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TVIATF – Chapter 9

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (9)

In order to ensure a sufficient water supply, Zhong Qi Yuan thought about digging a canal. Of course, the cost of this expense will continue to be shouldered by Zhong Zuo.

Zhong Zuo thought that after warning the mother and daughter, they would settle down, but to his surprise, he soon received a bigger bill of debt he ‘owed’.

“Are they doing this on purpose?!” Zhong Zuo stormed out.

His concubines also poured oil on the fire, “They’re doing this on purpose to go against Lang Jun!”

If they didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to sow discord, it would be a waste of time for them to have been fighting in the harem for so long!

Especially for the Zhou family. Zhong Zao usually favors her the most. She also helps him manage his back house despite only being his concubine internally.

But in the end, she is not Zhong Zuo’s legitimate wife. There are many activities that require the presence of the main family and she is not qualified to attend. Therefore, she always wanted to replace meng and have her children be promoted as his successor.

However, Meng did not break the seven rules, and there are three rules – namely; the wife’s family have declined, a wife without a home cannot be divorced, and those who have been keeping filial piety to their in-laws for three years cannot be divorced. Not to mention that Meng married Zhong Zuo despite being poor, even more so now that Zhong Zuo has created wealth.

Therefore, unless Meng dies, Zhou will never be able to take her place.

Zhou has always known that Meng’s health is weak, and in recent years there is little money to see a doctor and take medicine. Thinking that if she continues to provoke and humiliate her at this time, won’t she die out of anger?

Zhou took this opportunity to quietly blow poisonous words in Zhong Zuo’s ears during pillow talk and embarrass Meng through Zhong Zuo’s hand without lifting a finger.

But she never expected that Meng’s low blood pressure had improved under Zhong Qi Yuan’s treatment.

Zhong Qi Yuan also brainwashed Meng, and only then did she realize how stupid she was to use her dowry to support the family and let Zhong Zuo get away with his concubines and concubine sons and daughters to live happily on his salary!

Now, she has no choice but to use the money her daughter has saved while staying in the Taoist temple to live. How can she still be regarded as a competent mother?

She knew that Zhong Zuo can’t divorce her, so why does she have to put up with everything?

After thinking it through, when she received a letter from Zhong Zuo humiliating her again, she was still a little sad, but she wasn’t too upset anymore.

She even summoned the courage to send a letter to Shi Hong, stating that there had been no rainfall for a long time and her family’s fields were not irrigated by water, so she wanted to dig a canal to connect to Huai River and draw water from there to create irrigation. But the expense is too big, and without the support of the government, there is nothing she can do.

When Zhong Zuo knew this, he went to Shi Hong to apologize, saying that he did not control his wife and daughter, so they put their hands on political affairs.

Shi Hong waved his hand and said with a smile, “Meng’s work is nothing more than a family matter and not as serious as you say. But there are some truths in her concerns. Since last year, the drought has started in the area of Mizhou and Yizhou, and the drought is moving southward every year. If we don’t pay attention to it, it will be too late to handle it when the whole territory is affected by the drought.”

Shi Hong intended to fight for the Central Plains, but without food, how could he have the strength and courage? That’s why he exercised benevolent governance to allow the fields to recuperate and regenerate as much as possible so that the state capital under his rule could be stable and develop as much as possible.

If there’s a drought and the food production is reduced, not only the people will be affected but also the army’s salary will be affected. If that happens, then the army’s heart will be shaken, so how can they talk about the Central Plains and the unification of the world?

In order to prevent a major drought, it is necessary to dig a canal to divert water for irrigation!

For long-term consideration, Shi Hong asked Zhong Zuo to allocate a sum of silver from the government treasury to his hometown of Fuxian as funds for digging the canal.

Zhong Zuo was so angry that he vomited blood, but this was no longer a private matter of the Zhong family, so he could only grit his teeth and explain the matter.

When the government was digging a canal for the fields, Zhong Qi Yuan asked them to dig a bit for their own field and said that her old man would pay for it.

When Zhong Zuo saw the bill for this expenditure, he couldn’t brazenly use the public’s money to pay for it, so he had to pay for it out of his own pocket.

Since Zhong Qi Yuan credited the seeds, he has paid a total of more than 200,000 yuan. Not only did he send his salary, but he also got some advance from Shi Hong.

Although he hated Meng and Zhong Qi Yuan to death, when he came home and saw his concubines dressed in fancy clothes and his concubine son and daughter had finished spending their monthly money ahead of time and asked for some money, he was also unhappy.

After scolding his wife, he threw a tantrum at his concubines and concubine’s children.

Someone asked him to bring his wife and daughter to his side and restrain them, but he answered, “Wouldn’t that be just what they want?”

