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TVITC Chapter 30

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[30]
Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The three families returned to their respective homes from the airport. Because there was a dinner party in the evening, that is, several families and the program group will have a meal together, so this was only a temporary rest.

When the Yin family’s car passed Tiananmen Square far away, the little guy was lying on the car window. He was energetic. His immature voice still sang the national anthem loudly and he almost waved the flag. Lin Shuwu also showed nostalgia, because she had met her deceased husband when she was a volunteer here and the two actually had fallen in love at first sight.

This city really carries many beautiful memories of her.

She pointed to a small flower bed that passed by and said to her son: “Lu’er, do you remember? I took you here when you were young and we took pictures there.”

Yin Minglu’s small face looked up at her and then looked out of the window. He then shook his head. In fact, the original owner was too young and he had no impression at all, but the nostalgia on Lin Shuwu’s face at the moment was true. Maybe she remembered those people and things. After a long while, she suddenly said: “Lu’er, Do you like your Uncle Han?”

The young boy shook his head without hesitation.

“Then if mom will divorce Uncle Han, will you be happy?” Lin Shuwu’s eyes were full of affection. She squeezed her son’s thin shoulders. As expected, her son quickly reacted. He nodded his little head continuously. However, his face changed quickly as if mentioning that man made him unhappy.

It is said that the child’s senses are very keen. Lin Shuwu’s eyes darkened. She looked at the clear sky outside the car window but her mood was not bright. Instead, she could not tell what she felt. There was bitterness, regret, and even more intense resentment. Her face gradually paled.

When she recovered, she said to her son in a soothing tone: “Then we will live in Uncle Han’s house for a few more days and we will move out in a few days, okay?” Actually, the divorce agreement was already being signed. Han Shihao naturally disagreed. But Lin Shuwu, who held countless pieces of evidence of his ”good” deeds in her hands, was very confident. After being ridiculed by Han Tianyu, not only did she lose her heart, but she became more determined. There was no temperature in her beautiful eyes. She vowed to carry out this divorce lawsuit to the end. She asked the best team of lawyers in China so that Han Shihao couldn’t get a penny! Anyway, the Yin family is wealthy and doesn’t care about the little expenses of taking this matter to court at all.

But the trouble was that Han Shihao was reluctant to let go, trying to soften her attitude with sweet words. But Lin Shuwu was impatient and invited a lawyer to come to the house. The Han family was all scared. They all were fucking scared of Han Shihao’s pornographic photos spreading all over the place. Whether it is a derailment or a fraudulent marriage, the legal punishment he’ll receive will be extremely serious.

So, facing his wife who suddenly came to bite him, Han Shihao could only compromise and chose to reconcile privately, saying that he would accept a peaceful divorce, hoping that they would not see him in court. He even pleaded bitterly, hoping that she and the child could stay at his home for a few more days, and he would sign in a few days.

Lin Shuwu could only agree. In her opinion, this was just a slow-down plan for Han Shihao, trying to change her mind in the next few days, but it was useless. This time, her attitude was unprecedented and decisive. After a few days, if Han Shihao still does not sign, then she will see him in court!

Yin Minglu, with his small head down, naturally knew the reason for Lin Shuwu’s change in attitude.

The tragedy of the original owner in the previous life was embarrassing. Lin Shuwu’s last act of taking revenge with a knife included both the regret of bringing a wolf into the house for herself and the deep guilt of her son. Love blinded her eyes and made her want to marry a beast, even willingly share this man with other women.

Yes, after getting married, Lin Shuwu had already found out that this man had countless women around him. These women had constant and messy relationships with her nominal husband. She was in pain, but she was already in love with Han Shihao both physically and mentally. So she could only devote herself to love, like a soldier, to fight for her husband’s favor, losing her reason and ignoring the physical and mental growth of her son.

Lin Shuwu was at least half responsible for the final death of the original owner. In addition to not knowing the true color of people around her clearly, she also ignored the child’s faint cry for help and the delicate cry. The mother is the child’s hope. The original owner had told his mother more than once that someone was watching him take a bath and there were ghosts coming to his bed in the middle of the night. But Lin Shuwu was immersed in jealousy and ignored the child’s call for help.

After asking for help, again and again, the original owner died. It wasn’t until his son committed suicide by jumping off the building that Lin Shuwu completely awoke. She relied on an outsider man. She thought that she had chosen a sincere relationship and won a way for herself and her son to survive, but instead, she put her beloved young son into desperation.

