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TVITC Chapter 7

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[7]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Since he has been accused of being lazy, Yin Minglu naturally couldn’t stay in bed. He imitated the appearance of the original owner and got out of the bed very sadly, his little face wrinkled. There was a different kind of cuteness on his face that everyone couldn’t bear.

But now everyone finally knew what was wrong with the city’s second guest.

In the camera, the child lowered his head and moved slowly. He pulled out a pile of clothes from the bed. If taken a closer look at the tops, coats, underwear, and socks, each piece was branded and expensive. But at the moment, those colorful expensive clothes were all messily piled up together.

The photographer sighed. He pointed his camera towards the pile of clothes and shot it. He should be thankful that the child still knew to put his shoes under the bed? Although it’s not very neatly placed.

Holding a red sock, the child rummaged for a while. It took a long time for him to find another sock of the same color. The child then sat on the bed preparing to put on the sock.

The child has not grown up yet. His bones were slender but his feet were small, very round, and cute. He raised his foot and aligned the sock’s hole with his toe, but he couldn’t put it on for a long time.

He was wearing socks there, but the photographer was shooting wildly at those clothes.

Yuan Feng looked ashamed. He waved his hand to tell the photographer to stop taking pictures. He walked over to help hide the conspicuous panties of the little idiot in the quilt, “You little idiot!!! Your naked body is being looked on by everyone. ”

”?” The other party was still struggling with his socks. Hearing this, his little head turned aside and gave him a little confused look.

Seeing that Yuanfeng didn’t speak, the child continued to put on clothes. After wearing long trousers, he also put on a sweater and a small quilted jacket on the outside. Ignoring the age of the child, when dressed in this way, he looked both delicate and cute. He had a pair of bright eyes making him look even more innocent.

Now the photographer finally understood why the other party’s parents didn’t let him go out. When such an easily fooled idiot goes out, his pair of shoes might be robbed and the robbers might sell it as a second-hand product, which can still be worth several months of ordinary people’s wages.

In addition, this child seems to be a little slow. He was simply the best target. Whoever has such a child will never dare to let the other party go out. He will be kidnapped and his parents will be blackmailed every minute.

Moreover, everyone could see that this guest was a typical spoiled child who was loved by his family members and who lacked the most basic ability to take care of himself. He was not very good at wearing clothes too. He probably has someone at his home to help him to wear his clothes and even someone who could feed him. No wonder he was thrown over here by his family to reform. But what was too strange was that, when people know that this kid Yin Minglu is like this, they might be surprised but they won’t think it is strange, as if he was born to be pampered like this.

The child picked up a piece of yesterday’s clothes and wanted to put it on. Yuan Feng found it unclean and told him not to wear it again. After all, he would have to change three sets of clothes a day if the conditions in the countryside were not favorable.

The child took it over and smelled it. He said, “It’s not smelly. I can continue to wear it.” The original owner himself was like this.

The eldest master was absolutely disappointed. It was really the first time he saw such a nonchalant person. He[YML] obviously looked more squeamish than him but he[YML] was pretending to be calm everywhere.

“You didn’t fold the quilt.” Yuanfeng reminded him. But it was really just a reminder because after he said it, he spontaneously helped to fold it up. The action looked as if he was doing it for the first time, but it was folded in a perfect square shape. He even sorted the pile of clothes at the same time.

The whole bed looked clean and tidy instantly.

The child happily pulled the corners of his clothes and praised him: “Thank you Yuanfeng, you are as good as my mother.”

Yuanfeng squeezed Yin Minglu’s face irritably, “You stupid, you can’t even praise people. Don’t exaggerate.” In the end, he said: “You are wearing so much, you’ll have to take it off after a while.”

This place is so cold that you have to wear a cotton jacket in the morning and at noon this place is so hot that you can’t wait to take off your pants.

“I won’t.”

After saying he won’t, as the day got brighter, the child kept taking off one piece of cloth as he took forward a step. When he arrived at the pigsty, he had only one short-sleeve shirt left. He took off every piece of clothes that were worth thousands of dollars without knowing where they were lost.

Under the sun, the child stretched out his delicate waist. His big black round eyes squinted cutely but his little belly was too round. His short shirt directly turned up revealing a white little belly.

Seeing that the photographer uncle was aiming at his stomach, the little guy quickly pulled off his little cloth. He won’t let others shoot his cute belly! He ran up to Yuanfeng in small steps and naturally went to hold the other party’s hand as if Yuanfeng’s act of helping him just now had gained his full trust.

He raised his little face-up. Although his cheeks were still red, they were already full of vitality.

Yuan Feng: “…” It turns out that this is how the Yin family taught children. No wonder they produced such a little fool. He didn’t know if the other party was spoiled because of his stupidity or because he was spoiled he turned out to be such a fool.

But somehow, the kid was not annoying. On the contrary, there was a hint of indescribable cuteness.

The program team deliberately made things difficult for the two young masters. They were new to this place but they were called to repair the Luo family’s pigsty as their first task. The Luo family raised a few pigs by themselves. They slaughtered one to eat during the holidays and sold the rest at the market.

They hadn’t even walked in yet when they smelled a foul smell. The black pigs in the pigsty were very strong and smooth. One of them raised its hoofs and put them on the door, making noises at them.

