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TVITC Chapter 29

Little fool middle-aged version of Long Aotian[29]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The plane was flying through the vast sea of ​​clouds at an altitude of thousands of miles. Looking at the blue sea and blue sky outside the window, Luo Cuimiao, who had taken the first flight in her life, put her face and hands on the window. Her eyes were full of shock and admiration. She looked everywhere but couldn’t see even the shadow of the city.

Did she leave the province? It should be….wahhh…. she had never expected that she would ever come out of the Yellow River Province. The little Luo Cuimiao was a little touched and unspeakable feelings had filled her heart.

Luo Cuihua glanced at her sister and felt that she was really ignorant and childish. She actually stuck her entire face on the window. They have been flying for half an hour and it was all clouds outside. What’s so beautiful about that?? It’s really embarrassing.

During the break, the beautiful stewardess pushed a dining tray filled with liquid drinks and ice cubes and asked every guest if there was a need for drinking water.

When she asked Luo Cuimiao and Luo Cuihua, Luo Cuimiao looked at the drinks and asked curiously and nervously: “Can I choose from all of them?”

The stewardess smiled sweetly: “Yes, we have juice, milk, tea, coffee, water, and other drinks. Which one does the guest want?” It seemed that the little girl in front of her was shy. The stewardess was gentle and her soft eyes seemed to encourage.

Luo Cuimiao blushed and said: “Then I want orange juice.”

The stewardess swiftly poured a glass of orange juice and handed it to Luo Cuimiao. Luo Cuimiao happily stretched out a small hand to pick it up. Then after taking a sip, her eyes were bright. The juice was really sweet which was much better than the one-dollar bottle of juice she had bought at the school canteen.

“What about this guest?” The stewardess looked at Luo Cuihua.

Luo Cuihua naturally didn’t want her to look ”embarrassing” in front of everyone. She coughed a few times and imitated the heroine of the TV series: “Give me a cup of hand-ground coffee. I would prefer foreign-produced coffee beans, plus some sugar cubes and white cream.” Then, in front of the camera, she pretended to look through the newspapers and magazines, seemingly concerned about international and domestic news events.

She actually asked for hand-ground coffee? She even has requirements for the origin of the beans. This guest is more stylish than the first-class ones. The stewardess was stunned for a moment and looked at her companions. One of them really went back to the service cabin to grind coffee beans. Although she also wanted to suggest that if you want to enjoy the true taste of hand-ground coffee, the sugar cubes, and white cream is not suitable for it. But seeing that the camera was shooting, she didn’t say much.

After returning, she poured a cup of fragrant coffee for Luo Cuihua and then proceeded to the next row.

After Luo Cuihua picked it up and took a sip, her face wrinkled and she almost vomited it out, thinking it was too awful! The taste was half bitter and half sweet, with some weird sourness. What’s wrong with those people who like hand-ground coffee in the TV series. Thinking about it, it’s so awful to drink!

Moreover, the flight attendant was afraid that the guest would continue to ask for refills, so she had poured a large cup to Luo Cuihua. As a result, she now has to maintain her personality and drink this awful heavy cup of coffee.

Going to the next row, where the three teenagers were, the stewardess still politely asked them about their needs.

Xia Ming ordered a cup of green tea and Yuanfeng ordered a cup of coke. When it was Yin Minglu’s turn who was sleeping, the two looked down at him, worrying that the child would be thirsty, so they spoke at the same time:

“He’ll have a cup of hot milk.” Xia Ming.

“He’ll have a glass of fresh juice.” Yuan Feng.

The two looked at each other carefully. There seemed to be a subtle aura between them. The stewardess smiled stiffly not knowing who to listen to. The next second she heard the two say:

“Then he’ll have a glass of fresh juice.” Xia Ming.

“Then he’ll have a cup of hot milk.” Yuan Feng.

Stewardess: “…” So she poured two glasses of fresh juice and hot milk in silence and handed them to them.

After Yin Minglu opened his eyes in a daze and woke up, he was indeed thirsty. Seeing two paper cups filled with liquid on the small table in front of him, his head tilted slightly, not knowing what happened. But he still drank both cups obediently.

