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TVITC Chapter 19

Little fool and middle-aged version of Long Aotian[19]

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

After a terrible embarrassing incident occured last night, even though the female photographer had hurriedly stepped up to mediate, the awkward atmosphere had still permeated the entire Luo family.

The girl’s face was very embarrassed. She hurried back to the room with the book in her arms.

That night, the heroine’s continuous approach to the teenagers stopped a lot. Just when Yin Minglu thought that Luo Cuihua would avoid seeing them, the next day, the other party changed her strategy. She changed her attitude from the previous ignorant, domineering or overbearing temperament to a little diligent. She even cooked by herself.

She even folded her hands to apologize to the little guy at the dinner table, in front of the camera.

Before Yin Minglu could say anything, Yuan Feng opened his mouth for him. He glared at the girl and said frankly, “You shut up your mouth. You have no sincerity in apologizing.”

The meal she made was awful. Even her ten-year-old sister could make better food than her. What’s more, Luo Cuimiao’s movements when cooking seemed as if she rarely goes to the kitchen to work. But she still could make better food.

Besides, he is not that little idiot Yin Minglu. He can tell at a glance that although the girl was pretending very well, she was actually very unconvinced and unwilling in her heart. She might be full of resentment. She simply apologized in front of the camera and even especially when all the staffs were present. It was obviously a show.

When Yuan Feng pointed out so sharply, Luo Cuihua bit her lower lip and her face was so hot. Even though she liked this boy, she was half-dead by the other’s merciless mouth. She hurriedly smiled and said: “No, I really want to apologize to Minglu. Yesterday, I was reckless. I really lost my mind because of my love for books. I accidentally blamed him by mistake.”

Then, she took Yin Minglu’s little hand and ”sincerely” said to him looking in his eyes: “Minglu, elder sister didn’t mean to scold you yesterday. Can you forgive elder sister?”

As she said, Luo Cuihua’s face was blushing as if a young girl was ashamed of her behavior.

She thinks that children are brats who can easily be coaxed. They don’t care much. Even if you hurt them, as long as you are willing to be patient to admit a mistake, give them a smile, and coax a few sweet words, they will soon forgive you and forget about the past. As long as the person involved doesn’t mind, she can naturally get her spotlight again.

She was right. The child was easy to coax but the “flower guardian” around the child was not easy to fool.

Seeing her misbehaving by pulling the child’s hand, Yuanfeng, who originally had no good feelings for her, coupled with the series of incidents last night, didn’t wait to see Luo Cuihua anymore. He quickly got the child’s hand back and frowned. He said: “If you want to apologize, just apologize, why the hell are you randomly touching him? The child is stupid and innocent. Even if he forgives, we two, his true brothers won’t.”

Hearing this, the “blush” on Luo Cuihua’s face faded like a tide and it directly turned white. She didn’t expect Yuan Feng to be so difficult to deal with. She was angry and embarrassed for a while. Her eyes instantly turned red and her eyes were full of sadness and complaints: as if to say, I like you so much, how can you treat me like this.

Then she turned to Xia Ming with an aggrieved expression. She knew that Xia Ming had a good opinion of herself. She hoped that the other party could say a few good things for her.

Xia Ming naturally received the girl’s plea. This was the look he had dreamed of. He wanted her to focus on him only. He had gone out to see her when the other party had called him on countless midnights after marriage. To this day, he can still clearly recall the other party’s expression, her every eyelash showing helplessness and pitifulness. He used to feel distressed almost every time he saw her and he was used to giving his feelings again and again.

But his thin lips were pressed into a straight line at this moment. He was feeling complicated. Because after rebirth in this life, he has found many details that he hadn’t noticed before.

In his last life, he had admired the girl who was good in her studies. Luo Cuihua was born in a farming family, but she had been striving for the top, ranking among the best in performance and writing good handwriting. She was serious about her studies. If Yuanfeng hadn’t provoked her, she would have studied almost all the time. He naturally liked such a girl very much.

