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TVITC Chapter 28

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[28]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

But the thing that she thought was impossible, Xia Ming actually did it. He solved their problem so calmly and comfortably. When a group of adults was ready to give up, he casually glanced somewhere and came up with a route. Is this the difference between IQ geniuses and ordinary people?

Luo Cuihua gritted her teeth and remembered the words she had heard from some of the staff, “Genius boy”, and ”Xia Ming is really smart”. No wonder he looked down on her and always had a cold attitude towards her. Smart people indeed are the most arrogant people in this world.

She was really angry in her heart. She carried her bag and followed everyone to the hotel that had been booked a long time ago.

From the shuttle bus to the airport, to the huge glass revolving door of the hotel, the two sisters who came from a farm family were stunned by the flat and spacious concrete streets, the towering buildings, and the bright city scenery along the way.

Including the city girls passing by them, each and every one of them was dressed in beautiful and fashionable dresses, or in floral dresses, or in tight jeans. With exquisite makeup on their faces, they were laughing and walking. The boys surrounding them were also tall and handsome, just like the people of the dramas they had watched on TV.

It also made the clothes of the two sisters look old-fashioned and out of place. At least that’s how Luo Cuihua thought. She looked at the old-fashioned purple dress on her body. For the first time, she felt ashamed like this.

And Luo Cuimiao opened her mouth into an “O” shape all the way. She was so excited that she stepped on the concrete floor with excitement. It’s not that she has never seen the city, but Chu Cheng looks more prosperous than the city she had in mind, like a dimly lit world.

It is said that the capital city is more developed than Chu Cheng. She was looking forward to it! At this moment, she was sincerely grateful to the program crew. Her tears were about to fall. If not for this program, she and her siblings might have stayed in the countryside for the rest of their lives, like a little frog sitting on a well watching the sky. They had to rely on the old TV of their house to get some impression of the large cities.

When she was a child, she often heard many old people in the village chat and say that Chu Cheng is a poor and broken city, with dirt everywhere. But she now knows that it is not like this. Chu Cheng is developing rapidly but they still looked at Chu Cheng with their old eyes.

After she goes back, she must tell the little sisters in the same village to study hard and change their destiny. Sooner or later all of them will be able to go out to the city!

She wants to tell them that the road here is wide and flat. There are no rubbish and small advertisements. There are many luxury cars on the road, the people on the street are also good-looking, the buildings are so high, with uncountable floors. Their necks will be broken if they will try to see them. The door of the hotel is also so huge, almost three meters long. There are foreigners with yellow hair inside and they speak English!

“Sister, sister, look at foreigners!” Luo Cuimiao’s small face flushed with excitement. She couldn’t restrain her excitement. She pulled Luo Cuihua’s sleeve and pointed to a few foreigners sitting on the hotel sofa not far away. She said, “Sister, you have studied English. Can you help me speak a few words to them?”

In fact, it was the first time she had seen foreigners in reality. She wanted to take a photo with them but she was still in elementary school. The teacher didn’t teach them English and she doesn’t know how to communicate with them.

“Don’t point at people casually, it’s not polite at all! And what’s so strange about foreigners. Boring!” Luo Cuihua said sharply. She slapped her sister’s little hand. She didn’t want her sister to yell like that. A lot of people were staring at them. They must be thinking that they were poor villagers who knew nothing. And how can she speak English! She can write but can’t speak! The English teacher of their town speaks English with an accent. It is natural that she can’t learn well as a student.

With a “paa”, Luo Cuimiao’s small hands were swollen. She lowered her head aggrievedly.

The photographer has always been interested in their interactions. When shooting, he had also told himself to try not to bring any personal feelings, just to shoot truthfully. As for the post-editing and the release of the clips, it was not his responsibility. In addition, when a country child arrives in the city for the first time, he has to take a good shot because it is the highlight of their program.

Xia Ming glanced at them. He sighed and felt more and more that he was totally blind in his past life. He stepped forward and took Luo Cuimiao’s hand. They then walked to the foreigners. He said in fluent English: “Good evening. There is a little girl here. She wants to take a photo with you guys. Is it okay?”

When several foreigners heard this, their reaction was flattered. They replied in Chinese: “Of course!”

Wow. The foreigners actually could speak Chinese. Their pronunciation was quite standard too. Luo Cuimiao became even more excited. She couldn’t understand what Xia Ming said just now, but she could roughly guess it. So her little face blushed. Unexpectedly, this elder brother, who always looked indifferent on the surface would help herself. She was a little touched and her heart was warm.

Several foreigners were also very cooperative. She smiled shyly and posed making a V sign in front of the camera.

