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TVIATF – Chapter 22

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (22)

Cong Wan who was talking with her mother, Mica,  suddenly felt a bad chill.

“What’s wrong? Are you not used to the weather in Bianzhou?” Mica hurriedly asked.

Cong Wan shook her head and asked, “How is elder brother’s health?”

Mica looked sad the moment her sickly son was mentioned.

Naturally, Cong Wan knew that Yun Yi wouldn’t live long and she has a way to save him, but the host, the child of fortune, and even everyone couldn’t save him. . . except her.

As they were talking the servant girl beside Mica came in with an invitation, saying, “Milady, it’s an invitation from the governor’s estate.”

Mica unfolded the invitation and said, “The governor’s wife invited us to the palace for a banquet.”

“Us?” Cong Wan was puzzled.

“Yes. Madam learned that Meng of the Zhong family and you came back to Bianzhou, so she especially invited us to a banquet.”

Cong Wan wanted to avoid going and reason that she was ill the moment she came to Bianzhou, but she wondered how the governor and his wife would look at the Yun family if she said so.

Moreover, this banquet specifically mentioned her who had a very limited presence. Without even thinking much about it, it’s clear that it was because of the male protagonist. After all, he’s the one who is least affected by the rules aside from the child of fortune and the host.

“I see. Mother then can meet Aunt Meng. Aunt Meng has taken great care of me all these years in our hometown!” Cong Wan said with a smile.

“That’s something I have to thank her for.”

Mica had someone send a reply to the governor’s wife saying that she would attend on time before dragging Cong Wan to the tailor’s shop.

Five days later, Cong Wan’s clothes were ready and Mica took her to the governor’s mansion for the banquet.

It was Meng’s first time to appear in the circle of Bianzhou’s noblewomen. Half of Bianzhou’s noblewomen came; some of them attended to give face to the governor’s wife while others wanted to watch the show.

It was just that they expected Meng, who was rumored to be farming in the countryside, wasn’t as unbearable as they thought. Her skin was tan, her clothes weren’t rough, her manners weren’t vulgar, and her hands only had red callouses due to the long years of working as a woman.

They even thought that Meng would have a wife who has deep resentment look, but the fact was that her face always wore a gentle smile like a spring breeze and the way she talked was also gentle with little harshness.

When talking about Zhong Zao, she was even generous and didn’t utter a single complaint.

The governor’s wife admired her very much and took her hand intimately to thank her, “The herbs you offered to the envoy have cured many of the soldier’s wounds. The envoy and the soldiers are very grateful to you!”

Meng responded modestly, “Madam, you’re too kind.”

Mica’s heart was moved when she heard the Madam’s words. Only after they finished talking did she come up to Meng, taking the opportunity to thank her for often taking care of Cong Wan and asking her if she knew how to do medicine.

As Zhong Zao originally wanted to marry the Yun family, meng asked Liang about Yun Yi and learned that he was born with a weak body and is sickly. The reason why she didn’t ask Cong Wan was that the marriage topic was still a little awkward and she didn’t want to cause any misunderstanding.

She responded, “I can only attend to minor illnesses. I’m afraid I can’t help with your son’s congenital illness.”

It was hard to conceal the sense of loss in Mica’s expression. Meng had also been tired and sick, so she could understand Mica’s feelings and continued, “I have a daughter and her medical skills aren’t bad as my illness was cured by her. If she were here, I could let her take a look at your son, but unfortunately, she has gone to the south.”

A glimmer of hope appeared in Mica’s eyes as she eagerly asked. “Is there a way to invite her back?”

Meng didn’t dare say too much, “She has a lot of ideas and is very strict in managing her own affairs. I’m afraid that even I can’t convince her, but I will still write a letter and ask her about it.”

Even so, Mica was very grateful to her.

After the banquet, she even took her hand and warmly invited her to visit the Yun family often.

It wasn’t until they parted ways and the carriage slowly driving towards their respective estates did Mica remembered her daughter. She was just about to ask the coachman to turn back when she saw Cong Wan who was sitting on the side without saying a word.

Mica secretly breathed a sigh of relief and asked sheepishly, “Wanniang, are you tired?”

