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TVIATF – Chapter 23

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (23)

When Cong Wan came home, she immediately washed her face and took a bath. She was slandering Zhong Qi Yuan when Zhong Chu Yuan came looking for her, “Sister Yun, dinner is ready. Mother wants you to eat with us!”

Cong Wan, “I’m full.”

Zhong Chu Yuan was surprised, “Sister Yun ate dinner so early?”

Cong Wan smiled, “I’m full from the gas.”

Zhong Chu Yuan instantly figured out the connection and said, “Did elder sister make sister Yun angry? It must be my sister’s fault, this is the first time I’ve seen sister Yun angry after all! Well, Yuanyuan is also at fault, after all, Yuanyuan shouldn’t have left sister Yun alone to face such a vicious person like elder sister.”

Her words pleased Cong Wan, who smiled and asked, “Sister Zhong is already a vicious person in your eyes?”

Zhong Chu Yuan replied, “For sister Yun, she must be.”

Cong Wan thought, if Zong Qi Yuan’s mouth was half as sweet as Zhong Chu Yuan, she wouldn’t be so angry.

She coaxed Zhong Chu Yuan, “Then for the sake of Yuanyuan and Aunt Meng, I won’t be too hard on her.”

When they arrived at Zhong’s house, Meng happily let Cong Wan sit down and Zhong Chu Yuan took the opportunity to complain.

Meng said, “No wonder Wanniang came here after taking a bath in broad daylight. It turned out to be Yuan’er’s fault! You’re so disrespectful, go and serve rice to Wanniang as an apology.”

As soon as Zhong Qi Yuan came out for dinner, she heard Meng’s words and paused. She reluctantly gave up the bowls and chopsticks in her hand to Cong Wan and turned around to serve another bowl of rice.

Meng gave her some soft and delicious braised mutton with chopsticks and said, “Eat it while it’s still hot.”

There were three meat dishes and two vegetable dishes on the table, all of which Meng had bought today and had the chicken slaughtered on the spot. It showed how happy Meng was now that the sisters are back home.

“Thank you, Aunt Meng.” Cong Wan’s eyebrows arched as she smiled brightly like the stars.

Zhong Chu Yuan was chattering about what she had seen in the past two years, but she didn’t dare talk about her thrilling experiences. She could only pick out some of the interesting things, which made Meng happy.

Zhong Qi Yuan stood by the door for a while until she received a provocative look from Cong Wan. She then chuckled lightly and went over, taking a bite of the piece of meat from Cong Wan.

Cong Wan, “. . .”

Don’t you think the chopsticks I used to eat are dirty?!

Zhong Qi Yuan looked at her, “What, you also want me to feed you? Dream on.”

Cong Wan snorted, picked up another piece of meat, and ate it. Zhong QI Yuan whispered again, “Hey, do we count that as an indirect kiss? And since it involved some tongue and saliva, should it be a french kiss?”

“Ahem–” Cong Wan suddenly choked on the rice she ate. She could neither swallow it nor spit it out, she couldn’t even force it down and finally choked.

“What are you talking about, Wan’er?” Meng glanced at the person who started it all and then handed some water to Cong Wan.

After drinking the water, she finally got to take a breather, but her face was red up to the base of her neck. She wasn’t sure if it was because of embarrassment or because she choked.

Cong Wan asked the system, “Are you sure this is Zhong Qi Yuan and not another host who changed halfway through?”

System, “It’s obviously her, her personality just got worse.”

“She’s been holding back for two years and have finally let out once, right? How shameless!”

Cong Wan glared at Zhong Qi Yuan fiercely and decided to treat her body in her own way. She inserted her chopsticks into Zhong Qi Yuan’s rice and stirred it three times.

Zhong Qi Yuan raised her eyebrows.

Meng and Zhong Chu Yuan looked at the two mature people as if they were three-year-old kids doing childish things, and they couldn’t help but pinch their eyebrows.
They hadn’t even met each other in the past two years, so why are they so angry with each other when they just met?

Meng then said, “Wanniang, I’ll give you a new pair of chopsticks. Yuan’er, let’s change your rice too!”