The one who took the photo was Xia Ming. It was taken with a mobile phone. Yuan Feng looked at it and suddenly said with great interest: “Add us, we have to take pictures too!” Then he dragged Yin Minglu into the group photo. The three foreigners laughed. They took many pictures with various poses.

Seeing the familiar brothers also participate, Luo Cuimiao, who was feeling too shy, gradually became more natural. Her smiles in the camera were brighter than the others. Her little tiger teeth looked very cute. The girl’s innocence and cuteness made all the onlookers smile.

Finally, Xia Ming went to take the photo too. Using Yuanfeng’s mobile phone, he asked the staff to click the pictures for them.

When looking through the results, Luo Cuimiao was dazzled by dozens of photos. But she still asked timidly, “Brother Yuanfeng, why am I so white in your photos?”

Yuanfeng immediately took off those pictures. He clicked his head and said, “Ah, sorry, I am used to turning on the beauty filters. I forgot to turn them off.”

Xia Ming was really puzzled: “You already are so pale. Why would you still use that?”

Yin Minglu also cast a little puzzled look. He just saw that Yuan Feng had proficient editing skills. The handsome boy was hooked up with the editing, which seems to be unbelievable and at the same time not so contradictory.

Yuan Feng hummed, “Jealous people!!!!!” Isn’t it better to look even more handsome? Who would not choose to look even better???

Luo Cuimiao didn’t know what beauty filters were, but she thought she looked pretty with her natural skin and red lips. In the case of appearance, she still thought she was naturally beautiful. She hopes that one day, everyone will be comfortable with their natural looks. Then no matter they will use a beauty filter or not, they will always look beautiful.

Being comfortable with yourself first is the key to success!

Several people happily flipped through the photos, but Luo Cuihua was sour in her stomach, feeling as if she was excluded. In fact, she also wanted to take a photo with foreigners. Those foreigners were all tall and handsome. If she will take photos with them, she will be able to show off. But she was just afraid that Luo Cuimiao would let her talk to others in crappy English, so she blurted out “What’s so rare about foreigners?” The words had already been spoken. Naturally, she could no longer slap her face and take photos with others!

She was even a little embarrassed. She felt that her sister was really ignorant. Before she was pestering by her side and now she didn’t even want to invite her to take a group photo together. In this way, Luo Cuimiao really put her sister aside and ran to take a group photo by herself.

So at night, when they were in the same room, she deliberately ignored Luo Cuimiao.

Luo Cuimiao lowered her head and looked at her carefully. She felt that since joining this program, her sister’s personality has become very strange and often hysterical.

The two of them slept without saying a single word all night.

The big boys next door didn’t know if it was because they finally returned to the city, they were all excitedly jumping around on the soft big bed. Yuanfeng was still there, crying and howling, “I’m going home tomorrow! I won’t sleep tonight. You guys get up!” The pillows of the hotel were used by them for a pillow fight. When they got tired, the three of them played the card game again.

But Yuanfeng discovered that every time they played, he was the one losing.

You fuckers!

Amidst the game, he saw Yin Minglu secretly giving his card to Xia Ming.

Yuan Feng: ”……..”

He said in a deep voice. : “How does it feel being caught red hand?”

Hearing this, the little guy hurriedly took back his card. ”No, I just wanted to know, how would you react if I’ll try to cheat……hehe

Yuan Feng squeezed his face with anger. He yelled, ”Do you think I’m blind???! Little liar, you are not honest! You have learned badly from Xia Ming!”

“Wrong QAQ”, the little liar was in tears.

Xia Ming tried to act as naturally as possible. He was not the one that got caught red hand anyway.

Yin Minglu: There is no lack of betrayers in this cruel world.

They played the game again. Just when Yuan Feng was arranging his cards, he saw Xia Ming taking out a card from his back pocket.

Yuan Feng: ”……”

Yuan Feng directly burst his veins: “You fucker!!”

He has lost all night in a row! Yeah!!! This game can’t be played anymore! These jerks are always cheating and betraying him. No! God is fair. He doesn’t believe that evil will always win. He’ll fight till the end!

The saga continued and he lost for the billionth time.

The next morning, the door of the Luo family’s two sisters opened and Luo Cuimiao’s small figure appeared.

The photographer poked his head from behind the black machine and greeted her with a smile: “Good morning, how did you sleep last night?”

Luo Cuimiao said: “Very good, the hotel bed is so soft! I slept very comfortably!” At first, she was not accustomed to this kind of softness that would let her body collapse, but maybe after a day’s journey, she was too tired. So she went straight to sleep.

Luo Cuimiao told the truth. It was in line with the way a rural child would say after coming to the city for the first time. The photographer nodded in satisfaction.

