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TVITC Chapter 27

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[27]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Anyone who catches a thief gets a medal? Yuan Feng opened his big pair of eyes wide. He couldn’t believe it. He, who everyone thought of as a ”scumbag” was suddenly praised by the fucking Police Officers!!! Who??? Police Officers!!!

He had originally thought that after that thief was handed to the police officers, it was the end of the matter. But……….hehe guess what??? Yahooo!! He is getting a medal!!! The program team was happy to see it and they never stopped filming from start to finish.

The director praised Yuan Feng and shook the hands of the young boys up and down saying, “You brats really are young heroes!” He boasted everyone.

Yuan Feng really got a red medal, the kind with yellow tassels, which said “For being brave to do justice and promote righteousness. Thank you, young hero, Yuanfeng.”

Losers can’t imagine how good Yuan Feng felt after touching that token of honor.

“Yuanfeng, you are amazing.” The little guy looked up at him. He clapped and his eyes were full of admiration.

Even his little buddies were complimenting him. Yuan Feng felt so much energetic for a while that he suddenly wanted to beat a few thieves more.

The director smiled and took a picture with Yuanfeng and others, including Luo Cuihua who was in a trance. All the crew people and teenagers who were present at the scene took a lot of photos in front of the police station.

Because Yin Minglu and Luo Cuimiao were young and not tall, they stood at the forefront. The little guy was holding a bunch of flowers. His cute face was smiling so hard that it almost looked like he was laughing hysterically. Yuan Feng was infected by his excitement. So he also showed a handsome smile unknowingly.

When his best friend won the prize, Xia Ming also naturally smiled. His gentle and elegant temperament could easily fascinate the passing girls. The appearance of the three handsome guys smiling together was extremely charming. In the same frame, the others completely became the background characters, including the two sisters.

Among them, Luo Cuihua smiled really hard. She even stood right beside Yuanfeng, the protagonist of the event. She squeezed herself as much as she could. Originally, she had a pretty face and her smile was also very eye-catching. But she still lost to the three handsome boys who looked like big stars. Who asked them to smile so charmingly???

So after looking at the photo, Luo Cuihua was very disappointed. Because nobody praised her for her ”sincere smile”. She wanted to ask to take another picture, but she was not the protagonist after all. So she was not qualified to mention such things. So she had to give up.

Originally, she wanted to show it off to the villagers in the future. But she was really ignored in this photo. Even if she will take out the photo, everyone will be attracted by the three handsome boys at first sight. Who would pay attention to her?

The young police officer only breathed a sigh of relief after the photo was taken and the group was politely sent out of the police station. In order to restore the reputation of the county, it was not easy for him huhuhu😭. Fortunately, the camera took a few more pictures of the clean and tidy environment inside their unit. With the magnificent and upright decoration of the police station, coupled with the officer’s unrelenting praise for righteous behavior, they were barely able to save some of the city’s image.

He was really scared of this ghost Luo Cuihua, this time. After all, what the locals say will always be more credible to others.

After such a delay, when the crew members hurried back to the station, their originally calculated schedule was delayed. Everyone wailed because they discovered that the tickets for the train they had to take were sold out two or three hours in advance. That is to say, they had to stay in this county today.

But they had already booked the airport ticket and night hotel. If they don’t get to the airport tonight, they might not be able to catch the plane the next day. The program crew had also informed the teenagers’ parents in advance so that they would be able to receive their child.

The tickets were already sold and their plan was disrupted. The people of the program group immediately panicked and started to think of other ways.

Everyone tried to think of a way. Someone asked the local scalpers for the tickets, thinking that as long as the price would not be too outrageous, they would grit the teeth and buy it. But they were a dozen of them in total. Even if the scalpers are excited and want to sell tickets, they won’t have that many tickets in their hands. They were also suggested to exchange tickets with passengers, but the passengers who had bought the tickets had already entered the venue. And even if they will get the tickets of those who hadn’t entered the venue, they would not be able to accurately find their seat in the vast crowd.

It was all because he was not thinking about it well. The director sighed and beckoned to his assistant and asked him to go to the nearby small hotel. He had already assumed that they would probably have to stay here tonight.

