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TVLMS Chapter 27

Chapter 2 The villain is the rebelling step son (2)

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Lu Ziqing was given a set of lectures by Lu Mingren.

Lu Ziqing surrendered and said he knew he was wrong. But Gu Xiyu felt that Lu Ziqing’s eyes were saying something else, such as, “I will say it again next time. HeHe”

Guiding a rebellious teenager is much more difficult than appeasing a mature and stable president of the company.

Lu Ziqing, who usually never sits with his family for dinner, went straight upstairs when he got home and abnormally sat at the dining table after washing his hands today. He even held a bowl full of rice in his hand.

Facing the doubts in Lu Mingren’s eyes, Lu Ziqing said: “After all, this is the first day that my little mom has moved into the house. Of course, I have to cultivate a good relationship with him.”

Lu Mingren twitched the corners of his eyes after hearing this. He was obviously unable to accept such a name. His appetite suddenly disappeared: “…I’m full. I’ll go back to the room and work.”

Gu Xiyu was holding the bowl of rice quietly as if no matter what happened in this world, it had nothing to do with him.

But there was always a voice that dragged him into the chaos bothering him: “Little Mom, I want to eat the dish in front of you.”

“Little Mom, soup is too far away from me.”

“Little Mom, this fish has so many spines, can you help me?”


With a ‘paa’, Gu Xiyu’s chopsticks were placed on the tabletop not too lightly.

The cold and a little noisy voice finally stopped. Gu Xiyu glared at the teenager who didn’t really want to eat but just wanted to find a chance to tease him. He sighed and calmly asked, “Is your ass still hurting?”

Lu Ziqing’s slightly playful chuckle suddenly disappeared.

When the rebellious young man returned to the room with a gloomy face carrying his schoolbag, Gu Xiyu’s world finally returned to calm. He was the only one in the dining room downstairs.

The aunt who was standing outside the kitchen looked at him eagerly. He paused and said, “It’s delicious, thank you.”

The aunt smiled happily and didn’t speak, but she reached out her hand lovingly and showed him a little love.

Gu Xiyu returned to the room after eating. The first thing he did was log in to the game. It was a competitive multiplayer online battle game that most people are familiar with. To play this game, excellent hand speed, technique, and consciousness are needed.

He had played this type of game a long time ago. So it shouldn’t be difficult for him to play it live in this world. It’s just that in the game played by the original body, there are a hundred heroes with their own settings and he needs to be familiar with it in advance.

“What are you doing?”

As soon as Gu Xiyu loaded the game interface, he heard the sound of the system.

“Playing games.” As soon as he went online, he received a message from a friend.

【Colorful marshmallow: Xixi! Did you receive it? When are you showing it to us! 】

Gu Xiyu looked at the message for a long time but still didn’t understand what this friend was talking about. So he could only ask tentatively: 【Which thing are you talking about? 】

The other person happened to be online and the reply came back soon.

【Colorful marshmallow: Your Cosplay clothes! You said on the live broadcast platform that if the number of fans reaches 150,000, you will surprise your fans. You aren’t pretending that you don’t remember, are you? 】

【Colorful marshmallow: You told me that the costume was about to be delivered a few days ago and you are going to come out one day to let me do your makeup and take pictures for a small live broadcast. I think you should have already gotten the clothes. I happen to be free this Saturday. Why don’t you set it on that day? 】

Gu Xiyu stared at the computer screen and did not immediately reply. After pondering for a while, he suddenly looked at the suitcase standing in the corner of the room.

When he was unpacking today, he saw that there were several large bags of items inside. He didn’t take it apart immediately because he didn’t think it was important. Is the thing that Marshmallow is talking about inside it?

Gu Xiyu hesitated but finally found the blade and opened the bags that had been sealed with multiple layers of tape.

There were colorful clothes in it. Some fancy designs could be vaguely seen. Most likely, it was the COS clothes that Marshmallow had said.

Before taking them out, Gu Xiyu had thought that no matter how bad and exaggerated the costumes of the game characters were, he could grit his teeth and go along the plot. However, after he took it out to see the design of the costume, he fell into a long silence.

In the game, Marshmallow had to wait for more than a day before getting a reply: 【Can I refuse? 】

【Colorful Marshmallow:?? ? Go and ask your fans yourself and see if they agree or not. 】

Gu Xiyu had a headache.

These fucking clothes turned out to be of female characters.

Unable to escape, he chose to ignore the messages of Marshmallow first and played several games to be familiar with the heroes’ settings. His popularity was not too high, so no one recognized him.

On the contrary, some people were even roasting him in every game:

【How did this noob reach this rank? 】

【Child, did you not finish your homework? 】

【Give up! Don’t give your teammates headaches anymore. 】

Gu Xiyu didn’t reply. After quietly getting acquainted with the hero’s skills and operations, he began to play ”bravely”.