Luo Cuihua walked out following her. Her walking posture was a bit wavy, her face was a little haggard, and she seemed to have not slept well last night. Seeing the camera that had been turned on, her face changed. She quickly turned back to the room, went to look in the mirror, groomed her appearance again, and returned to the camera when she was barely satisfied, still showing a delicate smile at the camera.

Photographer: “…”

The three big boys in the opposite room also came out. But each of their mental appearances was sluggish. Yuanfeng was the one with the best expression in it. He seemed to be in a good mood and greeted everyone, but his smile was full of evil. The corners of his mouth turned upwards and he looked very handsome. It made people know that an arrogant and surly boy in front of them didn’t have any disgusting thoughts in his heart.

The photographer was surprised for a moment. Then he asked the same question: “Good morning, how did you sleep last night?”

Yuan Feng replied arrogantly: “Very good.” Finally, he won. Hehe hoho losers, he won!

And Xia Ming, who followed behind, looked at him helplessly. Then the little guy also came out holding Xia Ming’s hand. The little guy’s head was drooping, looking sullen and listless.

The photographer looked at the other two people and obviously didn’t believe Yuanfeng’s nonsense, “Then what happened to the two of them?” How can anyone believe they had good sleep after seeing their ghostly appearance?

“Maybe they were thinking about going home. They became so excited that they couldn’t sleep the entire night.” Yuan Feng’s mouth curled up slightly.

The little guy couldn’t listen anymore. He pursed his small mouth and muttered: “It’s obviously Yuanfeng who wanted to play games. He was the one that didn’t let us sleep!”

He flattened his mouth unhappily. Seeing his aggrieved appearance, the photographer immediately beat up the injustice for him and said solemnly: “Yuanfeng, it’s too much. How can you stop people from sleeping? Don’t you know if children lack sleep, they won’t grow taller?”

Other staff members also fought in words with Yuan Feng to seek justice for the other two teenagers.

Yuanfeng in the beginning was giving very good lectures about righteousness and betrayal. But after the number of staff members fighting with him increased, he quickly slipped away under the pretext of going to the toilet.

When he was about to get on the plane, he shamelessly sat next to the little idiot. The two sisters of the Luo family also naturally sat next to them.

Luo Cuihua saw that the airport was really huge and magnificent. People seemed small in front of it and the presence of escalators made her feel amazed…

The city is really great. Everything is convenient, including the equipment she had used for bathing last night. That bathtub looked very luxurious. This reminded her of the TV series she had watched before. The heroine soaked herself in a bathtub full of rose petals and cleaned her white and tender skin. That scene had made her fascinated.

So she also imitated the action of the drama and put her whole person into the bathtub. The water embraced her tenderly and she couldn’t help opening up all the shower gels placed next to her, from the chilly mint fragrance to the enchanting violet fragrance, all of them were opened and tried by her. Anyway, they all were free. So rather than wasting it, she should use it anyway.

With the fragrance filling, she embraced her arms with enjoyment and intoxication, feeling that she was the real heroine of the TV series-

After soaking for too long, she was a little dizzy. When she came out of the bathroom, her legs were soft. Then, amidst Luo Cuimiao’s surprise, she dropped her head on the big bed.

The next day, she also found sadly that her skin was wrinkled, which could not go away for a long time. Her physique is just like this. As long as she soaks in water for a long time, her skin will become white and wrinkled. She will look ten years older for no reason. But the bath last night was so intriguing and too comfortable to forget, which made her a little regretful and annoyed.

But even so, she still liked everything about the city. And she knows that the capital’s economy is even more developed than Chu Cheng.

Luo Cuihua looked around ambitiously. She clenched her fist and said: In the future, she must stay in the city and stay here forever. What Aunt Mei said is really good. Women must think about their future. Instead of marrying an uneducated man of that poor place in the country, it is better to go to university and marry a city person, so that you can stay in the city and enjoy everything about the city.

No wonder the men in their place want to marry a girl from the city to be their wife. It’s best to marry a family with only one daughter. As long as the young couple gives birth to a child, the woman’s money will be his child’s in the future and it can be regarded as a man’s. The jerks call this behavior “being ambitious and thinking about the future.”

She also wants to follow suit, marrying a rich man from the city. As long as she gives birth to a son, her position in the man’s family will be permanent and the man’s future fortune will be her son’s. It just means it will be hers.

And the person she wants to marry……….… Her eyes couldn’t help but fall on Xia Ming and Yuan Feng. The skins of these two teenagers were very good, but one is too smart and the other is too irritable. If they can improve these habits, then they will be lucky to get her as a wife.

Just when she was falling into deep thoughts, the noise around her awakened her. She found that people were looking at them from time to time, pointing their fingers, and whispering quietly. Her face became stiff and she wondered if these city people could see that she was from the countryside. Were they disgusted with her? Why are these people so rude!