She would never admit that she had almost left her daughter at the governor’s estate!

Cong Wan feigned ignorance as she noticed Mica’s embarrassment and responded, “No, I’m not tired.”

As soon as she entered the governor’s mansion, she lowered her presence to the limit and spent the day eating snacks, enjoying the flowers, and listening to gossip. She was very happy without people noticing her.

Meng did notice her, but Meng was first pulled in for questioning by the governor’s wife and was pestered by Mica. There were also many women who took the initiative to talk to her because of the actions of the governor’s wife and Meng was overwhelmed so she had little opportunity to talk to Cong Wan.

Of course, she noticed that aside from Mica, there was also the governor’s wife.

When Shi Xuanwei pretended to inadvertently ask the governor’s wife about her impressions of the noblewomen present during the banquet, the governor’s wife said, “I see that the young lady of the Chen family is good. Her face is very blessed and her figure is round.”

Shi Xuanwe, “. . . Aside from her?”

The governor’s wife mentioned a few more women and Shi Xuanwei listened to them and failed to hear about the young lady of the Yun family. He then simply asked bluntly, “Did mother also miss the young lady from the Yun family?”

The governor’s wife thought for a while before remembering, “Oh, there is also the Yun family’s tongue lady, but she was too quiet and her face isn’t good, though she\s fortunate.”

Shi Xuanwei went silent. This so-called ‘fortunate’ is too thin. Of course, there is another reason. His mother is worried about the feng shui of the Yun family that’s why they have problems, otherwise, how could their heir, the eldest son, and their daughter be so weak since childhood. Is this really ‘fortunate’.

For his wife, one cannot choose someone with poor health conditions, otherwise, she may not survive when her first son is born and the whole affair could be in vain.

Knowing that the young lady from the Yun family has been excluded from his list of his wife candidates, he wasn’t disappointed. After all, his wife is just a tool for him to give birth to children and uplift his status. As long as it can help him achieve his goal, it wouldn’t make a difference in marrying anyone. It isn’t necessary for him to disobey his mother for this kind of thing.

——————— To read the original translation, please visit: triple ‘w’ dot knoxt dot space slash the-villain-is-addicted-to-farming-quick-transmigration slash

One month later, Zhong Qi Yuan received a letter from Meng and at the same time learning from the system that Shi Xuanwei’s wife has been selected.

The governor’s wife chose the first daughter of Shi Hong’s trusted military general, Du Yuhou, as his wife. Di Yuhou was a senior military officer in charge of the guard’s army. In other words, he is Shi Hong’s captain of the guards. Shi Xuanwei can get help from him so even without the son of fortune beside him, his probability of killing his brother and father to seize the throne is still high.

Zhong Qi Yuan declined to say anything about the matter and only has slight regrets that the reincarnated person and the male protagonist aren’t too powerful. 

One has only love in their minds, hellbent on joining the palace struggle to gain favors while the other is too ambitious that he has begun to think about what would benefit him most at a young age and wouldn’t put too much effort into thinking about women.

So Cong Wan was able to solve the problem of her identity being exposed without lifting a finger.

“However, if you have all the ability to deal with problems, then what is left to audit!” Zhong Qi Yuan said with relief.

System, “. . .”
Why do I think you’ll make trouble again?

Zhong Qi Yuan took Meng’s letter and told Zhong Chu Yuan, “Shi Xuanwei is going to get married.”

“Shi Xuanwei? Who?” Zhong Chu Yuan was surprised.

“The third son of Xuanwu governor Shi Hong.”

“Oh, what does him being married have to do with me?”

Today’s Zhong Chu Yuan has long forgotten about the initial question her sister asked her ‘If the other party really treats her well and would dedicate his heart and soul to only her, will she marry the other party?’

Asking her if she wants to have a husband and children? What’s so good about it? Even if he only loves her for the rest of his life, she will still be trapped in the back mansion and not able to leave the house. If he really loves her, will he allow her to travel around? Will he allow her to do what she wants to do?

After seeing the vast expanse of heaven and earth, after seeing the world, experiencing ups and downs, this kind of simple and boring life is too painful to think about.

