists, palms covered with cold sweat.

“My telling you this isn’t to threaten or intimidate you. Nor do I mean to take you.” Moodys used his warm hand to relax the stiffened nine-tailed fox, rubbing very gently. “I’m doing this out of our legal spousal relationship to remind you that Gordon Corey is not a good person. Not a person worthy of love.”

He fixedly looked at Zhuo Yang and said, “You are very smart, yes… But in front of the extremely deep old fox in the city like him on the political arena, I’m afraid you can’t beat him. And will only be used as his pawn for him.”

He was extremely patient with Zhuo Yang.

Hearing what he said, Zhuo Yang heaved a sigh of relief. His entire body which was frozen stiff immediately relaxed.


Hehehe, Gordon might seem to be a wise fox, but Zhuo Yang is a nine-tailed one! And Moodys, man, you need to be honest with your thoughts… 😛


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  1. Avatar moo says:

    Oh my, I know Moodys is just pessimistic like this due to past experiences + his current impairment and zy’s schemes defo don’t help him trust his spouse butttt I really want all the misunderstandings to end and for them to be a lovey dovey couple!!! I know that if trust the process was a person, it’d be zy but this process is looking a lil long and agsty!!! Still waiting respectfully, tho 👀

    Thanks sm for the chapter!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      Don’t worry, the misunderstandings will resolve itself fairly soon all things considered. 🙂

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