Then these teammates who had initially roasted him gave him a thumbs up.

The time when his teammates were most impressed with him was in the last game.

Because of his ”bravery”, the teammates couldn’t help but curse six generations of his family. He once killed his own teammates. During the process of obtaining a treasure, he helped the enemy to get the treasure instead. That enemy deliberately walk to him and sent him a text message saying “Hehe, good game”.

That guy was obviously mocking him.

Gu Xiyu finally took five kills in front of that mother fucker.

He had been playing for a few hours. So he immediately went offline after this round.

The system’s voice suddenly sounded: 「About mission target, what are you planning to do?」

He felt that the system in this world seemed to be quite active: “You are a system, shouldn’t you issue tasks for me?”

「Ahhhhhh???」 The familiar tone came out again and then it said coldly, 「I don’t know either.」

At last, the main system was the one that had to issue the task.

{The side task has been triggered. Please help the target improve his academic performance so that he can reach the top 100 in the whole year in the final exam! Completing this mission can reduce the risk by up to 10 points!

Friendly reminder: The target is currently at the bottom of the grade, out of a total of 603 students in the whole grade. }

Gu Xiyu: “…”

It sounds like a mission impossible task.

In a room separated by a corridor, Lu Ziqing glanced at the ”friendly” enemy whose nickname was ‘CC’ in the record list, and shut down the game after sending a friend request.

On the strange panel that came up with his thoughts, the last message was the ‘I don’t know either’ that he had answered in his heart.

Lu Ziqing was still confused.

On the way home, he suffered a pain in his head and suddenly this strange panel appeared in front of him, with the content of the mission aimed at him. And the mission executor claimed to be Gu Xiyu.

For some reason, a system that was supposed to be controlled by someone else or pure AI was suddenly loaded on him. Then he found that his answer was the reply of the system in the eyes of the other party.

This means that as long as he wants to, he can make the other party perform the task off the track at any time.

Coincidentally, this man named Gu Xiyu is not only the young man who made him lose face in front of everyone yesterday, but he is now his………

Lu Ziqing’s thoughts stopped here. When he turned to think about what advice to make to Gu Xiyu as a system, the door of the room was suddenly knocked on.

He raised his brows slightly.

Lu Mingren would hardly come to him. Most of the time he would just send him a message on his mobile phone or leave after shouting directly outside the corridor.

“The door is unlocked.”

After Lu Ziqing answered, Gu Xiyu opened the door and walked in. He did not bother to do any formality. He leaned against the chair very naturally and asked, “Have you finished your homework?”

Lu Ziqing: “?”

There is no such thing as homework in his life.

“I haven’t done it and I don’t want to do it either.” Lu Ziqing replied coldly.

He thought that Gu Xiyu was here to act as his elder and wanted to put pressure on him as a ‘guardian’. When he was about to see how he would deal with him, he saw the person at the door nodding slightly: “Okay, good night.”

After speaking, he really closed the door and went outside.

“…?” Lu Ziqing looked at the tightly closed door. He was stunned for a few seconds before reacting.

Gu Xiyu doesn’t like to force people by acting strong. Anyway, after completing the task in the first world, he now feels that he can afford to spend a whole life slowly dealing with the target and completing the task. So he was not in a hurry.

It’s just that as soon as he walked back to his room, the door was opened forcefully from outside before the door could be closed.

Lu Ziqing stared at him with a calm face for a while, then gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll do it.”

Gu Xiyu lowered his eyes to cover the flashing smile and returned to Lu Ziqing’s room.

Lu Mingren was talking on the phone with someone in the study room next door. His heavy and forceful voice sounded full of anger as if he was reprimanding the employees for failing to get things done.

Lu Ziqing closed the door as usual before taking out the workbook from the schoolbag with a cold face.

His copies were packed as clean as he himself, so clean that there was not even a word on it.

Gu Xiyu directly picked out the most troublesome mathematics, physics and chemistry.

He opened the math book and put it in front of Lu Ziqing: “Let’s start, ask me if you can’t solve any of the problems.”

Lu Ziqing looked at those complicated topics and didn’t write for a long time. He asked with a confused look: “Even if I ask you, can you answer it?”

“You can try asking.” Gu Xiyu replied.

Lu Ziqing heard the words and simply said: “I don’t know these questions, will you teach me?”

Gu Xiyu didn’t refuse. He picked up the pen and bent over at the desk to solve the problem seriously.

Lu Ziqing sat on the chair. Turning his head slightly, he could clearly see the outline of Gu Xiyu’s side face with long thick eyelashes, and…the attractive lines of his neck.

The moment this ‘attractive’ word popped up in his head, he was frightened. He frowned in disgust and moved to the other side of the desk to distance himself from Gu Xiyu.