Soon after getting off the plane, a group of people arrived at the Capital Airport mightily. If the group of people that Luo Cuihua had seen at Chucheng Airport and pointed at them was a little restrained, this group in Capital Airport was too enthusiastic. The names of members of the program group sounded from time to time in the crowd, which made Luo Cuihua suddenly realize that they were famous!

As for the sister of the Republic of China they were shouting, she still didn’t know who it was and what sister?

Just when she was puzzled, a woman appeared and walked straight towards them. Her expression was a little excited. As the other party gradually walked in, when the front face gradually came into view, the two sisters were shocked in an instant, because this woman was too beautiful!

The woman had worn a blue-colored Chinese skirt and blouse. Her complexion was snowy white and her appearance was extremely beautiful, so beautiful that people cannot tell her actual age. Her temperament was gentle and outstanding.

The beauty of this woman was so stuttering that it was almost impossible to describe the beauty of this woman in words. When the woman appeared, the screams of the audience reached a climax, “Ah, my sister!” “Ten years have passed, you are still so beautiful!” “You look so alike!” Some people shouted their blessings, “Please cheer up, there is no trouble in life!

The two sisters thought in a daze: Ohhh…so this is the sister of the Republic of China, what is she? Is she a celebrity? She looks so beautiful, no wonder there are so many fans in the audience.

The woman was getting closer and closer to them. It seems that the target of this fairy-like woman is really them. Have the big stars also watched this program? Could it be that she came here to meet them? Luo Cuihua was a little surprised and she was flattered for a moment. After all, she had never seen such pomp before. She subconsciously flirted her bangs, trying to calm herself down.

The woman was finally only a few steps away. At that time, the woman stopped. With a wronged look on her face, she said: “Lu’er, how come you aren’t coming forward. Have you forgotten your mother? ”

Lu’er? Who is this? Who is the other person talking to? Luo Cuihua was stunned when she heard the woman’s call. Her hair fluttering action stopped. And ………….mother? This woman turned out to be a mother?

And when she was still puzzled, she saw the little fool she had always looked down upon, dragging a suitcase and walking slowly over, with a tender voice: “Mom.”

What! ! The little idiot has such a beautiful mother! ! And she is even a big star! ! Luo Cuihua only felt that her eyes were about to fall off.

Upon hearing the familiar call, Lin Shuwu burst into tears. She pulled Yin Minglu into her arms with tears in her eyes.

Yin Minglu himself was not used to being so close. So his actions were a bit stiff but Lin Shuwu seemed to be stung by his subconscious behavior. She hugged him tighter and muttered to herself: “Lu’er sorry, yes Mother is not a good mother. I shouldn’t have thrown you into the countryside, can you forgive mother?”

”Mom did something wrong, can you forgive mother?” Lin Shuwu kept repeating these words, tears streaming down her gorgeous face.

The warm tears flowed into Yin Minglu’s collar. He closed his eyes. Although the person to whom this woman should apologize is no longer alive, if the other person was still here, no matter how many times, he would have chosen to forgive. After all, the child has the purest heart in the world. There are seven billion people in the world. Here, there is only one person he cares about most, and that is Lin Shuwu.

And Lin Shuwu must have really realized something. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so emotional. He sighed slightly in his heart and stretched out his arm to hug his mother. Lin Shuwu kissed her son’s face. She cried even more.

Lu’er is her son’s nickname. There is always an inexplicable cuteness and intimacy when it is in the mouth. There used to be a time when her dead husband was still alive. The two of them often held their son in their arms and called him affectionately. They used to look at his face, call him a cute little angel and tell him that he was the most obedient baby in this world.

Because of their love, when her deceased husband died, the child was dependent on her wholeheartedly. Then……………. she began to settle down with a heartless man ignoring the small figure behind her that was stepping along so that it almost caused a disaster.

She is really an unqualified mother. Fortunately, the disaster has not yet occured and she can recover it.

When she calmed down, Lin Shuwu wiped away her tears. She smiled decently at everyone, shook hands, and greeted them one by one, thanking them for taking care of her child.

Being thanked by the beauty, the crew of the program was a little flattered, as were the two sisters. They never expected Yin Minglu’s mother to be so young and beautiful. Even the hands that they shook were slender and white as beautiful jade. She also called out their names accurately, making them feel that they were valued and that the other party has known themselves.

