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TVLMS Chapter 28

The villain is a rebellious stepson (3)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Lu Ziqing had gotten a car from Lu Mingren after getting his driver’s license for his eighteenth birthday. He usually feels troublesome and doesn’t drive much. Although his father had sent him a message and asked him to drive Gu Xiyu to class together, he decided to ignore it and dragged Gu Xiyu into the crowd of the bus.

Gu Xiyu is a guy who doesn’t like to have too much physical contact with people. Lu Ziqing found out about this last night when he was instructing himself to do his homework. He would always avoid his approach unconsciously. But he himself didn’t seem to notice this habit.

Lu Ziqing thought like this while looking at Gu Xiyu who was holding the handrail in front of him. Gu Xiyu seemed to have been squeezed helplessly by the people behind him. So he moved a little closer to him.

“You…” He had just frowned to express his ”dissatisfaction” when he saw Gu Xiyu suddenly grab a man’s hand with his backhand with a cold face.

The man had worn a well-dressed suit with a briefcase in his hand. He looked very gentle and he had worn a shiny silver watch on his wrist that was tightly held by Gu Xiyu. He obviously felt the pain. After getting grabbed by a man, his face turned red. He angrily asked: “What are you doing?!”

Gu Xiyu whispered in a calm tone: “Touch me again and you won’t have a hand anymore.”

The man who was grabbed tightly became furious: “Don’t be narcissistic, okay? If I really wanted to touch, I would have touched the beauty next to you instead of you, the man!”

There was indeed a beautiful girl with long hair standing next to Gu Xiyu. When the young woman heard these words, she was so frightened that she leaned a few steps towards the person who looked like her best friend, fearing that she would really encounter some pig laying hands on her.

Lu Ziqing didn’t see what happened, but after looking back carefully, he did vaguely remember that Gu Xiyu was indeed leaning towards him because of the approach of the man in the suit.

He didn’t say anything, but when Gu Xiyu caught the attention of everyone in the car, one of the female high school students in the window seat suddenly said weakly: “I…. I can prove that this uncle is indeed touching the brother inappropriately… ”

The aunt next to her took her mobile phone and saw that there was a video of her recording the crime of a man in a suit. The man in the suit found it hard to argue, but he was still a little unconvinced. He glared at the female high school student and slandered: “Did you guys collude to frame me? How can it be a coincidence that you happened to be recording a video? There’s nothing worth recording in the car!”

The girl who received everyone’s eyes blushed. Her fists clenched on her legs for a long time before she lowered her head and explained, “I…. I was taking pictures of that brother and that student next to him!”

Lu Ziqing, who was about to yawn but was suddenly named, was taken aback.

Judging from the school uniform, the girl and him were alumni.

The girl’s tone became more embarrassed: “I just think it’s very eye-catching for the two of them to stand together. So I wanted my friend to see it too, but I hadn’t expected that it would record that too………”

The bus was strangely quiet for a second.

The first noise was made by the beauty who had hid beside her best friend earlier. She couldn’t help but laugh. She then coughed and turned her head away.

“Hey, isn’t this dude that same man………. this dude looks familiar to me. Didn’t a little girl say she was touched by him last week? But he was so good at talking, instead he scolded the girl and made her run out of the bus crying, and now?” Another aunt carrying a vegetable basket suddenly asked.

The man who seemed less than 30 years old was embarrassed by her sudden pointing towards him.

“I have to go out every day and take this bus to the vegetable market. I know what happens on the bus!”

The evidence was conclusive. In addition, someone around him started holding a cell phone and said that he wanted to call the police. He gave Gu Xiyu a fierce look and fled with a briefcase when the door in the next stop was opened.

Only then did the bus’s atmosphere return to normal. Only a few low voices of conversation remained.

Lu Ziqing lowered his eyes to look at Gu Xiyu who was slightly shorter than him. He lowered his head and said in a deep voice in his ear: “Is my little mom that good, so a man would rather touch you than a beautiful woman?”

Gu Xiyu thought calmly, adolescent boys are really full of sexual curiosities.

He was thinking about how to teach this little kid a ”nice” lesson when the driver suddenly braked. His body habitually leaned forward and hit the person standing face to face with him.

Although Lu Ziqing tried very hard to show dissatisfaction with him, he still subconsciously reached out and put his hand around Gu Xiyu’s waist to support him.

When Gu Xiyu crashed into the target’s arms, he accidentally nudged him because of his homeopathic movements. When the two of them got close, he could clearly feel a certain part of the other party’s gradual energy.