In this life, Lin Shuwu again almost chose the same path as her last life. Although she was addicted to the net that Han Shihao had weaved for her, she still retained a little sense. Yin Minglu naturally wanted her to keep on track. When the original owner’s identity and life experience were exposed online, Han Shihao’s plan to intervene in the Yin family failed, so he cursed Lin Shuwu.

This woman only then discovered that the man’s character had countless shortcomings. He was handsome but he would be hysterical when he was mad and even throw things and curse her. The gentle mask was torn for the first time, revealing his true face clearly.

In addition, Yin Minglu regularly sent her several erotic photos of Han Shihao and other women every night. These photos were not difficult for him to find. Actually, they were all kept by Han Shihao on his mobile phone.

In fact, Yin Minglu could understand why this man had kept these photos. He kept these photos to simply control these women. After all, these photos were of all women he had conquered in bed. He can use these photos against any of these girls who will rebel against him.

With the increasing age and fame, a middle-aged man’s vanity and ambition were also swelling. He has obtained almost everything he dreamed of and he is more successful than anyone else. He is the proud son of the world. With money, power, including so many beautiful women, his behavior has changed from cunning and deceit to simple and rude.

And Yin Minglu was stimulating Lin Shuwu every day. Even if she loves her man, no woman would like to see intimate photos of her husband mixed with women of different appearances on the same bed.

A few days before the program group was finally going home, he had sent her a special photo: a photo of Han Shihao on the bed with a slender boy teenager.

He just doesn’t know if it was a coincidence, this young man was somewhat similar to the original owner.

Well, it wasn’t his intention.

But he hoped that the woman who is easily dazzled by love can be a little vigilant about this. However, from today’s performance, Lin Shuwu was clearly stimulated.

The mother and son returned home and went to Qu Yuan after a short rest. Qu Yuan was a restaurant with antique decoration and a very elegant style. It also provided a lounge for each guest, which was more private.

Yuan family and Yin family came first.

When the program crew arrived, they were all surprised by the lavish style of these wealthy people. There was actually a huge stage with high-quality antique things. There were countless old artists wearing big coats and playing strings.

Under the stage was a dining table. Countless people were listening to the tune, shaking their heads as if they were drunk and dreaming.

There were peanuts, melon seeds, and drinks on the table. They saw Yuanfeng and the little child from far away, sipping melon seeds while holding bottles of herbal tea, and clinking glasses there.

“Cheers.” Yuan Feng finished speaking and drank it heroically. He also squeezed a melon seed from time to time.

“Cheers~,” The little guy said tenderly and imitated him. He drank it boldly and then hiccuped.

Program group: “…”

Xia Ming came soon. Just at a glance, he saw the little guy sitting on the bench and knocking the melon seeds. His face was very cute. When seeing him, the little guy’s dark eyes burst into light instantly, and he giggled. His little hand immediately patted the soft seat next to him and signaled Xia Ming to sit next to him.

But before Xia Ming came over, he jumped off the chair again. He ran over in three or two steps and naturally put his hand into Xia Ming’s palm. His face also showed two looming dimples on his cheeks, which made Xia Ming feel sweet.

Xia Ming led him and smiled very gently. His smile overshadowed every light and brightness of that place.

Others came one after another. At the dinner table, there was Luo Yusheng too who had been living in the city for 3 months now.

His spirit not only looked extremely bad but he was also in a trance. In these three months, he got everything he had wanted before, including exquisite food, clothing, housing and transportation, and good school studies. But after father Yuan had done enough in front of the camera, he threw Luo Yusheng in the hands of his younger son Yuan Jing because of his busy schedule.

Under Yuanjing’s leadership, Luo Yusheng felt the mental pressure of being inferior and incompatible with the city all the time. It almost overwhelmed him and his performance at school became worse and worse. He could see that father Yuan was very disappointed with him. He was also kicked out of the elite class. Even in the ordinary class, his grades were not good. So Father Yuan even canceled the idea of ​​funding him to continue his studies.

In other words, after seeing the prosperity of the big city for three months, he will be sent back to Yunluo County to receive an education in that backward place. He was naturally unwilling but he was unable to change this.

Thinking of this, Luo Yusheng smiled bitterly and shook his head. He was sitting next to his two sisters. His younger sister hoped that he would succeed, but her soft comfort did not have much power, only making him even sadder and wanting to cry. It was all because of his poor performance that he could not get funding, which made the family’s dream come to nothing.

