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TVITC Chapter 4

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[4]

  Everybody looked at Yin Minglu, including that bad-tempered young master and Luo Cuimiao who had shiny eyes.


  It was his stomach that had made noise. Yin Minglu blinked innocently.

  Luo Cuimiao looked at this young brother in front of her like a savior. Her dark face showed joy and said, “This brother must be very hungry. May I help you heat up the food?”

  Without waiting for the young master Yuan Feng to react, Yin Minglu quickly nodded his head.

  On the first day here, young master Yuan Feng wanted to act tough with everyone but his companion nodded immediately. He instantly felt embarrassed.

  He smiled sarcastically. He for the first time saw this companion who came from the city like him. Under the light, he had a nice face, slender hands and feet. He was a head shorter than him visually. He looked three or four years younger than him. No matter his face or body, as well as those bright eyes, there was an indescribable tenderness.

  On the way here, he also had done a little research. He knew that there were a total of three city’s guests including him. Two of them were 15 years old in high school and one of them was 12 years old in middle school. Xia Ming, who was his age, had an excellent IQ and had won many awards internationally. He was also a member of a big family. This exactly was the reason that caused him[XM] a lot of trouble. Xia Ming was used by the elders of his family as a tool to earn fame and fortune. He was finally thrown to this place because he was framed for being an internet addict and disobeying his elders.

  From the photo, that Xia Ming had a noble and glamorous face. It seemed that he[XM] was more headstrong than this prince Yuan Feng. He[YF] subconsciously disliked such a person. He has always regarded himself as the best of his peers and the favorite of the upper class. How can he allow someone to be more arrogant than him?

  But the reason he didn’t like the other guest[YML] was because he knew that the other party was from the Yin family. The Yin family’s child is a fool who has been mentally disabled since childhood. It’s never been a secret in their circle.

  Even if the person in front of him looked good, he was still a fool. He had heard that he[YML] was the precious treasure of the Yin family. He was strictly protected. Yuan Feng didn’t understand how he[YML] ended up being thrown to this place now.

  Yuan Feng didn’t speak but his gaze patrolled Yin Minglu a few times back and forth.

  He[YML] had also just arrived today. This little idiot didn’t have any extreme and boring emotions. He just looked a bit awkward. He was sitting obediently on the bench prepared for him by the Luo family, looking like the teacher’s favorite kind of student with good academic performance. Except for staring continuously at the kitchen foolishly, he didn’t look like a person with IQ problems.

  But Yuan Feng was really bored here. He could only talk to this little fool.

  ”Hey, little idiot, how did you get sent here?”

  The boy who was labeled as a “little idiot” looked up at him. He did not say a word and quickly looked away.

  The young master didn’t mind that he got no answer. He lazily said: “Why would you even eat their food? Don’t you know the pig food[1] that people in the countryside eat? Are you sure you can eat it?”

  The young boy’s thin lips were very beautiful in shape, but the harsh words confided in those thin lips, accompanied by those substantive mocking eyes, made everyone in the room feel embarrassed.

  The backwardness of the countryside is a fact. While facing the countryside’s people, people from the city have a natural sense of superiority. They look down on the natural scenery here, the plants and trees here, and look down on the barren and backwardness here. Even though in the past few years, many people in the village have gone out to cities to work, but because of their accented native dialect and rustic dress, they have been faintly rejected by people of big cities. They look down on them from the bottom of their heart, let alone accept them.

  But on the bright side, at least everyone seems to remain in harmony.

  Unexpectedly, this young man showed his disgust directly and didn’t care about their face at all.

  It’s not that these few rural people on the scene haven’t watched previous episodes. Those young girls and boys who came from the city before were also such savage people who had such a poisonous tongue. They used to refuse to recognize anyone, used to kick the water tank and beat the director. The villagers were also psychologically prepared, but they didn’t expect the object of disgust to be themselves. So those words were still like a knife, making them feel uncomfortable.

  The elders could still tolerate, after all, what the other party said was the truth. The children who had just arrived were rebellious. The program team had already ordered it.

  Luo Cuihua didn’t have the patience like her elders. She felt angry in her heart. She clenched her fists and retorted: “What ‘pig food’? It’s ordinary white rice, fried vegetables, and roasted sweet potatoes. Haven’t you ever ate these foods since childhood?”

  Facing the questioning, Yuan Feng was very calm. He then indifferently said: “Did I ask you?” The tone seemed to accuse her of being unruly. After speaking, he looked away, but he didn’t put her in his eyes at all.

  ”You!” The girl raised her eyebrows and wanted to point her finger at him. She wanted this young master to regret his words. After all, this is what the other party will eat in the next three months. To put it bluntly, these young masters will also be under the fence of their Luo family for the next three months. When the time comes, what the Luo family will eat, the three young masters will also have to eat the same! Before she could speak these cruel words, they happened to be interrupted by her sister Luo Cuimiao who came out carrying a plate.

  Luo Cuimiao just went to the kitchen to heat up food. She concentrated on cleaning up the dishes. She didn’t hear what was happening outside. She didn’t know that her sister was in conflict with that big brother again.

  Because it was an already prepared meal. She just had to put it in a big iron pot and heat it up and serve it. Luo Cuimiao was also worried that these two brothers would dislike the unclean tableware, so she rinsed them with hot water five or six times and washed her hands several times before she finally came out with the meal.