He never looked down upon her because of her meager background. So Luo Cuihua’s appearance in his memory has always been beautiful.

But in this life, he has more than 30 years of experience. He is no longer the arrogant young man that he was previously. He could clearly see how much ignorant he was in his previous life.

Obviously, it was so simple. He could have seen everything clearly by changing the perspective alone.

For example, she was studying all the time, not because she really loved studying and desired knowledge, but because of the arrangement of the program group and her desperate need for attention. When the girl hadn’t forgotten to write with a pen even though she had to do all other house chores, the focus on the smart side of her face really made him be moved by a glance.

As a result, this time he saw that in his previous life, what he fell in love with was actually a fake personality and an acting skill. How dumb he was!

Why hadn’t he noticed such details that could have been discovered from the day he had first arrived. Facing a row of cameras, the girl had appeared in front of people with her face facing the sky. But unlike the black hairband that other village girls casually use to tie their hair, the hairband tied to her ponytail was pink with flowers. Other than that, there were also some small decorations on her body, which made her a little more delicate than other rural girls in the same frame. It was easy for her to shine among those village girls when people see her.

This meant that this girl had a desire to express herself as different from others. Unlike her sister’s shy and restrained mind, she wanted to leave a better impression in front of the camera.

Unlike what he once knew, a stubborn and uncompromising girl. She even consciously or unconsciously strived for Yuanfeng’s love.

He was right though, the other party was indeed a smart girl. She could fight for screen time and opportunities for herself by acting so well. It’s just that….…he couldn’t read her real intentions in his previous life.

But he had originally intended to avoid this pig girl. So, even though the other party has some ulterior motives and fake personality, as long as he and the people he cares, stay away from her, he will not care about this fake girl at all.  But thinking of how he was fooled, his heart was cold.

After discovering that Xia Ming ignored herself, Luo Cuihua was really flustered. Not only did she even go into the kitchen for a few days to cook but she also tried her best to attract the attention of these teenagers.

Seeing the day when these few teenagers have to return to the city and school was approaching fast, she couldn’t keep herself nicely now. She was desperate to use any kind of means to get attention. She only remembered the words of that widow aunt about how it was easy to chase after a guy as a woman. So she went straight to use some ”means” to get attention. However, she got no chance to make some physical interactions with Yuan Feng, such as accidentally crashing into his arms, and ”accidentally” touching the farming tools that Yuan Feng was using, and so on.

Yuan Feng, who had been warned by the director, naturally avoided this girl. No matter where he went, he was inseparable from the little idiot. They were inseparable even in the toilets.

After repeatedly failing to get Yuanfeng’s attention, Luo Cuihua was not stubborn. After having had a bad relationship with Yuanfeng, she turned around and went to find Xia Ming. She tried to get close with him from time to time, using the excuse of getting guidance in studying.

She really had a good excuse to get close with this Xia Ming. Who told him to be so smart and have good grades? Isn’t helping others with homework something he is supposed to do?

But the girl did not realize that the more she took the initiative, the farther she pushed the two suitors of her previous life. Yuan Feng, the partner of her previous life, avoided her like he was avoiding a snake and a scorpio. In desperation, she went to pester Xia Ming. Xia Ming, who was affectionate and warm to everyone, when teaching her, his eyes became less and less warm. And his words were very cold.

She unconsciously sent her two important ”means of success” far away like this.

Yin Minglu saw the heroine in her desperation but left her alone. This girl never tried to seduce him. He was very dissatisfied with this. His dissatisfaction could be seen from his bulging face and his mouth which was slightly pursed. In Yuanfeng’s words, his face could be described as, “”.

Since Luo Cuihua didn’t pester him, Yuanfeng has been walking very energetically recently.

Unknown to everyone, Yin Minglu was worrying about the bad taste of the heroine.