And his sister Luo Cuihua, he had at least wished for his elder sister to learn something from these city’s teenagers. But instead of learning from them, she tried to teach them……….her seducing methods……

All three of them knew what the highlight of the evening was. This was the scene that the program group was very much looking forward to, that is, the collective donations from city families to rural families.

The program crew thought there was gonna be a competition between the three families in showing off their money. But they don’t know if the three families had negotiated in advance, the amount of donation was almost the same. There was nothing worth of hot news headlines at all. The program team sighed regretfully.

This little money that the three families had donated was not enough to support all three children in completing their studies. Among the three children of the Luo family, there are bound to be two other children who will have to sacrifice themselves. There was no doubt about who that lucky candidate was. The others laughed cheerfully as if they knew this.

At the dining table when everyone was imagining it, the little guy took out a pink piggy bank from the back of the chair and placed it on the dining table. The little hand shook it. When listening to the sound, it sounded as if it was full of coins.

His small face obediently said to the staff who received the piggy bank: “This is the piggy bank I have kept since I was a child, can I give it all to my sister?”

His sister naturally referred to Luo Cuimiao. He really hopes that this girl will be able to get out of the mountains.

The staff member was a little surprised for a while. He took the pink piggy with both hands. A touch that could not be expressed in words emerged in his chest.

What a kind and considerate child, he thought to himself. This was the first time he realized why people on the Internet always said that this little dude is an angel. Yes, this child is really stupid, but he is really kind.

After Yin Minglu handed over his piggy bank, the audience was weirdly silent for a while. Everyone looked at Luo Cuimiao who had the expression of being moved on her face.

Including Lin Shuwu, the three families began to vie with one another and expressed their willingness to pay another money separately to subsidize the Luo family’s young daughter to go to school, including the tuition fees for college, if the other party can successfully enter the university.

Several adults also began to be generous. After all, no one wants to be more ruthless than a child in such a scene.

So the final plan came out: the donation amount that they had previously donated would be given to the family. However, they also fully funded Luo Yusheng and Luo Cuimiao, these two children to go to the school with the best educational resources. If they are up for their own sake and get admitted to the university, the families will also be responsible for their tuition and living expenses of the university. But as a condition, when the two children will graduate in the future, when choosing a job, priority should be given by them to the business units of the three families.

At the moment when he heard that he would not be sent back, Luo Yusheng’s tears came down instantly. His heart was filled with endless gratitude; and Luo Cuimiao did the same, staring at everyone in a daze. Her little face was filled with gratitude. With ignorant surprise, she blinked her eyes, seemingly in disbelief.

Of course, there was no mention of Luo Cuihua in this happy discussion.

Seeing the discussion in the crowd, Luo Cuihua widened her eyes and asked in disbelief: “Uncles and aunts, why, why aren’t you guys funding me? I also miss reading the book.” In fact, she also wanted to say, why the youngest Luo Cuimiao was funded, but she wasn’t? Why can both my brother and sister stay in the city to continue studying, and she must be sent back to the mountains? If she doesn’t stay in the city to receive funding, how can she get ahead! ?

Once Luo Cuimiao will stay in the city to study, the Luo family will be short of labor. The housework will all fall on her. With the rural resources already lagging behind, if she will have to undertake housework too, it will definitely crush her! She might be reduced to the same level as her peers. She will have to drop out of school early to work and when she will reach the age of marriage, she will be urged by her parents to marry a good-for-nothing villager. She would be trapped in that piece of land for generations.

Luo Cuihua was frightened by her own imagination. Her pretty face quickly turned pale. She looked rather pitiful.

Hearing the girl’s questioning, the three adults were silent. At the same time, they complained in their hearts: They have watched the show. They definitely don’t want to cultivate such an uncultured and uneducated girl. Although Luo Cuimiao is also her sister, she is not as ”smart” as her sister. Just at first glance, she looks like a good youngster who knows her place. In the future, she will give priority to their company and work hard to build her own future.

When the children are originally cultivated when they are still young, the loyalty will be higher in the future. They are not donating in vain, it is their investment that they will get back in the future.

As for Luo Cuihua? They are not at ease. They are afraid that let alone getting loyalty from this girl, they will be okay if this girl won’t come to mess with their child and use them.

So no matter how the girl showed her loyalty pitifully, there was no one willing to take her in.

Lin Shuwu clearly remembered the scene where the girl had indiscriminately grabbed her son’s little hand and yelled at him. At that time, she had a feeling of strong dislike for this girl. Naturally, she was unwilling to fund her. So she found an excuse and clearly refused to fund her.