Yuan Feng’s hands and feet stiffened immediately. He subconsciously covered his nose.

He was obsessed with cleanliness and couldn’t help but want to retreat. But in front of Yin Minglu, he was embarrassed to behave so awkwardly. He coughed a few times: “Let’s do some work.”


The pigsty fence was a bit broken and they had to repair it. The work itself was not tiring. It’s just that the place was too smelly.

This foul smell, no matter whether it was the fence or the stone near his foot, Yuan Feng did not dare to reach out and touch it. His hand holding the hammer did not dare to drop it for a long time.

He noticed that there was a swill bucket next to the pigsty with some leftover foods. Yuanfeng’s eyes were good. He also spotted a few big white steamed buns and sweet potatoes inside. It seemed that those were the foods he had thrown after taking some bites of it yesterday.

Sure enough, what he ate was pig food!!! Yuan Feng’s face turned black. His stomach was rolling. He held his nose and withdrew to the side.

Before he was mentally prepared, he saw the Luo family’s little girl with a small body skillfully taking a dirty ladle. She scooped a few spoonfuls from the swill bucket and poured them into the pig trough. She even put some fresh green plants there.

The pigs ate happily. Luo Cuimiao’s hands of pouring pig food were the same hands that had cooked them the breakfast in the morning.

“Damn! It’s too stinky!” The young master who was Large Enormous Noticeable Obviously Very Omazing(LENOVO) finally couldn’t stand it anymore and ran to the side and vomited.

Seeing that he couldn’t hold it anymore, the child next to him calmly took the hammer. But as soon as Yin Minglu’s small arm was raised, Yuan Feng, with a cold sweat forced himself: “I’ll do it.”

He hit the floor and complained: “I grew up this big but it’s the first time I’m having any contact with pigs.” He didn’t dare to eat pork anymore.

Yin Minglu also nodded, feeling sad.

In the original plot, when the original owner saw the pigs making noises at him for the first time, he was so scared that he started to cry. Luo Cuihua saw this scene and was immediately irritated by the other’s red eyes. She scolded with a sharp tone: Your expression is showing you hate this place, right? Yes, our place is smelly, dirty, and poor! But this is not what we want! If possible, who doesn’t want to be born carefree with a golden spoon? You rich people also eat pork. If we hadn’t worked so hard to raise pigs, how could you see that plate of food on the table! You can’t do these tasks that we poor children do?

The original owner, the kid who didn’t say anything, was robbed of a good meal. The topic was even directly raised to the contradiction between the rich and the poor. He was really innocent.

Moreover, after the show was broadcasted, this remark against the rich was praised by a large number of netizens, which was really stupid.

Speaking of the devil, and the devil arrived. (T/N: more like a scheming, bloody, crappy, motherfucking…… bitch)

Luo Cuihua stared at them from a distance and shouted: “Don’t be lazy! I will supervise you!” After she finished speaking, she ran to talk to the show crew but her eyes glared at them from time to time.

The eldest master was quite speechless. Anyway, when Luo Cuihua swayed over, he raised his hammer wanting to beat a certain someone a few times. As soon as Luo Cuihua left, he relaxed his shoulders. It didn’t matter if the camera was still shooting. He lazily cursed, ” Is this moron girl a supervisor? She is so nosy to even give such a small report to the program team! I don’t know how much benefit the program team has given her to make her so willing to be a program team member…”

Taking into account that the little idiot was listening very seriously, Yuanfeng cursed a few words before swallowing the ”censored word”. The child should not hear such words.

  Even if Yuan Feng didn’t say anything, Yin Minglu would of course know it. He was thinking: If you scold your future wife like this, beware of the tortures your future wife will give to you!

  He didn’t want to bother with the young man who was cursing. Because in the original plot, Yuanfeng and Luo Cuihua were a pair of happy friends who loved to quarrel. It was their habit to mess with each other. The geographical distance between the city and the countryside, the difference in family background, and the difference in education made the quarrel between the boy and the girl full of highlights, which made the audience happy to see. The heroine was obviously charming. The more quarrelsome the two were, the better the relationship they had. They have a long journey from enemy to lovers ahead.

  Not only would Yuan Feng have a good feeling for her in the future, but the addition of Xia Ming, the city’s third guest would also add a bit of sourness and sweetness to the atmosphere between the two. The two-person journey will become a three-person journey.

  The more you’ll hate her now, the more your future with her will be sweet.

  Yin Minglu rolled his eyes quietly but was caught by Yuan Feng. He furiously said: “Oye Hoye, you little fool actually rolled your eyes at me!!!”

  Naturallyhe didn’t care about Yin Minglu rolling his eyes. It’s just that he suddenly discovered that when the child suddenly rolled his eyes at him, he didn’t know if it was because the other person’s eyes were dark, bright, and round, he surprisingly looked too cute.

  He suddenly wanted the other party to roll his eyes at him again. Yuan Feng thought about it but after a long while, he felt that he must have been too bored to think about such things. It must be because he had watched the pigs for too long, so when he saw a little kid beside him he suddenly felt refreshed.

  Otherwise, why would he think that this little fool’s face was getting more and more beautiful than that of a fairy?

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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    Little Minglu, Yuan Feng isn’t cursing his future wife. He is cursing a devil woman in front of his future cutie wife. Heheheh

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