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TVIATF – Chapter 7

Home Fighting is Worse than Farming (7)

With Meng’s body getting better and better, her worries came with it.

In the past, she was in poor health. Apart from some needlework that needed to get back to, she rarely goes out and she only has a normal relationship with her neighbors. As her health improved, her neighbors knocked on her door moor often.

In the face of the warm neighbors, Meng naturally returned the same warm hospitality at first. However, the neighbors either asked her how she was getting better or asked her what medicines she took on a regular basis. Some even wanted to ask Zhong Qi Yuan to help them with something or wanted Zhong Qi Yuan to help them with some medical treatment.

Meng understood that they all came for her daughter.

In this chaotic world, every day people freeze to death, die of illness, starvation, or suicide, or be killed. Whether it is the rich and powerful or poor people, all hope that the deceased can go peacefully so they will seek the help of monks and Taoists to perform pujas and recite sutras to transcend the deceased.

Taoist priests have a broader scope of business. From before the birth of a baby to death, all kinds of life experiences can develop a puja business.

Although Zhong Qi Yuan is young, she has long been a licensed and legitimate Taoist priest with a certificate. Every time she performs a ritual, there will be a strange scene. No one who has asked her to perform a ritual has given feedback afterward on something that was not spiritual.

After this exaggerated praise from the people, her fame came out and more and more people came and asked for help.

Zhong Chu Yuan would also be surprised and impressed. She chased after Zhong Qi Yuan and asked, “Sister, are you an immortal?”


“Then why can you call the wind and rain?”

“Want to know?” Zhong Qi Yuan showed a meaningful smile.

System, “Host, you’re smiling like a human trafficker.”

“Well, I want to know!”

Zhong Qi Yuan ignored the system and her smile deepened, “Not telling you.”

Zhong Chu Yuan, “. . .”

She hugged Zhong Qi Yuan’s waist and pouted, “Sister, tell Yuanyuan!”

Before, she felt that her sister was distant and difficult to get along with, so she didn’t dare to get close to her. But after this period of contact, she felt that her sister didn’t seem that difficult to get along with, so she boldly approached her and acted like a baby.

“I won’t give you ready-made answers. You can only rely on yourself to see and learn.”

Zhong Chu Yuan pouted but didn’t complain.

When they returned home, Meng put down the props for the ritual and then told Zhong Qi Yuan about the neighbors who wanted to see her.

Zhong Qi Yuan refused without even thinking about it, “I’m not available.”

The one who needs to be admired and praised by everyone is the child of fortune. She doesn’t do such boring things.

Meng said, “Then, I’ll go and decline them for you.”

She remembered one more thing, “By the way, the government came and said that they caught Shy Shuang, but he refused to give up the whereabouts of Shu’s family no matter what.”
According to the law, Shu Shuang violated the contract and owed 160,000 yuan to the owner’s family. If he fails to pay it back 20 days after the due date, he will be held responsible for 70 times more. If it is postponed for three months, he will be imprisoned for a year. . .

It has been more than a month since the Shu family’s prosecution. With the penalty 70 times more, it’s still unknown whether he can survive or not.

Meng was not overflowing with sympathy. She just wanted to ask Zhong Qi Yuan what he was going to do with the eighty acres of land.

“When spring starts, it’s not hard to find tenants, but I don’t intend to continue renting those eighty acres of land.”

“Not renting?” Meng was surprised.

“I want to farm there myself.”

Meng, “. . .”

Okay, even if the eldest daughter says she wants to go to heaven the next second, she won’t be surprised.

After Zhong Qi Yuan knew that the Zhong family had fields, she had planned it from the beginning. First of all, food is to be planted and in the next ten years or so, all parts of the central plains will be fought among the vassals and food prices will only soar and not drop. Secondly, they will grow cash crops, such as vegetables, fruits, cotton and linen, soybeans, and so on. And lastly, some medicinal crops.

The production level of this era is too behind and the medicinal level is still at a stage where people believe in witch doctors more than doctors and many people prefer to hire a witch to do a spell than spend money on medicine – Medicinal herbs are mostly collected from wild plants, so there are often shortages.

As a big farmer, infrastructure tycoon, and simulation operator who had developed the barren land from nothing to a super small world with hundreds of millions of people and was about to enter the industrial age. Zhong Qi Yuan’s sense of this small world was like – the game crashed before it was archived and was in the archived state – she just felt terrible.

So, she wants to increase food production and improve medical care.

The system couldn’t hold back and went to spill on Cong Wan, “If the main god knew that the host treats the small world as a game, they would be so angry.”

Cong Wan couldn’t help but think, “What’s wrong with treating it like a game? I also treat this place like a resort!”

Of course, as a professional auditor, she could not show a hint of unprofessionalism. She said, “Isn’t this good? It shows that the host is highly motivated!”

System, “Isn’t she not active and helpful to the task?”

Cong Wan, “Then you telling me also doesn’t help ah!”

System, “. . .”

Oh yeah, why does it complain to the auditor about the host?

What if the auditor thinks it doesn’t have any professionalism with the host and then reports it to the Lord God and the Lord God will throw it back to the furnace for reconstruction?!
The system went silent.

The system was silent but Cong Wan was aroused by curiosity. She wanted to know what Zhong Qi Yuan intended to do so she asked her own servant to inquire and learned that Zhong Qi Yuan went back to plant a bunch of seeds in the name of Zhong Zuo.

In addition to the largest number of grain seeds, there were also seeds of seasonal vegetables, soybeans, peas, watermelons, reeds, and other crop seeds suitable for spring planting.
Thirty acres were planted with grain seeds, ten acres of soybeans, and another ten acres of peas were planted while the remaining seeds were planted on the remaining twenty acres. The remaining ten acres of land were filled with herbs that Zhong Qi Yuan dug up from nowhere.

Zhong Qi Yuan’s crops were planted in the east and in the west. Cong Wan thought she was a fool, however, after looking at it, she realized that Zhong Qi Yuan planted relatively suitable crops according to the soil structure and environment of different lands to allow the crops to adapt to the local conditions.

Cong Wan asked the system, “Zhong Qi Yuan, what did she do before?”

System, “Be the villain.”

Cong Wan, “. . .”

The current host is a villain who has mastered farming skills?

She said, “No. I remember when ‘Villain System-01’ came online, I evaluated it and its host wasn’t Zhong Qi Yuan.”

System, “. . . She’s the host of the first generation villain system.” After a pause, it added, “More than four thousand years ago.”

Cong Wan was shocked. She has been a system auditor for four thousand years and is considered a very old qualified person in the main god space. She didn’t expect Zhong Qi Yuan to appear earlier than her!

She remembered that when she started training, many of the first-generation products were destroyed because the first-generation system has no reference value, resulting in deviations in the judgment of the host’s behavior, so all of them were recycled and destroyed.

In order to prevent this from happening, they needed someone to evaluate the newborn systems and hosts – creating the need for system auditors.
The system said, “You are a senior auditor, I thought you knew.”

Cong Wan smiled slightly, “As a professional system auditor, I don’t pay attention to things outside my job.”

A competent elite image then appeared in front of the system, who was convinced by this, “That’s right, you really deserve to be a senior auditor!”

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