He did not agree.

When writing a letter to scold Meng and Zhong Qi Yuan had no effect, he sent his housekeeper to deal with them. As a result, the housekeeper came back with a broken leg and Zhong Qi Yuan complained that his servant was disrespectful to her mother, so she gave him a small punishment and hoped that ‘father’ would deal with the servant.

Zhong Zuo, “. . .”

He asked the servant, “How did she hurt you? Why didn’t you run away?”

The butler cried out, “I was hurt before I had time to run!”

“She’s only thirteen years old, how did she break it?”

“Swept down with a fuchen1It’s a horsetail whisk.. . .” The butler just sold it badly.

A thirteen-year-old girl swept a fuchen on his calf and broke his leg, no one would believe it!

Zhong Zuo, “. . .”

I think he’s never seen a fuchen before, right?!

Since Zhong Qi Yuan is too cruel and there was no better way to deal with her, Zhong Zuo had no choice but to dismiss his intention of having someone make things difficult for them.

He compromised.

Zhong Zuo and Zhong Qi Yuan were exchanging letters in correspondence, asking each other’s ancestors for half a month. In the end, he had to send 5,000 yuan to them every month for their living expenses, in exchange, Meng and Zhong Qi Yuan were not allowed to write to Shi Hong anymore, nor were they allowed to go around and accumulate debt!

When the money arrived, Zhong Qi Yuan faintly said, “You said this animal is not cheap. It still has to suffer a bit before it learns to be human.”

Meng, “. . .”

Although the eldest daughter scolding her own father is a very unfilial thing to do, it was still very comfortable to hear, what’s going on?


The seeds have been planted and the water for irrigation is already available. Under Zhong Qi Yuan’s careful management, all of her crops sprouted and grew into green seedlings, which were growing vigorously.

When Cong Wan passed by her fields and saw that the crops were growing much better than the others, she was slightly surprised and asked the system, “Did Zhong Qi Yuan buy fertilizer in the mall?”

The system answered, “No. When she was exiled to the barren land, all the assets she accumulated in her previous missions were cleared and she was also fined several times. She currently has negative equity in the bank, so there is no way for her to buy anything in the mall.”

Cong Wan was even more surprised, “She was exiled?”

The system was confused, “Didn’t the Lord God explain the host’s situation in detail for you?”

Cong Wan remembered that before she came over, the Lord God did show her a document, but the layout of said document was messy; the font was small and the line spacing was also small, which made her suspect that her eyesight was declining.

The worst part was that there were no subparagraphs. It was just a huge pile of texts being smashed into her eyes and she was bored because of the unpaid overtime and decided to toss it before even reading it.

Cong Wan, “. . .”

The layout was killing me!

Is it too late to go back to the Lord God and ask for another copy?

She covered up, “Ahem, as long as it doesn’t endanger the small world, it doesn’t matter.”

“That’s right.”

Cong Wan asked, “Could it be that she really has a talent for farming?”

“That’s right. Because she treated the barren land as her own backyard, she engaged in farming and developed a farming society. She also engaged in infrastructure, business, and development. . . For more than 4,000 years, she has long become a god in the hearts of the native humans in the barren land, allowing her to gain some faith – also known as divine power. Divine power is not restricted by the small world and she can use it whenever she wants.”

After the system finished, it sighed. Because of this, it was afraid that Zhong Qi Yuan would mess up. WIthout the auditor’s supervision and with Zhong Qi Yuan’s divine power, it wouldn’t be difficult for her to collapse a small world if she blackened.

Cong Wan, “. . .”

Damn, is she being hated by the Lord God?

This isn’t just some prick, this is a big boss, okay?!

A group of people panicked inside Cong Wan, “Ahem, don’t panic. . .”

System, “I didn’t panic!”

Cong Wan forced her composure, “. . . Your performance is very good!”

After receiving the approval of the auditor, the system happily turned into a firefly and danced, “Thank you, auditor, for the praise!”

Cong Wan originally thought that Zhong Qi Yuan had divine power, but all of it being poured into farming was too wasteful. But when she thought about it, it was better to use it on farming than using it to deal with the protagonist’s group.

She put her heart back in her stomach and continued her vacation in her mansion in the countryside.

Cravache Wudang Fuchenfuchen – Horsetail whisk

It’s official, I like Zhong Qi Yuan so much. She’s so witty and tough.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did!

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    It’s a horsetail whisk.
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  1. Avatar Nom! Nom! says:

    Naahhh, i can’t stop laughing and this protagonist is so ruthless and tough as heck. DAMN i really like her also thanks for the chapter!!

    1. Avatar livanonymously says:

      I know right?! It makes one curious how Zhong Qi Yuan did while she was still a villain.

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