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TVITC Chapter 31

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[31]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

After leaving the venue, every family waited in the lounge of the hotel, calling their driver at the same time and instructing them to pick them up.

The little guy was sitting on a high chair swaying his feet. He was holding a box of milk in his hand and biting a straw in his mouth. His sucking sound was loud, attracting everyone’s attention.

There was a lot of white milk on his reddish mouth, which made the child look more immature.

After drinking it for a while, the little guy squeezed the milk box and shook it. He then said softly: “Mom, I’ve finished drinking.” It seemed that he wanted to drink more.

Lin Shuwu usually listens to him but she also cares about him. So she raised her eyebrows and said, “No, it’s already half-past eight. In an hour we will go home and go to bed. If you drink, you will have to go to the bathroom at night.”

Hearing this, the little guy slumped his mouth. He bit the straw and sucked a few more mouthfuls as if he was about to squeeze the milk out of that box forcefully.

Others shook their heads and had to sigh that this beauty Ms. Lin really had a bad life. Her husband died young and the child she gave birth to was a little fool. This child is twelve years old but acts like five or six years old. He still needed to be taken care of.

Hearing Lin Shuwu talking about going to the toilet, Yin Minglu suddenly really wanted to go to the toilet. After asking the doorman, he went to the men’s bathroom with him.

After doing his business, he heard a familiar voice before going out. He lifted his little head. His ears stood up like a spy and he leaned against the wall to listen attentively; Seeing him like this, the little doorman guarding him couldn’t help but follow his serious expression. His ears moved too. The two squatted sneakily in the corner like that and heard the voice from the promenade next door.

In the promenade, Luo Cuihua cried and said: “Aunt Yang, I have nothing now, please help me!” She didn’t want to be driven back like this. It was said that she was being sent back politely, but everyone knew that there was something wrong. Why did Luo Cuimiao go to the city with her but Luo Cuihua was the only one who returned? The people in the village will definitely be able to guess that she must have offended the big people in the city. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been only her who was sent back!

Yang Runxin sighed. Squeezing her handbag, she pretended to say: “Auntie wants to help you too. But unfortunately, your Uncle Yuan doesn’t listen to Auntie. So Auntie can’t do anything.”

Seeing that the girl was still crying, she thought this ass girl must have given up. So she threw out a sentence: “Now no one is supporting you. If you want to stay, you can only rely on Yuanfeng.”

As soon as the words came out, the girl stopped crying in an instant. She raised her face in surprise. She stammered and asked: “Auntie, what do you mean?” Yang Runxin sounded as if she meant to match the two of them.

Yang Runxin smiled implicitly and said, “Although Yuan Feng looks unreliable, as long as he loves one thing, he will stick to it and no one can persuade him to leave it. If you can………..haaa…….DO with Yuan Feng, even if your Uncle Yuan disagrees, he will stay with you in the end.” Most boys of this age are obsessive and impulsive. They will not forget the first woman they fucked with and they will also definitely have a special place for them in their hearts.

“Really?” The girl’s eyes lit up. But then her face dimmed again. She said sullenly: “But I will be leaving in four days. Yuanfeng is still so cold to me. He has many misunderstandings about me. No way…”

Yang Runxin listened and secretly despised Luo Cuihua next to her. She thought that this donkey girl was really useless. This idiot has the heart of a snake and wants to chase a man but she only knows how to talk verbally. Shouldn’t she at least know how to use some means to catch a man’s heart? Fortunately, she was well prepared.

So she took out something from her handbag patiently and said: “Yuan Feng has the habit of smoking a cigarette and drinking wine before going to bed every night. This old habit of his has never been changed. Auntie has changed the wine of that cabinet. It’s there on the top side of the cabinet. If he doesn’t drink, you can give him this pack of cigarettes…” Someone like Yuan Feng who had stayed in the countryside for three months and hadn’t drink alcohol or tobacco for a long time when coming back home must be panicking.

With that said, Yang Runxin put the expensive packs of cigarettes into the girl’s open palm. Then she moved the hand slowly and carefully, trying to make the girl make up her mind.

