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TVIATF – Chapter 10

Home Fighting is Worse than Farming (10)

Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t use divine power. In her opinion, if she were to use divine power in such a small world, what’s the difference between herself and fledgling chickens?

But the reason why these crops grow better than other people’s crops is indeed influenced by divine power.

In the barren land, she is considered as the ‘Goddess of Spring’, ‘Goddess of Agriculture’, ‘Goddess of Harvest’, ‘Goddess of Land’, ‘Goddess of Construction’, ‘Goddess of Wealth’, and so on, and the faith she receives are mostly from human beings in related industries.

The divine power she obtained was burned into her soul, and even if she goes to another small world, these divine powers will invisibly influence her surroundings – whenever she pays attention to her crops, they seem to respond to her expectations and strive to grow.

Of course, she was more attentive to the herbs. The rest of the crops weren’t rare and there are many farmers who can take care of them. Only a few people can grow herbs and not many people understand the habits of these herbs, so she had to take care of them herself.

Zhong Chu Yuan was at an age where she couldn’t stay still and was curious about everything, so she ran behind Zhong Qi Yuan every day.

With her daughters away from home, Meng was inevitably lonely. So she used the money she had saved to buy a small house in Beiwei, renovated it, and moved in with her daughters.

As for the main house in Renkang Lane, it was the old mansion of Zhong Zuo’s family, after all, so she didn’t have the right to sell it/ She also didn’t want to leave it unused, so she rented it out.

The security in the countryside isn’t as good as in the county, but because the Zhong family has Zhong Qi Yuan around, no one dares to mess with them.

When Zhou, who had been secretly watching Meng and her daughter, learned that Meng had gone to live in the countryside, she bribed the bullies in Beiwei to go to the Zhong family and cause trouble, but before they could achieve their goal, all of them had their three legs broken by Zhong Qi Yuan.

Now, not to mention the Zhong family, the whole Beiwei lane has become more and more harmonious because of her arrival. There are fewer curfews, the idle jerks have disappeared and half of them were the bullies in the countryside. Those left behind don’t dare to appear in front of her.

When the people in Wangxian town talk about Zhong Qi Yuan, who wouldn’t say “This little Taoist master is not easy to provoke and is cruel. If you upset her, could she send you to the three springs and see your ancestors?”

When Zhong Chu Yuan heard people talking about Zhong Qi Yuan like this, she ran home and looked up at her and said that she wanted to learn how to hit people.

Meng, “. . .”

She knew that her eldest daughter would lead her younger daughter’s style to the wrong place!

Zhong Qi Yuan said, “You first learn what I’m teaching you now.”

Zhong Chu Yuan is not learning military physical boxing, but she only does one set when she wakes up in the morning. The rest of the time, she either sits around and listens to Zhong Qi Yuan recite the sutra, or she goes out with her dipping into rituals or runs in the fields to identify various herbs.

Of course, her daily routine stops whenever she smells the fragrance coming from the Yun family next door.

The house Meng bought was just next to the old house of the Yun Family, and the two families became neighbors again. When Zhong Chu Yuan couldn’t find a playmate, she would knock on the Yun family’s door and find someone to play with her.

When she had nothing to do, she liked to daydream about food, and when the smell drifted to their side. Zhong Chu Yuan followed the smell and looked for it, “Sister Yun, I’ve come to play with you!”

Cong Wan said in an amused way, “You always come at the right time, your nose isn’t like a dog’s, right?”

“Yuanyuan is a rabbit, not a dog.”

Cong Wan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so she asked someone to bring her a pair of chopsticks and cooked the mutton with her.

Zhong Chu Yuan was holding the bowl and asked while eating, “Sister Yun, you’re always at home alone, where are your parents?”

“They’re in Bianzhou.”

“Then, they also don’t want you?”


Zhong Chu Yuan made an expression that said, ‘We both have the same disease’, and said, “My father may not want us anymore.”

Zhong Zuo had divorced his wife and abandoned his daughter? Cong Wan doesn’t remember such a plot!

She asked, “Why do you think so?”

“He never cared about us, he didn’t come back to see us, and he didn’t care when mother was sick. He doesn’t want us anymore, right?”

Cong Wan didn’t know how to tell a six-year-old girl that because the reality was too cruel and she couldn’t make Zhong Zuo become a good man and father to respond to the little girl’s expectations.