Lu Ziqing’s face changed many colors in a short period of time and finally became as black as the bottom of the pot.

Not far from the bus, a girl exclaimed too loudly because of excitement.

Gu Xiyu, who already had extensive experience, calmly let go of Lu Ziqing. But in his heart, he was mocking and laughing. He seriously commented to the intelligent system: “It doesn’t seem to be very big.”


Lu Ziqing’s face became more gloomy.

Gu Xiyu’s University was one station away from Lu Ziqing’s school. The latter station arrived earlier than his. Since the embarrassing incident happened, the other party hadn’t talked to him again. After arriving at the station, he went straight down and ignored him.

This child is really funny.

Lu Ziqing puts an act of being a great school bully in the school. He always shows himself as the worst student of the school and usually does not arrive at the school on time. Today, under Gu Xiyu’s ”leadership” it was the first time since he was in high school that he entered the classroom before the class bell rang.

His classmates in the class were dumbfounded when they saw him come in with a sullen face. The students’ voices talking about homework and daily life disappeared. The classroom was so quiet that only the sound of birds coming from outside the window was heard.

Unlike Xu Chengxuan, the topper of Class One, Lu Ziqing was a famous school bully in their school who was not easy to provoke. When he had first enrolled in this high school, the high school bully of that time saw that he always liked to run to places like the rooftop where they were reunited between classes. Lu Ziqing’s attitude was very cold but that bully overestimated himself. So he gathered all his buddies to teach Lu Ziqing a ‘nice’ lesson.

No one knows exactly what happened. Since the next day, that school bully was never seen in the school again. Later, other students learned that he had transferred. On the other side, Lu Ziqing was only hurt a bit in the corner of his mouth from the beginning to the end. The little buddies who had ganged up with the former school bully at the beginning were also scattered and now they are closer to Lu Ziqing. They all rely on the richness of their family but don’t want to study. According to the image Lu Ziqing showed, everyone named him the new high school bully.

“Ziqing, why did you come to school so early today?” The friend who was copying homework on the last row of the table, only a corridor away from him, raised his head in surprise when he heard his chair was pulled away.

Lu Ziqing was a little annoyed and stuffed his schoolbag into the drawer: ” No reason.”

“Hey, what ”no reason” happened to you today? The class teacher will check your homework in the morning. If you’ll let her see that you haven’t done it, she will definitely seize the opportunity to fine you.”

Lu Ziqing put down his school bag and went to the table without answering what that classmate said.

Their class teacher, Chen Qiuping, happens to be the dean of teaching. She is a very strict woman. She loves the good children in her class most and hates the so-called “badass” students in her class. She has a double standard.

If her good student is late or forgets to bring her/his homework, she will only say in a good voice: “You’ve worked hard. It must have been too late for you to study yesterday, it doesn’t matter.”

If it’s her bad-ass student then she never asks the reason. She directly scolds: “Where did you go fooling around yesterday?! You assholes can’t be a part of our beautiful society. You little scum!”

In this case, Lu Ziqing was already tired of listening.

He was finally awakened by the sound of the ruler banging on this desk.

Ever since Chen Qiuping slapped Lu Ziqing with a ruler once and was stared at coldly by him, now she doesn’t hit him anymore.

He got up and leaned back on the chair. He lazily raised his eyes to look at the person in front of him: “What’s the matter?”

Lu Ziqing can be regarded as one of the major problems encountered by Chen Qiuping in her entire teaching career. His family background itself is not easy to provoke, but he is still a problem student in school. From the bottom of her heart, she entirely looked down on him. But because of his strong character and natural coercive aura, she didn’t really dare to fight him.

In her opinion, Lu Ziqing is an aggressive man who will stab people with a knife with a smile if you’ll pester him.

Chen Qiuping didn’t expect that Lu Ziqing, who was always late, would arrive at school early. Although she didn’t really want to check his homework, all the students were watching them. And the dean’s momentum could not be underestimated by the students.

She glared at him: “Where’s your homework? You didn’t do it again? If you haven’t done it, please ask the monitor later, and copy it to me ten times!”

The corners of Lu Ziqing’s lips suddenly rose. He then took out all the homework copies from his schoolbag: “If I’ve done my homework, teacher, would you help me correct it ten times?”

Chen Qiuping hesitated to open his homework copy. She saw that all the questions in it were filled in with neat answers. Her eyes drenched: “Lu Ziqing, very good! Now you are looking for someone to help you do your homework?”

Lu Ziqing was not surprised. After the tip of his tongue touched his upper jaw, he asked, “Teacher, did you install a monitor in my house?”