Luo Cuimiao blushed, thinking that brother Minglu and his mother seemed to have an exquisite and non-human scent of beauty.

In addition to Lin Shuwu, the families of the other two teenagers also came to pick them.

Not many people from the Xia family came, only a driver-like person and a four or five-year-old girl came. Xia Ming had an expression on his face as if he had expected this and was not angry. After handing the luggage to the driver, he picked up the little girl who had stretched her pink arms and legs around his feet, calling him to hug.

He poked the other person’s nose affectionately and put on a sincere smile on his face. He said, “Little Wei, when your brother was not here these months, were you obedient?”

The little girl was very cute. When she saw her beloved brother who she has not seen for a long time, her eyes were full of dependence. She said: “Yes! I was very obedient. Very much obedient!” After her brother was gone for several months, she really missed her brother. When her brother was not here, the other brothers and sisters were too old, so she couldn’t play with anyone. She hopes that her brother will never leave her again.

“Really?” Xia Ming chuckled slightly and a pair of brother and sister nestled together tenderly. Although there were no tears from the family’s long-awaited reunion, but because of that sincere and gentle smile, Xia Ming felt warmth in his heart.

Three people from the Yuan family came, Father Yuan, stepmother, and Yuan Jing, who was Yuan Feng’s half-brother.

Seeing them, Yuan Feng didn’t have the excitement of not seeing his family for a long time. On the contrary, that handsome face evoked a wicked smile. He turned up and turned his head to the side, as if he didn’t want to see them.

In front of the camera, Father Yuan felt that he was insulted by this brat. He wished to exhale his big palm on his son’s forehead as usual. But he didn’t do that because of the camera. Instead, he said with tears in his eyes: “Son, your three months of hard work, Dad watched it. Dad was also reluctant. But as Ms. Lin said, you must be cruel and let go of your beloved child, otherwise, you are harming them not loving them!”

Fuckers! Yuan Feng cursed secretly in his heart. And he was wondering why he hated Luo Cuihua at the first glance. It turned out that she was on the same road as his family. All of them act like Buddha on the surface and act like a snake behind the scenes. Who knows how many lies and schemes are there in their belly.

Seeing that his son was cold and indifferent, Father Yuan continued: “After all, you are the eldest son in the family. Sooner or later, you have to support this family. Dad has high hopes for you!” This means that because he was the heir of the family, his family have high standards and strict requirements for him.

Smart people could hear the subtext. Yang Runxin, Yuanfeng’s stepmother, and Yuanjing’s complexion changed in an instant, and they became unsightly. If the Yuan family wants Yuanfeng to support them, then what about the youngest son Yuanjing. Could it be that the Yuan family wants him to inherit a few small companies and live a life of nothing?

Yuanfeng and his father being in harmony??? This is a scene they don’t want to see and they absolutely don’t allow it!

Of course, compared to the Yuan and Xia family, the largest number of people that came to pick was the Yin family. Except for Lin Shuwu herself, the driver, nanny and bodyguards of the Yin family had all come. Several others who had good relationships with father Yin had also come. Everyone looked at the children distressedly and hugged Yin Minglu with a teary face.

The little idiot actually had bodyguards and assistants. Those people were dressed in suits. At first glance, they looked like professionals. They looked very pompous, making them look like picking up the young son of the richest man. Luo Cuihua was shocked. She couldn’t believe that the little fool who she has been ignoring and looking down upon was so rich having a mother who is a big star. But the Yuan family and Xia family who she thought were profound were far inferior to the Yin family.

No wonder the little idiot wasn’t used to folding clothes and quilts very much. It turns out that his family has so much money that he doesn’t need to fold clothes on his own. It turns out that she has always judged wrong… Did she miss something…

Luo Cuihua bit her lower lip nervously. She suddenly felt like a fool who couldn’t even judge things properly.

Yang Runxin, who was dissatisfied with her husband’s act of “father’s-loving care”, saw the girl next to her. Her eyes flashed. She smiled and said, “Oh, you’re Cuihua, right? You are as beautiful as shown in the show.”

