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TVITC Chapter 6

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[6]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Then where exactly she went wrong??? Obviously, Aunt Mei next door had also said that this method was definitely gonna work.

As the time on the clock passed, the girl who was ‘studying’ couldn’t help biting her lower lip, becoming more and more disturbed. Her eyes glanced at the door several times but she had to pretend to be serious and sit strictly.

It wasn’t until the voice of Mrs. Luo calling her to eat came that the girl had to admit that her little scheme had failed. The photographer did not visit her room at all. She had posed in a meaningless posture all morning.

As soon as she got to the big yard, she found that only a few people were eating. After asking, she found out that one of the city’s children was sick, the youngest one. Because the entire crew of the program went there, the photographer was busy taking pictures of the other party and had no time to care about other things.


She heard that the other party was so sick and pitiful that even the foods were taken to his bedside to eat.

“Sick?” She stopped moving her chopsticks. A mysterious smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. “How could it be so coincidental?”

The director team had just said yesterday that today they will let these two city’s children work. And today one of them suddenly became sick. It was too coincidental.

She did not say much but looked at her sister’s eyes meaningfully as if she wanted her to resonate spiritually. But it was a pity that Luo Cuimiao was immersed in eating a meal silently. Her eyes were circling on the pickle plate in front of her and from time to time she brought a few amounts of it to her bowl using chopsticks. She simply replied “Yes, it’s a coincidence.” and didn’t lift her head from beginning to end to make a tacit look at her ”good” sister which made Luo Cuihua very irritated.


Mrs. Luo was old and could understand things. However, Luo Cuihua didn’t expect the other party to understand. So, she took a bite of the bun and sighed, “Wasn’t he just still jumping around yesterday? Why is he suddenly sick today? This indeed is a coincidence.”

Isn’t he just trying to pretend to be sick because he is lazy?

After speaking more bluntly, all the people present could hear the meaning of her words. What’s more, the girl was too angry that she had to sit in front of the desk meaninglessly for three hours, so she naturally spoke with a little emotion, full of contempt.

The room of the city’s guests was just nearby. The girl deliberately did not control her volume when speaking, so both people inside the room heard it.

The sick child had no response but the eldest master Yuanfeng first frowned, then he packed away the dishes. His face was calm and he went out without saying a word.

In the past episodes of the Metamorphosis, there were indeed some guests who deliberately pretended to be sick because they didn’t want to work. But this time the kid was really sick but he was misunderstood as a lazy kid which made Yuan Feng very uncomfortable. Moreover, the sick child hugged the pillow pitifully and hummed with the staff several times. Not only did he[YF] not feel that he was squeamish at all, but he instead felt pity.

In particular, a large part of the reason for the other party’s illness lies in him. If he hadn’t been greedy and hadn’t taken a longer bath and let the other party shower with cold water, the other party would not have gotten sick today, and naturally, he would not have been misunderstood.

Yuan Feng has always been heartless. But today, he somehow really cared about this thing. Subconsciously, he had a worse impression of Luo Cuihua, who liked to throw shade at others indiscriminately. After leaving the room, his expression was quite cold. He replied. “He is ill and needs to rest. You, be quiet!!! By the way, don’t think everyone is just as evil as you.”

After being called evil, the girl was unwilling to show her weakness. She raised her voice, “You dare to lecture me about this??? Don’t tell me you young masters never thought of being lazy before you came here?”

Yuan Feng naturally had thought that in the past. The city’s guests, including him, were basically forced to be sent to various rural places where life was hard. Since they didn’t really want to come, how could they be willing to do the work? They all came from wealthy and respectable families. They were usually a group of arrogant young masters who liked to slack off and curse the program team.

But this little idiot was different. From their short contact of yesterday, Yuanfeng could see that the other party’s mind was very real. It can be said that this little idiot would never do something like slacking off and being lazy. This kind of person has always been Yuanfeng’s least favorite person at school. It can be said that he didn’t have the same thought as that idiot at all, but somehow after he came here, he wanted to ​​fight for this idiot’s sake and protect him.

The fight was on the verge of breaking out.

The teenager from the city was wearing the latest sneakers and simple casual clothes worth a month’s living expenses of an ordinary well-off home. He had black hair, snowy skin, thin lips, and more handsome eyebrows than many girls. He said. “Don’t you think you are too much nosy? What does this have to do with you??”

The young girl from the countryside had worn a pair of sandals at her feet. She was wearing a T-shirt without a tag. Her wheat-colored skin symbolized endless vitality. Her pupils seemed to be shining brightly under the sunlight. Looking closely, her facial features were not bad. Under the coercion of the teenager, the girl’s back was straight and her expression was stubborn. Her tone was aggressive and she refused to give up, “He collapsed just from a minor illness. You young masters are really squeamish. ”


Obviously, she was firm in her judgment and believed that Yin Minglu wanted to be lazy and pretended to be sick. His purpose was to escape the hard work, so she earnestly said: “Laziness is a bad habit. You think you are doing good for him, in fact, it is harming him !”