Luo Cuihua held the pack of cigarettes and stayed in a daze, seeming to have completely forgotten the basic etiquette. She didn’t even thank that Yang woman.

The two finally left happily.

And Yin Minglu, who had heard such a ”big” news, stood up contentedly. He was forced to listen to a rich woman and wannabe rich woman’s private schemes. Yin Minglu blinked his eyes towards the doorman and immediately indicated that he was absolutely tight-lipped about this matter.

So he was sent back by the doorman who was equally forced to listen to those things.

Before the driver arrived, Yuan Feng and Xia Ming were playing billiards. Several colorful balls hit the table. It could be seen that Yuanfeng’s technical level was very good. He held the bar with one hand with his eyes drenched. And after aiming at the target, with a “pop”, the ball quickly fell into the bag.

After scoring a goal, he slowly got up from the table. His expression was very comfortable and there was a touch of arrogance between his eyebrows as if he was the absolute king in this field of the table.

When he leaned down again and was about to score a goal, Yin Minglu secretly prodded his waist. Yuan Feng jumped up sensitively. With his sudden moving action, he made a mistake. Xia Ming seized the opportunity, smiled and held the pole. Then he smoothly scored a goal.

Seeing the goal being robbed, Yuan Feng grunted his face. He turned to the troublesome little guy and fiercely scolded: “!You little rascal! what are you doing, don’t you know a man’s waist can’t be poked so casually!”

He thought to himself, this little idiot really knows how to poke. This jerk poked him with his soft fingers but now his whole body was shaking. Seeing him angry, the child giggled happily. Yuan Feng was so angry that he wanted to pinch his face even more.

Afraid of being pinched, the little guy hurriedly avoided his hand and pulled him down while standing on his toes trying to whisper in the boy’s ear.

And when he heard that, Yuanfeng’s pupils shrank instantly. His face turned blue and white and he couldn’t say anything for a long time. He didn’t think that this childish little fool would tell lies. And someone who could know his living habits so clearly, besides the people living under the same roof, who else can it be? He pursed his lips sarcastically.

Thinking of this, he was extremely grateful for the story he had told the little fool when they were in the countryside. At that time, he was bored in the middle of the night without internet or cell phone. He was sleeping on the bed and he had nothing to do besides chatting with the little idiot.

The little idiot wanted to listen to fairy tales. So he had said: “A long time ago, there was a beautiful Cinderella named Yuanfeng…”

The little idiot was very upright. He blinked his big eyes and said, “Isn’t Cinderella called Cinderella? ”

Yuan Feng said: ”It’s not important! You just continue to listen……….”

“Oh.” The little fool obediently stopped speaking.

Yuan Feng continued: “After this Cinderella’s father married a new wife, he became a stepdad too.”

The little idiot nodded sadly, holding his little cheek in sympathy, and listening more seriously.

“Then at ‘her’ own home, ‘she’ was bullied by the vicious stepmother and the bad-hearted brother…” He scorned casually but the little idiot took it seriously. The little guy still thought that he was being bullied by that evil stepmother. So as soon as he heard her evil schemes, he rushed to tell him about that.

Yuanfeng immediately understood his evil step mom’s old schemes. His face became extremely ugly. His brows and eyes were stained with hostility.

Not so long after, he saw the crime partner of his stepmom walking towards him. She gave him a pack of cigarettes saying that she was thanking him for taking care of them these days. Looking carefully, that cigarette was even of his favorite brand.

The packaging was exquisite and atmospheric. There’s no way he doesn’t know who packed it like this. The naked eye can only see that the girl’s hand holding the cigarette was shaking. But the shaking was extremely small and it was hardly noticeable in the dark.

He sneered and took it without refusing. If he hadn’t known in advance, he might have avoided smoking but not the wine. Because he has a habit of accepting wines from the top cabinets. So if he didn’t know in advance, he might really have taken the bottle of wine from the top of the wine cabinet and poured a glass at night.

How cute these people were………

When giving the cigarette, Luo Cuihua’s heart was pounding. It almost jumped out of her chest. Seeing Yuanfeng accepting it without doubt, she quietly breathed a sigh of relief. What followed was unspeakable sweetness, nervousness, and anticipation.

