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TWE Chapter 27

After a burst of mental disorder and very high fever, Moodys’s situation took a turn. He began trembling and shivering, murmuring through his lips: “Cold…I’m so cold.”

“Your Highness, Your Highness, what’s wrong with you?” Zhuo Yang put his hand on Moody’s forehead, and found it was still very hot.

But he couldn’t help crying cold in his mouth. Moodys’ face was extremely pale, and his lips were as white as paper without a trace of blood.

In a semi-drowsy state, Moodys’ brain burned into a paste. He couldn’t recognize the person in front of him, and asked in a daze, “Am I going to die?”

“No. No, Your Highness…” Zhuo Yang was taken aback, and immediately replied with certainty: “You will not die, I will definitely not let you die.”

But Moodys did not respond to him at all.

Looking at Moodys’ current situation, he frowned. After a brief hesitation, Zhuo Yang bent down and dropped a nearly pious kiss on Moodys’ forehead, and quickly made a decision.

He sat on the edge of the bed, took off his clothes, shoes, and socks, opened the quilt and got into the bed of Moodys. Hugging him from behind, he intends to warm him with his body temperature.

Moodys hadn’t been in contact with a human body for an unknown period of time. Being suddenly hugged by Zhuo Yang from behind, he immediately struggled reflexively.

Zhuo Yang ignored him, but instead hugged him harder and harder.

“Is it still cold? Your Highness… it shouldn’t be cold anymore?” Zhuo Yang hugged him tightly, trying to transmit all his body temperature to the other party, asking in a very gentle tone.

Moodys struggled in his half-dream and half-awake period, frowning. It seemed that the hot body temperature belonging to Zhuo Yang made him feel it was no longer so cold, so he obediently let Zhuo Yang hold him. His frowning brows relaxed, as he slowly closed his eyes is a deep sleep.

Zhuo Yang let out a long sigh of relief when he heard his breathing became even and regular.

He tightly wrapped Moodys’ waist without moving, and took a deep breath between the opponent’s neck before reluctantly putting his hanging heart back into his stomach.

Zhuo Yang felt that the smell on Moodys was very good. Maybe it was an illusion, maybe his own filter was too deep, but he always felt that this person had a smell of sunshine. It made him fascinated.

Even if Moodys hasn’t been in the sun for a long time, and was in a gloomy environment, this smell still exists very strongly…

Zhuo Yang yearned for it.

His original cause was to take care of Moodys. It might have been too long since he rested and was too sleepy, or because the bed and Moodys was too warm and comfortable, but he felt relieved. After Zhuo Yang entered the quilt a while, he couldn’t help close his eyes and fall into a deep sleep.

Before falling asleep, Zhuo Yang thought in a daze, that if he had never met this person, maybe he would not be who he is now. Instead, he would be an extremely gloomy person, hating the world, hating everyone. He might not believe in justice, in sunshine, and become an anti-social extremist in the eyes of others.

It is precisely because of encountering this person and being redeemed by him-

Zhuo Yang believes that there is justice and light in this world full of darkness.


Zhuo Yang slept very sweetly until the sunlight refracted in from the window. He moved in a daze, not fully ready to open his eyes yet.

But in the next second, he felt something was wrong.

He was lay next to someone else sleeping, hugging tightly. And it seemed… as if there was something hot and hard against the base of his thigh, which made him feel unusually uncomfortable.

He woke up violently and suddenly turned around, suddenly awakening the other person sleeping beside him.

Facing those azure blue eyes and most of the burnt face, Zhuo Yang remembered whose bed he was on last night.

It is quite embarrassing for two adults to wake up and find a near stranger lying next to them. Especially, still in such an awkward situation.

The move of Zhuo Yang just now made that part of Moodys that responded in his sleep grow harder. Looking at Zhuo Yang in his arms early in the morning, blood rushed to Moodys’ face, and he felt extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Even though he has lost a leg, and his body is not as good as before…

In terms of physiology, he is still a very normal man with morning erection… According to Zhuo Yang’s visual inspection through the thin pajamas, his organ1Re: his penis/dick is not too small either…

Moodys’s face was terribly ugly.

The two looked at each other in embarrassment.

“Why are you in my bed?” Taking in a very patient breath, Moodys broke the strange stalemate in the air as he asked with a cold face.

He felt the blood rushing through the veins on his forehead were about to burst.

Zhuo Yang was also very embarrassed in their current situation: “Because when Your Highness had a fever last night, you kept shouting cold, so…”

He seemed to feel that the something against his hip was growing hotter and harder.

The two looked at each other.

Zhuo Yang: “…”

Moodys: “…”

They fell speechless again for a while.

The blue veins on Moodys’ forehead jumped, and he was the first to speak: “My legs and feet are not convenient, so… can I trouble you to get out of my bed first?”

“Yes, Your Highness…” Zhuo Yang suddenly jumped up from the bed. His entire person was like a cooked shrimp, red from the neck to earlobes.

Picking up the clothes from the ground and quickly putting them on, he rushed into the toilet at once.

Moodys’ fever subsided early in the morning. After his fever subsided, his thin golden-haired blue-eyed lion quantum beast disappeared.

