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TVITC Chapter 18

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[18]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

OHHO GUYS!!! I received so much love in the previous chapter. Shout out to my cute readers rai, akki, Baldingère, charon, lau, blibblob, sofea, bliss, and aiko. 

What’s more, Widow Mei’s words really made sense. Especially when she said, “If you will make him your partner, then you will be able to live a good life in the city in the future”, this sentence deeply moved her heart.

She had heard people say before that Yuanfeng’s family members were high officials in politics. Yuan Feng himself was a rich second-generation. By the time he will go to school in the city, the girls in the city are not fools. When they will saw the people of the program group, even if they will not be able to identify Yuanfeng’s identity as an extremely rich kid, they will still be able to guess him as an internet star. There will surely be many girls who want to climb the status and attract Yuan Feng to become his wife.

So she must seize this opportunity. T/N: That’s cute

It’s a pity that Yuan Feng didn’t pay much attention to her since dinner. Seeing her come in, he only glanced at her coldly and then immersed himself in the meal.

Yuan Feng was indifferent to her but he talked to her sister Luo Cuimiao from time to time, “This rice is too soft and has no taste”, “This soup has less salt, I almost thought I was drinking water”. He was sounding as if he was being too much picky but he had a pleasant expression on his face which proved that he liked the food.

He said that the foods were uneatable but then again, he filled his bowl full of it to eat.

It seems that in these ten days of getting along, he has begun to accept the Luo family as half of his family.

The entire dinner table was full of joy. But Luo Cuihua, who had tried to interrupt several times and had failed miserably, stiffened her original not-so-warm face and didn’t even eat a few bites of the meal.

On the contrary, Yuanfeng’s appetite was very big. He ate two large bowls of rice, plus a large bowl of seaweed soup. He thought that the little idiot was somehow right. Eating could really put off the fire inside him. But it was so easy to eat that he unknowingly ate too much.

He almost died from over-eating. He lied on the bed uncomfortably with Yin Minglu feeling weak.

The only difference between Ge You(an actor who is famous for this pose: ) and these lazy-asses was indeed a good look. It is inevitable that the same picture will not look very good when they change to other people. But changing the person to these two people, because the big one is handsome and the small one is cute and charming, their lazy look was especially pleasing to the eye.

“It’s all your fault. I only wanted to eat a bit….but now….” Yuan Feng looked around and saw that there was no camera around them. So he opened his clothes. “Look at my stomach, it has become so round now.”

Yin Minglu opened his clothes silently, revealing a white belly. He said in his heart: Come on brat! let’s compare!

The round belly under the child’s t-shirt made him look as if he was pregnant for 4 months. It was really eye-catching. This time it was Yuan Feng’s turn to be stunned, but he still hummed: “I don’t care. I think I’m going to die. You hurry and rub my belly.”

At this moment, Yuan Feng was like a full-fed animal who was lazily stretching his body. On one hand, he felt uncomfortable while lying like a dead person. But on the other hand, he felt extremely satisfied and happy to be able to complain and make unreasonable troubles insisting on his cute little partner to rub his stomach.

Yin Minglu had to stretch out his little hand and put it on his stomach. He rubbed it with great strength. He exclaimed, “Yuanfeng!!! Your belly is so round!!!”

The thin and tight waist of the young man had a layer of flesh out of thin air, which felt a bit strange to touch.

“Right, I haven’t eaten so much for a long time. If I’ll let that dead old man see it, he will die from a kidney attack.” The dead old man he was talking about was his father. In fact, Yuan Feng had always been a picky eater when he was in Beijing. Whether it was the delicacies of the old Beijing restaurant or the international hotel, he could only eat very few sets of food at most. He was so picky that he would always end up not eating at all. Those who treat him with food are always disappointed but they dare not offend this eldest master.

But this problem was cured when he came to the countryside. Most of the instant noodles sold in the market here are expired and pirated. You won’t dare to buy those even if you have money, and even if you buy them, you won’t dare to eat them. In addition, after a day of hard work, he feels he will die of hunger. So how could he have the time to dislike and think about whether he was eating the pig food.

Gradually, his problem of picky eating was certain to be cured.

In Yin Minglu’s view, this is purely the “noble disease” of the wealthy people.

When you come to the countryside, it’s up to you whether you want to eat food or not. Even if you don’t want to eat, all the old and young members of the Luo family will eagerly wait for you to eat. So that you will have to eat a meal. If you miss that food there will be no one to give you food even if you die from hunger.

Obviously, everyone could see that Yuanfeng, this brat who always displays himself as a bad boy on the surface has a warm heart inside. Beneath his cold appearance, there’s nothing more than warmth and tenderness.

In the next room, thinking of Yuanfeng’s inexplicable indifference tonight, Luo Cuihua bit her lip and immediately thought of Aunt Mei’s method.

So she opened her closet and tried to pick some clothes. But no matter how many clothes she picked she was extremely dissatisfied with them. Recently, she has seen more of those glamorous clothes on those city’s teenagers. She didn’t understand the price and brand, but she could see that those clothes were very beautiful.

Under their ”fashion’s” influence, Luo Cuihua naturally felt that her clothes looked too rustic and dirty to wear. Most of them were old clothes that she has worn for several years. They can’t show her beauty at all. T/N: tsk tsk tsk……

She thought of her brother Luo Yusheng’s departure when their parents had generously taken him to the clothing store in the town and bought him three sets of clothes. Luo Cuihua was so angry that she couldn’t help but throw herself on the bed. She hugged her quilt and cried bitterly. She hated why she was born into such a poor and stupid family. Her parents don’t think about her at all…huhu…they let her fight for everything she wants by herself….huhu(dramatic cry continues)

Don’t her idiot parents know that these short three months might be related to the happiness of their daughter’s life!