The boy curled his lips sarcastically, “Are you a lecturer or what? You are always spouting nonsense with that little mean mouth of yours. Are you done yet or not??? ”

“You!” The girl flushed with anger, “In short, if you want to be lazy, I will never allow it!”

There seemed to be special chemistry between the two competing, which made the scene more exciting.

T/N: Chemistry???………..Bullshit!!!

The photographer had a great time shooting it.

However, Yin Minglu inside the room was completely convinced. The two of them could really quarrel with each other. He could not get rid of the cursing of the protagonist even when he was sick.

Yes, like Han Shihao, a middle-aged man, Luo Cuihua is also a protagonist of this world. No one has said that the male and female protagonists of the same world must be in a romantic relationship. This was exactly the case here.

In the original plot, the heroine Luo Cuihua made the audience notice this little beast-like peasant girl through the first quarrel. Through her serious preaching and sharp mouth, they were gradually attracted by her. Especially the young girl always criticizing the appearance of those city’s elder brothers mercilessly looked really refreshing.


A three-month re-forming program was turned into her own personal show to show her charms. The original owner naturally no longer had extra shots. He was the one that she always used to ‘educate’ others. It was just a matter of time for him to be a cannon-fodder.

In this life, with his[YML] intentional or unintentional resolving of the matter, Yuanfeng didn’t smash the table for the second time when he first arrived. They had had a good meal. At night, even though he wanted to but he did not borrow cigarettes. These two chances of their quarrel were avoided, but at last, they still had something to conflict about.

Yin Minglu was too lazy to complain.

Besides wanting to have more screen time so that more people can understand the original owner and change the original owner’s destiny as much as possible, there were other reasons for him to prevent them to quarrel.

In the show, Luo Cuihua wanted to take advantage of these three young masters who were delicate and novel. But at the same time, she was rude towards all of them. The audience just liked this kind of “domineering sister”.

And she was very clever, knowing that the original owner was easy to bully and influence, instead of angering the other two young masters, she came to the original owner to show off her prestige. In front of him, she was neither overbearing nor humble.

She often fought for a large number of scenes in order to accuse the original owner of being lazy and slow. Because she discovered that the original owner had a problem with his brain and was clumsy, he was unable to defend himself. She could easily build her good image and let her have a wave of favorable impressions in front of a national audience calling her the “good girl of the nation” who was honest, kind, and hardworking.

She used her proud academic record, excellent physical fitness, and labor-loving quality virtues to set off the original owner, a city’s child to nothing. In contrast, the original owner was even more disliked by others while she naturally became the one loved by others.

She also felt at ease by stepping on the original owner to get ahead and achieve the three achievements of studies, fame, and love.

Yes, including love. In the end, the heroine succeeded in being admitted to a university in the capital. She also kept in touch with Yuanfeng and Xia Ming, the two children from the capital. The relationship between them was very ambiguous. It was said that the triangular relationship between them was really stable.

And Luo Cuihua was also a persevering person. She had been improving herself. From her clothes and jewelry to her accent, she had thoroughly washed away the traces of the countryside, so that she could meet the standards of a wealthy wife.

If it was someone who had nothing to do with him, Yin Minglu would have boasted that the heroine was born in a family that favored sons, but she worked very hard to change her destiny. She lived more freely than men. In the end, she succeeded. Relying on the good reputation and good image accumulated in front of the national audiences before, she was very proud to mix with the people from the capital. She used her own ability to forcefully change the traditional concept that women are inferior to men in the minds of parents. She was indeed an inspirational character.

But what was completely unforgivable was that she deliberately stepped on the position of the original owner and used him. The original owner became cannon fodder and was labeled as the second-generation fool. One was because of intentional or unintentional evil editing of the program crew while the other reason was because of Luo Cuihua’s scheming and framing techniques.


If the plot is really irresistible and Yuanfeng and the heroine are destined to have a big quarrel and start their romance, then Yin Minglu has no intention of preventing them from falling in love. Anyway, he just needs to change the fate of the original owner who was used as a cannon-fodder. Naturally, it doesn’t matter whether the heroine Luo Cuihua wants to marry to the Yuan family or the Xia family.

But if the other party still wants to continue to rely on using the original owner in this life, he can only answer, ”sorry sis, this is impossible”.

Anyway, the thing he was best at was also, giving tit for tat to these kinds of evil scheming ”bitches”.


T/N: Guys, our male lead might not be the same guy from the past life, right? What do you guys think??? hahaha

Thank you guys for reading. 🙂 Please feel free to comment your thoughts.

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