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TVITC Chapter 5

Little Fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[5]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

  Due to the diligence of a certain little fool, Yuanfeng finally reluctantly ate a few bites. His handsome face had a frown. It was obvious that he really disliked these crude foods.

  It was late at night. The two children from the city wanted to take a bath. They had been walking in the dust for a whole day. They couldn’t stand the smell on their bodies. It turned out that the supply of hot water for bathing in the village was limited. The Luo family had many family members and the addition of two guests resulted in insufficient water.

If they want to take a bath, they must mix hot and cold water and use it. Moreover, each person could only bathe for ten minutes at most.

When Yuan Feng heard this, his face turned black. He usually takes a bath at home as he pleases. He takes a shower for at least an hour. After coming here he has to compromise with everything. Nothing is going well. God damn it!

He poured out the shower gel from the bottles. When he smelled the low-quality fragrance, he couldn’t wait to smash his father who was far away in the capital to death, and slaughter his half-brother and stepmother.

Enduring the pungent smell, Yuan Feng rubbed the cheap shower gel and took a bath with it. He accidentally took a bath for more than 10 minutes. So when it was Yin Minglu’s turn to enter the bathroom, there was not much hot water left.

The young boy stretched out his hand under the shower. The water rushed out with a squeak. He immediately retracted his hand with an “achoo”. The water seemed to be really cold, his little arms trembled. He hugged them together.

Yuan Feng coughed a few times with a rare trace of embarrassment on his face, “I will let you take a bath first tomorrow.”

Yin Minglu declined to comment.

When he came out, he found that the eldest young master had specifically made the bed for him as compensation. He also especially left him the small floral mattress with nice colors while he himself was sleeping on the big red peony quilt which was bought when the Luo family’s parents had gotten married. At this time, the person was lying calmly on the bed.

The whole village was filled with darkness. Yin Minglu obediently laid in the bed. He showed half of his face and yawned slightly.

Yuan Feng tossed over and over in the bed. A teenager who was accustomed to the city’s nightlife was living without mobile phones, games, and other entertainment facilities. What’s more, even mosquitoes were flying around from time to time. It was a long and difficult night for him. He felt extremely sad.

He stretched out his body and yawned. His slender fingers were slightly bent as if something was pinched between his fingers but in fact, there was nothing. Yin Minglu knew that the other party wanted to smoke.

But the program team will never give it to him. According to the original plot, the irritated young master really wanted to smoke in the middle of the night. He had endured it for a long time. In the end, he got out of the bed and opened the door to ask the Luo family members if there was any cigarette. The girl in pajamas next door happened to hear him. Then she gave him a lesson righteously causing them to have a big quarrel.

The original owner had a soft temper and couldn’t sleep amidst the quarrel. He could only hang his small face in a daze in an aggrieved manner. But no one noticed him. He was never once the focus of the crowd.

After thinking for a while, Yin Minglu began to sing, “The sun shines upon me, and the flowers smile at me. The little bird said good morning, why did you carry your small schoolbag? I went to school la la la la~~”

His voice was clear and distinguishable. It was the voice of a child who has not yet reached the age of change of his voice.

The eldest young master in the bed said with a faint expression, “It’s night now, which sun is shining upon you now???”

After a pause, the little idiot continued to sing respecting Yuan Feng’s words, “Sparkling twinkling, the sky is full of little stars…”

The eldest young master’s eyelids trembled. He wanted to complain but he was too lazy to care. As a result, the little idiot didn’t stop singing at all. He had already sung from “little star” to “duck in front of the door” and finally to “Only a mother is good in the world, and a child with a mother is like a grass.”

Most of the children in China had heard of this song in childhood, including Yuan Feng. He was already familiar with the melody and lyrics. But he didn’t know why this time, he heard it a little bit sad.

He thought, somehow he was thrown in by his stepmother, but this little fool was thrown in by his own mother. He cursed with emotions that he couldn’t understand: “Don’t sing. Don’t think about going back when you were thrown here by them.”