When the Yuan family’s driver came, everyone got up and planned to leave. Yuan Feng didn’t leave. He put his hands in his pockets and lazily said: “I have an appointment with the little guy. I will go back at 12 o’clock.” He looked like he was going to spend the night in the club. It seemed that Father Yuan wanted to curse. He found that his eldest son was really hard to change.

Yuan Feng stopped his brother. Yuan Jing asked with a smile on his face, “Brother, what’s the matter?” In fact, he was afraid that Yuanfeng would ask him to go there with him. Although he loves to do dirty and naughty things in the club, he didn’t want to leave a bad impression in front of Father Yuan.

“I forgot to bring the money. You take out all the money you have.” Yuan Feng instructed unceremoniously.

Yuan Jing had no choice but to act he was giving Yuan Feng money. He didn’t mean to give. He hoped Father Yuan would watch him being bullied and would beat the shit out of this Yuan Feng. Then Father Yuan will be even more unhappy, feeling that the eldest son was rebellious and difficult to discipline.

But Father Yuan only stared at them from not far away. So he could only pretend to be “extremely reluctant” and “coerced by his brother”. He slowly took out the money, unable to get out a credit card for a long time. Yuan Feng also pretended to be impatient. He made an expression of ”if you act sluggishly again, I’ll beat you”. He then directly grabbed Yuan Jing’s pocket with his hands.

The two were entangled in each other’s acting skills and the scene looked a bit like bullying. At the moment when he grabbed Yuan Jing’s pockets, Yuan Feng quickly dropped the two packs of cigarettes that he had received from a very ”kind” girl in it, the same packs of cigarettes that didn’t have drugs mixed by that Yang woman at all.

The two brothers had half of the same blood flowing in their bones. To some extent, they had very similar preferences. What did he like? Yuan Jing likes it too. He likes to smoke and drink, so Yuan Jing naturally likes it too. Even the brand they like was similar.

They thought they knew Yuanfeng’s weaknesses and preferences. But they forgot that Yuanfeng understood them too well too. After a sneer, Yuan Feng searched all the money in Yuan Jing’s body. He took away a credit card, hundreds of dollars in cash, and didn’t even leave him with a steel pin, so the robbery was at ease.

After he waited all night, he returned home. He pretended to smoke a cigarette while walking up the third floor. He seduced the distraught girl who was trying to seduce him upstairs. Then he called Yuan Jing to tell him to come upstairs to talk about life. Yuan Jing, who was smoking, felt a little confused in his mind. Facing Yuan Feng’s orders, he wanted to choke that Yuan Feng bastard! However, after years of pretending, obedience has become an instinct. No matter how uncomfortable his body was and no matter how reluctant in his heart he was, he still went up.

The next thing was like a sudden turn of the story. When Yuan Jing woke up holding his head that was about to explode, he found himself on a bed with a woman lying beside him. The girl’s skin under the bedsheet was not white but yellow. It was not his school girlfriend or his nominal fiancée, Miss Gu, but the peasant girl who lives in his house?

He immediately realized that something was wrong and just wanted to roll over and get out of bed.

As a result, the door was suddenly knocked open and several people rushed in in one breath. Those people included Father Yuan who had an ugly expression, his mother with a shocked face, and the Luo family brother and sister who were terrified and were covering their mouths in disbelief.

Yuanfeng smirked and coldly walked out of the room from behind and watched the lively scene.

Awakened by this big movement, the girl next to Yuan Jing also woke up. She saw a large group of people including her own younger brother and sister. She was naked and exuded with disheveled hair. She screamed and said: “YUAN FENG………..Where is Feng, Where is Yuanfeng?” Yuan Jing was also panicked and explained again and again there: “It’s not my fault. I have no impression at all, I must have been framed! My brother had called me, I…”

Yang Runxin had thought that her strategy had succeeded. So when Luo Cuimiao had come downstairs to find her sister, she had yelled and called Yuanfeng to taste her ”tasty” supper. She had told everyone why didn’t Yuan Feng come to eat with an exaggerated expression. So after she had urged everyone to go and find him, everyone had gone upstairs to check and come to a “catch a romantic scene in bed”. In the end, she never expected that the main hero of her scheme would become her own son. Extremely angered Yang Runxin rushed forward and slapped the screaming girl.