“But I’m not sad at all! I have mother and sister. My mother will make me a lot of good food and make new clothes for me and my sister. Sister will also teach me how to beat people and I will read sutras, do rituals, and farm with my sister, so it’s fun!” The little girl said with a serious face.

Cong Wan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Then, are you comforting me?”

Zhong Chu Yuan nodded vigorously, “I’m not sad, so sister Yun shouldn’t be sad either as well. I’ll come to play with sister Yun often!”

“I’m not sad either.” Cong Wan stroked her head. She couldn’t tell the little radish head that the reason why she was alone in her old home was on purpose.

Zhong Qi Yuan thought that she was just a passerby with a very low presence in the original plot, but in fact, there was no such character in the original plot. In other words, the character ‘Yun Cong Wan’ is a fictional one that she made and modified the perceptions of the people around her.

The auditor isn’t the same as the host. Aside from Zhong Qi Yuan, whose soul is so powerful that Zhong Qi Yuan’s body can’t carry her soul at all, she needed to come in and use her own body to perform the task.

In the past, when auditors evaluated the system and the intern host, they entered directly into the consciousness of the system and the host for observation.

This time, she came with her own body because the task is special. In order not to affect the plot, her presence should be very low, so much so that although the Yun family knew that such a daughter or sister existed and gave her a good life, they will never pay attention to her.

Zhong Chu Yuan didn’t know so much. She saw that Cong Wan was always alone and she was afraid that she would be lonely, so she asked Meng, “Mother, can I invite sister Yun to play at our house? She always eats alone, so pitiful. . .”

Meng, who was always used to discussing things with her eldest daughter, didn’t discuss this matter with Zhong Qi Yuan this time. She seemed to have a good feeling about the girl who lived alone and said, “Then bring her home and have her eat with us!”

So when Zhong Qi Yuan came home, she found an extra person at their own dining table.

Spying on the family, that’s too much!

Zhong Qi Yuan asked, “Little Lady Yun, a rare guest. Can your family not open the pot?”

Cong Wan asked, “Have I offended sister Zhong? Why are you being so weird?”

Zhong Qi Yuan, “. . .”

Meng also glared at her and explained to Cong Wan, “She’s a bit introverted and has a stupid mouth, don’t take it to your heart.”

Cong Wan, ‘If this boss is called an introvert, there are no introverts okay? Cursing so smoothly, where is that stupid mouth?!

She smiled warmly and said, “I don’t blame sister Zhong.”

Zhong Qi Yuan was warned by Meng’s eyes and was pulled by Zhong Chu Yuan to wash her hands, “Sister taught me to wash my hands before meals. Elder sister also has to wash her hands properly!”

Zhong Qi Yuan, “. . .”

For the sake that Cong Wan always lets the little turnip head eat, this meal should be a return to her!

What Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t expect was that this wasn’t the last meal Cong Wan would eat at their home, but the first meal, followed by the second and third meals. . . Over time, she had become accustomed to having an extra person during meal times at home.

Although Cong Wan always eats at Zhong’s house, she sometimes brings her own ingredients to the door and sometimes gives away some practical items which will not take advantage of the Zhong family and will not make Meng and Zhong Chu Yuan feel alienated.

Meng was impressed by her understanding and loved her so much that she often said, “How wonderful it would be if you could be our new bride.”

Zhong Qi Yuan had to tell her the reality, “You don’t have a son.”

If this had come from someone else, it would have been heart-breaking, but Meng had already accepted this reality. With two smart and capable daughters by her side, she no longer cared about sons.

The fact that Zhong Qi Yuan’s words didn’t cause any harm to her hears, she was able to jokingly retort Zhong Qi Yuan, “Heh, if I had a son with your nature, then i wouldn’t be willing to let Wan’er marry in and suffer!”

Cong Wan saw Zhong Qi Yuan’s aggrieved look that wanted to say something but couldn’t. In her heart, she was happy;
There’s also a day where the big boss is restrained?

But on the surface, she held Meng’s arm and said, “Sister Zhong’s nature is very good, I like sister Zhong very much!”

In this small world, even if an old woman said she liked Zhong Qi Yuan, Zhong Qi Yuan would only think of the other party as a little kid who was still wearing crotch pants and saying childish things.

But the one who liked her was the old demon who came from the same place as her and had lived for thousands of years. Her goosebumps are coming out.

Zhong Chu Yuan, who was squatting on the ground helping to dry herbs, also raised her head and expressed loudly, “Yuanyuan also liked elder sister!”