The Xia family was originally very stingy. Even the donations were forced by the other two families. In order to make a good impression in front of the camera, it did not matter even if they were forced to fund the small girl. But still funding another girl, they won’t do it! So they also refused to fund Luo Cuihua.

And father Yuan was also worried about leaving this uneducated girl in the city. What should he do if this uncultured girl will seduce his son? So he was the most resolute when he expressed his thoughts. The reasons he gave was naturally a set of official sayings, such as, ‘as the eldest daughter of the Luo family, you have a heavy responsibility on your shoulders. You should take care of your younger brother and sister. Since ancient times, whatever the eldest in the family does, everything should be for the sake of younger brothers and sisters. You’ll shield them from wind and rain now, and in the future, they will take you forward and support you.

When Luo Cuihua heard it, she almost was brainwashed. Then she finally returned to her senses: “No, no, no! I don’t want to shield them!”

What can be done even if she is willing to do it? The show team will soon end the final shooting and Luo Cuihua will naturally be taken back by then.

As for the small amount of donation of before, whether it will be used to supplement the family, or to support the eldest daughter to continue her studies, in the absence of a fixed labor force at home, the answer seemed obvious.

She looked at Yang Runxin with a look of asking for help. Yang Runxin politely avoided her eyes but cursed in her heart, why the fuck is she staring at her in front of the camera? It’s not her who can make the final decisions.

After the dinner was over, everyone left one after another.

Luo Cuihua finally couldn’t restrain her anger. She rushed to the seat of her younger brother and clutched his collar. Her facial features were twisted and her eyes were full of resentment. She said: “Did you say something bad about me in front of your uncle and aunt? Or else? Why would they be unwilling to support me?”

It’s okay to say that one family didn’t want to fund her. But all the three families didn’t want her. There must be someone who is making trouble sowing discord between the families and her! Needless to say, this culprit is of course Luo Yusheng, who has been living in the city for three months.

Luo Yusheng himself was still sitting in a chair when his sister grabbed his clothes unexpectedly. The force was so great that his neckline was strangling his neck. He almost couldn’t breathe. He could only tremblingly pull out his cell phone from his pocket and say, “You, Look for yourself.” Yuan Jing had bought this smartphone with internet access in order to show his “brother love” and had taught him how to surf the Internet and use the software.

Suspicions filled her mind. She picked up the phone, thinking that her brother was changing the subject, so she said impatiently: “What to look at?”

What caught her eyes was comments on the Internet:

【Why does this girl keep bumping to the two boys? It’s really shameless to walk into the boys’ room casually. It’s like a toad wanting to eat swan meat(dreaming too big).】

【It’s okay for a peasant girl to dream big and strive for the top, but can you stop playing dirty games on innocent children? I was blind that I was so sympathetic to her at first.】

【Oh my God, after bad-mouthing her brother in the show, she actually abused her sister at home. Can a sister be so cruel? Are you still worthy to be a sister!? She doesn’t even have the most basic conscience! 】

【Who said all rural children are honest, kind, and innocent? Fucking program group!!!】

One after another, comments scolding her, disgusting her, and accusing her were constantly refreshed. The disgust seemed to spill out across the screen, causing Luo Cuihua’s head to buzz, and her phone slammed. She fell to the ground and stayed there feeling shocked.

She didn’t even know that she had become a “villain” character unknowingly.

She didn’t receive any funding, didn’t receive any sympathy from netizens, she received nothing at all but instead, she became the object of everyone’s cursing, spitting, and swearing on the Internet.

Seeing Luo Cuihua’s lips trembling at this moment and her collapsing in the ground, Luo Yusheng tried to help her. But as soon as he touched her, he was pushed aside fiercely. She tore his hair frantically and shouted: “Get out! Get out of here!”

The girl kicked at the tables and chairs to vent her dissatisfaction. The teacups and chopsticks fell to the ground and shattered into fragments. Seeing someone making trouble, the old actors on the stage were so frightened that they screamed. The scene suddenly became a mess. Even three Luo Yusheng also couldn’t have held back a person who had gone mad to this extent.

The photographer was also shocked, thinking that this girl was really fierce. The shooting was not even over yet. Moreover, every set of tables and chairs here were of fine pearwood and pure white porcelain. The program team can’t afford its expenses and won’t help her cover them!

Could it be that the donations that the three families had just made will be used to compensate for this?


This girl will be beaten to death by her parents when she will return to her house. BWAHAHAHA!!!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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