Father Yuan originally had a sullen expression. Amidst the various reactions of these people, he recalled the repeated praises from his wife to this girl before. He also remembered how his kind wife was so worried about his eldest son just before and how she had urged them to go upstairs. He soon understood what was going on.

The anxious Father Yuan grabbed his wife and slapped her severely.

The scene was chaotic.

In this play, the people who were hurt the most were those two kids who were temporarily staying under this roof and were forced to see their sister fucking with their sponsor’s son. The two of them packed their luggage in a trance all night and were driven out soon.

Because of the distance of the journey, they went to the Xia family at first. But the Xia family were not good people. They ridiculed them and drove them out. The brother and sister duo went to the Yin family with tears in their eyes. They thought they would be coldly treated, but they were accepted by the kind-hearted Lin Shuwu.

What she thinks is that the two of them should be playmates for her son. After all, she can’t be by his son’s side all the time. She always has to train some assistants for her son.

But in the eyes of the two brother and sister who had received the cold reception before, the Yin family who gave them a safe haven was really a living Buddhas who saved their lives. They were also grateful to Lin Shuwu and wished to dedicate and throw their heads and blood for the Yin family all their lives.

Luo Cuihua stayed in the Yuan house but the treatment she received was not good. Yang Runxin was afraid that she would be pregnant with her son’s seed, so she forcibly kept her for a few more days, forcing her to take a bunch of medicine. After confirming that she could not be pregnant, she didn’t wait for anything. She directly drove her back to the countryside.

After dreaming of marrying into a wealthy family by using a dirty trick, her dream remained a dream. The girl choked to take medicine and felt that her body and mind were severely injured. She was quickly driven out of the house and returned to the village in disgrace.

Yang Runxin hated her and felt that this girl must think that Yuanjing and Yuanfeng were both city young masters anyway and it didn’t matter who she sleeps with. She will get benefits anyway. So in order to prevent this bitch from targeting her son, she sent the person back and published rumors that she was driven back by them because she seduced the young master in the city and tried to climb his bed.

Everyone in the village was so surprised that they couldn’t shut their mouths when they heard it. And Father Luo and Mother Luo who were waiting for donations from the rich families got the scandal of their eldest daughter’s shamelessness and unsuccessful attempt of trying to hook up with the city master. Upon hearing this, Mother Luo fainted directly.

Luo Cuihua’s reputation had since been ruined. No one within a radius of ten miles dared to marry her. The people in the city don’t care about chastity, but the people in the countryside are very conservative and no one wants to marry a girl who lost her virginity before getting married. Even if the educated ones would have accepted, but who was Luo Cuihua? Not an ordinary girl who just casually lost her virginity…..she lost her virginity trying to get benefits from the rich.

On the other side, knowing that Lin Shuwu and her child were eating in Hotel Qu Yuan and were waiting for the driver to pick them up, Han Shihao personally drove over, even before the driver arrived. He put on a gentle face and stretched out his hand: “Minglu, uncle will take you home.”

Yin Minglu’s face was innocent but he curled his lips secretly and hugged his mother dependently. Lin Shuwu sighed, thinking that they would stay at Han’s house for a few more days anyway, so she took her son’s little hand and got ready to get in the car.

When she was about to get in the car, she heard the boy from the Xia family, who she had always admired in the show, calling her. He said: “Auntie Lin, I had just watched a piece of news a few days ago. I heard that the child of a family had committed a crime. Her family didn’t want her to go to jail, so they called the foolish old man at home to make it look like he committed the crime. Auntie, what do you think about these people’s cold hearts. And why do you think human hearts are so terrifying? ” Xia Ming gave a mocking smile.”Sometimes we can’t even tell whether the people around us are right people or not. DEAR AUNT LIN! WRONG THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU TRUST THE WRONG PEOPLE!”

Lin Shuwu was suddenly shocked by the words of the boy as if a basin of cold water was poured on her body suddenly.

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