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TVIATF – Chapter 21

Home Fighting Is Worse Than Farming (21)

It’s impossible to go against the principle.

Cong Wan knew that Zhong Que Yuan had been doubting her existence and she had no intention of forcibly tampering with Zhong Que Yuan’s memory.

Moreover, the other party’s focus doesn’t seem to be with her.

Before knowing Cong Wan’s identity, Zhong Que Yuan just thought that his beautiful woman was just a bit of an eyesore and didn’t feel that a village girl could threaten her, but after learning that she’s the only daughter of Yun Ding, Zhong Que Yuan regarded her as a strong enemy.

The status of ‘Yun Family’s first daughter’ is undoubtedly worthy of Shi Xuanwei. If these two met each other first, her plan to ‘leave an unforgettable memory in Shi Xuanwei’s heart’ won’t work.

Therefore, on the way back to Bianzhou, she prevented the two of them from having a chance to be alone or in close contact.

Meng and Cong Wan weren’t blind. Even if Cong Wan didn’t say anything, Meng could easily see through her intentions. Her real reason for choosing to ride in the Yun family’s carriage was because she was unwilling to spend with the Zhong concubine’s daughter.

Zhong Que Yuan was desperate, but when Shi Xuanwei saw it, his attention dell on the Yun family’s carriage with Meng. He discovered that the Yun family’s young lady would only get off the carriage only when they would stay at the lodging for the night and stay inside the carriage the rest of the time.

Her behavior was very ladylike, but what he cared about was the fact that the people other than him, Zhong Que Yuan, and Meng would almost always ignore her existence during their journey.

Whenever he asks his people to send dry food and water to the Yun family’s carriage, the attendant would only prepare Meng’s portion.

He then reminded the attendant, “There’s also the young lady of the Yun family inside.”

The attendant snapped to attention and hastily added, “My subordinate will immediately prepare an additional portion of dry food.”

Afterward, Shi Xuanwei asked the attendant, “How could you make such a mistake?”

The servant responded in fear, “I must have hit my head and couldn’t remember for a moment, may the third prince please forgive me!”

The next day, Shi Xuanwei asked another servant to deliver dry food and the other party’s reaction was exactly the same as yesterday’s servant.

Shi Xuanwei realized that it was probably not the servant’s problem and he gradually became more interested in the Yun family’s young lady.

Once Cong Wan was aware of his probing, she secretly sighed, “Should I say he’s really worthy to be the male protagonist? His acumen is extraordinary.”

She slightly raised her presence.

In the next few days, there were no more cases of the attendants ignoring her and Shi Xuanwei changed his previous thoughts and concluded that the memory of the two attendants was indeed just bad.

After successfully arriving at Bianzhou, Shi Xuanwei asked Cong Wan through the carriage curtain, “Does the young lady Yun need me to send someone to escort you back to the Yun estate?”

“The young lady appreciated the Third Prince’s kindness. It’s just that the Yun family has already sent someone to pick us up, so no need to bother the Third Prince.” The wet nurse who has been with Cong Wan for so many years said.

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw a carriage slowly stopping at the city gate, and coughing came from the inside of the carriage. The coachman said something to the carriage and a handsome with a slender figure came out from there.

“Yun Yi greets the Third Prince.”

The person who came was Yun Yi, the elder brother of the Yun family’s ‘Yun Cong Wan.’

Shi Xuanwei dismounted from his horse and stepped forward, responding in a warm tone, “Greetings from Zuo.”

Yun Yi faintly smiled and his eyes fell on the carriage where Cong Wan was and said, “Little Sister Wan, brother is here to take you home.”

Cong Wan was helped by the wet nurse and got off the carriage and instructed the carriage driver, “Send Aunt Meng back to the Zhong estate for me. Don’t be negligent.”

Meng waved her hand to Cong Wan reluctantly and said, “Auntie will come and visit another day.”

“Aunt Meng must take good care of herself. Don’t let sister Zhong and Yuanyuan worry.”

“Auntie knows.”

After saying goodbye, the two carriages parted at the city gate.

The Zhong family estate was relatively close to the governor’s residence. When Zhong Zao was invited by Shi Hong to be his advisor, Shi Hong especially arranged a closer mansion to his own to build a closer relationship with him. Yun Ding, on the other hand, has to lead his troops in training so he lives closer to the training grounds.

The two houses were separated by several blocks, one to the north, and the other to the south.