So if Zhong Qi Yuan asks her the same question again, she would answer without hesitation, “What I need is a husband who can provide me the means to realize my ideas, tolerate my actions, and forgive me. If there’s no such thing in this life? Then I would rather wait for my husband in the next.”

Zhong Qi Yuan, “Aside from that, Zhong Zao also wants to marry you in the Yun family with your sister Yun’s elder brother.”

She has known about this a long time ago and only now had the opportunity to tell Zhong Chu Yuan.

Zhong Chu Yuan’s image of calm and composure collapsed as she asked, “Is it settled?”

“Mother incoherently let him think that you and I are both Taoist priests and we’ve been wandering the world so he temporarily put off the idea.”

Zhong Chu Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and took Meng’s letter to read, but she was focused on something else, “Elder sister, the lady of the Yun family wants to ask elder sister to help sister Yun’s brother to check up on him? Why is the letter written by mother so complicated and wouldn’t it be more economical for sister Yun to write to us directly?”

Zhong Chu Yuan felt a little strange, “Mother said that sister Yun’s brother has a congenital disease, but why did sister Yun never mention it? She should also want us to check on her elder brother. . .”

Zhong Qi Yuan curled her lips upward, “Yes, in these nine years, she has never opened her mouth to ask us to help her elder brother with his condition, why is that?”

The positive image of the auditor had painstakingly built for ten years in the heart of the child of fortune would only collapse in no time. When the auditor finds out that she has become a cruel, heartless, and selfish woman in the son of luck’s heart, how would she feel?

System, “Host, are you sure you’re not talking about your own image in the mind of the child of fortune?”

Zhong Chu Yuan, “Then it must be that sister Yun doesn’t know that her elder brother is sick. She has been living alone in the countryside for nine years after all, and the Yun family doesn’t care about her, so it’s justifiable that she doesn’t know.”

Both voices sounded at the same time. Although the words weren’t the same, the effects were outstanding.

Zhong Qi Yuan, “. . .”

The child of fortune’s childhood filter is too thick while the system is purely looking for death.

System, “. . .”
You have such double standards yet you can’t take it?

“Sister, what can we do about this?” Zhong Chu Yuan asked.

“Don’t always ask me, tell me your thoughts.”

Zhong Chu Yuan isn’t sure what Yun Yi’s disease is and her mind has been much more flexible nowadays. She knows that her sister has been making a path on her own that she waits for her to jump into, so she can’t fall into her sister’s path.

She then shyly said, “Mother asked elder sister, not me.”

Zhong Qi Yuan then said with a smile on her face, “This little girl has grown a heart!”

Zhong Chu Yuan then grinned, “My sister taught me well!”

Zhong Qi Yuan rubbed her cheeks then her eyes fell on the small field of potatoes, saying. “I already found the crop I’m looking for as well as their cultivation method, so let’s go back!”

Zhong Chu Yuan was both excited and reluctant.

She had been away from home for almost a year and although she occasionally missed Meng, she had relieved a lot of her worries by sharing what she had seen on the road through letters with Meng. After she returns, she’s afraid that it will be hard for her to travel again and felt a hint of sadness.

Fortunately, although Zhong Qi Yuan had decided to go back, they didn’t leave immediately. She waited for the potatoes to grow well and took them with her on the road after harvest.

They didn’t return to the same road they arrived this time but chose to go places that are more inaccessible, from Hunan to Jingnan, then to Shannan. They then later entered Chang’an and took a boat from Chang’an to Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Bianzhou, Songzhou, and other places.

The potatoes that Zhong Qi Yuan planted in the pots were harvested twice before they returned home to Fuxian.

——————— To read the original translation, please visit: triple ‘w’ dot knoxt dot space slash the-villain-is-addicted-to-farming-quick-transmigration slash

Two years of the life of wandering around brought about great changes to Zhong Chu Yuan. At the age of seventeen, her face grew more plum and her figure became more symmetrical and lean. Her wheat-colored skin makes her appear full of vitality, but as long as she doesn’t say a word, she looks serious and cold, while she looks serene when she looks relaxed and smiles.

She took off her Taoist robe and changed back to the red outfit while wearing a hat and walking on the country road. The villagers would even mistake her for a Taoist lay disciple.