“Otherwise, why are you so sure that I didn’t write the homework by myself?”

Since Chen Qiuping took over the second grade, she has never seen Lu Ziqing do homework. He even skipped most of the classes. Even if he stayed in the classroom, he only slept on the table without attending the class. It’s weird for such students to write homework.

She had glanced at random just now and the answer was almost all right.

With such an idea, she said confidently: “This handwriting is so beautiful. How can I believe you wrote it? You don’t usually come to class, so how do you know how to solve these questions?”

Lu Ziqing chuckled at the words. He took one of the copies and tore off the last page directly in front of Chen Qiuping and wrote a beautiful sentence under her astonished gaze.

He wrote ”When one has reached the end of the road and faces a dead end, do not give up hope. There is always a silver lining or better days ahead and better things to come. ”

His handwriting was exactly the same as that of that homework copy. The front of the pen carries a majestic atmosphere and unrestrainedness, which inexplicably matches the artistic conception of the poem written by hand.

“I really can’t solve the problems in the homework.” After he finished writing, he put down his pen and sat on a chair. He raised his head and bends his eyes at Chen Qiuping slightly. His mouth smiled faintly, “But my little mo—my guardian can.”


“Hey, Xiyu, you’re finally back to class!” Gu Xiyu was walking to the classroom written in the class schedule. Suddenly someone rushed from behind and stretched out his hand to wrap his neck directly. That guy hit him very ”nicely” before letting him go. “You suddenly asked for leave before and you left such strange words in your circle of friends, I was quite worried whether something happened to you.”

In order to match Lu Ziqing’s class time, Gu Xiyu had arrived at the school early. He sat in the leisure area on campus and watched several replays of the original owner’s live broadcast. When he became somehow familiar with the original owner’s live broadcasting and gaming style and then left to class, it was almost time for class.

He didn’t expect to meet acquaintances so soon.

『Zhang Ming, the original owner’s best friend at the university, used to be roommates with him before the original owner moved out of the dormitory. 』The system reminder came very timely.

Gu Xiyu replied: “Nothing, there was something wrong at home. So I could come back to class only after I have taken care of it.” He didn’t intend to arbitrarily talk about him getting a marriage certificate with another man.

Zhang Ming didn’t even think about asking it. He happily told him about the gossip in the college these past few days, who was with whom, who proposed whom, who got arrested, etc. It sounded like college life was particularly fulfilling.

It wasn’t until they walked into the classroom that Gu Xiyu, who was more sensitive to the surrounding environment, realized that the surrounding classmates would look in the direction of him and Zhang Ming from time to time. They would even mutter something lowly.

He felt that the object of their discussion should be him.

Zhang Ming, who was slow to react, realized this after they found a place to sit down. When they were puzzled, a girl with a ponytail in the front suddenly turned her head.

She seemed to know them and asked directly: “Do you guys still remember that person who had left an anonymous message on the school confession wall last month to confess to the school?”

Zhang Ming nodded. He saw that girl glance at Gu Xiyu embarrassedly and then say: “I don’t know what’s going on, anyway, someone revealed that the person who confessed was Xi Hua(flower in Chinese).”

Gu Xiyu sighed silently in her heart, thinking that it turned out to be another campus gossip.

Until he saw that the eyes of the girl and Zhang Ming fell on him, he suddenly understood something.

It’s Xi as in Gu Xiyu and Hua as in flower……….=………. him?

Gu Xiyu didn’t expect that this confession was left before the original body passed away. Even the teacher would subconsciously glance in his direction during class, causing him to be surrounded by all kinds of eyes all day long.

He is used to such things, but that doesn’t mean he likes it.

The main system sent him an introduction.

『Liu Sheng, the second male lead in this world, is the half-brother of the heroine. The original body had a habit of wearing women’s clothing before and was accidentally discovered by Liu Sheng. But the gentle Liu Sheng not only did not publicize the matter but even helped him to hide it several times and did not treat him as an outlier. Come and see. Since childhood, the original owner who had rarely received such care gradually developed feelings for Liu Sheng.

After realizing that he was about to be sold by his father to someone else, the original owner impulsively ran to school in despair and wrote down his secret love for Liu Sheng sincerely. 』

Zhang Ming pounded his chest and said, “Why did you do such a thing without telling me?”

“You clearly know that the girl from IT management has always been prejudiced against you, especially she also likes that Liu Sheng. You are often taken care of by that Liu Sheng……….. She must have guessed that the person is you right away and investigated it secretly. Then secretly leak your network information!”