After Meng arrived at the Zhong family residence, Shi Xuanwei went back to resume his duties first. Liang, Zhong Zao’s concubine, and her daughter received the news and came to greet her in the middle hall.

Liang was originally Meng’s maidservant, but because Meng was pregnant with Zhong Qi Yuan, it wasn’t convenient for her to share a room, so Zhong Zao took Liang.

Although Liang soon became pregnant, which was a great disappointment to Zhong Zao, Liang would still please him and later gave birth to Zhong Guan, which made Zhong Zuo look at her differently and brought her with him.

In recent years, the position of the main wife has always been empty. Liang has lived pretty well, but she never forgot that no matter how Zhong Zao disliked Meng, she’s still the legitimate and main wife that couldn’t be taken lightly.

Zhou is different. She’s always been Zhong Zao’s favorite woman all these years and the de facto mistress of the Zhong family. Her years of pampering and favorable treatment made her unable to get up and please Meng, so she first dressed up carefully before leisurely appearing.

Zhou originally thought that she would give Meng a chance to know who’s Zhong Zao’s, favorite woman. As a result, she dressed up extravagantly, but she was still outclassed by Meng’s elegant appearance that couldn’t be hidden from her simple attire.

Why is a countrywoman, who has been doing farm work all these years, is still so white and beautiful?!

Zhou’s beauty needed some rouge and powder to cover up the spots on her face, but Meng’s face was plain, why couldn’t she see any wrinkled?!

She exclaimed in astonishment, “You—”

Meng glanced at her and ultimately ignored her, but she asked Liang, “Where’s Zhong Zao?”

Liang was in a daze. Meng never referred to her husband by name before, right?

She didn’t know that when Zhong Zao cursed Zhong Qi Yuan in his letters that he wished she had died early while in the Taoist temple, Meng had seen through him and no longer needed to respect him, nor think that he was her heaven.

When all the ’respect’ and ‘love’ had vanished, she no longer had to play the role of a good wife and mother. If Zhong Zao doesn’t respect her, she doesn’t have to respect him either.

Zhou interjected, “Officials naturally have official duties, so how can they sit idly at home every day?”

Meng’s eyes stared at her sharply, “Did I let you talk? You have no manners at all, no wonder the daughter you raised is unruly and a shameless bitch.”

Zhou froze. Zhong Que Yuan was humiliated by her in public that she cried out of anger and ran back to the house without saying a word.

When Zhou saw her daughter, how could she not understand? That day, her daughter left her a letter saying that she was going with her brother to welcome her first mother, so she concealed the news and didn’t dare tell Zhong Zao.

Unexpectedly, she hadn’t had the chance to reprimand Zhong Que Yuan, but Meng already gave the truth in front of everyone and also took the opportunity to humiliate the mother and daughter severely.

Zhou was ashamed and angry, ashamed of Zhong Que Yuan’s ignorance which made her unable to raise her head in front of Meng. She was also annoyed that Meng dared to teach her a lesson, didn’t she know that she was Zhong Zao’s favorite?!

After making up her mind to wait for Zhong Zao to come back, she still had to show her weakness first right now, “Sister. . .”

“A mere concubine dares to call me sister? Do you even understand the rules? Is this how Zhong Zao taught you the rules?” Meng reprimanded in a stern voice.

Liang stayed beside her in shock, not daring to speak but was pleased in her heart.

Meng attacked with ‘bitch’ on the left, and a ‘mere concubine’ on the right that Zhou almost fainted. Zhou wanted to jump up and scold Meng, but with so many eyes on her, she was afraid that Liang would take the opportunity to badmouth her in front of Zhong Zao.

However, she couldn’t hold back all the time, so she pretended to look aggrieved at being scolded and went back to her courtyard.

Meng asked Liang, “Where’s my room?”

Liang was busy leading her to her rest.

Originally, Zhou wanted to be placed in the side courtyard, but Zhong Zao knew that Shi Hong was also concerned about this matter, so he let Zou vacate her room for Meng.

Of course, he felt that Zhou had been aggrieved, so he bought her a lot more things to coax her. She took the opportunity to wear her new accessories to show off, but she didn’t expect to be disadvantaged, instead, she was crying in anger.

Meng didn’t care about these women in the back house. She had traveled a long way and no matter how healthy she is, she still has to sleep well.

By the time she woke up, it was almost dusk. Liang’s servant girl came to invite her, saying that her husband had returned.

Zhong Zao was in the middle hall, listening to Zhou’s complaints about what happened at home today and his heart was already filled with anger. As soon as Meng appeared, he angrily reprimanded, “Meng, you’ve gone too far!”