Cong Wan stood at the boundary monument in Beiweili, and when she saw her, she smiled and asked, “Is the family name of the Taoist priest, Zhong?”

Zhong Chu Yuan then responded helplessly, “Sister Yun, you’re making fun of me!”

Having said that, the moment she saw Cong Wan, she ran over and gave her a bear hug, “Sister Yun, Yuanyuan missed you so much!”

Cong Wan touched the back of Zhong Chu Yuan’s head who was already as tall as she is and her eyes fell on the carefree figure driving the carriage leisurely.

Zhong Qi Yuan raised her head slightly and her gaze skimmed over the edge of her hat and met with Cong Wan’s eyes.

With just one glance, Cong Wan looked away and told Zhong Chu Yuan, “Yuanyuan has already grown up to be a big girl.”

“Sister Yun hasn’t changed at all! You’re still as beautiful as ever!” Zhong Chu Yuan then asked with a smile, ”Sister Yun, you haven’t returned to Bianzohu?”

“Bianzhou is a bit boring. When Aunt Meng went back from Bianzhou, I came back with her.”

Speaking of Meng, Zhong Chu Yuan couldn’t wait to get home, “How is mother? She doesn’t know we’re back, right?”

“You’ll know when you go back and see.”

Zhong Chu Yuan nodded and ran straight home, not caring about Cong Wan or Zhong Qi Yuan.

Zhong Qi Yuan stooped the carriage in front of Cong Wan, “You came out to pick up the son of fortune?”

Cong Wan shook her head, “I just happen to pass by and sensed the system in the vicinity, so I expected your return.”

Zhong Qi Yuan let out an intrigued, ‘Wow’ and said, “Then you were especially waiting for me.”

Cong Wan, “. . .”
Your face is so thick!

Cong Wan couldn’t forget that this guy had secretly hoped for her identity to be discovered by the reincarnated person or the male protagonist, or expected her to violate the rules and be expelled from the world.

She then said, “I have kept my identity and haven’t been expelled from this world, are you disappointed?”

Zhong Qi Yuan nodded, “A little.”

Cong Wan, “I helped you look after your farm and take care of your mother. I was afraid she’ll become an empty nester, so I often gave her some daughter-like care. I did everything you should have done and this is how you treat me?”
Really shameless!

Zhong Qi Yuan smiled faintly, “Who made me be careful!”

Cong Wan recalled the conversation she had with the system that day.

Cong Wan, “. . .”

System, “. . .”

Damn, she really can eavesdrop on the auditor’s conversation with the system!

This doesn’t make sense. No one has ever heard that the host can eavesdrop on conversations between the system and the auditor. What’s the ability of the host?

Cong Wan decided to wait for the end of this world before asking the Lord God if there’s a bug.

Zhong Qi Yuan continued, “Although I am careful, I still know how to repay kindness. Seeing you walking so hard, I’ll send you back! Get in the carriage.”

Cong Wan looked at her suspiciously and thought
This is the villain boss, why would she be so kind?

After walking to the carriage, she saw a box of potatoes piled on top of each other. When she was about to find an empty seat, Zhong Qi Yuan swung the whip to the horse. The horse received the pain and ran away, leaving a trail of clouded dust that hit Cong Wan’s face.

Cong Wan, “. . .”
She definitely did it on purpose to avenge the year she accidentally made her eat a mouthful of ashes!

“Are you a child?!”

Zhong Qi Yuan waved the whip in her hand, leaving merciless ridicule, “My horse said you’re too heavy and won’t do it!”

Cong Wan stomped in anger for the first time and let out vicious words, “Don’t dare fall into my hands, or I will make you regret what you did today!”

Zhong Qi Yuan, “Heh, let’s see you try!”

——————— To read the original translation, please visit: triple ‘w’ dot knoxt dot space slash the-villain-is-addicted-to-farming-quick-transmigration slash


The author has something to say:

Villain Zhong: Heh, I don’t regret anything!


Cong Wan: You know what you did wrong?

Villain Zhong:  Know, I regret, crematorium.


It’s good to see Meng getting the fame she deserves hahahahaha!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I did!!

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