Cong Wan thought to herself,
How could this person throw out this bowl of rice?
She knew that Zhong Qi Yuan weakness and wouldn’t be able to do so.

Zhong Qi Yuan, “It’s okay.”

She finished her meal without changing her face.

Yes, Zhong Qi Yuan has good eating manners; she never wastes food.

This is Cong Wan’s early observation because Zhong Qi Yuan would clean her rice bowl in every meal and would only stop after earring all the dishes on the table. If one would fall, she would immediately pick it up and eat it under the excuse of ‘three-second law’. Cong Wan unknowingly thought that Zhong Qi Yuan might have undergone famine.

Obviously, the barren land is indeed a bey harsh environment at the beginning, but Zhong Qi Yuan is the host. If the Lord God didn’t kill her, then she’s immortal. She doesn’t feel hungry and doesn’t need to eat, so it’s unlikely that she picked up the habit because of her exile to the barren land.

Cong Wan’s intuition tells her that Zhong Qi Yuan got her habit of not wasting food before she became a host.

Cong Wan thought, ‘This person is bad, but it seems she has certain good habits.’

The war without smoke and mirrors didn’t end until after the meal and Meng took advantage of the fact that she was there to tell Zhong Qi Yuan about Yun Yi’s illness.

When Zhong Qi Yuan didn’t say anything, Meng’s heart felt a little uneasy.

Zhong Chu Yuan chimed in, “If it’s sister Yun’s brother’s illness, it’s been cured yo!”

Cong Wan wasn’t surprised, but Meng was very surprised, “Cured? When?”

Zhong Chu Yuan explained, “When we went from Chang’an to Luoyang, we happened to meet King Wei entering Guanzhong. The whole Guanzhong was under martial law at that time and no one was allowed to freely enter or exit Luoyang city. Elder sister and I had to settle in a Taoist temple, and by chance, we met sister Yun’s elder brother. I saw he didn’t look right so I meddled and treated him for a while. . .”

After that, Zhong Chu Yuan found out where Yun Yi’s healthy problem was through the experience she had accumulated over the years and Zhong Qi Yuan’s guidance. After giving a prescription and using acupuncture to assist in the treatment for some time, Yun Yi’s health gradually improved.

Yun Yi’s mother was very grateful when she learned about this. The two parties talked and Mica realized that they were the first daughters of Zhong Zao and Meng, who had traveled around the world, while the sisters learned that the person they saved was Yun Yi, whom Meng said in her letter that she hoped Zhong Qi Yuan would heal.

Now that Shi Hong, Xuanwu’s governor, had been crowned King of Wei, Yun Ding was ordered to guard Luoyang as Shi Hong’s right-hand man while Mica and Yun Yi followed him to Luoyang as his family members. They were glad that Yun Ding didn’t follow them to Chang’an, otherwise, they would have missed the two sisters,

After that, Yun Ding enthusiastically entertained them and asked them if they were going to Chang’an to join Zhong Zao. As Shi Hong’s assistant, he had been promoted to the post of Minister of Internal Affairs after following him to Chang’an.

The two refused, saying, “Our mother is still in our hometown. We have to hurry back and reunite with her.”

Yun Ding then prepared a carriage for them and had someone escort them out of Luoyang.

On the way, they met Shi Xuanwei. The two Taoist priests were escorted out of the city by several soldiers, which seemed unreasonable at any rate, so Shi Xuanwei spurred his horse and stopped in front of them before asking, “Which battalion are you from and what’s the matter with these two Taoist priests?”

His gaze fell on Zhong Chu Yuan. At first glance, she didn’t feel stunning, but on closer inspection, he could see a hint of charm that distinguished her from those ladies he had seen.

Zhong Chu Yuan was very sensitive to impure gazes that she frowned, displeased.

The soldier handed Yun Ding’s warrant and said, “I am a soldier from the Yun Tong Army. I am under the order of General Yun Ding to escort these two Taoist masters to Fuxian County.”

Shi Xuanwei had read the warrant and knew there was no problem, but he was still curious about these two Taoist priests and asked, “I wonder what the two Taoist master’s names are and in which Taoist temples have they become monks?”

Zhong Qi Yuan’s eyes were indifferent and gazed at him with a ‘none of your business’ expression written all over her body.