Only Zhuo Yang’s nine-tailed fox remained, lying on the ground lonely and abandoned.

As soon as the snow-white fox saw its master wake up, it stood up, appearing noble and glamorous as ever. Pricking its ears, it looked alertly at the bed where they lay to see Zhuo Yang rushing into the bathroom. Keeping a certain distance, it pointed a scrutinizing gaze on Moodys who was a little weak and lay alone on the bed.

His Royal Highness, who had just reached into the quilt to relieve himself, was embarrassed by the ink-black eyes of a nine-tailed fox. He felt as if he was being peeped on, which made it hard to take action.

His already ugly face became more ugly.

He removed his hand from the quilt, looking at the nine-tailed fox staring back at him, and waited for a certain hard part of himself to soften.

Staring at the nine-tailed fox for a long while, he did not think the other party was not malicious to him. Maybe it was asking him if it could go over.

It immediately hopped over to Moodys’ bed, looking at the stranger vigilantly.

Moodys thought it was acting a little overly familiar, running over by itself as a quantum beast. His suppressed expression became a little more ugly.

The nine-tailed box looked at him under the bed with a dazed expression, quietly and vigilantly observing the person in front.




After Zhuo Yang solved his own physical desire, he consciously left enough time for Moodys to solve his physical needs. When he emerged from the bathroom, he saw the scene of a person and fox confronting each other in stalemate.

When the nine-tailed fox saw Zhuo Yang come out, it jumped behind him and disappeared.

As if hiding in Zhuo Yang’s body, hiding itself.

“Your Royal Highness, good morning!” During this period of time, Zhuo Yang had already sorted out his various thoughts. There was no more embarrassment or discoloration on his face. He smiled as if nothing had happened, and said ‘good morning’ as though was normal.

Moodys’s face has eased a lot, but it is still very ugly. He looked at Zhuo Yang a little coldly, and said: “My illness is cured, you can go out.”

He is not used to someone so aggressively invading his space. Even if that person is his legal partner.

He only needs others to let him be alone…

“Although your fever has subsided and your mental power is no longer violent, your body is still very weak and you cannot go out during the observation period… Therefore, as the person taking care of you, I cannot go out before you can go out.” Zhuo Yang didn’t show a hint of indifference as he walked over to Moodys and sat down with a smile.

Moodys insisted: “The dangerous period has passed. As you’ve seen, I can be alone.”

“No, I haven’t seen anything. I think you need someone to take care of you.” Zhuo Yang insisted more than him.

The blue veins on Moodys’ forehead jumped. “I say, do you usually have nothing else to do? It’s so interesting to stay here with a cripple like me?”

He used a self-deprecating tone again.

“At the moment, besides taking care of you, I really don’t seem to have anything else to do.” Zhuo Yang didn’t buy it.

Moodys didn’t expect that there are young people who don’t have any hobbies, and instead loves to spend time as his caregiver. He suddenly felt he can do nothing about Zhuo Yang.

As he can’t drive him away, he can only let him stay and continue to harass himself.

At seven o’clock in the morning, the service robot from the Prince’s Mansion came in on time and served breakfast for the pair. Zhuo Yang took the breakfast from the robot, and sat down in front of Moodys’s bed. He took a spoon and reached out towards Moody’s mouth. “Come on, have some breakfast, Your Highness.”

“I can do it myself.” Moodys was not comfortable being fed. Sitting up, he wanted to take breakfast from Zhuo Yang.

However, Zhuo Yang relied on his body being more flexible than Moodys’ legs and feet. He took a step back and refused to give him breakfast, insisting on feeding him. “No…”

“I said, I can do it myself.” Moodys’ veins jumped again, feeling aggravated by Zhuo Yang.

No matter how good his temper, as crown prince, no one has ever disobeyed him…

Zhuo Yang took a spoonful of porridge and sent it to his mouth, refusing to give him the bowl. “If I say no, it’s no. Before you’re completely cured, I have the final say here, Your Highness.”

Moodys was helpless, and was too lazy to argue with the child, so he opened his mouth and let Zhuo Yang feed himself one spoonful at a time.

Zhuo Yang was very careful when feeding. Each spoonful that was scooped was blown carefully, for fear that it would burn Moody’s mouth.

But Moodys who was fed so much felt like a large doll who was forced to play role-playing games with his guide.

And this guide with a childlike heart treating him as a toy-

Is his princess.

This completely made him despair to the point he no longer felt despair.


Hehehe, that nine-tail fox. Of course, there’s no ill will. Instead Zhuo Yang – and by proxy, the fox – is curious. 😂


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    Re: his penis/dick
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  1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Hehe! You’re right, I did love this chapter! Zhuo Yang slowly ingratiating himself into the crown princess role instead of business arrangement partnership? It’s the slow boil method! He’s really so awkwardly cute when he’s not being an overbearing caregiver!

    Poor Moodys though. There are just some things you can’t do when being watched, even if it’s by a non-human!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. komorebi komorebi says:

      You’re welcome. Some more relationship building coming up, before the plot ball starts rolling!

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