Most of the local people who run hotels were having heart attacks because of excitement. Seeing the distressed look of the crew, and simply counting the heads, they knew that the big order was coming. So the aunts who had surrounded Yin Minglu before quickly followed and stalked the assistant to get the order from him.

All of them claimed that their hotel was cheap, clean, and hygienic. They also have internet access and hot water, just like a five-star hotel. They were even giving a total of 1% discount for the program crew. Total of 1% discount!!!

The little assistant listened and was really moved. He walked away with a group of people in a hurry. Half an hour later, he came back with a dark face. He described with outrage there that he had been cheated, “There was no hot water!” He had turned on and tried the water heater, but no hot water came out at all. The group of them had been in the vehicle for a long time today. How could they not take a shower at night?

“All of those small hotels are the simplest hotels I have ever seen in my entire life. There is only a bed and two benches in the room and there is no TV.” This was the case for every hotel that those aunts had claimed to be a five-star hotel. The actual hotel was completely inconsistent with their description. The little assistant was extremely angry that his time was wasted. He really believed those mouths of those aunts. He will remember it as a top 10 anime betrayal.

The seniors listened and comforted him one by one, “Oh, you have no experience. Some places are just like this. If the environment is somehow manageable, then we will just manage it for one night.”

The assistant waved his hand quickly, “No, the environment is not good at all. The sheets are very dirty. It’s noisy outside and it’s not soundproofed. It’s definitely not good to sleep there at night.” What he didn’t say was that, when he had opened the window and looked down, he had seen live actions of couples doing ejfnfnfcndnc. He immediately had felt Oh no.

If they will live there for a night, then their program will never be broadcast. Their program is an educational program.

Just when they decided to go far to find accommodation, the teenagers and girls also learned that they had to stay in the county tonight. They were all a little surprised.

Luo Cuihua complained: “It’s so messy here. It’s not safe for girls to live here at night. Yuanfeng, you shouldn’t have helped that stranger. Without you, we wouldn’t have missed our bus.” She had told him not to be so nosy.

The thing is already done. What can he do now??? And you hadn’t said something like this when you were forcibly squeezing yourself to take a picture with him. Yuan Feng twitched the corners of his mouth. He just didn’t want to care about her. Of the two sisters, he still looked at Luo Cuimiao more pleasingly. She knew her limits and didn’t talk blindly. But her sister is able to make everyone vomit blood with her sharp words. And the things she speaks are just like herself, useless, illogical, toxic, and time waste.

The program team didn’t expect those few children to help them. So a group of adults continued to think about countermeasures there.

Xia Ming patted Yin Minglu on the shoulder and called him to find passers-by to borrow a map. He stared at the shuttle bus schedule. It only took him a second to know which one they should have taken but missed it. Then he looked at other buses’ schedules.

The little guy nodded and immediately found a traveler with a map in his hand. The little guy asked obediently: “Uncle, can you lend us your map for a minute?”

The traveler looked at Yin Minglu and seemed to think that the child in front of him was very harmless. So he passed the map in his hand to him without hesitation and said: “Yes, uncle will just give you this as a gift. You can use it any way you like.” Anyway, this was just bought by him on the side of the road for three yuan. So it doesn’t hurt to give it to this little guy.

The little guy’s eyes lit up. His mouth was sweet and authentic: “Thank you Uncle!” He took the map and went back to Xia Ming.

Seeing that they were moving, the distressed photographer, who was filming the program group’s staffs, immediately pointed his camera at them.

After getting the map, Xia Ming and the two other teenagers were there, looking at the map to study the route, while comparing the schedule of the shuttle bus. When Xia Ming saw a certain place, the boy’s eyes brightened instantly. After taking out his mobile phone to browse the information, he closed his eyes and pondered for a few seconds. After confirming that his judgment was correct, he decisively walked to the director and said a few words calmly.

At first hearing, the director’s expression was a little surprised. Then he quickly picked up the map and several people began to communicate.

Luo Cuihua was still looking for her target to curse, pouting her mouth and trying to pretend to be playful: “What is Xia Ming doing?”