After his angry scolding, he froze in disbelief. Is this his wife, meng? How come she hadn’t changed at all? She was the same as she was ten years ago.

But Meng only looked at him coldly, “How have I gone too far?”

Zhong Zao came back to his senses. His anger had just subsided, but when he saw Zhou’s teary-eyed appearance, his anger came back. Of course, he didn’t use today’s incident as a reason but accused Meng of letting his two daughters go on a trip to the four corners of the world.

Meng then replied, “Yuan’er has already become a monk, do you still have control over her future?”

“What about Chu Yuan? Don’t tell me she’s also become a monk?!”

Meng’s eyes were deep, “What do you think?”

“You–” Zhong Zao was horrified, “She’s also become a monk? Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I’m telling you now, aren’t I?” Meng said flatly.

Zhong Zao was so angry that his face turned blue and white, “Meng, you’re too much. You’re unworthy to be a mother!”

“Then are you worthy of being a father? Have you ever thought of them? If it weren’t for the sake of profit, you would have forgotten that you have two first daughters, right?” Meng snapped back.

Zhong Zao was so furious that he raised his hand to hit Meng. Meng wasn’t the weak woman he thought she was. Not only was she not prepared to be beaten, she even preemptively attacked him and slapped him hard, “That’s for Yuan’er. You must have cursed her to death all these years, right? How could there such a heartless father like you in this world?”

Zhong Zao was dumbfounded. She took this opportunity to deliver the second slap, “This is for Yuanyuan. You didn’t even think about her when she needed you and when you’re ready to use her for your career, you already have plans to sacrifice her. Are you worthy of being her father?”

After the third slap, she then said with red eyes, “This slap, this is for me. I have been married to you for more than twenty years and I have been dedicated to you. The Meng family paid for your education and success, and I gave birth to your children, ran the household, and cared for both parents. I also took out from my own dowry to subsidize you and the family despite the discouragement of my friends and relative. The result? How did you treat me? Such a wolf’s heart and dog’s lungs. Three slaps are not enough.”

Zhong Zuo was furious and wanted to beat her, but she wasn’t afraid, “If you dare touch me, I will ruin your reputation!”

Zhong Guan immediately went up and pulled Zhong Zao away and muttered in a low voice, “Father, first mother is going to visit the madam tomorrow.”

Zhong Zao pointed at Meng, the anger in his heart couldn’t be dissipated and yet he couldn’t vent it that his eyes rolled and he fainted.

Zhou immediately screamed and busily accused Meng of hurting her husband, a great disrespect, and not being virtuous.

Meng snorted coldly and turned around and instructed the dumfounded Liang, “I’m hungry. Have the kitchen prepare some food.”

Liang, “. . .”

She came back to her senses and was happy; Zhou thought she had a sheep, but in fact, she had invited a tiger back, right? She’ll be in for a treat from now on!

The commotion in the Zhong family was so big that it reached Shi Hong’s ears and his wife the next day. Shi Hong was also very surprised, “Is Meng such a fierce person?”

The governor’s wife took a glance at him and said, “It’s called chastity.”

Shi Hong, “. . .”

Zhi Xuanwei was accompanying them, and when he heard that, he said, “According to this child’s observation in the past few days, Aunt Meng is not such a fierce person. She treats people gently and politely and is generous and elegant. She brought a lot of herbs grown by herself to Bianzhou and gave them all to this child saying that after concocting the herbs, it could stop the bleeding when applied to the wound. This child also let the wounded soldiers under me use them and found that they really have a miraculous effect.”

Shi Hong then replied, “If it’s really effective, then buy some more from meng. As for the problems between the husband and wife, we shouldn’t interfere.”

The governor’s wife felt sympathy for Meng and admired her chastity, saying, “Meng has suffered for more than twenty years. It’s only a few slaps to him, so it really isn’t worth our worry.”

Shi Xuanwei’s heart skipped a beat and turned to the matter of the Yun family’s young lady.

Both of the Zhong family’s main daughters are already Taoist priests and are out of the house, so he doesn’t need to spend more time on the Zhong family. He was originally thinking about marrying a wife with a good family background to help him, but he didn’t expect that Zhong Zao’s favorable treatment towards his concubine would have such a consequence. He should be cautious in the future.

Fortunately, he just discovered that the Yun family seems to be a good choice.

Meng having her own badass and revenge moment hahahaha!!

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