Luo Cuihua has very little experience in knowing brands.

Otherwise, she could have judged from the clothes and dressing alone, that among the family situation of these three people, Yin Minglu’s clothes were the most expensive. All of his clothes were customized foreign goods and they were limited editions; Yuan Feng was second, the fabrics he wore were soft and comfortable. They all were domestic luxurious brand goods; Xia Ming was a bit worse. After all, there are many Xia family members and many younger generations. Although Xia Ming is the most outstanding among them, he has many brothers and sisters who get better treatment and resources.

The Yuan family was different from the Yin family. Although the Yuan family has caused a scandal involving an illegitimate child entering the house and becoming a legitimate child. Yuan Feng still is the future heir. He is the noble and rich second generation in the city of Beijing who has been pampered by his family since he was a child, can he not enjoy the luxury?

And the original owner is also the only heir of the Yin family. There are no brothers and sisters to fight for the ”heir” title. He is the only one that gets pampered and gets the best.

Although in recent years, with the death of the Patriarch of the Yin family, an orphan and a widow haven’t been able to support the Yin family, causing the Yin family to go downhill again. But the thin camel is still bigger than the horse, and the original team left by the Patriarch is still there. And most of them are loyal and sincere. If Lin Shuwu hadn’t married a dog, who in the later period emptied the Yin property, the original owner wouldn’t have jumped to death and the Yin family business could have last for at least 20 to 30 years.

All these twists and turns are things that only the upper-class people know. The program group hardly knows about this. They just know that the Yin family is in the business industry, the Yuan family is in politics, and the Xia family does everything. So of course Luo Cuihua also doesn’t know much about the background of these teenagers. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have given up to pursue the two richest and the most powerful boys. Instead, she went to pursue Xia Ming whose family background was not as good as the first two.

Yin Minglu shook his head and sighed deeply for Luo Cuihua’s choice.

In all fairness, even if she was looking for a beloved husband, the most worthy person to find was the original owner. Although he is a fool, he is easy to handle and obedient, meaning that he will never betray you. Marrying him, she can also directly ascend the throne of the heiress. Her and the little fool’s status in the family will be the same and even the only mother-in-law, Lin Shuwu, is easy to get along with.

In the future, as long as one child is born, regardless of male or female, the whole Yin family will be in her pocket. Life couldn’t be easier for her. She would have lived just like a queen.

But when she marries Yuanfeng, there are three generations of descendants in the Yuan family. When she becomes a daughter-in-law, her mother-in-law is still the master of the house. She’ll have to listen to her husband until she becomes old. Looking at Yuanfeng’s temperament, unless he loves his partner too much, he will not easily let his wife take power.

And Xia Ming is not the best marriage partner. The Xia family not only lives with three generations of grandparents and grandchildren but also has a lot of unhappy relatives. After marrying, she will directly have to face all these snakes. She will have to fight with mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, and even against the cousins, as well as those distant relatives who blatantly want to grab the family property. She won’t be able to drink even a glass of water properly unless the two of them leave the Xia family.

So, Xia Ming, who has family members like this, might not be the ideal husband the heroine Luo Cuihua wants.

At the same time, Han Shihao was watching the show on the comfortable soft sofa at home on the large-screen TV.

When Luo Cuihua appeared at the beginning, he took a few glances. He saw the farm girl who had wheat-color skin. Although she was dressed not so neatly, in fact, she looked very good. Her temperament was extraordinarily pure, which is not found in big cities. There was the smell of clear springs and long flowing water in the mountains after seeing her.

She was not refined enough, but lively. He became a little interested.

After the boring early scenes were over, he finally waited until his stepson Yin Minglu came out. He subconsciously stared at that little figure which only had his back shown. Until the child suddenly turned his head back in the video, the rosy lips, bright eyes, and beautiful little face instantly occupied the entire screen.

His heart was shocked and started beating very fast. His mind was alive again.

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