Luo Cuimiao tilted her head and felt that Xia Ming must have found a way. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone to chat with a few uncles. So she said, “Brother Xia Ming must have found a way to Chucheng.”

Chucheng was the capital city of the Yellow River Province and the only airport in this province was in Chucheng.

Upon hearing this, Luo Cuihua immediately said: “This is impossible. The direct train from Yunluo County to Chucheng runs only three times a day and the tickets have been sold out early.” The demand for going to provincial capital cities is not as large as that of neighboring cities. It takes a long time, so there are only three shifts a day. In particular, Yunluo County is just a small county. If you miss it, you can only sleep in the corner with blankets or go to a nearby hotel to cope with the night, like many migrant workers in the lobby, and then go to catch the morning shift the next day. Otherwise, there will be no vehicle.

Moreover, she had just seen Xia Ming staring at the shining green shuttle bus’s departure time and scrolling the timetable. He had only watched it for a minute. In such a short period of time, which idiot will be able to do something???

But soon, things went beyond her expectation again. The director team actually spoke, saying that everyone had packed their things and was ready to set off. Some staff went to buy tickets, but the destination was the next county.

The other people had no objection to the director’s words or unconditional trust. So they picked up their luggage one by one, picked up the tickets and got on the bus one by one.

Luo Cuihua wondered: “What’s the use of going to the next county? That place is as poor as Yunluo county. There is no shuttle bus to the provincial capital at all.”

An hour later, they arrived in the next county. All the staff decisively started to transfer to another bus again. It took two hours for them to reach another bus station of a certain city. She was already dissatisfied and whispered: “It’s tired to keep changing vehicles. It’s already five o’clock in the afternoon. Can we even get there?”

It’s meaningless to come and go like this. She, a local, knows that it’s impossible to reach their destination and it’s just a waste of effort. If there is no vehicle that will take them directly to the airport, it would be impossible to reach there. She didn’t know what Xia Ming was thinking. He was obviously a fifteen-year-old boy, but the director really listened to him.

Thinking of this, she hammered her sore calf, secretly cursing that her leg was about to break.

“We should be able to get there?” Luo Cuimiao said uncertainly. She has very few opportunities to go out. It can be said that if it were not for visiting relatives and friends, she hadn’t even been out in Yunluo County.

The photographer said: “It should be possible.”

When the photographer uncle said this, Luo Cuimiao nodded immediately. But Luo Cuihua rolled her eyes in disbelief and muttered, “Impossible.”

The photographer glanced at the two sisters and thought that although they both were the children of the same family, the personalities of the two sisters were really different. The younger sister is five years younger than the older sister, but she is like a little adult, responsible and sensible. She was carrying a huge schoolbag on her small shoulders. It looked very heavy at first glance. Every time someone asked to help, she shook her head and said no, and then walked all the way with the bag on her back without saying a word. And her elder sister……… she was also carrying a slightly smaller bag. But she seemed extremely ”tired”, complaining and cursing everyone all the way.

It seems that the rumors that his colleague had guessed about the younger sister mostly doing housework at home were true. He didn’t even know whether to shoot this kind of scenes. After thinking about it, he decided to follow his heart and shoot truthfully.

He is a photographer and should not be biased.

A few people chatted and immediately hurried to the next city. This time Luo Cuihua had no strength to complain.

Unexpectedly, this time the bus full of passengers reached the nearest station to the airport leisurely.

It was seven o’clock at night and the entire city of Chu was brightly lit, like a huge city that never sleeps.

And the magnificent sign that said, “Chucheng Gaoshan International Airport” was very eye-catching. The bright lights almost lit up the entire night sky.

Everyone cheered immediately and gave each other an excited hug. Before the little guy could react, he was hugged, squeezed, and almost killed by several elder brothers and sisters.

He: “???”

And Luo Cuihua’s face was full of shock. How was this possible! ? She thought to herself.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! So they had to take an indirect route, I’m glad they won’t miss their flight. I’m still waiting to see how our MC will bury the piece of trash of a stepfather.

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