Seeing this, the lieutenant beside Shi Xuanwei was furious and said, “What kind of attitude is that? Our Third Prince is asking you a question, so answer quickly!”

Zhong Qi Yuan grinned, “The third prince is so powerful.”

Shi Xuanwei slightly frowned, quite unhappy with the Taoist priest’s arrogant attitude. But he was a man who cared about his reputation so he stopped his lieutenant and responded with a gentle and kind attitude, “Muy lieutenant was rude. You two Taoist masters shouldn’t have the same knowledge as him. I just heard that most Taoist priests in the world are high achievers and know the art of raising the dead, so I would like to ask the two Taoist masters for some advice on the art of qihuang.”

“People can’t come back front the dead, those who say they know the art of raising the dead are usually liars, don’t be fooled.” Zhong Chu Yuan reminded him nonchalantly.

A trace of embarrassment flashed across Shi Xuanwei’s face but he hid it well and replied, “I wonder if I can invite the two Taoist masters to my house so I can ask for some more advice.”

Zhong Chu Yuan thought of a certain Lin family gentleman and was disgusted, so she bluntly asked, “Is there a dead person in your house?”

Shi Xuanwei’s face changed slightly and answered, “No.”

“This poor Taoist will be the one performing rituals for the dead. Since there’s no dead person in your house, I’m afraid that this poor Taoist will have to refuse the invitation.”

Shi Xuanwei opened her mouth, but Zhong Qi Yuan said to the soldier, “If you’re inconvenienced, we will drive away on our own!”

The soldier felt his sweat drop and hurriedly said to Shi Xuanwei, “Third Prince, I’ll take my leave.”

Shi Xuanwei didn’t stop them but ordered someone to go to the Yun family and inquire about what had happened.

Later, when he heard that they had cured Yun Yi’s illness, he pondered for a long time and understood that those two Taoist masters were really capable, that’s why they were so arrogant.

Bringing such capable people to his side would certainly help him a lot, but his ambitions couldn’t be exposed yet so he finally dispelled his original idea.

Zhong Chu Yuan didn’t know Shi Xuanwei’s purpose as she muttered to Zhong Qi Yuan afterward, “Was that the man father wanted me to marry? He looks like a dog who wouldn’t even spare Taoist priests. He’s a beast, right?”

The system suddenly exploded in Zhong Qi Yuan’s ears, “Ahhhh host! That was a great opportunity just now, if you helped even a little, the child of fortune would definitely have been with the male protagonist!”

Zhong Qi Yuan responded impatiently, “The male protagonist already has a wife, and even if he has a good impression on the child of fortune because of the plot, it’s impossible to kill the original partner for the child of fortune. Besides, the male protagonist has become so dry. Now that the plot has deviated from its original trajectory, what’s the difference? You want her to play the role of a spoiled concubine and reach the top?”

The system sighed, “Then when will the task be completed if you continue to be like this?!”

Zhong Qi Yuan replied, “Look at the progress of the mission.”

The system thought. “I don’t have to look at it. I know the progress bar is still zero.” As a result, when it opened the progress bar and saw that it was already over halfway, “How is this possible?!”

“The mission is to help the son of luck become an existence that everyone admires and praises so that it can benefit the world’s beings and enable the small world to become stable.” Zhong Qi Yuan explained, “All these years, she has been benefiting the world’s beings, hasn’t she?”

The system was carefully checked and it found that rumors seemed to have circulated in that small village in Jiangzhou of two Taoists becoming immortals.

When the Taoist temple burned down, the Lin family head was frightened by the ghost dire and later died two years after. The villagers there boldly cleaned and rebuilt the burnt-down Taoist temple and even sculpted two ‘fairy statues’.

Because there was no body, some people thought they were immortalized and this statement was unanimously approved by the people, thus the legend of ‘The immortal nuns surnamed Zhong’ began to circulate there.

In addition, when they went south to Lingnan, they met people who were suffering from malaria.

The witch doctors couldn’t do anything about the pestilence and would only dance to the gods and make sacrifices for psychological comfort. This aroused Zhong Chu Yuan’s fighting spirit, who was determined to find a way to deal with the epidemic.