He would not like men. T/N: HeHe

When Gu Xiyu put down the pen and looked back, he met his eyes.

There seemed to be something deep in Lu Ziqing’s heart that trembled heavily, and then tightened slightly, causing a trace of discomfort. But the feeling disappeared quickly, too fast for him to observe it carefully.

Only then did he start to realize that the pupil color of one of Gu Xiyu’s eyes was very special, much lighter than the other. It subconsciously made Lu Ziqing think whether Gu Xiyu was born with some eye disease.

“You have to solve these questions step by step according to these formulas…” Gu Xiyu explained for a long time. Only after Lu Ziqing’s thoughts gradually became concentrated, did he realize that something was wrong.

He interrupted Gu Xiyu, who was patiently explaining to him. He frowned lightly and pointed to one of the questions. He said: “You have done this wrong. There are pitfalls in the question. You should first…”

He murmured for a long time. Realizing that the person beside him hadn’t replied from beginning to end, he raised his head to see the faint smile in the other’s eyes. Then he suddenly realized something.

Lu Ziqing’s face sank. His tone turned into anger with a bit of irritation: “Did you deliberately………………..?”

From the very beginning, Gu Xiyu hadn’t really believed that this ass target doesn’t know anything. If he is really that bad, the bureau wouldn’t have sent tons of people to eliminate this target.

When a child in the rebellious period does things very well especially in school, they hope to get praise or at least some response from elders. When they don’t get any response or praise, they just stop doing things well. In this way, even if it harms them, they will act wild to finally get a little attention.

「How did you know he knew the answers?」 the system suddenly asked.

Gu Xiyu smiled slightly: “He is so powerful, how can he really know nothing.”

Lu Ziqing lowered his head slightly moving his fingers lightly. His ears seemed to be a little hot suddenly.

『The target’s risk value is -5. The current risk value is 60. 』

“Let’s do it.” Lu Ziqing, who was silent, suddenly grabbed the pen.

Lu Ziqing’s mouth pursed into a line. He began to write under Gu Xiyu’s supervision. The appearance of him answering the questions seriously was quite cold and academic.

Gu Xiyu was very pleased but he was also wondering dully. If Lu Ziqing’s grades were raised too high and the protagonist’s limelight was accidentally overshadowed by that time, would the mission fail?

Commander Gu, who had completed the mission of the previous world was not very able to recognize the request of the task this time. But if it is not solved properly, he will face the crisis of mission failure and the collapse of the world.

It hurts!

However, Lu Ziqing became more depressed as he wrote.

Why should he be so obedient? Why is he doing his homework so obediently just because this Gu Xiyu said a few nice words casually?

He wanted to go back to his room but he couldn’t control his hand that was continuously writing down.

Lu Ziqing couldn’t help but think again, he must get back the losses he has suffered from Gu Xiyu sooner or later.


The next day, Lu Mingren left the house early. When Lu Ziqing came downstairs with dark circles under his eyes, he did not see a single shadow of human beings in the living room. But there were a few bowls of hot porridge on the table.

Lu Ziqing paused and looked in the direction of the kitchen subconsciously.

It was Gu Xiyu who was standing inside. Aunt Zhang, who usually cooks for them, was not there.

He doesn’t like to eat porridge, so Aunt Zhang usually doesn’t make breakfast like this.

When Lu Ziqing walked to the dining table, he remembered that Aunt Zhang had said the other day that she would take three days off and go back to her hometown to visit relatives.

“I don’t like porridge.” Lu Ziqing threw his schoolbag onto another chair where no one was sitting and said in a deep voice.

Gu Xiyu didn’t turn his head back: “Then don’t eat.”

Lu Ziqing frowned and asked, “Then what shall I eat?”

“How about eating wind? It’s free.”


Gu Xiyu’s university and Lu Ziqing’s high school were very close in distance. Lu Mingren, who finally found someone to help keep an eye on his son, hoped that Gu Xiyu could go out with Lu Ziqing every day. Gu Xiyu also did not refuse.

The original owner had taken a few days off from the university to get married. So he started to go back to class today.

Lu Ziqing at the table struggled for a long time. He then finally resigned himself to a bowl of porridge with an ugly face.

Although he still dislikes the sticky taste and texture, Gu Xiyu is obviously not a guy who will compromise for others and make a separate dish.

Lu Ziqing held the bowl and stared at Gu Xiyu, who was wearing an apron in the kitchen turning his back to him. He looked at him for a long time. It was unknown why and from where he got this sudden courage from, he blurted out subconsciously: “The apron looks very nice on your body. It would have looked even better if there were no extra clothes underneath.”

The surroundings suddenly became quiet.

There was the sound of something falling to the ground in the kitchen. Lu Ziqing followed the sound and saw that the iron spoon for soup was broken in half when Gu Xiyu picked it up.

Lu Ziqing: “…”

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