But before she could curse them, she continued to hear those people discussing in the voices that were full of surprises and joy, “Is it really the son of the sister of the Republic of China?” “He seems to be…he looks like that!” “I also watched that episode. I was so moved that I cried.” “The real person is even cuter, I want to pinch his face!” Someone took out her mobile phone and was taking pictures secretly. The flash never stopped.

“It turns out that he is going home already. Many people on the Internet certainly don’t know this news. I want to quickly post on Weibo! Hey, tell me if I will post this, will people on the Internet praise me?” Someone asked.

“Maybe……… last time my brother posted a comment on Weibo and scolded “Isn’t he just a fool?” He had also commented some awkward and unqualified words. I was angry when I heard it and just wanted to persuade him to delete it. But before I could say anything, Yin Company personally replied to him.

“What did they say?” Her friend’s eyes widened curiously and someone next to her leaned in with interest, wanting to listen to her.

“Yin Company said, please stop insulting and personally attacking their family members, shareholders, and group spokespersons. Otherwise, their lawyer will issue a warning letter. My brother was extremely scared when he saw it. He immediately deleted the comment and he never dared to be an internet bully again. Who knows the next time whether his victim will issue a warning in advance or not.”

Hearing this, there was a burst of laughter next to her and the laughter was endless.

Luo Cuihua frowned. She didn’t know what these people were talking about. She didn’t like this kind of completely ignorant and uncontrollable thing. The people in the program group seemed to know the truth but they didn’t react at all. She went to the boarding gate calmly. She could only carry her luggage and follow her footsteps mechanically.

The program group was indeed very calm. They knew the popularity of these three teenagers on the Internet better than anyone. Of course, the most popular and favorite was Yin Minglu.

He has many auras. He was both the son of a popular Internet celebrity and the only son of Yin’s enterprise. He was also likable in the show. The degree of discussion and topic about him was naturally not low. The popularity of these topics on Weibo was extremely high. So some passerby recognizing him was also normal.

As soon as she got on the plane, Luo Cuihua’s attention immediately shifted when she faced the stewardess with a sweet and professional smile. She tried her best to act like “it’s not the first time to fly on a plane” and try not to show her timidity. But when she entered the cabin, she didn’t know how to find her seat and put small luggage.

The stewardess kindly walked over and said: “Dear guest, I’ll help you.” Then she helped her put the bag up, quickly found her seat by pressing the boarding pass, and taught her how to buckle the seat belt. She was considerate to teach her all kinds of services. Others would have rated her five out of five for her consideration.

But facing the stewardess’s comprehensive service, Luo Cuihua sat sullenly in the seat. Her face looked like a roasted pig liver. She always felt that the other person’s eyes seemed to see through something. This stewardess probably was laughing and teasing her inside thinking she came from the country and didn’t know anything. Yes, The reason why she helped her was because she wanted to get a sense of superiority!!

The teenagers were sitting in the front row of her.

After taking off, because he was too sleepy, Yin Minglu fastened his seat belt and rubbed his eyes. He leaned against the small window with a small face and started snoring without much effort.

From time to time, a stewardess passed by. Watching his smooth and tender face, she smiled lightly and took the initiative to hand the children the row of blankets.

Luo Cuihua knows that flight attendants usually give blankets only after inquiring about the guests’ needs. She saw that obviously, no one in the front row had asked for blankets, but the other party actually offered Yuan Feng a blanket. She couldn’t help but widen her eyes and thought: No wonder the stewardess kept coming into their cabin. She came just to look at Yuanfeng more! She was really thoughtful. She saw that the stewardess looked dignified and beautiful on the surface, but she didn’t expect that she was so ”shameless” inside that she actually fell in love with Yuanfeng. She didn’t even care how old she was! Yuanfeng will not accept the love between sister and brother!

Look, Yuan Feng turned his head and threw the blanket at the little fool, which is also a disguised rejection towards that stewardess! She hoped that the woman would see Yuan Feng’s ”rejection” clearly!

Naturally, Yuan Feng didn’t know that the girl in his back row had brain circuits. After covering the little idiot with a thin blanket, he stared at the other person’s face.

After the child fell asleep, he suddenly quieted down. Yuan Feng wasn’t used to this kind of silence.

He didn’t know what the child dreamed about, his small eyes were still closed, but his delicate eyebrows suddenly frowned! The small mouth was also pursed… It seemed he was resisting something with a look of impatience. His delicate face immediately became lively again.

No wonder he is so likable. He thought to himself, if this guy would have been his brother, it would have been so nice.

Listening carefully, the child was still speaking while dreaming, “No…… I just wanted to see how would you react…no … Yuanfeng, you are so annoying!”

Yuanfeng, who was holding his chin: “…” The desire to pinch this small face was real!

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