In her sadness, she completely forgot that she still had a younger sister who had an even lower status than her in the Luo family. Since her birth, Luo Cuimiao didn’t get a single new cloth for her own. Luo Cuihua throws the clothes she doesn’t like. As long as the size is right, Luo Cuimiao must compromise and wear it.

Luo Cuihua is the eldest daughter of the Luo family. Even though her parents indeed are biased towards her brother, she still has been getting what she deserves. At least, she has so many things of her own. But her younger sister Luo Cuimiao has nothing. She had lived under the aura of her brother and sister since she was a child. She had to accept everything and every work she was unwilling to do.

It is said that children can fight with anyone to get candy. Luo Cuimiao is shy and doesn’t have the ability to fight for herself. Naturally, it’s hard for her to get the things she wants.

In this way, Luo Cuihua although was not getting the good treatment as her brother, she was definitely getting far better treatment than her sister and almost all of the village children.

Not long after complaining alone, Luo Cuihua heard a familiar woman’s voice outside the door and realized that the photographer was coming. She hurriedly wrapped her clothes on the bed into a ball, put them back in the closet, and hurriedly sat back on her desk.

She then turned on the lamp proficiently, opened her own books and workbooks, and pick up the pens to pretend to learn.

Soon, the female photographer really knocked on the door, “Cuihua, are you in the room?”

She suppressed her rapid heartbeat and tried her best to use a calm tone of voice: “Yes, I am studying. What’s the matter?”

The female photographer laughed and said, “Yuanfeng and the other two are also doing their homework. You have good academic performance. Why don’t you give them some guidance?”

The director had just raided the teenager’s room at random and had heard them discussing some games. He had knocked on the door angrily and had yelled at them to do their homework.

This female photographer has a very good impression of Luo Cuihua. She is practical, hardworking, and earnest in studying. She is a good girl. Out of goodwill, she also wanted to give Luo Cuihua more opportunities and screen time.

Hearing this, Luo Cuihua’s eyes lit up and she couldn’t wait to get up from her chair. But she still opened the door with restraint and politely rejected her a few times before finally agreeing.

She thought she was on the right route. People in the program group like children who study hard. Since the program group likes it, the audience must also like it. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but laugh hysterically inside her heart while walking for a few minutes.

As soon as she entered the door, she found three boys around a square table being extremely noisy. They didn’t look like they were studying at all, but rather like playing chess.

Among them, Yuan Feng’s voice was the loudest, followed by Xia Ming. The two of them held a few pairs of chopsticks and played with them and water glasses. It seemed as if they didn’t want to learn and they were determined to let the whole program group see it.

Only the little idiot was the most obedient, sitting on his bench. But he was……..tearing books! ?

As if there was a great great great opportunity in front of her, Luo Cuihua suddenly felt excited. Seeing that the child was about to tear everything, she quickly glared at him and rushed over to grab the “bad” little hand. Then she ”righteously” said with indignation: “How can you tear off a book? Books let us absorb knowledge. XXX said that books are the ladder of our progress! You are such a stupid bad child. Even if you don’t like books or even if you want to protest with the Director uncle, why would you vent your unhappiness to the innocent book? Do you know how difficult it is for a rural child to get a brand-new textbook? We use a single book for three years!”

The audience immediately went silent.

Everyone was startled by the sudden burst of words from the young girl. The female photographer who followed was even more stunned. She didn’t even have time to hold the other party.

But the child who was suddenly insulted and reprimanded was stunned for a long time. He lowered his little head, revealing a face that was eager to weep.

Luo Cuihua’s expression immediately returned to calm. Her heart was still excited for a while. She felt so cool using this topic to scold this brat and she realized that she had very good reasons too. No matter whether the other party was a fool or not, it would be wrong to tear the book. Her righteous and awe-inspiring performance just now will also further strengthen her personality as a book-loving girl in front of the national audience.

But she didn’t expect that it was Yuan Feng who was the first to attack her. The young man’s face turned blue. He coldly said: “You mad dog! Who the fuck are you scolding? It was the director who had called him to tear up the reference answer!” He scolded mercilessly. He did not save a bit of face to the other party.

No one will have a good temper if someone rushes up and scolds someone inexplicably.

Xia Ming stared at her without saying a word with an inquiring look in his eyes. It was as if he was looking directly at the girl he had admired for the first time with an inexplicable deep meaning on his face.

Before Luo Cuihua could act as if she was wronged because Yuan Feng scolded herself in order to protect his companion, she immediately heard the latter sentence of Yuan Feng. She panicked again. She then repeated uncertainly: “What did you say? Reference answer?” The little brat was not tearing the book but tearing the reference answer??? And the director was the one to ask him to tear it?

For the first time, she realized that she had acted too impulsively. She seemed to have lifted a rock and hit her own foot.

Then there was a lot of discussion on the Internet:

[XXX said that……..Mom, this line is so embarrassing that I want to dig a hole and bury myself for 1000 times]

[I don’t believe a village girl would say such a line. Program team, admit it! This show is scripted]

[Look at my screenshots! Luo Cuihua’s hideous expression with extremely mean eyes and gnashing teeth, as if she wants to eat people. Meanwhile, look at Xiao Minglu’s aggrieved face. My God! He’s so pitiful. He was just randomly scolded so meanly for no reason.]

[The children in the countryside are very pitiful. I believe it is not easy for them to study but Luo Cuihua……….. this…this girl is so over-dramatic and too over-confident.]



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