While Zhong Qi Yuan was learning how to grow potatoes, Zhong Chu Yuan was guided by Zhong Qi Yuan to go over the mountains to find herbs, read medical books, and learn about the local environment and their eating habits.

After a lot of hard work, she finally found a way to relieve the suffering of the people who had was suffering from the epidemic.

Although most of the epidemic is caused by mosquitoes and cannot be cured, the people whose stomachs got swollen as if they were seven months pregnant took her herbal medicine and finally didn’t feel so bad.

After they left Lingnan, Zhong Chu Yuan left behind the medical book she compiled and taught the method to the local witch doctors. The local people put up a statue in her honor and chose a place with good feng shui and built a ‘Fairy Zhong Temple’ for her.

“She’s been working hard to achieve her own value and gain the recognition of the world, hasn’t she?” Zhong Qi Yuan said.

“But as the mother of the nation, she can do so much more.” The system argued.

“What did the original her do after she became the mother of the nation?”

The system answered, “She was a wise wife of the emperor, a good mother to the crown prince, and she guided him to become a wise ruler so that he could inspire and govern well during his reign and make the people live and work in peace and happiness. Under her example, the women of the world read the ‘Training of Women’ and became virtuous people of good character and gentle. . . “

“Okay, stop. I’m about to throw up.”

System, “. . .”

You obviously questioned first!

Ending the conversation with the system, Zhong Qi Yuan asked Zhong Chu Yuan, “What if he isn’t like that?”

Zhong Chu Yuan answered, “Whether he is or not, I still think he’s a bit annoying.”

She then continued, “He’s too hypocritical. On the surface, he’s polite and virtuous, but in reality, when he talks to us, no matter how sincere his tone is, he still sits on his high horse. And it’s even more ridiculous that he wants to ask us to teach him the art of qihuang. There are more than a hundred Taoist temples in Luoyang, how come he doesn’t see those Taoist priests? It’s because the Yun family values us, he either wants to get news of the Yun family from us or he wants to draw in the Yun family through us. All these actions are enough to see the depth of his scheming and hypocrisy.”

“You’re very perceptive.”

Zhong Chu Yuan proudly raised her chin, “That’s not true, I’ve traveled all over the world and have seen a lot!”

Zhong Chu Yuan didn’t tell Meng about her encounter with Shi Xuanwei. Meng was surprised and happy to learn that Yun Yi was cured by her youngest daughter. She was also surprised that her medical skills have improved greatly in the past two years and was happy that she saved Yun Yi by coincidence.

When Cong Wan returned home, Meng asked, “How’s Wan’er’s older brother?”

Zhong Chu Yuan seriously thought, “He has a deficiency syndrome and his sister’s words say anemia because there are signs of having not enough blood since he was a child. In addition, the Yun family always gives him tonic food without ever thinking about recovering his blood, plus he has bad eating habits and also loves to drink team, making his condition increasingly serious. If the Yun family didn’t have an occasional hearty meal to make up for some of his qi and blood, he wouldn’t have lived long.”

Meng, “. . .”

“Mother is asking what you think about him as a man, not his condition.”

Zhong Chu Yuan slowly thought back. She hasn’t forgotten that her father wanted to marry her into the Yun family, did her mother also have the same intention?

She asked, “How do I know how he is?”

“Didn’t you treat him? Did you have no contact with him during his treatment?”

“As a patient, he was obedient, answering whatever was asked and didn’t speak whenever I’m thinking or when he didn’t need to talk. Of course, he didn’t question my medical skills just because I was a woman, which shows that he is of good character. But I haven’t paid much attention to anything else besides studying his illness.

She added, “Oh, and also the Yun family’s hospitality is very good.”

Meng, “. . .”

She lamented, “Yuanyuan, you’re seventeen this year and you’ll be eighteen in another year.”

Meng almost made it clear and Zhong Chu Yuan wasn’t good at being ambiguous and said, “Mother, I think that Taoist robes are also quite comfortable to wear.”


The author has something to say;

After playing in the wild:

Child of fortune: It’s impossible to marry someone

Salted fish Cong Wan: How did the child of fortune be raised as a straight woman of steel?

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