Gu Xiyu felt that he has experienced too much humiliation in his last life due to the blessing of that great devil. Now he has a very Buddhist mentality: “It doesn’t matter, the matter is over. I will never run after Liu Sheng again. Others will just say what they like.”

It was unknown if it was a coincidence or Liu Sheng deliberately avoided him, he hadn’t seen him in the days after the incident.


Gu Xiyu goes to Lu Ziqing’s room to supervise his homework every night. Although Lu Ziqing is not at the bottom of the list, looking at the current situation, it is still a bit difficult for him to break into the top 100. And every night, he had to find a way to fight him a little bit in order to force him to write homework.

Sometimes, in order for him to write faster, he just sits beside him openly and plays small mobile games.

Gu Xiyu accidentally saw the competitive game broadcasted by the original body on Lu Ziqing’s computer desktop. So he asked, “You also play it?”

“Yeah.” Lu Ziqing’s tone was quite proud, “I can play PRETTY WELL. I can be counted as one of the top national players.”

Gu Xiyu smiled but didn’t really believe it.

It was not until Friday night that Lu Ziqing refused to do his homework and indicated that he would take him to play games using the excuse that the next day was a holiday.

“It turns out that hopeless player of that day was you?”

The doors on the left and right sides of the corridor were open. Lu Ziqing went to Gu Xiyu’s room to check his account and saw the familiar nickname ‘CC’.

Gu Xiyu watched Lu Ziqing manipulate his mouse without taking permission and click on the friend list and accept a friend request from an ID called ”Azure sky wait for rain”. He was a little surprised: “You were that arrogant enemy.”

Unexpectedly, this rebellious teenager had actually adopted such a slick nickname.

He clicked on the information of Lu Ziqing’s game characters and found that he did have a lot of awards based on the national standards. Most of the characters of Lu Ziqing’s game were first-tier heroes. Even the competition scores were also the first place in the current season.

Lu Ziqing raised his eyebrows with satisfaction and then tapped on Gu Xiyu’s head easily before lowering his voice and said, “Little mom, wait, and that arrogant enemy will take you to fly.”

Gu Xiyu didn’t bother to correct the way Lu Ziqing was calling him. Only after he left and returned to his room and closed the door, he was still a little surprised.

The remaining temperature and touch on the top of the head were so strangely familiar.

Gu Xiyu has only gradually realized now that even if he transmigrates to another world, his mission target… is still that mission target.

He returned to his senses and put on the headphones. He was pulled into the team by Lu Ziqing and started the double row. While waiting, a message reminder appeared on his friend list.

【Colorful Marshmallow:! ! Xixi, don’t pretend to be dead! Take a look at your Weibo when you have time. If you don’t fulfill your promise, your fans are going to blow up and say you broke your promise! 】

Gu Xiyu got a headache when he thought about the fan service. After thinking about it, he could only reply: 【…give me another week. 】

He needs to be mentally prepared.

【Colorful Marshmallow: …Okay, then next Saturday, you can’t drag it anymore! 】

【Colorful Marshmallow: Hey, is wearing the costume of that interstellar executive character so painful? BWAHA! 】

Gu Xiyu’s eyes were startled. Before he could reply, he and Lu Ziqing were queued into the game.

Lu Ziqing’s deep voice rang from the earphones, carrying a seemingly non-existent current: “Come on, little mom, which treasure do you want? I will find it.”

Lu Mingren was busy socializing on weekends and was not at home. He and Lu Ziqing played the game directly until midnight before they were ready to go offline. Lu Ziqing’s game skill was indeed very strong. It wasn’t surprising as this guy only plays this game every time.

However, he played that game very seriously. That serious tone and attitude subconsciously overlapped with a certain president in his memory. Gu Xiyu listened to it and almost forgot that he was not talking to that guy right now.

Habit is a terrible thing.

In the room on the other side, Lu Ziqing didn’t immediately disband the team, staring at his triumphant record, feeling very happy.

Gu Xiyu’s voice suddenly came from the headphones.

“You like playing games so much and you have strong control and skills. Haven’t you thought about playing professionally?”

Lu Ziqing’s movement of the mouse stopped abruptly.

“Only knowing playing games all day long, you fucker only know how to do this kind of unsuccessful things!”

Lu Ziqing’s gaze stayed on that words for a long time. He then finally closed his eyes cruelly, before lazily answering Gu Xiyu.

“Not interested.”


The author has something to say:

Lu Ziqing: How can I know if I haven’t tried it?

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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