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TVIATF – Chapter 8

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (8)

Zhong Qi Yuan knew nothing about her own two-five boy system climbing the wall to cheer the auditor’s stinky feet. She was reading a letter from Bianzhou City, to be precise, a letter from Zhong Zuo

The letter didn’t have the slightest words of concern but only some curses. Zhong Qi Yuan could even see the shadow of a thunderstorm on it.

Meng was very sad, “It’s fine if he scolds me, but how could he say things about you. You’re his daughter!”

Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t care, “He doesn’t even respect his wife, how will he respect his daughter who is only considered a vassal?”

Hearing what her daughter said, Meng became even more upset.

The reason why Zhong Zuo wrote cursing words to them was that Zhong Qi Yuan returned with a pile of seeds on credit and hired ten day-workers to plant the fields and the money used in the credit was under his name. Moreover, Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t find those small merchants for the credit, she specifically looked for large-scale merchants – people who weren’t afraid of Zhong Zuo’s power and would collect debts when they needed to collect debts.

Of course, they wouldn’t dare to find Zhong Qi Yuan to collect debts because no one can collect debts from her in a violent manner. So, the debt collectors came to Zhong Zuo and announced the money he ‘owed’ in front of Xuanwu Jiedushi.

Zhong Zao was highly appreciated by his superior and no one in Bianzhou City would not give him some face. He has never experienced being called out for debt in public.

He confidently stated that he had never owed anyone money.

The debt collector said, “Oh, it is owed from Secretary Zhong Zuo\s hometown.”

Zhong Zuo froze, then became angry, “What did they do to owe so much money?!”

The debt collector then replied, “They can’t even make ends meet at home, so they can only live on credit.” They were instructed by Zhong Qi Yuan to indicate that they were living a very miserable life. The more miserable, the better.

Many strange eyes fell on Zhong Zuo. He was so ashamed and annoyed that he wanted to dig a hole and crawl in.

If the news of his mistreatment towards his wife and first daughter came out, he would really lose his life in Bianzhou!

His face flushed and it took him a long time to struggle out an unwise remark in front of his superior Shi Hong, “When Meng wrote to me in the past, she didn’t say that her life in her hometown was so embarrassing. It was my fault.”

Although Shi Hong also had some thoughts but considering his resourcefulness and competence in public affairs, he didn’t want to lose such a talent, so he said, “I know that Meng has always been virtuous and never complained. This matter is not your fault, just deal with it properly.”

The people echoed in response with their immediate superior. No matter how much they despised Zhong Zuo in their hearts, they had to give him some face on the surface.

Zhong Zuo paid back the money, but the more he thought about it, the angrier he became, so he sent several letters to criticize Meng.

After scolding Meng, he scolded Zhong Qi Yuan that went a little like this,
‘You’re a monk. Why did you return home? Even if you ran back home, how can you do such a shameful thing? Why didn’t you die out there and instead made me lose face so much? I wish I had never given birth to a daughter like you and put you back in your mother’s womb.’

He didn’t mention that he wanted to bring his wife and daughters to live with him, even if it was the best way to clear his name. He thought that Meng was deliberately embarrassing him to force him to bring them to his side, but he won’t let them get what they want and be happy!

Meng was glad that she was feeling better, otherwise, she would have fainted from grief if she had seen the letter.

She asked Zhong Qi Yuan, “Yuan’er, was this intentional?”

Zhong Qi Yuan admits, “Yes. His family was poor when he was young and he relied on the Yue family’s financial support to have the money to study. But he became too proud and narrow-minded that he thought it would make him lose his face in front of his peers if the word got out, so he did everything he could to cover it up. The best way to do so is to leave his wife in the old home and exclude her from the social circle. . . His purpose is indeed almost achieved. If not for his wife’s virtuousness, taking care of his in-laws, and having been keeping her filial piety for three years, he would have divorced his wife a long time ago. Everything he did was to force his wife to death. Such a wolf-hearted man, why should his reputation be taken into account?”

Meng’s eyes widened. She was both shocked and terrified about what she had just heard. Shocked because Zhong Qi Yuan knew the reason for Zhong Zuo’s actions, and afraid because she was so young yet her mind was so sharp.

The young girl calmly laid out the matter at hand, with little respect and no feelings for her biological father. She straightforwardly demolished Meng’s long-lasting self-deception.

Meng hugged her and sadly cried out.

“Mother doesn’t owe him anything and there’s no need to back down just because of his chiding,” Zhong Qi Yuan patted Meng’s back and turned her head to look at the little radish head who was hiding behind the food and sticking out half of her head to eavesdrop.

The system said, “The child of fortune heard you!”

“If she heard it, then she heard it. She’s part of this family and there are things she deserves to know.”

“But she’s still young!”

“She knows more than you think. Although letting her bear so much at such a young age would also destroy her image of her father, some people don’t deserve the admiration of such a child.”

Zhong Qi Yuan thought of whether it was the original plot or the plot of the reincarnator, as the child of fortune and the reincarnator’s father, even if he was indifferent and irresponsible to his family, he would still end up getting preferential treatment.

In the original plot, Zhong Chu Yuan, as the mother of a country, needs to lead the example and be very filial to Zhong Zuo in order not to live up to the reality. He was not only the father of the Empress but also the grandfather of the Crown Prince. He was finally given an official title as the Duke of the country and was honored at the imperial temple after his death.

In the reincarnator’s plot, he was the father of the queen and noble concubine, and an important minister in the court. With countless students under his tutelage, he covers the sky in the court with one hand. In the end, the wicked demon concubine was killed, but he was able to escape the catastrophe because of his righteousness and just morals. When the king was killed, he was able to get preferential treatment from the clan as an imperial relative until his final years.

Thinking about it, Zhong Qi Yuan’s eyes darkened and there seemed to be black energy coming out of her body, “It’s easier to kill all of them.”

The system was so scared that it urgently contacted the auditor.

Cong Wan fell asleep on the bamboo recliner at home and heard that the system was bothering her again. She was too lazy to move and said, “Isn’t it just blackening? What’s the big deal?”

System, “No, this is really a big deal. She’s not normal. If she continues to blacken, the supporting character will be completely destroyed and the protagonist will also be involved!”

Cong Wan whispered, “Tsk, trouble.”

System, “I think I just heard the auditor say something?”

Cong Wan replied, “You can talk to her about her field.”

System, “What does her field have to do about this?”

“Just try it!”

The system could only tentatively say to Zhong Qi Yuan, “Host, your field needs watering!”

“Oh, yes. It’s the beginning of spring and there’s so little rain. It won’t develop into a drought if it goes on like this, right? No, we have to make preparations in advance.” Zhong Qi Yuan instantly left Zhong Zuo to the back of her mind and mulled over the matter of her fields.

The system wiped its non-existent sweat, “That was close! She really deserves to be a senior auditor. Her ability to handle the crisis is really first-class!”

Cong Wan, “I’m flattered.”

Very good. Her elite persona emerges again.



I will just say this in advance, but I really hate Zhong Zuo’s character. I agree with our MC that he should just drop dead.

Anyway~ Thank’s for reading!


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