  She placed the meal on the small table one by one. As Luo Cuihua said: it was fried vegetables, white rice, and roasted sweet potatoes.

  Luo Cuimiao shyly wiped her hands on her apron after finishing the arrangement, and said to Yin Minglu, “This brother, you can eat it. If it is not enough, there is still in the kitchen.”

  Yin Minglu nodded. He hadn’t eaten all day. He was really hungry. The child had a delicate stomach and couldn’t bear to be hungry for a long time. Just after nodding, his little belly made noise in cooperation.

  He immediately picked up the small bowl in front of him.

  Yuan Feng felt embarrassed again and couldn’t help but spurned: “Isn’t it just a bowl of rice? Are you usually not full? Where is your dignity? Don’t you understand the principle that a gentleman does not accept insulting charity?” Both of them are city children. They belong to the same camp, and that Xia Ming who has not yet come is not counted for the time being. From the eyes of outsiders, their behavior should be one.

  Yin Minglu unscrupulously picked up the bowl of the rural people on the first day here. He accepted other people’s charity which was simply a loss of his[YF] face and his sarcastic words that seemed like duplicity.

  As he thought of this, he was very angry. He stretched out his long arms, and directly overturned the small table in front of him. Unexpectedly, the little fool Yin Minglu had quick eyes and hands. When he[YF] made a move, he[YML] quickly picked up his small bowl in one hand and the mini sweet potato in the other hand and stood up.

  He was the only one carrying the food safely among the sound of the crackling of the bowls and chopsticks and plates.

  This reaction speed surprised everyone. They didn’t know why but they wanted to laugh a little.

  In fact, Yin Minglu had been prepared for a long time, because in the original plot, this young master had a tough attitude and had smashed the table when he had faced the Luo family who had forced him to eat. The Luo family was frightened. It also caused the original owner to be aggrieved and hungry for a few days like the angry daughter-in-law.

  Although he was young, frivolous, and innocent, it was enough for Yuanfeng to be hungry by himself, so why bother with his companion? Anyway, Yin Minglu doesn’t want to follow that gentleman’s principles. He is not a gentleman, anyway. So what???

  In the next shot, people could see that in the face of unreasonable abuse, the little boy pouted and retorted with some grievances: “But I’m a kid, not a gentleman.”

  Yuan Feng was also taken aback at first. He then became even angrier and said angrily: “Are you pretending to be stupid with me?”

  He still wanted to repeat the same trick of smashing things but the young boy[YML] was afraid that the other party would be angry. So he had already held the small bowl by himself, and like a kitten went to the corner to eat.

  He concentrated on eating in small mouthfuls, chewing slowly with his small mouth, which reflected his good education. It also gave people the feeling that he was eating some extremely precious food. It seemed that he was indeed very hungry.

  Because his squatting posture was not good, a few white rice grains dropped on his clothes from time to time. The little guy then awkwardly picked it up with his small hands and put it in his mouth again to chew.

  The kid nodded while eating, “En, it’s delicious!”

  Everyone couldn’t help but smile. Everyone there including the people of the program group thought that this child was afraid that Yuanfeng would hurt other people too much, so he did this deliberately. It could save the face of Luo’s family a little bit and could also reduce everyone’s dislike for the young master[YF]. The young master had just smashed the Luo family’s table, so the Luo family’s expressions were obviously very sad.

  What a kind child.

  It seems that the eldest young master also thought like this. He snorted coldly. He didn’t need anyone to help him. This little fool was too nosy. But even if he ridiculed his kindergarten education, this little fool doesn’t seem to understand. After messing around several times, the young master also found it quite boring. His thoughts of messing around finally stopped.

  Because the previous meal was ruined, Luo Cuimiao had to make a new meal. She lifted up the table carefully but a little further away from Yuanfeng’s chair. Then only she re-arranged the tableware, “Two brothers, I made new ones, you can try them.” She glanced at Yuan Feng’s face and she was relieved when she saw that the other party only wrinkled his brows.

  Seeing that Yuanfeng no longer murmured, the little guy lifted his bowl high. It almost reached Yuan Feng’s mouth. Yin Minglu then whispered in his[YF] ear in a very long-winded tone, “Come on, Yuanfeng, take a bite. It tastes so good!”

  ”Eat it Yuanfeng, this meal is so tasty!”

  The young boy’s fair and tender face was very close to his. That pretentious tone from the child’s mouth reminded Yuan Feng of the way his mother coaxed him to eat. He suddenly felt a chill.

  Seeing that he was not eating, the young boy turned his head and stopped persuading him. He picked up the bowl and started to eat.

  He took a bite of sweet potato and flattered.

  He took another bite of sweet potato and flattered more.

  He took another bite of sweet potato and put some more flattery.

  For a while, the room seemed to be “full of varieties of flattery”.

  The young master’s face turned black. He said in an angry tone: “Damn you! Enough!.” He completely lost his mind because of this little traitor who had no dignity. He[YML] didn’t care about his image and even ate the peasant family’s bad rice saying “tasty, ohho, very tasty “. What a shame to city people. It’s nothing but nosiness than some kind of kindness and cuteness!

  But what was miraculous was that seeing the young boy’s bright eyes and the lovely dimples on his cheeks, Yuan Feng’s dislike for this little guy faded a lot.


[1] Dirty and unedible food

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