Suddenly being named, Luo Cuihua widened her eyes in surprise. The person calling her was none other than Yuan Feng’s mother. She was flattered and said: “Auntie, do you know me?” Of course she didn’t know that she was in front of his stepmother, not the biological mother.

Yang Runxin smiled and nodded. She held Luo Cuihua’s hand and said: “Auntie saw you on the show and was very impressed with you. You really are a special girl. Auntie likes you.” LIKE YOU…………Humph!!! This kind of bitch with a stupid brain who has a fake-ass temperament, is narrow-minded, who is full of schemes, and who loses temper every now and then………………. She also wants to climb the bed of people to get benefits………..

She’s a perfect partner for Yuanfeng. Thinking of this, Yang Runxin’s wicked eyes were laughing. This kind of stupid girl who makes frequent mistakes in the show and is unflattering, as long as she gives the other party a step at will, the other party will definitely climb up regardless.

She has known this kind of people too much.

So Yang Runxin’s attitude became more enthusiastic towards Luo Cuihua. So, she ”warmly” said a few words to her before leaving. Because Luo Yusheng was in the Yuan family, the two sisters of the Luo family were originally going to follow the Yuan family. So the two of them walked holding hands, and they didn’t separate until they got into the car.

The photographer and the Luo family’s two sisters sat in the back car, while Yang Runxin and father Yuan sat in the front car. In the back seat, father Yuan complained with dissatisfaction to his wife and said: “Just now the camera was shooting, what were you trying to do holding that little girl’s hand? Don’t you know it will cause misunderstanding? This kind of girl who wants to hook up with rich boys using her body ………… She should be slapped to death for trying to use Yuan Feng. She is an idiot, are you one too? HDFJHFBH!”

She exactly wanted to make people misunderstand ah. Yang Runxin didn’t laugh and she coaxed for a long time: “Oh, I just thought she was Yu Sheng’s sister, so I asked a few more things.”

“What do you want to ask? “Father Yuan finally became less angry when he was comforted by his wife.

“I saw that she was obedient and docile, so I said a few sentences and found that although the girl is not good at her brain, she is a virtuous person, and…” Yang Runxin didn’t say anything after “and” for a long time. She chuckled when she saw father Yuan’s suffocating expression and said, “And I saw that the girl has a big butt and can give birth to a son!”

Father Yuan’s face suddenly took a good turn. It took him a long time to reply. He trembled and said: “What nonsense! This is the old concept of marriage and childbirth. How can you believe this stupid thing! How can you just look at a butt when looking for a woman?”

Because Yang Runxin said with a smile, moreover, his wife has always been a knowledgeable intellectual, and she often jokes with him when he is in a bad mood, Father Yuan thought his wife was joking. After getting angry, he was quickly amused. He shook his head and didn’t take it seriously.

However, Yang Runxin was serious.

And Luo Cuihua, who was tempted by her random words, was full of illusions. She couldn’t extricate herself from the dream that she might be a wife of a wealthy official.

She was just regretting that she had missed this little fool and immediately Yuanfeng’s mother gave her unlimited hope! She is so lucky! If she got the support of Yuanfeng’s mother, Yuanfeng would definitely treat her differently!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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  1. Avatar If My Son is Gay I'ma Ship says:

    Holy cheese, I just finished ranting about not wanting to read MTL causes I’ll always be [confused_black_man.JPG] but I’m an impatient person and acting aggrieved cause there’s no updates when suddenly poof and here comes a surprise and a somewhat slap on my face!? IT FEELS GOOD YA!~~~~ Thank you so much for the chapter!~ ♡(> ਊ <)♡

  2. Thanks for the chapter! The contrast between cuteness & schemes is so jarring!

  3. Avatar Baldingère says:

    I hope the brother and little sister and Yuan Feng get to live elsewhere than in this snake nest. The big sister can stay and get suffocated and eaten up by them. She’s really bat*hit crazy, she should go to a mental hospital. Are there teenagers who believe TV dramas reflect reality? That’s really weird. I don’t know how she managed to fool anyone in the first life when she is always thinking evil thoughts and lazy ways.
    Yuan Feng is good enough to start his own business and then bury his dad’s so no worries.
    I wonder how Xia Ming will take care of his sister in this life.
    Thanks for the translation!

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