The young boy was not obedient. He still kept singing and finally fell asleep after singing.

It could be seen in the lens of the camera that there was a small teardrop hanging on the slender eyelashes of the young boy. It was the tears of homesickness that made this obedient boy look extraordinarily moving at the moment.

It was all silent for a while.

Yuan Feng also turned over in silence without having the thought of begging someone for cigarettes.

Except for the fixed cameras in the toilet and the room at night, photographers were almost everywhere. However, they preferred to film the content that was “controversial”, such as Yuanfeng turning the table, Yuanfeng begging for cigarettes, various conflicts between Yuanfeng and Luo Cuihua, a boy and a girl of similar ages, etc. It wasn’t until a few days later that Xia Ming joined and the two people’s line became a three-person line again, the original owner was finally almost invisible.

The purpose of the program group is to transform every hopeless city’s child. And in the process of transformation, they will gradually discover the truth, goodness, and beauty of rural children. They would set off these rural children as a role model to expose the ”stubbornness” disease of the city’s children, so as to provide them the ”right lessons”.

However, in Yin Minglu’s view, although the original owner was not a rural child, he also had countless truths, goodness, and beauty in him. Others laughed at him because he was a fool. Precisely because he was a fool, he was more real than anyone, kinder than anyone, and more beautiful than anyone else. He had the most innocent heart and a pair of beautiful eyes. His smile was enough to make many dirty-minded adults be embarrassed of themselves. It’s just that this truth, goodness, and beauty were deliberately edited by the program crew. Even after being used by others as a stepping stone, everyone said that his heart was not as good as his appearance.

Everyone couldn’t see that when Yuanfeng lost his temper, the original owner cried anxiously and persuaded him not to fight. Yuanfeng’s mood was extremely unreliable which used to change in seconds. After losing his temper on the original owner, his mood would eventually get better.

However, under intentional or unintentional editing, the audience could not see the contribution of the original owner. They only saw a rural girl with a strong desire for expression like Yuanfeng, who like a little sun refused to admit defeat and was competing with the eldest young master. When two equally dazzling people appeared on the same screen, the original owner had no sense of existence.

The scene of him that appeared the most on the camera was of him crying-

To put it plainly, the original owner was a child who had always been protected like a treasure. Whenever he encounters a setback, he naturally wants to cry. If he is homesick, he will cry, and if he misses his mother, he will cry.
When he was working, he cut his hands and cried. When he felt that the meal was uneatable, he cried quietly. He sometimes hugged his knees and cried with his face buried in the pillow. Sometimes he even cried loudly. His first tears were pitiful but when he cried more often, it became annoying.


Everyone scolded him for being hypocritical and squeamish, thinking he was unworthy.

But he was originally a squeamish child. His little crying was also tolerated by his family. Because of the shortcomings, he showed since childhood, everyone had never expected anything from him. Once he did something, he was pleasantly praised and encouraged by everyone.

He was a child who was loved and pampered.

But when he came to this poor and unfamiliar place, everyone’s indifferent attitude stabbed him. The city’s other guests who should have supported each other didn’t like him. All this made him afraid. The more afraid he was, the more tears he shed. The more tears he shed, the more annoying he became. It was his uncontrollable behavior but it was also his truest reaction.

Yin Minglu intends to help the original owner clean up his previous image and abandon some things that the audience did not like. He would restore the most authentic and lovely image of the original owner.

He’ll let this child’s tears in every frame of the picture from now on be priceless.


In the early morning of the next day, the Luo family’s cock was crowing. According to the requirements of the program group, the Luo family member came to wake up the two young masters. Yuan Feng and Yin Minglu’s beds were lined up together, so they could wake up together.

Seeing a girl coming in, Yuan Feng woke up reluctantly. He then cursed the entire universe with some unique cursing words. His naked upper body made Luo Cuimiao bow her head in embarrassment.

Naturally, Yuan Feng was not scolding her. He knew that this girl was instigated by the show crew. This nasty show crew was dedicated to showing off the city’s guest’s ugly side. He would be implicated whether he curses or not.