“I didn’t expect that Yuan’er to be unexpectedly charming!” Meng teased.

Zhong Qi Yuan, “. . .”


The mother and daughters on Meng’s side were warm and happy, while Zhong Zuo’s side was bad.

First, he was so angry with his wife and first daughter and then finally negotiated a deal so that they would not bother him anymore. He thought he could have some peace and quiet, but then something happened in the back house.

After the fall, Shu Hong’s Mu Zo organized an elegant gathering and invited Zhong Zuo to participate.

He only planned to bring his eldest son, Zhong Guan, to the gathering to pave the way for his eldest son, but when his youngest daughter, Zhong Que Yuan, a concubine daughter born from Zhou, found out about it, she pestered him to go with him.

When Zhou learned that Shi Hong’s three sons would also be attending, she whispered in his ear that he could take advantage of the opportunity to close the distance between himself and the three sons, so he brought all of his children along with him.

Like him, there were also a lot of people who brought their children with them, but except for a few grown-up children who were able to accompany their fathers to the gathering, all younger children were taken to the back garden to play.

Halfway through the gathering, the servant suddenly rushed to Zhong Zuo and told him that Zhong Que Yuan had fallen into the water, so he rushed to the back garden. Zhong Que Yuan had already been rescued, but although she was breathing well, she was unconscious.

After such an incident, the gathering could not go on. Zhong Zuo took Zhong Que Yuan back home, but in the process, she not only didn’t wake up, but her body also began to heat up to the point that her face became red.

Although the gathering was not organized by Shi Hong, when he learned of the incident, he still asked the medical officer who specialized in treating him to go over and check on Zhong Que Yuan’s condition. On the other hand, he invited his youngest son, Shi Xuanwei to ask him how she had fallen into the water.

Shi Xuanwei said, “She wanted to fish for the red carp in the pond, her foot slipped and she fell in.”

Shi Hong asked the rest of the children again, and except for the children who didn’t pay attention to what happened there, the rest of the children gave similar answers.

Zhong Zuo also asked the rest of the concubine sons and daughters who were present, and naturally, they got the same answer.

Zhou blamed Zhong Feng Yuan, who was present at the time, for not taking care of Zhong Que Yuan and causing her to fall into the water. — Zhong Feng Yuan is the eldest daughter of Zhong Zuo’s concubine Liang, who is only eight years old — Lian wasn’t willing to be accused by her for no reason, crying that Zhong Feng Yuan is not Zhong Que Yuan’s servant, so why should she care for her?

Zhong Zuo was so upset by the women in the back house that his brain hurt. But fortunately, Zhong Que Yuan woke up at this time. Although she woke up with some odd behavior, he understood that she was still in shock.

“Yes, you must call for the soul after falling into the water, otherwise, the three souls and seven souls will forget to go home with the body.” The old servant said.

Zhong Zuo then took Zhong Que Yuan to call out to her soul, but Zhong Que Yuan complained to Zhong Zuo, saying, “Aye, it was my sister who pushed me down at that time!”

Zhong Zup was surprised. On one hand, he believed everyone’s testimony, but on the other hand, he also thought that his daughter was still so young, usually innocent and cute, and shouldn’t lie.

Under Zhou’s influence, he brought Liang and Zhong Feng Yuan before him and relayed Zhong Que Yuan’s side of the story.

Liang was shocked and confused, even Zhong Feng Yuan was stunned and cried out anxiously, “I really didn’t push my sister, I didn’t!”

Zhong Que Yuan was puzzled, “The one who pushed me was sister Chu Yuan.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone was at a loss and then their expressions became weird.

Zhou’s face was a little embarrassed. Liang held Zhong Feng Yuan and cried with joy. Zhong Zuo was stunned for a moment then pinched his brow and said, “We still have to go shout for the soul.”

Zhong Que Yuan, “?”

Why is their reaction so wrong?


For everyone’s convenience, the ‘three legs’ mentioned earlier include the one in between men’s thighs.

Hahaha, Zhong Que Yuan so stupid~~

I bet everyone either thinks she’s seeing dead people or has an imaginary friend since no one in Zhong Zuo’s side ever mentioned Zhong Chu Yuan’s existence.

You guys noticed right? Zhong Zuo and Zhou would always berate Meng and Zhong Qi Yuan. I doubt they even knew Zhong Chu Yuan’s existence.

Anyway, I think Meng is already inclined to ship our MC and FL hahaha.

I hope you liked this chapter as much as I did!

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