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TVITC Chapter 26

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[26]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

The crew made several turns and finally arrived at the bus station of the small city near the village. They will have to take the bus to get out of this city first. Then when they will reach the next city, only then they will finally be able to go to the airport and take the flight to go back home.

The bus station in Yunluo County was small and crowded but the passenger flow was quite large. Many passengers with large and small bags were walking into the ticketing hall in a hurry. There were long queues at the ticket counters and the hall was basically without a place to sit. Many men and women had even taken off their shoes, causing a stinky foot smell in the air, which made people almost vomit out.

The teenagers immediately said that they felt a little nauseous and hurriedly pulled their luggage out.

The outside air was cleaner but there were a lot of people, bustling. There were scalpers selling all kinds of train tickets and bus tickets and some local specialties of the Yellow River Province, such as dried persimmons, dragon’s silk cakes, yak meat, etc., Luo Cuimiao looked at her sister with shining eyes, “Brother shouldn’t have eaten dried persimmons for a long time. Should we buy some?”

Before leaving, Father Luo had given them some money to let them spend it on their own. They could buy what they should buy on the way to not let other people look at them and think they were shabby. Buying souvenirs is a very good thing. When they’ll go to visit the city’s families, they will be able to give them some gifts to repay those families for taking good care of their brother for three months.

The reason why she had chosen dried persimmons was because the beef was too expensive. She couldn’t afford it and she didn’t know if it was authentic. It’s better to buy dried persimmons that her brother and locals love to eat. It’s cheap and delicious and you can buy a few big packages for just 200 yuan.

Hearing this, Luo Cuihua glanced at her sister coldly, thinking she was ignorant, “Do you think there is nothing in the capital? Luo Yusheng lives in the city and there is no shortage of food and clothes. What do you need to buy him? Just worry about yourself! Take care of yourself first! ”

Even if you want to give gifts to the “parents” in the city, you should pick some high-quality things. Giving them the products sold by the side of the station that has a strong cheap smell from packaging to price, it’s better to give them nothing than giving these poor things. Even if this Luo Cuimiao will not be ashamed, she will be ashamed. Humph!!!

Luo Cuimiao, who was scolded by her sister, lowered her head and said nothing. She did not dare to make any more comments.

The teenagers ignored the dispute between the two sisters and were happily strolling around buying ethnic-style products. There were also some vendors running small businesses nearby, eagerly selling fried chestnuts and fried melon seeds to tourists. The little guy glanced more with interest.

He was trying his best to hold his suitcase. Just after he walked out a few steps, he was stuffed with several small advertisements papers in his palms. The advertisements were colorful. They were about losing weight, medicinal herbs, a remote control car, etc. He clenched those papers confusedly in his hand and continued to pull the suitcase forward.

As a result, he was greeted enthusiastically by several aunts all the way, “You guy, are you alone? You must be tired, it’s already so late, do you want to rest, it only costs 30 yuan a night!” “Our hotel is on the side, and the condition inside is very good. There are hot water, air-conditioning, and internet!” “We also have massages there!”

Seeing Yin Minglu’s delicate skin and tender meat, with a talkative look, a few aunts who opened hotels and beauty parlors nearby, almost surrounded him from everywhere. One by one, they described their simple hotels as if they were five-star luxury hotels.

The little guy struggled hard and continued to move forward.

Seeing him carrying a suitcase, there were even some motorcycles stopping him purposely. The driver was wearing sunglasses with a cigarette in his mouth. He said to him: “Are you going or not? Don’t be stubborn otherwise, I’ll leave you here and you won’t find anyone. Humph!!!”

Yin Minglu: ” …… ”

In a short period of time, he was offered so many services. The level of public security in this neighborhood needs to be improved.

When he walked to the chestnut stall, the sweet smell came to his face. The stall owner came forward and immediately greeted him with a smile, “A kilo costs only 15 yuan. Buy three kilos and get half a kilo free. HAHA hey little customer, come here and quickly pay. hoho You can also scan the QR code or WeChat Alipay to pay. Money first hehehehe.”

The little guy’s eyes lit up. He was about to take out the mobile phone that the program group had sent them back. He hadn’t touched the electronic products for months. His actions were a little rusty, so he was a step late.

A lady wearing high heels next to him was holding a handbag. She flipped through her wallet and opened her mouth: “Boss, give me a pound of fried chestnuts!” Just after speaking, the woman suddenly had a pair of black hands beside her. That black hand took her wallet smoothly and then left.

Little guy: ”…..”

The woman: ”……”

“…” The little guy held the phone and glanced at the lady dumbfounded.

The lady also looked dumbfounded as someone snatched her wallet and went away. She screamed after a few shots: “Everyone! Someone robbed me! HEY!!! YOU FUCKER!!!” She then chased that man still wearing those high heels.

The sharp screams of a woman were heard and everyone looked back. Yuan Feng and Xia Ming also turned their heads in amazement. Then they saw a man in the crowd running towards them, hitting people along the way. Without apologizing, he pushed the person away and continued to run forward, yelling, “Get away! Get away from me!”

Yuanfeng raised his eyebrows and threw away his suitcase. He was just about to kick that guy when his arm was held by someone.

Luo Cuihua frowned and said, “That kind of person is obviously a regular thief. Maybe there are his accomplices around. We shouldn’t care too much or the fight will be bloody. People from the police bureaus are responsible for catching the thief, so why should we try our best.”

This is the situation in remote cities and counties, where public security is chaotic and improperly managed, especially in places with high traffic such as bus stations. This kind of thing happens several times almost every day. So the police don’t care at all.