Seeing him getting up, Luo Cuimiao turned and started to call Yin Minglu, “Brother, get up, brother——……….”


Hearing Luo Cuimiao’s broken call, Yuan Feng turned to look.

He found the little idiot on the bed shrinking his whole body. The shredded hairs stuck to his cheeks. His cheeks on the pillow were extremely reddish. He knew that the boy was sick at the first glance.

Could it be that he caught a cold after taking a cold shower last night…?

Thinking of this, Yuan Feng’s face changed slightly. After a long while, he scratched his hair irritably. What he wanted to say was stuck in his throat and couldn’t say it. Seeing that the little girl Luo Cuimiao was so flustered that she didn’t know what to do, he could only curse in a low voice, then wore his slippers to find the staff of the program group.

The person in charge immediately brought a medicine kit and rushed after hearing the news.

Since the show was held, there have been many emergencies. After all, children from the cities are not used to the rural environment. Some people have had insect physique allergies, some have been infected with germs, and some have been unaccustomed to water and soil. Some of them had even vomited and had diarrhea on the first day. Of course, there have also been some people with cold and fever like Yin Minglu.

So although their faces were serious, they didn’t panic. They took out the thermometer from the medicine box and let it cling to the child’s armpits obediently.

The child was lying on the bed with a trembling little white arm holding a thermometer. He was afraid to move for fear of the thermometer falling down.

Those hydrated eyes were misty and his small mouth was opened slightly. He looked extremely delicate and pitiful.

It must be difficult to be sick. People including Yuanfeng who saw this scene couldn’t help feeling a little pity. Before they could comfort him, they heard the little guy sniffing and saying: “Uncle, Good morning, Is breakfast ready?” He seemed to be hungry.

Yuanfeng: “…”

Staff: “…”

For a while, everyone’s admiration for this child reached the highest level. Yuan Feng reached out and touched the opponent’s forehead. It was extremely hot but this little fool was still patiently waiting for breakfast. He endured his temper for a while and finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He cursed unceremoniously: “Damn you, You still want to eat when you are so sick! Are you fucking embarrassed or not?”

After cursing, he turned his face and said to Luo Cuimiao in an awkward tone: “Do you have any porridge in your house? He will feel better after having some porridge.”

It was the first time that Luo Cuimiao had heard the big brother from the city talking to herself in such a “gentle” tone. She was quite flattered and nodded, “Yes, yes we have some.”

Without waiting for other people’s orders, she rushed to the kitchen.

And while everyone was gathering around to treat Yin Minglu, Luo Cuihua, the eldest daughter of the Luo family stared at the books in front of her with some uncertainty. The door of her room was wide open, and she didn’t seem to mind that someone would break in suddenly and interrupt her study.

The other members of the Luo family also got up at five o’clock. Mrs. Luo[grandma of Luo Cuimiao] was almost seventy, but her legs and feet were still very fit and healthy. She made breakfast for the whole family in the kitchen early in the morning. She was afraid that it would not suit the appetite of the two children from the cities, so she specially made buns.

When she passed the door of her granddaughter’s room, Grandma Luo was also surprised that this granddaughter, who used to sleep until eight or nine o’clock at home without going to school, woke up so early this time.

Because she didn’t know exactly what time the show crew would come to film, Luo Cuihua could only start reading in advance. When Grandma Luo requested her to go to dry the millet, she deliberately denied it vaguely, lest she missed the camera.

Fearing that she was not prepared enough, she even laid out all of her used and unused notebooks in the most conspicuous position on the desk, for fear that the photographer would not see it and ignore it.

Of course, she had deliberately got up early to read. Otherwise, it is summer vacation. What books does she have to read? T/N: This bitch

She wants to create an image of a good girl who is hardworking and loves to read. It would be great if the two young masters slacked and slept until midday while she studies hard before the cock crows so that she can make a good impression in front of the national audience.

She planned well, but things did not develop as she had expected.       T/N: WAHAHAHAHAHA xD

Thank you guys for reading. 😉 Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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