Although she was being a ”caring” person, Yuan Feng didn’t appreciate it. He said in an angry manner: “Don’t pull me.” As he said, he pushed Luo Cuihua mercilessly.

He is not afraid of fighting. As a school bully of the No. 1 Middle School, he has fought more than a hundred times since he was a child. He has fought with any kind of jerks. He has fought even in his dreams. Otherwise, he won’t be sent to this broken program. He is so good at fighting that he can knock off a person in 2 shots.

The photographer never forgot his responsibility from start to finish. The camera stared at the reactions of the teenagers when they saw a thief at the station. In the camera, Yuanfeng directly hit the thief with a sharp side-space elbow when that guy passed by. Amidst the pain and groan of the other party, he made another beautiful kick to that thief’s leg bones. Only the ‘paa’ sound was heard when the other party could not bear to stagger forward and threw his hand down. The wallet also flew out. The other party tried to save his ass and run away.

However, in just a few seconds, Yuan Feng controlled the situation. From time to time he squeezed that thief’s wrist and asked coldly, “Where are your other accomplices? Where are they?”

The thief screamed, again and again, feeling that his hands were going to be useless. He struggled desperately and begged for mercy, crying: “No accomplices, no accomplices, I’m the only one.”

When Yuanfeng snorted and let him go, his whole body completely collapsed to the ground being unable to get up from the floor.

Amid the repeated gratitude of the owner of the wallet and the praise of the people who were watching the scene, Yuanfeng waved his hand in a chic manner like the uncle, saying that it was nothing great. For him, fighting is as common as drinking water and eating. He laughed at the program crew next to him who previously had thought that he had ”changed”’. As a result, this guy beat the shit out of that thief so mercilessly.

However, it was also true that Yuanfeng was brave enough to come out and handle the situation. As someone called the police, a group of police officers rushed in soon and they were rushed into the police station.

Police officers also guiltily said that they had troubled them to take another trip. On the way, Luo Cuihua said: “Yuanfeng, you are really reckless. This time, you were just a bit lucky that you didn’t encounter a thief with knives. Here, we all live in this kind of a mess. Some people act like they are selling something on the roadside while carrying huge knives and blades. They are easy to provoke. These people are arrogant. It’s very difficult to deal with them. No one here can do anything to them. In case you encounter this kind of person someday, even if you are good at fighting, something will surely happen. I’m saying it for you, you have to listen carefully. ”

Luo Cuihua didn’t let anyone speak. From time to time, she pointed to the street vendor who was chopping the meat with a huge blade as an example. Many people who were listening to her, became serious after listening to the girl’s description. Then they looked at the stall owners who were sweating profusely while chopping the meat. They felt that these people indeed looked tall and burly, with fierce expressions.

The young police officer was embarrassed when he heard it. After all, he and an old senior were responsible for this area. The girl said everything bad about this area in a superior tone. In fact, she was denying his ability to work.

But the girl is a local and she is clearly familiar with the road here, plus that half of what she said was indeed true. He was unable to say anything.

The young officer looked at the camera that was shooting quietly. For the first time, he felt that the way back to the office was so long. He already wanted the girl to shut up quickly. Didn’t this person know that the camera was still shooting? Does she want this small place to have a bad reputation throughout the country? She has said all the shortcomings of Yunluo County, such as it being dirty and having poor public security, etc. If the audience takes it seriously, who would dare to travel or visit relatives and friends in the future? How will the city and county, including the village develop in the future?

He sighed and as soon as he returned to the police station, he immediately reported the situation to his senior.

His senior was surprised: “OMG!!! Really?”

He soon followed and enthusiastically shook hands with the people from the program crew. He poured a cup of hot tea for all of them and said to Yuanfeng and his companions that they were not afraid of danger and they had acted bravely. His mouth was full of beautiful words. He finally said: “There are not many people like student Yuan who are so brave. Such behavior should be advocated and commended. Therefore, on behalf of the local police station of Wanxia Town, Yunluo County, I would like to give student Yuan a medal to thank him for his bravery! ”

“What?” Luo Cuihua was the most surprised. She hadn’t expected Yuan Feng to get a medal and commendation by just being nosy and taking care of others’ business. She had just said on the way, ”Yuanfeng, what is the use of you helping other people. You won’t get any benefits. That woman just took her wallet back, thanked you verbally, and didn’t think about giving you any monetary rewards.” As a result, she was now slapped by her own words.

Although there was no monetary reward, the local government will give Yuanfeng a commendation. Although the reward level might not be high, there is a medal! This is also an honor. It won’t be wrong to say that many ordinary people can’t get it for a lifetime.

After the incident broke out, the Yuan family, who was thousands of miles away, was also in surprise and uproar.

When Father Yuan found out that his son had won a medal after doing an act of righteousness, his expression was gratified and moved. He felt that his eldest son had finally changed for the better.

But Yuanfeng’s stepmother broke the water glass and gritted her teeth and said: “What a broken place. They would just give rewards to anyone who would catch a thief. It’s nothing more than making a fuss around!” In her eyes, the honor Yuan Feng received was nothing more than a fuss, but in the eyes of Father Yuan, it had a different meaning. It was proof of his son’s improvement and change.

She had thrown Yuanfeng into the extremely rural site because she wanted him to embarrass the Yuan Family, rather than let him be a good person to shine!

The other party’s sudden act of righteousness that was not in her plan completely defeated her scheme!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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